avenue j

Looking down the Broadway-Brooklyn Line.



Apparently this is the show-off-your-care-package-from-the-dispersal-of- @serpentinesheldonserpentine’s-library time of the year. I may have received a couple of lagniappes in the bargain. But that second picture is what got me. 

I was weaned on books and learned to read in part because of the good offices of the Midwood Branch of the BPL, on East 16th Street near Avenue J. From the ages of 2-7, I probably secretly believed that everyone had a branch library at the end of their street, just past the park, just like us. So I may have paused just an extra moment seeing that ink stamp now. And I have to wonder if they had to replace the available copy of Frog and Toad, because I checked it out so very many times.

The people who become your best friends are the ones who really get you, whether they know it or not. So thank you, for the gift and the memory. As a wise man once said, “Here’s to us, and those like us. Damn few left.”

Looking along the tracks of the Broadway-Brooklyn Line.

i am honestly so excited to see more of the honeymoon tour. she looks freakin amazing!!!!


Looking along the tracks of the Broadway-Brooklyn Line.

The Broadway-Myrtle Avenue Station on the Broadway-Brooklyn Line.