100 letters - peter parker

fandom: the avengers/spiderman

word count: 1042 

character pairing: tom holland’s peter parker x reader

warnings: kinda sad kina cute lol

prompt: friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone. (taken from this prompt list

notes: i rly lov this goofy man kfjvnsjf idk what this is but enjoy i guess lmaonlfvjajenfv (i also have zero clue where the gif came from bUt)


friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.


“i’m going to germany.“

you snort from your place curled up on peter’s bed, not bothering to look up from the book you were reading. "while you’re there, try some schnitzel for me, yeah?” peter blinked, confusion clouding his features before he rolled his eyes, realizing you thought he was joking. he took a seat on the bed next to you, leaning back so that his head was resting on your stomach. he looked at his cieling.

“i’m not- i’m not kidding,” you peeked at him over your book, eyes narrowing. “you remember that day tony stark was here? he asked me if i wanted to go to germany with him.” you carefully put down your book, not looking at him.

“for what? an internship?” you questioned, and peter winced when he detected the ice in your voice. “why’s he taking you to germany, peter."peter closed his eyes briefly, turning on his side as you adjusted yourself to sit up a little, looking down at him with a blank expression.

"he wants me to fight,” peter exhaled, not meeting your eyes. he felt you stiffen. “against captain america. it’s all going to- it’s all going to shit, Y/N. he needs me.”

“peter,” your voice was an octave higher than you wanted it to be. “peter, you can’t.” he sat up then, grabbing both your hands and leaning dangerously close to you. this wasn’t surprising to you; you knew more than anybody about peter’s lack of perception of personal space.

he could sense the panic rolling off of you like waves, hands squeezing his ridiculously hard. he didn’t show any signs of pain, only looking into your eyes with a type of intensity that made you feel like crying.

all you could imagine was peter lying dead on the concrete, his mask lying several feet away from him, torn and shredded to reveal his beaten and bloody face, eyes wide.

“they need me,” he breathed, eyes flickering down to your lips before meeting yours again. “they need me.” he repeated.

“i need you,” you exhaled, resting your forehead against his. it was getting ridiculously intimate between you two, and your heart couldn’t help but do somersaults in your chest. “what about me, peter? i need you.” he shut his eyes, and you could feel his forehead crinkle against yours.

“i don’t know what to do,” he whispered, nose slotting with yours. your breath caught in your throat, his lips millimetres away from brushing against yours. “tell me, Y/N. tell me and i’ll listen to you. tell me i can’t go, and i won’t go.”

and then you pulled back, taking your hands with you. “i can’t do that, peter,” you leaned against the headboard, pulling your knees up to your chest. “i’m not your mom, i’m not your aunt, i’m not your-” you broke off at his sudden intake of breath. “i’m not your girlfriend, peter.” i wish i was.

“why not?”

your lips parted, and you could feel your face heating up. you stood up quickly, snatching your sweater off the desk-chair and making a beeline for the door without meeting peter’s eye. you couldn’t do this, not now. you’d always thought of confronting your feelings for peter head on, but this was too sudden. dear god, you couldn’t do this.

and then there was a hand on your waist, spinning you around and lightly pressing you up against the wall. you looked up to see peter’s face inches away from your own. he hesitated a minute. “i’m not gonna take that back, in case you were wondering.” you found yourself unconsciously leaning closer towards peter, lips a breath away from his. you felt one of his hands find yours, and you didn’t hesitate to interlock your fingers, squeezing his hand tight.

“peter,” you exhaled in a needy whisper, hands making their way to his hips, pulling his body closer to yours. closeness with peter was no stranger to you. “this is gonna make leaving so much harder.” he was close enough that you could feel his heart hammering through his t-shirt.

“i know,” he said quietly, leaning down at the same time you leaned up, pressing your lips together in a way that had you fisting your hands in his t-shirt, definitely wrinkling the fresh-pressed material. but fuck, you had wanted this for so long, and everything was so perfect, until-

you pulled away from him, letting your head fall back and hit the wall. peter’s lips fell from yours, and you stayed completely silent as he breathed heavily, seemingly in disbelief.

“you’re leaving for germany soon,” you whispered, and went to meet peter’s eyes with a sad smile. “i should leave now.” peter stayed quiet, letting you slip out of his hands with a kiss to his cheek.

“please don’t go.”

you turned back to face peter just before you left his room, bracing your hand on his door frame, right where the white paint was chipped and peeling. you dug your fingernails into the soft wood, calculating the chances of you actually walking out of his apartment that night, if his puppy-dog eyes and heart-breaking expression had anything to say about it. your walk towards him was slow, but when your arms wound around his waist, your hug was tight.

“hey, peter?”

“yeah, Y/N?” you buried your face into his shoulder, hiding your smile before pulling away and taking his hands, drawing him to his bed. the back of your knees hit the mattress, and you fell backwards, pulling peter down so he was laying next to you.

you turned onto your side to face peter, propping your head onto your hand. “i hope you own a fairly large suitcase.” he looked up at you, confusion etched into his features.

“and why is that?” he asked, still not catching on.

“well, cause i don’t have any suitcases, and i’m gonna need to put my clothes somewhere when we get on that plane to germany.” you rolled onto your back with a grin when peter sat up immediately, staring down at you with wide eyes. “oh, come on, peter. you know better than anyone; friends don’t let friends do stupid shit alone.”

Alleviated Nightmares (Reader x Bucky Barnes)

Fandom: Marvel (Avengers)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: none

Request: hello! could you do a bucky barnes x reader angst/fluff where the reader is related to natasha and she still gets nightmares about the red room but bucky doesn’t know because she’s always helping him after hydra nightmares and one night while he’s up late reading she starts having a nightmare and he helps her calm down?? thanks so much!! <3

Word Count: 1.3k

Being Natasha’s sister had its ups and downs, she was by far the best sister you could ask for. You were younger than her and you didn’t get a cool nick name like Black Widow, although Tony sometimes called you nick names based off of whatever color you were wearing that day, earlier today you were yellow widow and the day before grey widow.

You went through everything Nat had gone through in the past but for some reason she still tried to protect you, she never let you go on missions that were unnecessary or too dangerous, it’s not like the two of you didn’t have the exact same abilities or anything.

Tonight was one of those nights where the tower was pretty empty, you actually had no idea who was home as you hadn’t seen anyone in the gym or the kitchen.

You had assumed you were alone, perhaps Vision or Wanda were here but you assumed the main team of Cap, Bucky, Tony and your sister were all gone.

You were having a pretty good day, you enjoyed time to yourself but it was always hard to relax knowing the others were on a mission so you kept busy to keep your mind off of it, Nat always said you worried too much.

You spent the morning training alone, you hated being watched while you trained anyways, and then you went for a swim ate dinner and went off to your room.

You hoped that since you had a more exhausting work out you would fall asleep peacefully, that falling asleep part was true but your sleep was nowhere near peaceful.

You probably shouldn’t have drank tea right before bed, it was decaf but you had your suspicions that someone had swapped your tea to the normal caffeinated kind, probably your sister, she always complained you were irritable without it.

You tossed and turned in your sleep images of red and memories from your past flashing before your eyes.

Although you thought nobody else was home you were wrong, Wanda and vision were both here but on a different floor but on your floor Bucky was awake as ever and sat in his bed.


Steve had been bugging Bucky to read this book, although he would never let Cap catch him actually reading it or even worse enjoying it so much he picked reading over sleep.

He wasn’t aware that you were here either it was merely a coincidence that you guys didn’t run into each other at all today. Well not so much a coincidence as Bucky spent most of his free time reading since Steve wasn’t there to bug him about it.

Bucky was reading a specific part of the book that was action packed, his eyes scanned the page rapidly visualizing the scene in his head, it was as if he could actually hear someone screaming.

That’s when he stopped reading for a moment… he could actually hear someone screaming.

He could tell they weren’t actually in distress as the scream sounded tired and almost like your voice. He had heard you scream out of pain from being hurt but that was about it. He shot out of bed and walked towards your room, the door was slightly ajar allowing him to hear your terrified sounds.

He slowly walked in and looked at you for a moment, oh how he sympathized with you.

Your forehead beading with sweat one fist clenched around your blanket and one clenched around your arm squeezing so hard with your nails he thought it could draw blood and that’s when Bucky noticed it was actually drawing blood.

He instantly felt bad, now he knew where those scratches on your arms came from. He wasn’t sure how to approach this, the situation was usually the other way around. He sat on the bed using his arm to brush the hair out of your face and he removed your hand from your arm and gently shook you whispering 

“Hey y/n wake up, it’s uh … its Bucky you’re okay, just wake up please.”

He was desperate to wake you up and help you like you had done to him so many times before so he shook you a little harder causing you to wake up abruptly and sit up in your bed smacking your forehead against his in the process. That sure woke you up.

You immediately put your hand to your forehead rubbing the now sore spot of your face. Bucky was silent, unsure of what to do in this situation and you didn’t even notice he was there at first.

When you realized who was sat at the side of your bed your cheeks instantly went red with embarrassment and you tried to apologize to him

“Oh I’m sorry I usually have Friday sound proof my room so I can hear what’s outside but nobody can hear inside, I just forgot I didn’t think anyone was home”

He looked kind of confused but mostly just concerned as he quietly said

“Y/N you help me with my nightmares all the time the least I can do is help you too, you don’t need to sound proof your room, let me help you”

You took a minute before you finally agreed by nodding your head slightly but he didn’t know what to do.

You smiled softly trying to ignore the pain in your arm and your head as you lied back down motioning for him to come to you. He lied down and pulled you against his chest.

“Wait Barnes why are you even awake?” You questioned

He chucked lightly “I was reading”

You looked up at him “James Barnes was reading?” You put your hand against his forehead “are you feeling okay" 

He just pulled you back against his chest "stop calling me James, but now that you mention it my head does hurt a little, I have no idea why”

You laughed and just laid there for a bit, enjoying his company until he broke the comfortable silence 

“Why didn’t you ever tell me you had nightmares too, why did you hide it”

You just remained quiet for a minute 

“Well I went through the exact same thing Nat did, and she doesn’t have nightmares and I didn’t want her to see me as anymore weak than she already does.”

Bucky just gave a quiet “mhhm” in response while his hands brushed through your hair lightly so you continued 

“Not that you’re weak for having nightmares but if Nat can get over it I should be able to too, but I wanted more than anything to have this. Sometimes I would wake up from my nightmares and just lay awake until I heard you, some nights it never came but when it did, those were the only nights I slept well.”

Bucky felt happy knowing he provided you with some sort of comfort.

“I don’t think you are weak, you are just as strong as Nat if not stronger since your younger than her, and next time don’t wait for an excuse to come see me, I’d be more than happy to be woke up by you.”

You smiled and nuzzled closer to Bucky’s chest, enjoying his warmth, his calm heartbeat, metal arm wrapped around you making you feel safe as you drifted off into a much needed goodnights sleep.

Long Day

Fandom: Marvel/ Avengers

Character/Ship: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Fluff…. So much fluff

Writer: Cassie

Words: 430

Requested by: @thefandomimagine

Summary: Y/N comes home to find Bucky waiting on her bed for her

[Based off of:] http://thefandomimagine.tumblr.com/post/156058800414/this-is-literally-a-dream-of-mine-i-mean-who

Author’s Note: For the oneshot contest. I know it’s short but oh well

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it’s has been six years and I still can’t stop laughing at this

Realm - Avengers X Reader



Request: I have a request but it might be a stupid idea. In the middle of a mission the avengers witness a secluded gathering of people chanting around a huge fire and then there’s light and an explosion. People are gone but what’s there is a young woman. They were trying to bring out a demon but she stopped them. Turns out she’s a powerful witch from another realm that’s been sent to protect the earth from demons and the people trying to bring them out. Bucky x reader maybe. Or Loki x reader

Warnings: Enemy death. (I mean ??)

Words: 3 567

A/N: This was such a cool request! Thank you, Mr. Anonymous, for sending in this original idea. However… There is a slight problem… I didn’t find a way to believably make this into a Bucky X Reader or a Loki X Reader… Yet.

I wouldn’t mind making this into a multi-parter tbh to get the _______ X Reader in there! An entire series feels a bit too much as I’ve currently got Close Future, Home (kind of a possible series) and a third definite series that I’ll post later today!

Originally posted by theworldisworthagif

“I need some backup!” Clint called out over the intercom in distress. He ran and dropped down to the ground behind a burning car that had taken aflame from one of his exploding arrows. A group of soldiers were firing blindly at the ruined vehicle, machine gun bullets deafening as they ricocheted against the burnt metal.

“On my way.” Tony replied, turning around in the air towards where Clint’s tracker was marked out on the map in front of his eyes. He lowered his altitude before leveling out and hovering above the car Clint sought shelter behind. He raised his arm, firing a missile towards the barricade of soldiers that were attacking the marksman, killing them all in a split second.

“Thank you.” Clint said, saluting up to Tony before hurrying away to scour for more enemies.

They were in the dead prairies of northern Russia, a few hundred miles above Mongolia. A mere sixteen hours before, Tony’s satellite had picked up on a signal, one all too similar to the one the tesseract had made when opening the portal in New York, for the Avengers to simply ignore it. The signal traced back to Russia to where there was supposed to be nothing, but there had been a little bit more than nothing.

At the location of the signal there had been a military like base almost as large as a small town. In the center of it there was a an abnormally large pit of fire. Tony didn’t know what to think of it. There were hundreds of heavily armed men seeming to protect that fire alone, and he doubted that whatever the fire was for, it was something good.

“Is it just me, or is that fire starting to grow?” Steve asked, kicking a soldier in the chest as he could in the distance, over tents and makeshift shelters, see the sky turn brighter and brighter from the flames.

“And am I the only one who realizes how hot it is?” Sam questioned as no one had commented on it, circling around the fire at a bearable distance which was much further away than it should be. “I can barely be at the range where I’m at now.

Tony turned his head towards it, initiating a scan over how hot the fire really was. He watched the temperature rise on his display, continuing to do so even when it had reached the normal temperature of a fire.

“That’s not just fire.” He stated, his worry replacing itself with fear. He hovered in the air for a moment, his body frozen as he had no idea of what to do next. His eyes traveled down to where he saw Banner, or his alternative version, reeking havoc on the southern part of the camp. He watched Rhodes shoot every soldier in sight whilst still in the air. Everywhere around him people were fighting, and he couldn’t help but wonder if it was all in vain.

“There- There’s people… They’re standing around it?” Peter informed as he had climbed up one of the four guard towers in a corner of the camp and taken out the sniper that had nested in it. He looked into the distance and to where the fire had begun to rise higher into the sky. No doubt he could see a circle of at least a dozen people around it, moving their hands strangely. “I think they’re doing a ritual- sweet mother of god?!”

The fire suddenly bursted and became wilder, the flames changing from orange and yellow to unnaturally red. The snowstorm which was over them cleared out. The snowflakes melted into drops of water upon approaching the fire and vaporizing when getting even closer. Everyone on the team could feel it’s heat, no matter where in the camp they were. It was starting to become a bigger problem apart from whatever it’s true purpose could be. Everyone was starting to heat up in their suits despite the biting cold of the Russian night and it was hindering their ability to fight at full strength.

“We need to stop this thing, whatever it is.” Steve threw his shied at yet another soldier, hearing T'Challa fight behind him and seeing Bucky ahead. His skin was glistening with sweat and the same applied for almost everyone. Even Thor was struggling. He threw his hammer left and right tiredly as he was closer to the fire than most of the others were able to. Vision was even finding it hard to approach the flames which said a lot about how serious the situation was.

“I can’t control it.” Wanda said, who had been silent for quite some time. She had tried her hardest to take hold of the flames with her powers but she had been unable to. She had tried again and again in frustration but she had given up at last. Her eyes were widely staring at the fire which would be the death of the team if it continued to grow in size and they remained in place.

“Vision? What’s your status?” Tony asked for an update, flying down to the ground to aid Natasha and Scott who had encountered an entire troop of soldiers.

The intercom was silent, everyone listening intensely for Vision’s answer which never came.

“Vis?” Wanda pushed, looking up into the sky a few blocks of tents away. He was hovering in the air, cape flowing behind him, eyes fixated at the fire.

“I don’t know.” He admitted. He knew so much, was created and based of pure information about everything in between heaven and hell, but when he looked into the heart of the crimson red fire, his mind became blank. He did not understand what it was nor could he do anything to prevent it. Whenever he got close, he could feel it burn him, ethereal form or not.

Everyone followed Wanda and looked up towards the humanoid. If he didn’t know what to do, they were all doomed. He was practically the physical interpretation of knowledge itself. He should know of a way to stop the blazing fire, or the very least he should be able to approach it, but he could do neither.

“What do we do?” Bucky turned back to Steve, feeling his metal arm become scorching hot at his side. “I can’t stay here for much longer… I don’t think any of us can.”

Steve knew it was true. Every cell in his body wanted to run from the fire and seek out the cold and showy air outside of the camp. His lungs burnt with every, heavy breath he took, and he knew he was one of the more durable ones on the team. He could only begin to imagine the agony the rest were going through.

“We need to fall back… I repeat, everyone. Fall back-”

There came a rippling sound from within the clouds above, the sound alone shaking the earth enough for everyone ground bound to loose their footing and fall. The poorly built watchtowers began to crumble and Peter fell down helplessly. The alarm of any untouched cars began to siren across the camp as all of their windows shattered by the sheer force that came with the wave of sound.

A blue light suddenly began to form in the sky, growing rapidly in size and becoming brighter and brighter before it crashed down into the heart of the camp like a sphere of pure power. It was enough to knock Rhodes out of the sky as he was still airborne and Vision was pushed down as well, shielding himself from the unexplainable light. He came down to the ground and forced his fingers through the dry earth to remain put.

The bolt crashed into the fire and the second the two phenomenons collided, the blinding light and unimaginable heat vanished. The sky became dark. Only the light of fire created by the fight that had occurred illuminated the dead silent camp, the wind from the storm beginning to sweep across the flat land.

They could all breathe again. Bucky pulled in a harsh breath in panic as he had been lacking oxygen for twenty minutes straight, looking over at Steve and T'Challa who made the slightest movement to confirm him they were alive. Natasha, Tony and Scott slowly came to their senses. Sam flew out to the fallen guard tower where he had seen Peter fall. He found the teen on top of a caved in tent, heaving himself up from the ground and limping painfully. Bruce woke up, looking down at his bare body and hurrying to the nearest tents in search of clothes, Clint waiting for him as he had ran into the doctor. Wanda, who kept an eye over Vision, levitated down to the ground from one of the main structures she had been stood upon.

“Is everyone okay?” Steve called out as he heaved himself up from the ground, a smudge of blood starting at his brow from when he had fallen do the ground.

Romanoff, Lang and I are alive. A broken bone, some cuts and bruises, but still alive.” Tony reported in over their communication system, letting the helm of his suit retreat into the neck of the armor to allow him to feel the air around him.

I’ve got Bruce.” Clint informed which made everyone stop for a second to realize that the force from whatever had happened had caused Banner to revert to his human form. They had never seen or even heard of something being able to do that without Bruce being semi aware of what was happening. The blast had knocked the Hulk back effortlessly, raising questions in everyone but even more so when it came to Bruce himself.

And I’ve got Peter. I have Rhodes heading towards me here too.” Sam helped Peter up, seeing Rhodes approach in his damaged War Machine armor.

“Alright. Everyone to the center, now.” Steve ordered. Everyone helped those who needed it. Sam wrapped Peter’s arm around his neck to ease the weight off of his sprained ankle. Tony lended the sleeve of his suit to Scott who had clearly fractured his arm, using the piece of armor as a temporary cast.

Steve made sure that Bucky and T'Challa followed behind him as he began to head for where the fire had been. He walked around tents, over dead bodies, his steps clinking with the hundreds of bullets that were sprawled out. Even under the distracting circumstances he shuddered at the resemblance the Russian camp had with the war that Steve had once fought in, Bucky by his side not really easing his feeling of deja vu.

Black smoke dwelled from the pit where the fire had burnt, sweeping west along with the wind. Steve came up to the site and further down the clearing in the middle of the camp he saw Sam along with Peter and Rhodes. Vision and Wanda came down to the ground just as Clint and a fully dressed Bruce joined.

“I’m picking up a heat signal.” Tony aimed his hand towards the pit where smoke hid whatever was left in it, coming up to the site with Natasha and Scott, Thor landing with a loud thud as he flew in with Mjolnir and completed the team.

Everyone who had a projectile weapon aimed for the ash covered crater. Steve held his shield before him, silently praying that the fire had not fulfilled its purpose, no matter what that had been.

The smoke began to swirl unnaturally, pulling in towards the middle of the pit with a faint, yellow, glow illuminating the area. In the midst of the thick smoke, a human form appeared. A woman. She was holding her glowing hands out at either side of her, sucking the smoke up into her palms where it then vanished. Her eyes shone even brighter than her hands, easily seen even with the smoke whirling around her.

She wore strange clothing. She was dressed in a tight, black, suit with blue detailing. A wide and hooded mantel hung over her head and was swept loosely around her neck and down over her shoulders. Her arms were shielded with platinum bracers with unique carvings far from anything the team had ever seen before.

As the smoke cleared, her hands faded completely and her eyes settled for a glowing white color, more subtle in intensity than they had just been. She looked around her calmly at the worlds mightiest heroes that she had just saved.

“Who are you?” Steve called out, tightening his grip of the shield and staring at the woman, whose irises were not only glowing, but the whites of her eyes were pitch black and sent an unnerving shiver down the Captain’s back.

“As my mortal form…” She began, removing her hood as her body began to glow yellow again. Everyone squinted for the short moment that the lights reappeared. As the light settled and they looked back at the woman, she was just an ordinary girl dressed in ordinary clothing. “My name is Y/N.”

“Your mortal form?” Tony questioned, hand still aiming for the girl with his missile locked on her head. If she was to do something drastic, he would not even blink when he fired.

“I am of, what you would call, terrestrial origin… I was born in a galactic realm where beings were trained to defend the universe and all of its life.” She explained like it would make any sense to the team of superheroes before her.

“I have a headache…” Clint groaned, not at all keeping up with what Y/N was talking about.

“The fire… What was it?” T'Challa demanded an answer, much more interested in the presence than her backstory. He had little belief in outsiders of any kind, even more so when they came from other worlds, and he did not care who she was.

“The summoning of a demonic force that would have devoured this world and brought it out of existence… At least the beginning of one. I managed to stop it just in time.” She looked around her, noticing how their weapons slowly faltered the more she explained of who she was and what she was doing. “I am truly sorry for any injuries that my arrival caused.”

“That was you arriving?” Scott exclaimed, clutching his armored forearm, once again showing he had little of a filter when it came to situations where he might have needed it. “Lord knows I don’t want to get on her bad side…”

She chuckled, showing a sense of humanity to her. “I am not a threat, no matter whether you’re on my bad side or not, Scott.”

“You know our names?” Tony questioned, being the last one out of them to lower his weapon which also was his arm.

“Yes. I may be from out of this world but I wasn’t born yesterday, Tony. You’ve done an incredible job protecting this planet… That may have meant that you stole a job for me or two, but I’m impressed nevertheless. Well done.”

“She’s telling the truth.” Wanda said out of nowhere, drawing everyone’s attention to her. She had been looking inside Y/N head since the second the smoke had cleared out. Every single word that woman had said had been true. She wanted to tell everyone to lower their weapons immediately, but she felt that it was too much to ask them to remove their only defense against the essential alien standing before them. “She’s no threat. She values loyalty too much to betray us and would never as much as imagine hurting us, or anyone else for that matter…”

Everyone looked in between each other, taking in the situation which was a rather odd one. Not only was Y/N a complete stranger with abilities none of them could fathom, but Wanda had vouched for her. If anything or anyone could determine whether Y/N was trustworthy or not, it was Wanda.

“I know that trust is not freely given on earth, and maybe that’s not so strange, but I still promise you that I’m in no way your enemy here.” Y/N did a full circle to look at everyone before she suddenly clutched her hands together and held them out in the air before releasing them, the veins under the skin in her arms and hands as well as her eyes shining purple for a short moment. Everyone looked in confusion at her, wondering what she had just done as they knew extremely little to nothing about her powers.

“M-my ankle?” Peter stuttered, letting go of Sam and putting his weight onto both of his legs, attempting to jump a few times and realizing it worked perfectly. “It’s fine?”

“Nooo way…” Scott gasped across the crater which they were still circling, pulling off Tony’s gauntlet and twisting his arm back and forth.

She was happy to have aided their injuries which, in the end, had been caused by her as well. “Protecting the universe does not only mean that I defend it from threats.”

“You heal people? Just like that?” Rhodes raised a brow. “Because I might have lost a leg some time ago.”

She smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry. I can not regenerate entire limbs.”

“Don’t apologize.” Steve rolled his eyes at the team that was slowly but surely starting to fall out of control and becoming more unprofessional as time went on.

“What else can you do?” Peter dared to ask, feeling healthier than ever thanks to her.

“It’s difficult to explain.” She confessed. “I see of my abilities as a pen. Its purpose is to draw but it can draw an endless amount of things… The purpose of the blue spell you saw before is to attack, but I can attack in hundreds of different ways. The purple spell you saw is for healing, the yellow for alternating reality, and that is truly a field where the possibilities are endless.”

“You can alter reality itself?” Clint questioned, pausing slightly in between each word as he tried to realize the meaning of what that meant.

“How I look now, how I looked before I changed my clothing, is an alteration to my own appearance. I find it much easier to coexist with humans on earth like this… And I can also move objects to wherever I see fit. I think you would describe those two things as telekinetic powers and the ability to teleport.”

“Okay, that’s it.” Clint gave up, throwing his hands up in the air and slowly sauntering away. “I need an aspirin - no - actually I need about five. We’re also in the middle of Siberia if you haven’t noticed and we don’t have a demonic bonfire to keep us warm anymore, so chop chop, my fellow Avengers.”

Everyone stared wide eyed as Clint began to stumble away from the pit through the ruins of the camp, all of them legitimately wondering if he might have hit his head during the turmoil of Y/N’s arrival.

“Y/N? If you’re not busy delivering a bunch of K.O.’s to demons and saving planets from giants lasers, or whatever they need saving from, I would love a quick zap back home instead of sitting on a overly crowded jet for the next fourteen hours!” Clint continued even as he was so far away that he had to shout back to make himself heard.

Y/N opened her mouth as to speak but didn’t know what to say. She looked to the others for some sort of tell in what their thoughts were of the situation. Unfortunately, they were just as clueless as she was.

“I’m going to speak for the rest of the team right now, but I think you’re more than welcome to travel back to New York with us.” Steve spoke up, keeping Wanda’s words from earlier in mind about how the witch from a different realm was no threat at all and how everything Y/N had said was true. He tried not to think to literally what witch truly meant or other realm too for that matter. If he did, he doubtlessly would have to follow Clint’s advice with a handful of aspirins.

Y/N smiled, bowing her head down as a sign of gratitude. “And I’d be happy to quicken that journey, if you’d allow me.”


Who is in Control Series Masterlist

Stark!Reader / Mutant!Reader

Changes will be add with time

Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader
Characters: Stark!Reader, Mutant!Reader, Bucky Barnes,Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, J.A.R.V.I.S., 


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Imagine being the first person that Loki visits after he escaped from his prison.
He’d just stand in front of you suddenly. You two would look at each other for some seconds in complete silence until he pulls you into a deep hug, you smiling and some tears of joy streaming down your face.
“I missed you, my love”
“I missed you too, Loki”

Time Flies (Chapter 4/10)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: February 3rd, 2017 
Pairing: 1940′s Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Angst–Dick head Bucky.

(Chapter 3)

Chapter 4

As the day went on, (Y/N) could not help but look at the other girls. The way they looked and the way they spoke. It was totally different than what she wore and said. She was standing in the lunch line, her fingers gripping the tray as she took a step forward in the slow moving line. Her thoughts were broken when she heard Bucky’s laugh over the loud lunchroom, snapping her head toward the direction of where she heard it. The feeling of her mouth drying and her stomach turn at the sight before her. He was sitting at a table surrounded by what people label as the “popular girls”. Her eyes watched as his nose scrunched and his head falling back in laughter. They scanned down to see the fingers of the girl next to him caressing his forearm. Her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach as her eyes traced back up to meet her eyes. Her name is Skyler. Dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, thin figure, red lips, and she gave off a sex vibe. 

(Y/N) stared into her eyes till Skyler gave her a smirk before turning her head back toward Bucky. She leaned over and whispered something into his ear. He looked over at Skyler before following her pointing finger to (Y/N) who was stiff as a board as she attempted to swallow the lump in her throat but failing. Bucky gave her a soft smile before winking as his tongue traced along his pink lips. (Y/N) felt her thighs tighten under her skirt before jumping at the feeling of a hand on her forearm, “Woah!” Her voice was high, but soon she relaxed when she saw it was her childhood friend Deloris. Her red hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her green eyes sparking with her smile.

“Jumpy much?” She giggled.
“Just, not feeling well.” (Y/N) said softly looking back over at Bucky and Skyler.

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Agent - Part 1



Summary: You’re a SHIELD agent who has a phenomenal background with working undercover. You’ve spent weeks in a group led by a man raised by Hydra when the time comes for you to ask the team for help, as the man you’ve been around for two months, seems to want the Avengers dead.

Warnings: Angst(ish).

Words: 2 898

A/N: Omg. Omg? This is 100%, without a doubt, my favorite thing I’ve ever written???? I don’t even know what sets it apart from everything else that I’ve done but boy it must be something!

Btw, this is becoming a series, end of story. I know I should continue Close Future but truth be told, I’ve lost complete interest in it. I don’t know what else to say tbh :]]]

Originally posted by multiifandom-imagines

She was a SHIELD agent who had been a liaison for the Avengers for almost a year. She was a valuable asset to both initiatives. She had multiple aliases deeply invested in a dozen of different organizations and groups of extremists, mutineers, rebels and radical activists. She had started of as an cop specializing in undercover work, only the groups she infiltrated then were mostly gang related with an occasional drug cartel and weapons dealer crew from time to time.

One of the undercover jobs she had done whilst still a cop was thought to be the regular deal. An international weapons dealer by the name of Gabriel Santo had insiders in law enforcement that helped him smuggle his weapons across the US borders. Y/N’s task was simple. She was going to get close to Santo, get the identities of the corrupt cops and get out, only things hadn’t been what they had seemed to be.

Gabriel Santo was an act. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. His name was known to crime lords, gangs and cartels all around the world and he didn’t even exist. He was simply a diversion from what was far more serious than weapons dealing. Santo covered up for a Russian based organization that did experimental testing on human subjects. The tests were unimaginably cruel, and despite that it had been little over two years since the mission and she had seen her fair share of things since, she still felt a shiver down her spine as she recalled the dozens upon dozens of tortured victims.

Y/N had by pure accident gotten herself into the heart of a Hydra operation that was continuing the project that Baron Von Strucker had begun in Sokovia, the same project that had created Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

After that mission, SHIELD personally sought her out for recruitment, and she accepted doubtlessly. Getting the inside look of what Hydra stood for had been a wakeup call for her. If things like that occurred in the world, she wanted to do anything in her power to stop it. So many cops fought against drug cartels, brought down gangs and ended weapons dealing, but so few worked against groups like Hydra. Y/N simply couldn’t neglect that injustice when she made the call whether to stay in law enforcement or become a SHIELD agent.

After three months of intensive training, not six months as normal agent training was thanks to her background, she was out on the field again. She was still working within her area of expertise, but worked around a whole different crowd. Gangs became rebel groups that possessed the technology to cause global chaos by leaking information on military weapon development and secret, government controlled black ops. Weapons dealers no longer handed out a few glock’s or brought machine guns up across the Mexican border but constructed biochemical weapons of mass destruction.

It was an intense job, but she liked it. She did not get any medals for her efforts. Barely anyone outside of SHIELD knew about the countless of times she had put her life on the line to save tens of thousands of people, sometimes even hundreds and millions. She didn’t need to be acknowledged for her valiant work, however. She knew in her heart that she was doing the right thing and that was all that mattered. She would leave the cape wearing, press conferencing and newspaper appearing to the Avengers.

“Debrief time!” Clint exclaimed cheerfully with an evident tone of sarcasm. He walked into the room with Steve behind him, completing the five man team consisting of Steve, Clint, Natasha and Bucky that had been assigned to aid Y/N in her ongoing mission.

“What do you have for us, Agent?” Steve asked as they all gathered around the table in the middle of the Stark Tower’s ops-center. She pulled up a projective screen from the table that was far more a large screen on legs than a piece of furniture. She was already familiar with the Stark tech that she had used multiple times before and wasn’t far from SHIELD’s to begin with.

“Dimitri Mielkov, born in Ukraine and currently keeps a permanent resident in Serbia.” She informed and pulled up a photo of a man, the picture clearly taken at a distance and without Dimitri’s awareness. “He ties right in with all known Hydra associates we have on the map right now. However, he is not confirmed to be Hydra himself. My opinion is that he’s far too stubborn to follow someone else’s orders. He does what he wants to do for his own benefit. If Hydra makes an offer that is in his favor or if it can somehow benefit the both of them…”

“He’s onboard.” Natasha completed her sentence, beginning to get a pretty good idea of what type of man they were dealing with. “What’s his deal then?”

Y/N smiled tightly, letting out a hopeless sigh. No matter how many times people like Dimitri were defeated, others with the same mindset and irrational belief would still rise to the fight and inevitably loose. It was set in stone. She could only hope that they one day would give up and she would hope that day came around the time for her retire.

“Dimitri is not only stubborn but he’s driven by rage…” She slid her finger across the screen to show the next picture. The team straightened up, becoming almost transfixed as they stared up at four images. The first two were of a normal, middle aged couple. The other set placed underneath was of two individuals that balanced on the line between being individuals and creatures. They were disfigured, their skin grotesquely scared and faces looking like a bizarre cross of Freddy Krueger and something you’d tell kids lived in the woods to keep them out of it.

It was unsettling to look at the images, let alone imagine that the people in them had once been much alive.

“That is Dimitri’s mother and father… They were two of the many victims exposed to the radiation in the Chernobyl disaster. Within a year of the incident they had begun to develop violent tantrums where, quoting five year old Dimitri Mielkov’s statement to a Ukrainian SS agent, would turn into trolls.”

“They were mutated by the nuclear radiation.” Bucky realized, still watching the images of the heavily deformed couple.

“Exactly.” Y/N nodded. “They were kept out of the public eye and dealt with as a Secret Service matter at first, but they were transferred. On paper it says that a special military division were given complete access to them on the 3d of January, 1987… Both Mr. and Mrs. Mielkov were taken out of government regulated quarantine later that day.”

“Where did they go?” Natasha looked over at Y/N just as the agent began to bring out several files that she had prepared to showcase during her debriefing.

“That’s where it gets trickier to keep track of them.”

“Yet not impossible.” Steve raised a brow, hinting a smile as he knew Y/N was one of the best agents that SHIELD had and that she undoubtedly had been able to dig up something useful.

She smiled, trying to hide how much she enjoyed showing that she was good at what she did. “They were taken to Germany, more accurately, to where any normal map would tell you there was absolutely nothing but forest within a hundred mile radius… As if that wasn’t enough, there’s record of a private airplane leaving Ukraine with five passengers, all adult males except one who was a young boy.”

“Dimitri.” Natasha concluded.

“The flight was scheduled from Zhuliany to Nüremberg. That is the last thing there is documented on the Mielkov’s for two years, last thing on Dimitri for nearly thirteen.” Y/N changed the image again to an old news article. “During the destruction of the Berlin Wall, two unidentifiable creatures killed seven political members of an activist group that were pro-demolition in the debate of the Wall. The creatures were both killed by law enforcement after having taken nearly thirty bullets each all over their body, including chest, face and skull… German authorities said that it had simply been two protestors in extremely vivid suits.”

“It was the Mielkov’s. Whoever had taken them from Ukraine to begin with must have been against the demolition?” Steve looked between everyone for more opinions and theories. “Used them as a form weapon to take out the politicians in hopes that it would prevent the down-bringing of the Wall?”

“There’s also another detail…” Y/N sighed, sliding to the last picture which also was part of the news article. It was a photo of the Mielkov’s, bodies peppered with bullet holes, the four tentacled skull burnt into their already mutilated bodies. “And the circle is complete.”

“So it was Hydra all along.” Natasha huffed, wondering how many heads they could grow back considering how many they’d gotten cut off. “Go figure.”

“What does he want now thought?” Clint questioned as he hadn’t been able to make that part clear.

Y/N let out a long sigh, smiling tightly. “For you guys to lay six feet under, hence the personal debriefing.” She admitted the reason for why they were all gathered. “I’ve been around this guy a while now and I’ve never seen someone with such a pure hatred for - well - anything. I think this hate against people with special abilities might have been planted by Hydra when he was still young and impressionable. Since then it has slowly simmered until what it is today. I don’t know where along the road he settled for targeting the Avengers exactly, but I’m not really interested in what the answer is.”

“So we have a kid, whose parents were mutated by the Chernobyl disaster before dying as nothing but weapons, who was raised by Hydra and is now planning to kill a group of the most powerful men and women on this earth.” Clint summoned up, Y/N nodding for confirmation. “Just your ordinary day at the office then.”

“Whilst I think we all know he would never succeed, especially since he has withdrawn from Hydra, he is constantly recruiting new men for the minor army he’s put together and is investing in heavy artillery of all kinds. I was lucky to be able to leave when I did… Last thing I heard, he had gotten his hands on drone with the middle’s blast radius large enough to level an entire city block to the ground.”

“Has he settled for when the attack is going to be?” Steve crossed his arms. Hydra alone was one thing, but having someone personally go after him and his friends was another. It made his blood boil.

“No. He’s disorganized when it comes to planing things. He’s so fueled with rage that he tends to act first and think later.”

“That could be an advantage.” Bucky pointed out.

Y/N nodded again. “Agreed. My cover was never blown so he will not expect us all to come barging through the front door. I’d say that’s the easiest way to handle this.”

“How many men does he have?” Bucky tried to think of every aspect and everything Y/N had told and explained as he made a vague plan of attack silently to himself. Even if it would never be of use, it was great practice.

Y/N tilted her head back and forth, settling for a rough number. “About fifty, but like I said, he’s recruiting new men every day, and I’ve been gone for nearly a week. For all we know he could have double of that by now.”

“Then we can’t wait.” Steve stated, suddenly sounding a lot more authoritarian than usual. “We’re taking the Quinjet. Wheels up in fifteen.”

Steve was out of the room before anyone could protest. Not that they would, but it would have been nice if Steve had stuck around long enough to confirm that.

“I guess we’re going to Germany again.” Bucky pushed himself up as he had leaned his hands on the table before them. “Or was he is Serbia?”

“Actually, he’s residing in Canada. There’s a steel factory that’s been abandoned since the 60’s that he’s using as the heart of this little operation of his.” Y/N explained, wishing Steve wouldn’t have been so quick to leave so that he also would have hear her.

“The closer the better, right?” Clint shrugged his shoulders.

“Not too close.” Natasha furrowed her eyebrows and headed out of the room after Y/N, Bucky following her with Clint being last in line. As they walked down the hallway to get to their rooms and the armory to gather their gear quickly, Natasha walked up to Y/N’s side. “You good?”

Y/N pulled her head black in slight surprise. “Yeah, of course. Why do you ask?”

“These things can become personal sometimes, and I don’t mean the fact that this guy is specifically after our heads… I mean it can get pretty personal when you’re undercover and you’re no longer Y/N Y/L/N but you’re someone else, living another life for a change.”

“You think I’m emotionally invested in a guy who’s looking to kill my coworkers, my friends?” Y/N questioned, following Natasha in to the armory where they ended up being alone for a moment.

Natasha put her hands up defensively for a second. “It was a real sob story you told us back there. All I’m saying is that it wouldn’t be strange if you felt some remorse for the guy who lost his parents in such a brutal way and had his entire childhood taken from him by Hydra.”

“That’s not the case.” She was quick to defend. “I was some random girl named Lydia Korolyov when I was with him. The made up backstory she had, her opinions and everything else that belonged to her is gone now. That includes pretending to be on Dimitri’s side.”

The armory was quiet, Natasha staring blankly at Y/N who was breathing heavily, cheeks burning red. Natasha had far too much experience for the signs to go unnoticed by her, even if she desperately tried to ignore them. She could feel her heart sunk upon realization, letting out a shallow breath.

“You slept with him?” It was equally as much a question as it was a statement. The abrupt closing of Y/N parted lips and the regret behind her eyes was enough for Natasha to confirm it. “No… No, Y/N you didn’t.”

Y/N’s bottom lip trembled. “It was an act. Nothing of it was real.” She tried to convince Natasha as if anyone would have ever believed her in that moment. She felt tears welling in her eyes put forced them down. She would not cry. She simply wouldn’t.

“You shouldn’t go on this mission. I’ll vouch for you, tell SHIELD I specifically requested for you to stay behind due to doubting if you were skilled enough to tag along… You might be questioned whether you’re suitable for your position or not and in the worst case they’ll send you back to bootcamp for a while, but at least-”

Enough.” Y/N clenched her jaw, her voice strained. If there was one thing she would not do it was run from her problems. “I’m doing this… I had a mission, I broke the few rules I have to follow, and I’ll deal with the consequences of that.”

“Hey, could I have the coordinates for-”

“They’re in the system.” Y/N cut off Clint who had appeared by the door, peaking his head inside. He looked between Y/N and Natasha questionably, sensing that something was off at the same time as he felt the time wasn’t right to ask either of them about it.

Natasha had grabbed her already packed suitcase of pistols of a few different variations, a sniper rifle just in case and more ammunition that she would ever need on a single mission.

“Just for the record.” Y/N spoke up as Natasha was starting to head out in the same direction Clint had went. She stopped, turning back to the tormented SHIELD agent. “I didn’t know what he was planning, when we were… Together.”

Natasha smiled subtly, her heart aching for the girl who had been thrown into a world so much more complex than she had possibly been able to imagind. “I know you didn’t.”

Future Steve X Reader or Bucky X Reader?

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Making Tony Stark Eat: A guide by Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes

Steve: Come on, please. eating is so important. do it for me. look, I’ll even make you a sandwich and bring it down to your workshop, and you have to promise you’ll eat it.

Tony: Fine, okay, whatever Steve.

Bucky: *throwing metal arm @ Tony* EAT SOME GOD DAMN FOOD YOU FREAK




Bucky: *launching breadsticks across room like projectiles* I. CARE. ABOUT. YOUR. FUCKING. WELLBEING. EAT OR I WILL SHOOT YOU

Tony: *screaming*

Bucky: *also screaming*

“Intervention” - Part 2

“Intervention” - Requested Oneshot 

My Masterlist - Here

Part 1 - Here

Father!Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 1,150

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Self Harm, Anxiety, Self Hatred, Intense Drinking, Mental Issues, Blood. If I missed any, please let me know.


Author’s Note: This is one of my most heaviest stories. I really hope you all get something from this. I hope this helps anyone who needs it in one way or another.

Also, I apologize to everyone who has requested prompts to me. Things have been more difficult than I thought recently and caused me to have a delay in all of my writing.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

I hope you all are okay. If you ever need a friendly conversation or need someone, please talk to me. If you can’t confide in me, please reach out to someone. There are people to help you through any situation. You are not alone. You are loved.


- DreaSaurusREX

You’re in the familiar lab with Tony and Bruce. Bruce was still in his pajamas but ready to help. Your dad put you down on the medical bed they kept around for times like these. Your breathing has gotten closer to normal. You still felt sort of numb after all of the injuries you caused to yourself tonight, but now you were also very tired. It was difficult for you to sit up straight.

You tried your hardest to avoid your father’s face. You knew you hurt him. His little girl was a messed up basket case that sliced herself up and stole liquor in order to slow her self deprecating thoughts when they took over at night. So you just closed your eyes and tried to ignore everything, which didn’t help your sleepiness.

Bruce quickly assessed the cuts and started working on the two big ones that were under the washcloth. You tried your best to ignore the pain of the process of stitches. This was made a bit easier when you had conversation to focus on as Bruce was finishing up the last of the stitches.

Tony sat in a chair next to you and grabbed your hand as he spoke.

“Honey, you know this isn’t something I can just brush off and ignore. What I walked in on was not okay. You’re not okay. And I’m scared about you.” 

You knew what people thought about self harm and drinking, but you saw it as a way to bring yourself back to reality and punish yourself for all the stuff you do wrong.

“I’m fine. I don’t have a problem or anything. I do it cause it makes sense to me. Don’t worry. I got it. You got better things to worry about.” You were still a bit tipsy, but not as swimmy as you were before your dad found you in your bathroom. But you still talked as if you weren’t really all there mentally. 

Tony sighed and just sat there confused, running a hand up his face and through his hair. Bruce finished off the stitches and cleaned the rest of the smaller cuts. He had you lay back a bit for comfort.

“Don’t fall asleep just yet. You can do that when you get back to your comfortable bed instead of this lumpy cot.” He then looked over at Tony. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”

The two men walked into the hallway, out of earshot of you. Bruce took a sort of deep breath before speaking.

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Waiting for Superman

Steve left for a mission is been 21 days, 18 hours and 37 minutes, and since then you don’t hear about him.

Pairing: Steve Rogers X Reader
Characters: Reader/You, Steve Rogers, OMC.
Word counting: 1k+
Warnings: Angst with a happy ending; Female reader; Unbetad

“Miss Y/N.” A voice called you away from your thoughts once again. “Miss Y/N?”

You lifted your eyes, ashamed, to see one of your students staring at your face.

“Yes, Carl?” You answered promptly.

“The movie is over is been five minutes.”  A blush crept on his pale cheeks.

Carl was one of your best students. Actually, he was our best student. He was a straight A 13 boy, with a very kind heart.

“Oh.” You stood up from your chair, looking at your students. “So… Can someone start talking about what we just watched?”

You could barely remember what the movie was about. You mind was locked in Steve, your boyfriend. Captain freaking America.

21 days 18 hours and 37 minutes ago, Steve had left the apartment you shared to a mission in another country – one he hadn’t told you the name – and, since that day, you haven’t had any news about him. He was expected to come back after 10 days but three weeks had already passed and no news had come yet.

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A new family; Avengers x child reader

Well here is my first Avengers x reader oneshot for my tumblr account. This came as a request from my wattpad account. Now I want to inform you guys that there is mentions and some descriptions of CHILD ABUSE!! If that makes you uncomfortable or you don’t like reading stuff like that then just DON’T READ IT!! Now when I was asked for this request I was told to do a specific name so if you don’t like the name then just change it to your own.


I don’t know how long I’ve been in here for, they never let me see the sunshine, hear the birds singing, not even let me feel the gentle breeze. I’m always locked up in this small cell with a stinky mattress and one blanket. The cell is always cold and too small. The door to my cell soon opened and there stood my papa.

“Hello daughter. We wish to continue with the testing”. Soon men in black suits with red octopus symbols on their shoulders gripped my tightly and soon they dragged me into the testing area.

I am always placed in a room with only one long and big mirror, a machine stands beside me and I’m forced to wear this large helmet full of wires and plugs that are attached to the machine.  My papa sits in front of me and he tries to make me use my mind to either crush a can, hurt someone or try and control people’s minds.

But when I fail like I did just now with trying to crush a soda can, that’s when papa would get up, stand at the corner and allow the men in black to beat me until I fall asleep. Why does papa do that to me? Why doesn’t he help me? Am I really a bad girl to deserve all this pain? What did I do to deserve it?

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