avenging pendragon


Arthur: She just…She just kicked our asses! 

Y/N: *Scoffs* I did more than that, princey.


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If you’re a shipper you know this face.
That’s your face when you realise that your OTP won’t be canon and will never be canon because of deaths, ridiculous ’ 20’s laws, different universes, or because the writer is Satan in disguise

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-Phan (Dan and Phil)

-Femenist stuff
-Equality stuff
-Like any body positivity is appreciated

-Stucky (Cap and Bucky)
-The Avengers in general
-Science Bros
-lowkey Thorki


-Merlin (Merthur is appreciated)
-Bradleys face is also appreciated

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-Kevin Tran

-Doctor Who (especially 9th/10th doctors)
-Amy and Rory
-Jack Harkness



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-Jon Snow
-Arya Stark
-and Gendry

-The Marauders
-General Harry Potter stuff
-Bonus points for another fandom set in hp universe


Avengers/Merlin crossover

Arthur has woken up in the modern age and before he knows it, he has been armed with a lightning-charged Excalibur, super strength and is suddenly a superhero. Soon enough, he finds his old knights and they become the Avengers, saving the world whenever it is in danger. The most dangerous threat, unfortunately, comes from the person he loves the most.

aka. Arthur is Thor, Merlin is Loki, Gwaine is Iron Man, Leon is the Cap (Captain Albion?), Percy is the Hulk, Elyan is Falcon.

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