Where Do the Flowers Go Chapter Twelve

Chapter Eleven

Summary: You and Bucky go undercover in Lenox Hill
Warnings: language
A/N: I’m sorry that this chapter is a bit shorter, I’m still getting back in the swing of things

Strangers rushed around you on every side and you wrapped your arms around yourself in an attempt to hide from the crowd and the noise. You flinched as a cold arm wound around your waist and spun toward Bucky with wide and terrified eyes. He reached out to take hold of your arms, rubbing them soothingly. “It is just me, pisoi,” he said quietly, smiling gently.

“Sorry,” you said. “You’re always so cold, I-I should have realized it was you.” Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes and let Bucky pull you into his chest. “I just really fucking hate airports.”

“I know, but I am right here, soare,” he whispered in your ear, beginning to gently run his hands up and down your back, “and you are alright.”

Forcing yourself to relax into his arms, you smiled up at him. “How long until our flight boards, Nic?” you asked quietly.

“Ten minutes, my love,” he said, “and then we will be on our way to paradise.” You closed your eyes and rested your head against his shoulder, willing your heartbeat to slow and match his.

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c00lbr33z3y  asked:

Bucky's POV for the "what are you doing?" Scene? Pretty please

Bucky leaned against the doorframe, watching her as she shifted to pull the blanket tighter around her body. He smiled to himself and pushed off the wall to walk toward the bed. She was always cold. Lifting the blanket carefully to avoid letting any of the cold air slip underneath, he crawled into the bed beside her. Exhaustion swept through his blood as he relaxed into the mattress. The first days of a new mission were always the most draining, and going undercover was never an easy task. It had taken concentrated effort simply to sustain his accent throughout the day.

He reached out and set a hand on her waist, almost laughing when she stiffened in surprise – neither of them accustomed to being married yet. Bucky wrapped his arm around her stomach and pulled her closer to his chest, not leaving much space between them, and rested his forehead against the back on her head.

“What are you doing?” she asked softly.

“I am holding my wife,” he answered, not bothering to hide his weariness.

Her body relaxed into his hold when he answered and she began to wiggle, inching herself closer to him. His breath caught in his throat as she pressed herself into his chest and her vanilla shampoo overwhelmed his senses. “What are you doing?” he forced himself to ask, struggling to speak through the haze she had created.

“Cuddling with my husband,” she answered casually. He chuckled and wrapped his arm tighter around her, holding her securely against him and brushing his fingers across her hip, cautiously drawing patterns on her skin.


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It’s a shame that Nico Minoru doesn’t use her codename all that often whenever she appears in comics. It’s quite appropriate; Sister Grimm. Writer Brian K. Vaughn created Nico Minoru during his run on the book Runaways, which ended up being quite the hit for Marvel Comics. Nico, and most of her fellow Runaways, were the children of a Supervillian crime ring known as The Pride. Her parents were dark wizards who, like the other members of The Pride, kept secret their child’s legacy. After discovering her parents true alliances, she and the Runaways choose to become vigilantes to redeem their family names. Nico in particularly learns about her magical heritage, and comes into her ability as a leader. The Japanese-American Nico has since become a vigilante, fighting crime on her own, sparsely with the Avengers, but mostly with the Runways. She’ll also be appearing in the upcoming A-Force, apart of the larger Secret Wars event from Marvel Comics.

Required Reading: Runaways, Avengers Arena, Avengers Undercover