avenue 50


Tree avenue by Helena
Via Flickr:
Inderøya, just outside of Trondheim in Norway.

Thank God for Strangers With Nice Abs

prompt: “we live in different buildings and our bedrooms are front to front and you used to watch tv shows in your underwear until the day you caught me staring. now you walk around naked, what are you trying to tell me???” (modified)
wc: ~4k

Monty liked a lot of things about his new apartment. It was roomy, quiet, and Clarke had done a great job decorating. And it was definitely better than sharing with Maya and Jasper. Man, did that ever get tiring after a while.

Not only had he walked in on them way too many times for his liking, but it had also started to get on his nerves how coupley they were. He never used to mind that stuff, but he had been single a little too long, and he may have just been a tinyyy bit bitter about it. And of course being 24 and sharing an apartment with two other people definitely wasn’t helping his relationship status. So no matter how many times Jasper told him that they liked having him around, Monty just couldn’t stay a second longer. He needed his own place.

So 50 Park Avenue, room 306 it was. Money was definitely no problem, seeing as Monty had always been an opportunistic businessman. Dealing pot in high school, working at the local electronics shop through university, and finally his prestigious computer engineering job at Weather Corporations. He was pretty set, and it was nice.

Of course, just as he was settling in, he discovered that the nice view out of his bedroom window came with a little more than he had bargained for.

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