Gross (Eww Part 2)

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A/N: Finally… a sequel to Eww (which I recommend reading first)

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: Like 10 uses of the f-bomb in the first section… whoops, labor, birth, sexual reference



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The Interview: Part 5 - Bucky x Reader

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Plot: Bucky reveals who Trish is.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 1880
Warnings: Mentions of Bucky being with someone else, but not in detail.

Author’s note: Okay so this could either be the last part or I’d be willing to write one more… Based off how this one ends… If you guys would be willing to read that sort of thing… *winks* so let me know what you think…

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Bucky POV

“(Y/N), you have to understand that whatever happened with Trish is completely over. It’s been months since I last spoke to her, and there is nothing you need to be worried about, I promise,” Bucky pleads, his focus completely on (Y/N), hoping she’ll be willing to hear him out.

“If this was just some ex-girlfriend, Bucky, how did it end in a lawsuit?” (Y/N) asks, her voice a little sharper than it normally is.

Bucky runs his hands through his hair and says, “Look, I really like you, (Y/N), and I have no problem with telling you what happened, you just… Have to promise me that you’ll hear me out and not think I’m some monster for what happened, because I… I didn’t know, okay?”

(Y/N) rolls her eyes, softly replying “Okay…”

Bucky takes a deep breath. “Okay, this is what happened…

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Jealous much? (Bucky x Reader)


A/N: I FINALLY HAVE TIME TO WRITE SJEEESS THAT WAS TAKING LONG! So yeah, school is bugging me since I’m in my pre-graduation year of high school, which means that we’re going to do so much on choosing universitys and finding what we want to do in two years…. and there goes a lot of my free time. Yay! BUT I found time to write this even though I have a lot to do but I didn’t want to abandon you all. I really love this request and I hope you guys will love what I have made of it. Have fun reading! (And does it show alot that I have been single for my whole life? ‘Cause I have that feeling whenever I’m writing that two characters are kissing lol)

As usual, [Y/N] is your name :)

Warnings: Dutch swearing (if thats a warning lol)? (Whenever I have the feeling that the reader has to swear I just use dutch insults lol. You can search them, or ask me. I use them on a daily basis) and maybe some normal english swearing if I missed that lol

Prompt: Jealousy is an hatefull thing. It really is.

Your p.o.v.

“Goodmorning everybody!”

You walked into the kitchen of the Avengres tower, looking around as almost everybody sat at the table, looking like they wanted to kill somebody for waking them up. Well, except for Steve. He was awake for a few hours already and it looked like he was the most energetic person in the room. He probably was too. Maybe Nat was an exception. She looked like she could kill somebody and she probably would too. You decided to not bother her, since you had once first-handed learnt how it is to disturb her.

You decide to take place at the table next to your uncle, Tony. It was a wonder that he was already awake, sitting at the breakfast table. Although, to say that he was already awake was probably the wrong thing to say. You looked at him struggling to stay awake, almost falling asleep in his plate of pancakes. You giggled by the sight of this, left with a sudden craving for pancakes yourself. You heard a weird noise coming towards you, and saw a plate of pancakes being moved to you. You looked up to see who gave them to you, and were met with a pair of lightblue orbs. Bucky. You smiled softly at him.

“You don’t need any Buck?”

He just shook his head. You decided to not question any further and to just start on the pancakes. After all, you were pretty hungry. Plus, whatever you asked him, he would insist that he didn’t want them anyway. Even if you would catch him an hour later in the kitchen again eating a plate of pancakes. All by himself.

This was the way mornings went ever since Bucky started to fully live in the tower* a couple of weeks ago. And to be completly honest, you didn’t want them any other way.

People had been sending you to different places for the whole day, without any evident reason. You really didn’t understand why, and when you were send to your uncle again - Nat wanted to have a status update for the new iron man suit without any apparent reason - you kind off lost it.

“Okay now I wanna know what the heck is going on! Why are you all sending me around the tower for the dumbest things?”

Tony looked at you like he knew exactly what was going on, but didn’t want to tell you. At. All.

“Tell. Me. Now.”

“Nope not gonna tell ya.”

“You really enjoy doing this don’t you?”


“Are you trying to get me off-topic and away from anything you are trying to get me away from?”


You were mad. Really mad. Not only was this the most frustrating thing to do -arguing with your uncle always was - but you also had the feeling something big was going on and you didn’t like that. 

“You know what? I’ve had enough of this. I’m going. Bye!”

You walked out of his lab, not even paying attention to any of your surroundings and with no other intention than to just go and leave. You still didn’t know what was going on and you hated that. You also had the feeling that everybody had suddenly turned their back to you. Everybody except…


You suddenly knew your destination, knowing that Bucky could - and would - help you out. You didn’t know why, but around him, you felt safe. You also knew that you didn’t need to think about anything you were doing, heck you could have even been acting like the craziest fangirl and he still wouldn’t mind.

Plus, he was the only one that you hadn’t seen today ever since breakfast. 

Coming to think of that, you realised that you didn’t know where he was. Fine. Good. Like your day couldn’t even get anything worser. 

Okay. Before you were going on your search around the tower you were going to get some chocolate. Preferably Tony’s chocolonely. Man, you loved that chocolate a lot. 

“Wait, [Y/N], don’t go further!”

You were interupted in your quest towards the kitchen by Tony’s loud screaming. Did he really just run around the tower in search for you?


To say that you were pissed was an underestimation. Nobody got to stand between you and your chocolate. Not even your uncle. Oh, plus he and the rest of the team decided to give you a little tour around the tower for no reason, even though you’ve been here for almost a year. 


“Well, for as long as you don’t know it, I’m going to get some chocolate.”

“Wait, stay here!”


You were getting really frustrated right here and now. 

“Because I’m trying to protect you okay!”

“Protect me? Tony why the heck are you trying to protect me! You’re not my dad!”

“That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you! Listen to me [Y/N], you’ve got to come with me!”

“I can care about myself Tony! I’m a grown up and I don’t-”

You were suddenly stopped by the sight of Bucky. In company. With. A. Girl. They were standing pretty close together, and you could hear her laughing over something he had said right before you walked in. Neither of them had noticed you, or so it appeared, as you saw their faces get closer to each other. O god. O god. O -


Before both of the people in front of you could even realise what was going on you were running away, out of the dooropening of the kitchen. You almost knocked Tony over, but you didn’t care anyway. All that you could think off was Bucky kissing some random girl in the kitchen.

When you reached your room hot tears were streaming down your face. Why were you even overreacting that much? Bucky had every right to go out and kiss any girl - heck even a GUY - if he wanted. He was free to go and you weren’t there to stop him. So why did you care so much about it?

You knew one thing for sure - this girl was the reason the rest of the team kept you occupied for the day. Apparantly they all knew what was going on except for you. And they tried to protect you. But from what? The heartache you felt right now?

It just hurted so much to see Bucky with anybody except you. Maybe you were just jealous. Jealous of the fact that Bucky had somebody else to make him happy that wasn’t you. 

You had to sit back on your bed when reality hit you. You had fallen in love with Bucky. Only to realise it when it was too late.

Training seemed to be the only thing to keep your mind off of anything. Business. Bucky. Chocolate. A certain boy named James. Hunger. Bucky kissing someone. The fact that you were still crying over something - or better to say, someone - you shouldn’t even be crying about.

Okay, maybe it didn’t work that well, given the fact that you were still worrying about almost everything. 

You were taken out of trance when the doors of the training room suddenly opened. A guy walked in, and you only needed to take a quick glance to mutter a few dutch curse words.


Bucky. Out of all the people that could have decided to go training it is Bucky. 

“What, aren’t you happy to see me?”

“Buck, I am THIS close to punching you in the face!”

You were mad at him. And for a good reason, or so you thought. Hey, he had made you feel like shit for the past few hours. A shitty reaction towards him could have been expected.

“You know that I have a metal arm doll.”

“And I have a metal will.”

Bucky sighed, a small smirk forming on his lips. God, did he really have to make it any harder to you?

“No you don’t.”

“Maybe I don’t… but still!”

“Okay, first of all, why do you want to punch me? Second of all, why did you scream some weird word in the kitchen? And as a last point, why are you trying to hirt the punching bag? It did nothing wrong to you!”

How were you ever going to explain this to him? You didn’t even realise you were crying again when he wiped away the tears on your face.

“Hey, what’s wrong? You know you can tell me.”

“Shouldn’t you go back to your girlfriend?”

It was out before you realised it. You didn’t even mean to say it so hatefull, but it came out that way anyway.

“You’ve seen us?”

“Why else do you think I was screaming the dutch equivalent to vagina in the kitchen?”

He laughed softly before looking back to you.

“She isn’t my girlfriend.”

“Than why were you kissing her?”

You were confused. Really confused. 

“Maybe because I was trying to forget about a certain someone, which obviously didn’t work. I mean, she interupted a kiss, which wasn’t even a good one by the way, by screaming and then running away. I was left with a really confused girl, you know. It was hard to explain.”

Realisation kicked you square in the face, leaving you breathless in front of Bucky and with a sudden hope that somehow couldn’t even be true. 

“You, you like me?”

He answered by the simplest gesture that you could think off. His face came closer to yours, his lips slowly touching yours, and all that you could think off was a loud ‘o god’ before he took away your thoughts and you slowly deepened the kiss.

*I like to think of the fact that before he was fully recovered, Bucky stayed at Steve’s place instead of the tower. I hope that this will explain everything that didn’t need to be explained lol
Betrayal. Pietro Maximoff #17

Hello Guys!

Here is my longest story for you <3 And it’ll have a second part! :D

It’s not from request again, and I’m sorry, but I really wanted to write that.

Prompt: You’re Clint’s younger sister and you’re joining the Avengers. Both Pietro and Steve are interested in you, but Pietro is more direct. One day you copped him with Nat in your bed.

This one will have second part, but it’ll be more about Steve than Pietro, but Pietro’ll be present too. 

Hope you like it :*


Pietro’s POV

Pietro was sitting in his room  and starring at the wall. It was very boring day for him. Almost the whole team was in base, but everyone had something to do. Stark and Banner were in laboratory doing something what Pietro didn’t understand and didn’t want to understand. Romanoff and Rogers had training session, Thor and Barton were out and he couldn’t even talk with his sister, because she was spending time with Vision. He growled and hid face in pillow. After few minutes when he ran short of air he sat on the bed and saw that his cell’s screen was lighting.

“Come to TV room. Put on some nice clothes” he read text from his sister. He raised an eyebrow at the second sentence and left his room in old grey jogging sweater and ragged jeans. He headed to common room wondering what his sister want from him. He heard steps behind him but he didn’t stop. As he entered the common room he saw Barton standing next to young pretty girl. She looked in Pietro’s direction and grinned. She opened her arms and ran up to him. He was suprised with this girl’s behaviour, because he didn’t know her, but he opened his arms too. He smiled slightly and girl ran past him.

Pietro’s arms fell down and his smile disappeard. He looked back and saw that Tony is holding girl in his arms.

“Ohh, I missed you, Y/N!” he laughed. Pietro turned back and saw that his sister was laughing loud. Rest of the team looked amused too. Quicksilver rippled hair on the back of his head.

“Yes, that was awkward” he admitted and stood next to Wanda.

“I told you to wear someting nice, Pietro” she whispered.

“Ok, team. I want you to get to know my younger sister, Y/N” introduced Clint when Tony finally let Y/N.

“You’ ve never told me that you have a sister” nagged Pietro.

“Why should I do that?” asked him Clint and smiled.

“She’s beautiful” claimed Speedy looking at her long brown hair and slim body.

“Be careful, Maximoff. I’ll be watching you”

Your POV

When Clint introduced you, you looked around wondering who you should acknowledged with firstly.

You knew Tony, Nat and Bruce already, but rest of the team you only saw in TV. You quickly decided to come to the closest person.

“Hello, Thor. I’m Y/N. It’s really nice to meet you” you grinned.

“Hello lady Y/N! I’m glad I’ve finally met Clint’s sister!” boomed Thor and kissed the top of your palm. You giggled and turned to next person. You blushed when you saw Captain America in the flesh.

“Uhm… Hello, Captain. Uh… Nice to meet you” you hesitated looking at your shoes. You heard your brother’s laugh behind you.

“The pleasure is all mine” he answered and you looked at him with slight smile.“And my name is Steve”

“Ohh…Okey, Steve” he smiled gently and you blushed even harder.

“And I don’t know you” you turned to guy with bleach hair and brown-hair girl. “So you have to be Maximoff’s. But I don’t know your names”

“I’m Pietro, and this is my sister Wanda” quickly replied good-looking boy in baggy clothes.

“I’m Y/N. It’s pleasure to meet you Wanda, Pietro” you smiled and headed to your brother.

“Clint, I have my bags in car and there’s a lot of them and they’re heavy…” you made sweet eyes and Clint sighed.

“Okay, of course I’ll help you” he rolled his eyes.

“I can help too” Steve interposed.

“And me too” added Pietro and you frowned at him.“It’d be faster if I help you”

“Okey, so…come on” you shrugged and looked at Clint.

“Speedy is good guy” he whispered. “ But his sister is the only girl his age which he was talking to, so he can be a little… unsuitable. Be nice to him”

“Wait a minute. You said that some guy is good? Is everything alright with you, brother?” you pretended worried.“Should I call a doctor? Or maybe buy a wedding dress?”

“Very funny”

You came to your car and saw Steve and Pietro standing there. You opened car and Pietro took one of your suitcases and disappeared with a gush of wind.

“God…He’s really fast” you chuckled.

“He’s a looser” snorted Rogers and took three the biggest bags.

“And he’s strong” you claimed and your eyes widened as you saw Cap’s stringed muscles under tight shirt. He lifted cases easly and headed to base.

“They always act like that?” you asked Clint and followed Steve to your new room.

“I don’t know. They always had little fights but this one looks serious”

In few minutes you reached your new room. Steve was leaning against wall. Bags was next to him on the floor.

“Where’s Maximoff?” Clint asked and show you the code to your room.“You can change the code, this one is default”

“He go for the rest of bags” answered Steve and took bags inside your room as you opened it.

“But you took all of them” you noticed. Steve looked at you with slight smile on his mouth and arched eyebrow.

“You’re right”

“You are very funny, Rogers” you heard strong Sokovian accent.

“Ok, guys. Stop it. Y/N’s grateful that you helped her, but she has to unpack right now, so we should leave her” Clint interrupted, because Steve opened mouth to say something.

“Alright, Y/N if you’d need something, my room is opposite yours, so you can visit me any time you want” claimed Steve and left.

“My room is in the end of this corridor, but you can visit me if you won’t like to talk with this wet blanket” grinned Pietro gesturing at Cap’s room’s doors.

“Thanks” you smiled. When Clint and Pietro also left you started unpacking your stuff.

After few hours you felt hungry so you threw clothes on the bed and headed to kitchen.  It was late night, so base looked abandoned. You turned on light and opened fridge.

“Do you always sneak at night?” you heard accent voice next to your ear and you jumped.

“God, Pietro. I had a heart attack” you huffed.

“Sorry, it’s typical girl’s reaction at me. I get used to it” Pietro grinned and sat by the table.

“What are you doing here?” you asked and took vegetables from fridge.

“I got hungry so I thought that I’d be nice if someone would do me something to eat and then I came to kitchen and there you are!” you rolled your eyes but smiled to him.

“Sandwiches would be okay?” you asked and started looking for plates.

“Sure. Can I help you?”

“You can make a tea”

“Why you joined Avengres?” Pietro asked after few minutes you worked in silence. “I mean…I know you’re Barton’s sister, but are you assasing or something?”

“Do you know that I’m Barton too?” you chuckled.“I’m not assasin. Not really. I-I have some abilities. Clint called me Cat-Y/N when I was younger, because I’m cery agile and I have great hearing and I see well in darkness”

“So you are like a cat, but without tail and fur?” he asked playfully.

“God, I knew you’ll say something like that. I’m not a cat and don’t you dare call me like that, Pietro or I’ll kill you” you flapped with knife in front of his face.

“Ok, ok. Don’t worry” he grinned and put cups with tea on table. You finished your supper too, so you joined him and put plate on table and sat in front of him.

“Enjoy” you claimed and took one sandwich.

“Thanks, Y/N. Do you know that Clint and I are very good friends?” he asked with mouth full of bread and tomatoes.

“I know that you saved his life” you answered seriously and looked in his eyes.“And I’m grateful for that”

He swallowed loudly with awkward face.

“It’s nothing special. I owed him that. He trusted me and my sister”

“You don’t understand. You indirectly saved also my life. And it’s not that I’d die without him because I love my brother so much. I would die without him, because he saved my life taking me from our family home” you didn’t know why you were telling Pietro all truth about your family. You had never told it to anyone, even your friends. But you wanted him to know how his act impacted on your life.

“What happened in your family home, Y/N?” he asked quietly appearing on the table next to you in one second and took your hand.

“I probably shouln’t tell you that, but our parents weren’t the best parents in the world. They drunk a lot and they became..aggressive. When Clint met Laura and lived with her he couldn’t save me anymore. He wanted to adopt me, but parents didn’t agreed so I had to wait until I having reached maturity  to leave them. And in that day Clint took me there. And I don’t have to be afraid anymore. Thanks to him. And thanks to you.”

Pietro didn’t say anything. What could he say? He was just sitting with you holding your hand in his and stroking it gently.

“It means that it’s your birthday today?” he asked after few minutes of silence.

“Uh..Yes” you smiled. “Coming here is my best birthday gift in whole life”

“Happy birthday, Y/N” Pietro said with his thick accent. And maybe it was  triggered by your story or your tiredness or  maybe late hour caused that, but you leaned to him and you let him kiss you.

His lips were firm and warm and his arms were strong when he wrapped them around you and pulled closer to him. You knew that you knew this guy only few hours, but you felt so safe in his embrace and noone never kissed you like that before. And that was why you didn’t push him away, but wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him harder.

When you finally pulled away you didn’t know what to say. It was awkward silence between you and this handsome bleach-haired guy.

“I-I think I should go sleep” you hesitated finally with dark blushes on your cheeks.

“Oh, okay” he frowned and stood up. “I’ll accompany you”

“It isn’t necessary, Pietro” you whispered not looking in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, if I did something against your will. You are beautiful and you looked very sad and I thought… No I didn’t think. It was an impulse. I felt I have to kiss you so I did it. I’m sorry if I hurt you” he claimed dabbing you chin.

“It was nice” you confessed quietly looking in his honest blue eyes. “But I’ve met you today and it seems to be…inappropriate”

“Maybe it’s love at first sight” he smiled playfully.“Come on, you have to be tired”

Pietro took your hand gently and you headed to your room. You stopped next to doors and looked at him.

“Thanks for listening, but don’t tell anyone, please” you breathed.

“I won’t. I promise. Goodnight” Pietro smiled to you adorable and kissed your cheek.

“Night, Pietro” you smiled back and entered your room.

Next day you woke up with big grin on your face. You thought that it was riddiculous, because you were so happy thanks to boy you don’t even know very well. But you couldn’t remember when you smiled like that recently.

You took quick shower and put on some natural make up. You brushed your hair and approached wardrobe. You chose denim jeans and white baggy t-shirt. With big smile on face you left your room and headed to kitchen. Steve, Clint and Natasha were sitting by the table with coffe. Clint and Nat had dark bags unter their eyes and you were sure they had talked long in the night.

“Hello, everyone” you greeted them and sat on the counter with another cup of coffe. Clint looked at you with tired eyes and squitned them.

“Why are you so happy?” he asked suspiciously.

“We had a beautiful day, sun is shining, I have great brother and I can always count on him. Why should I be sad?” you grinned to him. Then, blue blur overshot kitchen doors and after few seconds it came back.

“Hi, Kitty-Cat and everyone” said Pietro kissing your cheek.

Your brother suddenly recovered.

“You told him?” he laughed. “If I knew you miss your nicknames, I wouldn’t stop calling you like that”

“Kitty-Cat?” Steve frowned at looked at you.

“Yeah, I gave her couple cat-nicknames as we were younger, but she always hated them” Clint couldn’t stop laughing. “So you two are dating?”

“Yes” answered Pietro before you could even open your mouth.

“Remember, Clint. You said that Pietro is great guy yesterday” you recalled.

“Yes, but he’s not the best! Steve is better!” he yelled but smiled.

“But you know each other since yesterday, am I right?” asked Steve looking at you strangely.

“You know, Cap. I’m always faster than you” smirked Pietro. He took you in his arms and zoomed out.

Whole relationship with Pietro was like that. Fast and intense. You could spent all time together. He showed you a lot of beautiful places in New York. One day you even visited ruins of Sokovia and you helped him went through this. You became best friends with Wanda and very good friend with Natasha, but you couldn’t tell Nat everything, because she was also Clint’s friend. You trained with Steve and Romanoff. He taught you how to hit and kick and she how to shoot. But you felt that Rogers didn’t like you. He didn’t want to spend time around you if it wasn’t necessary and sometimes you noticed that he was avoiding you. Your brother spent most of time in his house with Lauren and kids. Tony and Bruce acted like they were your parents.

But then came a day when Pietro didn’t have time for you. You were suprised, because always he wanted to spend all your free time together, but right now he avoided you. You were upset and you had to talk with someone. Wanda was on mission with Tony and Steve, so you headed to Nat’s room.

“I’m worry about Pietro” you said sitting on the bed.

“Uhm..Why? Did something happened?” she asked not looking in your eyes.

“I don’t know. He avoids me since yesterday and I don’t know why. He didn’t come to me to sleep as always yesterday” you sighed.

“It’s probably just worse day. Give him a little time and I’m sure everything will be alright”

You smiled to her. Nat was right. You came back to your room and you saw Pietro in grey elegant shirt with black tie and in black trousers. Light was off. The only light source were candles everywhere.

“Pietro?” you whispered as he came closer to you and took your hand.

“Y/N, you are the love of my life. I want to spend all time with you until I die. Since I saw you for the first time, I knew you’re the only one for me. Will you marry me?” he asked. He didn’t kneel and you were grateful. Your eyes welled up with tears and you lammed out into him.

“Pietro, of coure I will. I love you” you whispered and kissed him firmly. He smiled against your lips and set beautiful ring on your finger.

You pulled him closer to you and wrapped legs around him. He laid you on the bed and you spent this full of emotions night together.


The next day everybody congratulated you and Pietro. Clint hugged you and almost cried. Steve kissed top of you hand and smiled to you sadly. Thor as always made a chaos aroud himslef. Wanda had big grin on her face and Vision was calm as usual.

Next month was very busy for you. You had to train, spent time with your fiance and look for wedding dress. But you were happy.

“Pietro I’m going out with Wanda tonight” you said as he left your bathroom and laid on bed.

“Okey, Kitty. Have fun and be careful” he smiled and took a book from your bedside cabinet.

“As always”


You and Wanda spent only an hour together, because she promised Vision to help him with something, but you weren’t mad. That meant you’ll be home ealier and you’ll spend more time with Pietro. With smile on your face you headed to your room.You opened the doors and your heart stopped.

“Maximoff, don’t stop. You know what I like the most” you heard Nat’s voice. She was with Pietro on your bed. And you saw his face. Face of man you loved distorted with pleasure which gave him one of your best friends. He saw you and his eyes widened. Until he could stood up, you left the room with tears in your eyes and reached first opened doors. You fell into the room and closed doors behind you. You saw Steve standing nearby and looking at you suprised.

“Y/N? What happened?” he approached you and sat you on his bed.

“Pietro… He-He with N-Nat. They…Oh my God” you bursted out crying. “How could they?”

“Y/N! Are you here? Open, please!” you heard Pietro’s voice and beating on doors.

Captain stood up and opened doors. You hid your face in palms. You didn’t want to see him or her now or never.

“Leave her alone, you bastard” growled Steve, pushed Pietro away and closed doors. He sat next to you and armed you. Pietro was still beating and yelling.

“What are those noises? What’s going on?” asked Tony behind the wall. “Maximoff? What are you doing?”

“It’s not your buisness, Stark. Fuck off. Y/N, open, please!”

“Why she don’t want to let you in?” you heard your brother. You knew he’ll be angry.“And why she is in Steve’s room?”

“Tell them Steve. I don’t want to see them, but please tell my brother what happened” you breathed and sobbed. Steve kissed top of your head and left the room. You heard him explaining to your brother everything.

“He did what?!” yelled Clint and Tony simultaneously.

“I’ll kill you, Maximoff” it was only Steve. He probably chaught Pietro and threw him on the wall, because room collapsed. “How could you do it to her?! And you Natasha? I can’t believe!”

“Calm down, Clint. She needs you. Go to her” Clint opened doors and his fists clenched when he saw you.

“I was serious. I’ll kill him if you want. And I’ll kill Romanoff too” he whispered and hugged you.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Clint” you sobbed and snuggled in his chest.

“Of course” you were sitting in silence.

“I don’t wan to go to my room"you whined.

"You won’t. Steve told that you should stay here, in his room. He went to find Wanda, so she could take some clothes for you from your room”
After few minutes someone knocked on doors. Wanda entered room quietly with some clothes and cosmetics.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know he’s like that. I was sure he loves you. He’s such an asshole. I’m really sorry” she had tears in her eyes.

“It’s not your fault, Wanda. You’re my friend and I know I can trust you” you smiled to her poorly.“Can I stay alone? Please?”

When Clint and Wanda left you headed to Steve’s bathroom. You saw your face in mirror. It was all covered in blurry eyeliner and mascara. You took a shower and put on clean clothes. You laid on the couch in Steve’s room. You didn’t want to bother him, so you took one pillow an blanket and fell asleep.

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