avengers: hawkeye

I want a Hawkeyes movie where Hawkeyes is deaf like in the comics, and in the first five minutes he loses his hearing aids, and the rest of the movie is silent except for a constant running commentary of what Hawkeyes is thinking until the very end when he gets his hearing aids back.

And there would be closed captions or something for when people use sign language.

And when people don’t sign and he has to read lips, they should get genuinely hard of hearing people to translate so that they know what words or phrases are hard to catch by lip reading.

Also, lots of explosions with no sound. I feel like that would just be cool.

Tony Stark in Hawkeye (2012) #6

Things I love about this as a Tony Stark fan:

1. The fact that Clint saw tangled wires and assumed Tony would know what to do

2. The fact that Tony actually came to help him

3. The fact that Clint did not take his advice anyway

4. The fake drama and how Tony looks far more anxious about this than he is about most life-threatening situations

5. This is Tony’s only appearance in the entire series, except for the next few panels where he offers to buy Clint all new stuff (which ends on a surprisingly poignant note). Like this is it. He just shows up to fix the DVR and is never seen again

6. “Tony Stark Genius Superman”