Imagine Cuddling with Bucky After Getting Hurt

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A/N: I know this request like JUST came in but I wanted to try doing something for Bucky and I know y'all want Bucky content anyway so we’re fine

Request: Head canon for Bucky cuddling his injured girlfriend? Maybe fluffy? Thanks and congrats on 1k :)

Warnings: fluff


  • Bucky would hate seeing you get hurt whether it’s an injury on missions or just something like a simple pain
  • So when he sees how hurt you are after this mission you can bet he is more concerned than he has ever been in his entire life
  • “Y/N are you okay?”
  • “What the hell happened?”
  • “Who did this to you?”
  • “What do you need?”
  • You’d just laugh in response and tell him you’re fine
  • He wouldn’t buy that for a second and immediately scoop you up in his arms and take you to your bed
  • Bucky would tend to all of your wounds
  • Bandaging you up
  • Cleaning cuts
  • Getting ice or medicine or whatever else you need to make you better
  • He would be all over you and you’d find him so adorable for it cause you admire the way he never tries to worry about himself as his concern is always on others
  • After your injury is set for healing or he had done everyone he could do he would lay with you in bed
  • Bucky would make sure you’re comfortable and have enough blankets or pillows but the warmth from his body is enough to keep you happy for the night
  • His hand would aimlessly feel around where you had been hurt
  • But he’d make sure to be so gentle as he didn’t want to cause any further pain
  • Bucky would lightly pepper kisses along your neck and ask if that was making you feel any better
  • Like seriously there would be nothing better than your handsome boyfriend kissing you carefully as an attempt to heal you
  • His strong arms would wrap around you as he’d pull you close
  • Your head would rest on his chest and you could listen to his heart beat quietly as you drifted off to sleep

Tony: It says here in your file that you’re a shapeshifter. Is that true?

(Y/N): Yep. I can shift into any person or animal.

Tony: Prove it. Change into me.

(Y/N): You got it dude. *shifts* See?

Tony: Wow, you even sound like me!

(Y/N): Yea, it’s super cool!

Tony: You know, I know a great way you can use your abilities…


Steve: Hey, Bucky, I’ve been looking all over for you.

Bucky: Oh, hey Steve. What do you need?

Steve: I think you should get a haircut.

Bucky: What? Why? I like my hair like this.

Steve: I think it looked better short. Now that it’s long it looks dirty and tangled.

Bucky: Really? I didn’t think so but if you say so, I believe you. Thanks, buddy.

Steve: No problem, Buck. I’ve gotta run but I’ll see you around. *leaves*

Bucky: Bye.

Steve walking in: Oh, there you are Bucky, I’ve been looking all over for you.

Bucky: What do you mean? You just talked to me.

Steve: No I didn’t. I finished my workout just now and wanted to see if you’ve met the new teammate.

Bucky: What is going on… I must be going crazyNo, I haven’t met the new teammate. Why?

Steve: Oh nothing, I just heard they can shapeshift! How cool is that? I was going to go meet them if you want to join me.

Bucky: They can shapeshift? Steve, have they met Tony yet?

Steve: Yea, actually, Tony’s been giving them the run down of the compound and rules and stuff. Why?

Bucky: I’ll bet you that son of a-

Steve: Language.

Bucky: Whatever. I’ll bet he convinced the new member to change into you and to trick me into thinking I was talking to you.

Steve: Really? Are you sure it was me talking to you?

Bucky: I’m sure, Steve. I’m going to kill Stark.

Steve: Let’s not be rash.

Bucky: He got the new teammate to transform into you and tell me to cut my hair!

Steve: I’m going to kill Stark.

Don’t You Love Me? 17 - Withdrawals [Steve Rogers x Reader]

A.N.: Thank you so much for your amazing feedback, please keep it coming! <3 And as requested, a chapter full of Bucky! :D 

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader, Tony Stark x Pepper Potts, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton

Warnings: Drinking, mentions of addiction, self destructive behavior, cussing, explicit language, mentions of sex. Read with care please.

Summary: Withdrawals are difficult.

Word Count: 3168


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As it turned out, not all Avengers were required in this mission. While you had no idea why Steve of all of them had to leave for a mission in the middle of the night, -with Natasha and Clint,- you had a suspicion in your mind that Fury expected an attack or a trap so he held Tony, Bruce  and Bucky behind.

Just in case.

Naturally, you found yourself following their every step with your gaze focused on multiple screens while listened to their conversations through your earpiece, along with Tony, Bruce, Bucky and Fury.

“Did you just-“

“Romanoff, get Barton-“

“I’m fine boss!”

“You’re shot, Clint-“ Natasha retorted while you bit on your nails.

“Only a little.” Clint said and you rolled your eyes,

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know getting shot had its levels.”

“Yeah, it grazed so-“

“Steve!” Bucky snapped while Steve kept running towards the-

Yeah, opposite of the only exit in the hall.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“One of the hostages said people were guarding the engine room.” Steve’s voice reached your earpiece and you clicked on the screen to see he was right, but there were way too many people.

“Yeah and you can check it when other SHIELD agents-“

“No time, Y/N.”

“Steve, there are like 20 mercenaries there, armed!”

“I’m going to kill him,” Bucky shook his head, “Hey, you hear that punk?”

“Not if I kill him first,” You muttered, “Steve get away from the-“

You were cut off when you heard the gunshots and stared at the monitor while Steve barged inside. You were sure that you had stopped breathing for a full minute until SHIELD agents got to the agent room out of nowhere, helping Steve fight the armed mercenaries and you could only watch the monitor, your hands over your mouth, and heard Steve’s voice when some of them ran out of the room.

“See? Easy.”

The anger spread through you like wildfire, “Are you fucking ins-“

“Y/N!”  Fury’s voice snapped you out of it, and you turned to him, still breathing hard.

“Stark will cover for you. Go outside, take a breather.”

“Oooh you’re in trouble Cap,” Clint’s voice carried out to your earpiece and you ripped it out of your ear, tossed it on the table and stormed out of the lab. You pushed the elevator button with an unnecessary force and got inside, then went up to the roof. Your hands were shaking so bad that you could barely light your cigarette and-

Right. It had been a while since you had last got any alcohol.

“Shit-“ you muttered, exhaling the smoke and slipped down to sit on the floor, pulling your legs up to your chest. You could feel the nausea hitting you but you figured since you went far enough to feel the symptoms without any alcohol, you could maybe-

See what this whole thing was about. How long you could last without it.

Since Steve and everyone around you was all so eager about that.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard the door open and soon Bucky walked into your view, making you try to pull yourself together, sniffling.


“Hi,” he said and came to crouch down to your level, “You okay?”

You shrugged slightly, huffing out the smoke, “How’s everything down there?”

“Fury uh- he thinks maybe you should stand back for a while,”

You scoffed, “Yeah, that wasn’t very professional so I-“ You paused, “Wait, for a while? I thought this was a short mission. Maria said-“

“One of the mercenaries got away with an agent.” Bucky said, “They’ll… save him, then come back. Might take a day or two.”

“Terrific.” You muttered bitterly and stubbed your cigarette to light another, but your hands were still shaky, “For fuck’s sake-“

Bucky pulled out his own lighter to light your cigarette and you raised your brows.

“You don’t smoke.” You stated and he shrugged,

“It’s a habit from forties.”

“You smoked in the forties?”

“No but I always carried a lighter in case someone needed it.”

“Mmm, to light dames’ cigarettes,” You grinned and he made a face,

“You can’t pull off the 40s talk at all.”

“I know, Steve laughs at me every time I try.” You exhaled the smoke and a dark chuckle left your lips “Speaking of…”

“Yeah, he knows he’s in trouble, no worries.” Bucky said, “Welcome to the club. We’re thinking of getting hats.”

“Will the print say Steve, stop doing stupid shit?”

“I feel like Stop with the self-sacrifice, you punk has a better ring to it,”

You nodded slowly, “We should get pins too.”

“Yeah, to hand them out to everyone who crosses paths with Steve.”

You scoffed and shook your head, “Is it just me, or does the fucker not give a fuck about his own life?”

“Generally no, he doesn’t,” Bucky admitted, “This time it’s different though. He just wants to get it over with.”

You pulled your brows together, “Why?”

Bucky clicked his tongue “You promise you won’t tell Fury I told you?”

“I’m planning to stay away from Fury’s sight for a while.”

Bucky heaved a sigh, “He volunteered to go on this mission right away because he and Fury- sort of had an agreement.”


“The sooner they handle and finish these missions, the faster we can go after Trent.”

Your head shot up, “Say what now?”

“That’s why he’s being extra careless I guess. He just wants to get to the Trent mission.”

You ran a hand over your face, “And not one of you thought of telling me anything about it?”

Bucky shrugged, “You signed that procedure bullshit, remember?”

“Right, because that’s-“

“That’s an Avengers mission.”

“That’s my psycho ex we’re talking about!” You insisted, “I’m the one person who can help you all, let alone with all the tech and you- what, you all just decided to leave me out?!”

Bucky only looked at you with his brows raised, the same patient look you had seen on Steve, as if he was waiting for you to blow off your steam before you started thinking sensible again. You shook your head, gritting your teeth.

“And I don’t get a say in this?” You asked, making Bucky smile slightly.

“It’s HYDRA’s heir we’re talking about. You want him gone as much as we do.”

You could feel the tears filling your eyes and you swallowed thickly, “And none of you thought of questioning it, hm?” You asked, “No. Of course not. No one ever asked me.”

“Asked you what?”

Why am I so scared of him?” You said through your teeth and looked Bucky dead in the eye, “Not one person in this team thinks it’s actually well-grounded, huh? Why do you think I haven’t gone after him, all this time?”

Bucky’s gaze was soft and he took a deep breath,

“Because you were alone,” he said slowly, “You’re not now.”

You stared at him for a couple of seconds, the lump in your throat tightening before you stood up,

“Let me know if something happens,” You said as you walked to the door, “I’ll be at my place.”


Yeah alright.

This was the reason why you didn’t do sober.

You could feel the sweat breaking out of your skin even if you had just taken a shower and you got into your clothes, wiped the foggy mirror to look at yourself.

To say that you looked terrible would be an understatement. Your eyes were bloodshot and dark shadows were very visible under them. Even your cheeks looked sunken- because of your lack of food, as well as throwing up- and you scoffed at your reflection before you walked out of the bathroom. The liquor in your fridge was basically singing your name but you tried to ignore the urge and walked to your laptop to sit across it. You clicked on the screen, sipping on the glass of water and soon you could see everything in Avengers Towers’ cameras could see.

Hacking the Tower had been almost too easy.

You made a mental note to tell Tony about it, along with some solutions to make it stronger but you were soon distracted by the audio. You turned it up and leaned in towards the laptop to hear it better.

“And he’s secure?” Fury asked, then nodded “Okay Captain. We’ll see you in couple of hours then.”

He took out his earpiece and turned to look at Tony, who was watching him with his arms crossed.

“What?” he asked and he shrugged,

“Nothing. I just feel like we could use some help with the whole…” he motioned at the screen, and Fury heaved a sigh.


“I’m just saying. Isn’t it very good that we both know someone who could hack those doors in a minute and save them time?”

Your heart skipped a beat.

“And instead of that, Barton and Rogers actually had to break it down.”

“She needs some time off.”

Tony rolled his eyes, “It’s the first time in years that she actually cares about someone,” he stated, “Besides, she had a point.”

“She’s gotta learn to keep that anger under control.”

Tony shook his head, “You’ve never seen someone going through withdrawals, have you?”

You pulled back, gawking at the screen.

Of course Tony had noticed. Of course.

He was way too smart to miss anything like that.

“Because as someone who’s had to deal with withdrawals at first hand, it’s not a calm experience.”

“He’s very clever, isn’t he?” the familiar voice reached your ears and your body reacted almost automatically. You jumped on your feet and turned around, panic filling your system as you stared at the man, leaning back to the kitchen counter.

Yeah. Speaking of withdrawals.

You’d been through this before. The order never really changed; sweating, nausea, lack of sleep, lack of appetite, and hallucinations.


“You’re not here.” You managed to say and he smiled at you, tilting his head to the right, his light blue eyes gleaming. “You’re not real.”

“I’m real enough for you, sunshine.”

You wiped the sweat off your forehead, then let out a deep breath, the fear crawling up on you.

“You know, one would think you’d be dreaming of your boyfriend, away on a mission,” he stated and wiggled his brows, “But I guess we never really lost that…spark, did we?”


“Why’d you only call me when you’re high?” his mocking voice sang and you closed your eyes, hoping that he would disappear when you opened them.

He didn’t.

“Yeah, I’m losing my mind…” You muttered to yourself, and Trent heaved a sigh.

“Or you missed me.”

“Or you missed the part when I told you I’d kill you.” You snapped “I’m- I’m talking to a hallucination. Okay.  Fuck my life.”

Trent licked his lips, “I missed you, you know. I missed us. Having fun.”

“Tying me to a chair and filling me with drugs isn’t my idea of fun.” You spat, trying to convince yourself he wasn’t actually there, and he scoffed.

“Pretend you hated it all you want, Y/N. By the end of it you were begging me to give you more.”

You could feel the goose bumps rising on your arms,

“And this Cap thing…” he waved a hand, “You do realize it won’t work out, right?”

Even your lips felt frozen, “Fuck off, Casper.”

“In the end, we’ll be together.” Trent cooed, “And there will be no one who can stand between us, sunshine.”

You grabbed the water glass on the table and threw it to him, only for the glass to smash against the cupboard and the shatters fell to the floor.

“Fuck-“ You tried to blink back the tears and went to the fridge, careful with the glass.

Nausea you could do.

Trent’s hallucination? Not really.

You uncapped the whiskey to take a huge gulp and had to lean back as the alcohol hit your system, making you close your eyes, still breathing hard. The doorbell rang, snapping you out of it and you took another sip, walking to the door.

“Please be a hallucination of Hugh Jackman, be a hallucination of Hugh Jackman…” you muttered and opened the door, then paused, “Barnes?”

“Hey, you look like crap,” he said and walked past you to walk into your apartment,

“The fuck?” You muttered to yourself before you closed the door and followed him, “Okay, what’s happening?”

“I talked to Steve.”

“Congratulations, what’s his preference on coffins?”

“And he’s worried about you. You haven’t been answering his texts.”

“He didn’t-“ you stopped talking when you saw the screen of your phone, and shut your eyes for a second, “I didn’t see them.”

“And this is…?” he motioned at the screen and you shrugged,

“I hacked the Tower.”

“You- what?”

“Fury told me to stay away, not that I couldn’t keep an eye.”

Bucky shook his head and held up the paper bag, “I got Chinese,” he said and started taking out the food, “What happened there?”

“Um… dropped a glass. Why are you here?”

Bucky sat down on the couch and dug into his food, “Eat it and I’ll take you back to Tower.”

“Fury probably doesn’t wanna see me.”

Bucky nodded at the screen, “Fury left,” he pointed out, “And no offense, but your house isn’t exactly safe.”

“I have five locks.”

“I could unlock them in five seconds.”

You rolled your eyes and sat next to him, still holding the whiskey bottle tight, “No offense but your Winter Soldier menace is sabotaged when you’re holding a box of noodles.”

“You can’t win ‘em all.” Bucky stated and you sniffled, still trying to pull yourself together. Seeing Trent was bad enough, and hearing his voice-

You tried to ignore the image flashing before your eyes and took another huge sip off the whiskey, biting inside your cheek, eyes fixed on the spot he was minutes ago.


“Hm?” You asked without pulling your gaze off the counter and Bucky shifted beside you.

“Stark said-“

“Not anymore.” You held up the bottle, “Failed. Shocker.” You scoffed, “That’s why I didn’t tell anyone.”

“You still tried-“

“That’s not enough, Barnes.”

“Maybe the next time will work.”

“I can’t-“ You gulped, and shook your head, “I just- I wish…”

“What?” Bucky’s voice was gentle and you shrugged, ripping the label off the whiskey.

“I wish Steve was here.”

Bucky fell into silence beside you, then tried to offer you a small smile.

“I’m the next best thing, for the time being,” his voice was too gentle, as if he was trying to console you and it only broke your heart more, “And he’ll be here in couple of hours, he’s already in the jet.”

You nodded slowly, and took a huge swig.

“Why are you doing this?” you asked him and he looked confused for a second.


“This whole thing,” you motioned at him, “I’m- I’m a mess, Bucky. You should be encouraging Steve to stay away from me.”


“You know it’s true,” you insisted, “You know I’ll fuck it up- I’ll somehow- it might not work out. It probably won’t work out, and Steve is- I’m-“ you let out a bitter laugh, “Why are you doing this?”

Bucky thought for a second, his eyes focused on you and put the box down, heaving a deep sigh.

“Back in forties,” he said slowly, “Steve told you we went to the same school?”

You nodded silently.

“Yeah, one time we were walking back home together –which was honestly the only way to make sure Steve didn’t get into trouble- we saw this… well no, Steve saw this wounded bird. I think one of the children had hit it with a slingshot and broke its wing. It was on the side of the road, flipping its healthy wing, but couldn’t fly due to all the mud and everything. And- you know, it was the forties so not many people paid attention to things on the road, much less wounded ones.”

You hugged yourself, focused on him.

“I told Steve it wouldn’t live,” Bucky said, “No way, it was way too wounded, too muddy, too everything. I told him he was being nonsense but he still wouldn’t leave it on the road, instead, he took it home,” he chuckled, “And he tried really hard, Y/N. And in a month, he let me know, in a very, very arrogant voice that it was ready to fly away. I could barely recognize the damn bird when I saw it, before we released it,” Bucky’s eyes turned to you, “You remind me of that sometimes. Some guy, a really fucked up guy broke you. Doesn’t mean you’ll stay that way forever.”

You blinked back the tears, and sniffled before you wiped your nose with the back of your hand and as if on cue, your phone started ringing.

“Sorry-“ You tried to pull yourself together before you grabbed the phone and walked to the bathroom, then sat down on the cold tiles.

“I know you’re angry,” Steve’s voice reached your ears when you answered,  “But um- you haven’t been answering so I gotta know if it’s because you’re mad or you’re unwell.”

His voice automatically made you smile and you nodded slowly.

“I’m fine,” you rasped out “But you’re in so much trouble.”

“Yep, I know.”

“Do you?”

“Yeah. I uh… I asked Clint what to do, and he told me to say, I was wrong, you were right, and in the future I will listen to what you say.”

“Laura buys that?”

“My reaction exactly. Then Nat called us idiots.”


“Your voice doesn’t sound good.”

You cleared your throat, “It’s been hard, these last couple of days.”

“I know, I heard. Sorry about the whole Fury thing.”

“You’re gonna be sorry about a lot of things, just wait until you get here.” You mumbled, but then heard a voice from the other line.

“He has been moping for two days straight, Y/N!” Clint called out, “I’ve been shot but your man looks worse than me.”

“I don’t mope,” Steve added hastily, “But I am full of regret-“

“Yeah, not getting off that easy buddy,”

“Will you be in the Tower?”

You wiped at your nose again, “Yeah, I’m just…”

“What, darling?”

“Tired,” you mumbled and looked down at the bottle, “I’m just so tired, Steve.”

Steve heaved a sigh “Hey, I’ll be there in a couple of hours, okay? Then we can rest and watch those movies that make absolutely no sense.”

A small laughter escaped from your lips.

“I’m still angry,” You pointed out and Steve took a deep breath.

“I’ll think of something to make it up to you.”

You felt a small smile warming your lips. “I mean you could try”

“And succeed.”

You scoffed, “Good luck with that buddy.”  You mumbled, “I should… I should probably go. Bucky is here.”

“Yeah I know. Be careful, okay?”

A bitter smile pulled at your lips, “I’ll see you in a couple of hours, Capcake.”

With that, you hung up, took a sip off whiskey and stood up to walk out of the bathroom.

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Where’d You Sleep Last Night 3 (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Part 1

Part 2

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: Angst with a Happy Ending

Summary: You fell in love with your roommate Bucky Barnes, but your relationship-as roommates and friends- is complicated by a series of misunderstandings about your feelings for each other.

It had been months, but you had finally buried your feelings for Bucky. Your roommate relationship was tenser for a while, but things were finally settling back to normal. Not like before, but normal enough.

               You put your headphones on every night and disappeared into your room so you didn’t have to see or hear Bucky’s nightly activities, but you were over it. Things were better than before because you didn’t have any pesky feelings in the way. Or so you thought, but the changes didn’t escape Bucky’s attention.

               “Y/N why are you avoiding me?” he asked you, one morning. He intercepted you on the way out the door.

               “I’m not avoiding you Bucky. And I really need to get out.” You said.

               He shook his head.

               “You are avoiding me. We used to spend time together. We used to hang out at night, watch movies and shows or listen to music or argue about books. We used to go out and try different restaurants and eat dinner together. Now you’re always holed up in your room. You’re avoiding me.” He said.

               “I changed my schedule a bit. Besides, you’re busy at night so why does it matter.” You said.

               “It matters because I miss you. I’m not busy at night and I’m never too busy for you. You’re my friend and I’m sorry about what happened but that doesn’t mean I want to lose your friendship.” He said.

               “Ok,” you said.

               “Ok? Friends?” he asked.

               “Friends,” You said, hugging him, “I’ve missed being friends with you.” You said.

               Bucky smiled and savored the feeling of having you in his arms, even if it was only in a friendly manner. He wished for more, but he pushed that urge down, afraid to lose you again.

               You hugged him and you suppressed the urge to want more. Friendship. He asked for friendship. He regretted kissing you and he only wanted friendship, so you would give him friendship.

               True to your word, you’d started spending your evenings with Bucky again: TV, movies, music, talking. And it was great. Your feelings for more than friendship were gone, but you also knew you needed to get out there more. At least that’s what your friend Natasha kept telling you. And she’d finally worn you down, which is why you were getting dressed to go out.

               You heard the lock click and realized that you had forgotten to tell Bucky. You did one last check in the mirror. The dress was one Natasha had recommended. It was sexy, hugging all your curves and showing enough skin to be tantalizing. You’d tried some bold makeup and a pop of sexy red lipstick.

               “Y/N! So, I got pizza and-“ Bucky stopped, his jaw dropped when he saw you.

               “Hoooly hot damn,” he muttered, his eyes wide.

               He set down the pizza in a trance, not taking his eyes off you.

               “Wow. You look gorgeous Y/N. Going out somewhere? Can I come with you?” he asked.

               You were flattered by his attention and smiling at the look on his face.

               “Yes I am going somewhere and no you cannot come with me.” You said, poking him on your way out the door.

               Bucky’s expression changed.

               “Wait. Where do you think you’re going dressed like that?” he asked.

               You were taken aback by him.

               “I’m just going out with Natasha and I’m running late.” You said, hurrying out the door.

               Bucky was miserable. He thought he’d been miserable before when you’d pushed him away. (Miserable enough that he made a mistake that he’d never make again.) He’d been even more miserable when he thought he ruined your friendship by wanting something more. You avoided him and he fixed things, then he learned what was really miserable.

               When he saw you in that dress, his hormones spiked, and he’d been aroused and excited in ways that he hadn’t been in a long, long time. Even when other girls had tried to seduce him they hadn’t made him feel like this. You hadn’t even tried. You didn’t have to try. Seeing you in that dress made him want to slide it off of you and make love to you all night long.

               Then he realized that other men would see you and want sex with you. And he realized that that’s what you wanted. And that’s when he thought he was miserable. But then you didn’t come home that night. He stayed up, waiting for you, but you never came. He woke up on the couch and he wondered where you woke up, whose bed you woke up in, whose bed you slept in. And that’s when he was really miserable.

               When you walked back into your apartment that morning Bucky was sitting on the couch waiting for you.

               “Where were you last night?” he asked you.

               “I told you. I went out with some friends.” You said.

               “And that shouldn’t take all night. Y/N you know that’s not what I’m asking. Where did you sleep last night?” he asked, his jaw clenched.

               “I spent the night with a…friend. That’s all you need to know.” You said.

               “Y/N Don’t do that! You can’t do that!” he yelled.

               “Excuse me? As much as you’ve sleep around, as many girls as you’ve brought here, I know that you aren’t telling me what I can and cannot do. I do not need your permission.”

               Bucky felt like he’d been smacked in the face.

               “I’m not like that anymore. What girls?” Bucky asked.

               “The night after…y’know the incident. That night you came home with a girl and you were trying to suck her face off and then you dragged her into your room.” You said.

               Bucky sighed and dropped his head into his hands.

               “That was…a mistake. I was drunk and I was feeling horrible and I thought it would make me feel better, but it didn’t. It was a mistake and it hasn’t happened since.” He explained.

               “Oh. Well then it looks like I spent weeks hiding out in my room every night for nothing.” You said.

               “That’s why you were staying in your room?” you asked.

               You nodded.

               “I’m sorry for making assumptions about you.” You said.

               Bucky looked like he wanted to say something, but then his eyes dropped.

               “I’m sorry for how I came off. I didn’t mean to imply that I have the right to tell you what to do. Gosh, I was coming off like a jealous boyfriend and I’m not. Your boyfriend. Or jealous. I’m not your boyfriend and I’m not jealous. I wasn’t jealous. I was just…worried. Just worried. About your safety. You know, being at a stranger’s house at night when you’ve first met them can be dangerous. I was just worried. Nothing more.”

               “Thank you,” You said, cutting off Bucky’s rambling, “I appreciate your concern.” You said.

               You and Bucky exchanged terse nods and then continued on your way, pretending everything was ok, but deep down you both knew it wasn’t.

               It became obvious that everything was not ok two weeks later. There was a guy you’d met. You’d been talking to him and he was vaguely handsome and it had been so long since you’d been close to someone. After a few drinks you invited him home. That was a mistake.

               You entered the apartment, his lips were locked with yours, his tongue trying to explore your mouth, his hands desperately groping your body. He was moaning as you stumbled into the dark living room. He moved his lips from yours and extended the trail of saliva down to your neck. As his hands started to fumble with your clothes he tripped and sent you both sprawling onto the couch. He was still moaning loudly, panting now, as he tried to climb on top of you.


               Light flooded the room. You winced and instinctively tried to push the guy away. He tried to get away from the light by burying his face in your cleavage. His lowered head gave you a full view of Bucky, standing by the light switch. His jaw was clenched and his fists were balled. He cleared his throat.

               The guy looked up.

               “Um. Hey. We were kind of busy here. Who are you?” he asked.

               “Were you really?” Bucky asked.

               “yeah.” The guy responded.

               “See I wasn’t sure, because I heard a whole lot from you, but nothing from her. If you’re doing it properly, the girl you’re with should be a moaning, breathy, mess. If she’s not moaning then she should at least be chanting your name over and over again, but you probably wouldn’t know anything about that because I’m sure that you’ve never been able to please a woman. Does it suck being such a disappointment. Because I’m disappointed. You’re gonna try to fuck my girlfriend and you can’t even do it right. I’m James. I’m her boyfriend.” Bucky said.

               “What the hell?!” you replied.

               “Well obviously she wanted me. If you’re so good then why’d she go loo-“

               “Really baby? You’re gonna do this to me? Well I love you so much that I forgive you. I guess you’re really drunk. But you can’t keep doing this. What about the baby Y/N?” Bucky asked you.

               The guy jumped away from you.

               “Baby? You’re pregnant?!” he exclaimed.

               “No! I’m not. There’s no-“

               “Woww! So she didn’t tell you about the baby or the boyfriend?” Bucky said.

               “I’m out.” The guy said, as he turned and left.

               “What the hell Bucky?!” you yelled at him.

               He just stood there, eyes down on the ground.

               “What the hell did you do that for?” you asked him.

               “Why did you bring him here?” Bucky asked.

               “Because I have needs ok? I have desires that I want fulfilled and I haven’t felt close to someone in a long time and you seem to think I’m unsafe in someone else’s place. Now answer my question. What did you do that for?”

               “Why do you think?” he asked softly.

               “I don’t know! I don’t even know! But what I do know is that you had no right to do that. None at all. How dare you pretend to be my boyfriend after you made it painstakingly clear that you only want to be friends? That I’m not good enough to be anything more than your friend. You barely even gave me a chance. One little kiss-“

               “I barely gave you a chance?! You froze me out. You pushed me away. Like you couldn’t stand to be near me and then you wouldn’t even spend time with me. You’d barely talk to me. I thought that I lost one of my best friends just because I made the mistake of falling in love with her. Because I pushed for something more than friendship I could have none of your friendship at all.” Bucky said.

               “Don’t blame this one me! You kissed me and then had sex with another girl just a few hours later! Sam said you were a player and you proved it. That’s why I pushed you away. I didn’t want to be another girl you just used and tossed aside and when you couldn’t use me you just moved on to someone else,” You said, tears flooding your eyes as the dam holding the emotions you’d pent up burst open.

               “I never even slept with her!” Bucky yelled.

               “I thought that you would know me better, and not just take somebody else’s word for it. I used to do that, but I haven’t been that man in a long time. I was looking for love and then I found love when I found you. That night…the woman I loved pushed me away and I felt unlovable…she smelled like you. I was drunk and she smelled like you and I couldn’t get you out of my mind.

But then we were in my room and…I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to do it. She tried to take my clothes off and I stopped her. Asked her to leave and go home, told her I couldn’t do it. Because the whole time, I didn’t want her. I didn’t want her hands on my body, I didn’t want a night of sex and lust and mindless fucking. I wanted you. I wanted love and lovemaking and cuddling and spending the night together just talking…shit why did I say that. I just fucked everything up more didn’t I? Why the hell were you even there to see that?” Bucky asked.

“I was waiting for you. To apologize for pushing you away and to ask you if that kiss meant a lot to you because it meant a lot to me. To tell you how I felt about you.” You whispered the last part and dropped your head, keeping your eyes on the ground.

Bucky’s head snapped up. His eyes had a glimmer of hope shining in them. He moved to sit across from you. His fingers gently slid under your chin and he tilted your head up to look at him.

“And how do you feel about me?” he asked.

“I love you.” You whispered.

He smiled and then he pulled your lips towards his and once again, you were experiencing another heart melting, spark inducing kiss that you felt jolt down your spine. You moaned and pulled him closer, tangling your fingers in his hair. He stood up and pressed your body against his trying to get as close as possible. His fingers gently caressed your face and your back, as he kissed you, as though he was cherishing every moment, memorizing every detail of how you felt against him.

Finally you parted for breath. Panting, you stared into his eyes. This time there was no mistaking the adoration.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that Y/N. I’ve bene in love with you for so long. And I’m even more in love with you now. I love you.” He said.

“I love you too.” You told him.

You felt the warmth, the love you felt for him, intensifying. You didn’t try to suppress the feeling this time. The heat, the passion, the intensity, you let it run free.

You moaned Bucky’s name as he deepened the kiss, but suddenly, he pulled away. You chased after his lips with a needy groan.

Bucky smirked.

“Just to be clear, this is what you deserve, this is how it should be when you’re with a guy. He’ll take care of you and make sure you’re moaning,” he kissed your neck and gently bit a sensitive area that made you moan, “just like that. But you’re with me now so I’ll make sure that you’re always getting treated properly. And also,” he said as he broke away from you and scooped you into his arms, “It’s not that I’m overprotective of what you do at night.”

He was carrying you in his arms, bridal style, into his room. He gently set you on his bed and you smiled and pulled him down next to you.

“You don’t?” you asked him.

“I believe that your place is here, in our place, our apartment. And I think that you should spend your nights here. With me. In my bed. In my arms.” He said, pulling you into his arms to emphasize his point.

“There’s no place I’d rather be.” you responded, sealing your point with another, heart melting kiss.


The Ship Sailed Ages Ago (Avengers Chatroom)

Original Request: “Could you please do another avengers chatroom with Wanda Maximoff and a female reader where everyone tries to get them together only to find out they are already a couple plz” ~ Sent by Anon, I tried my hardest I hope you like it!

Summary: The Avengers have seen how Wanda acts different around Y/N, making them ship the two and try their hardests to get the two together, little do they know they’re already together.

Pairings: Wanda x F!Reader x Avengers (platonic)

Warning(?): Humor and fluff!

A/N: Send requests!

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Wanda has created a chat

Wanda has added Tony, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Pietro, Vision, Y/N, Rhodey, Peter, Bucky and Sam

Wanda: Hey guys, I’m at the grocery store if you need anything say it now!



Steve: If you don’t mind Wanda, may you pick up a bag of Spinach

Wanda: Sure, got it!

Pietro: WANDAAAA can you please get me pizza on the way backkkk??? :)))



Y/N: Hey Wanda, can you get me a burger with fries if its not too much of a hassle on the way back?

Wanda: Sure babe



Wanda: I’m not buying anything else so byeeee

Wanda has left the chat

Y/N: I have no interest in speaking with the rest of you

Y/N has left the chat



Tony: It’s a literal fact that Wanda won’t say no to Y/N

Bucky: Don’t you remember last week movie night?

Sam: It was Wanda’s choice of movie but Y/N really wanted to watch Harry Potter so Wanda chose Harry Potter


Vision: From my recent observations, I have also noticed that Y/N also does everything for Wanda, from helping her out with the laundry to making her pancakes in the morning

Steve: They always train together too

Natasha: If they’re not making a move, we’re going to have to set them up

Thor: I have an idea on how to unite the lost lovers

Tony: Prepare yourselves

Thor: In Asgard, usually ladies like the Valkyries used to battle each other for anothers hand

Vision: Who would be the winner?

Thor: Whoever’s left alive, it’s simple really

Pietro: um maybe thats not the best idea

Sam: We don’t want a Civil War part 2

Tony: Number 1, Sam fuck you, Number 2, I, the love expert have a better plan

Rhodey: LOVE?? EXPERT??

Tony: Are any of you engaged NO so I say I’M the love expert



Tony: Anyway, before I was rudely interrupted by SOMEBODY I was going to say about my plan. A DOUBLE DATE. So Pepper and I go on a date bring Y/N and Wanda with us at one point they’ll HAVE to confess their feelings and there you go, they’re a couple

Steve: You know what, Thor’s idea doesn’t sound too bad

Bruce: Stick to engineering, for everyones sake

Peter: I have an idea!!

Sam: You’re like 12 go and do your homework


Peter: So I saw this in a movie, so they were trying to set up these two people together, person A and person B. Everyone knew that they had feelings for each other but they just wouldn’t admit to each other, so the friends set Person A up on a date with someone else and then Person B becomes jealous and admits to their feelings and they end up together!!

Pietro: You are all seriously talking about setting up MY sister while I’m here

Pietro: Actually I like Y/N carry on

Thor: I like my idea better but we’ll still go with it

Bruce: Thats actually not a bad idea

Rhodey: You did good kid

Steve: I don’t know about this I feel like we’re lying to them

Bucky: Steve, please for once let go a little

Natasha: I’ll drink to that

Clint: Now we need to find someone to set up with Y/N

Sam: No we actually don’t

Bucky: wdym

Sam: So we clear the chat, add those two back, talk about setting Y/N up with someone not mentioning any names and then Wanda will intervene and express her true feelings

Bucky: for once you actually said something smart wow


Tony has cleared the chat

Tony has added Wanda and Y/N to the chat

Y/N: Hi?

Wanda: Whats up?

Natasha: SO we were all thinking about setting Y/N up on a date

Bucky: I think that agent who works downstairs and hides a knife in her feels and her would look good together

Clint: She’s a friend of a friend I can set you two up easily if you would like Y/N

Y/N: I thought you guys all knew I’m already seeing someone

Bruce: Since when who

Wanda: Me

Pietro: you’re kidding me

Peter: how long?

Bucky: how could we have known?

Wanda: Steve literally saw us kissing


Pietro has left the chat


Tony: Oh fgs Steve

Thor: You really are a confused man


Wanda: Why do you think we do everything together?

Y/N: hint hint TOGETHER

Peter: Our ship sailed ages ago

Wanda: Oh come one its been at least 6 months

Y/N: I have no time and energy to explain everything to all of you ADIOS

Y/N has left the chat

Wanda has left the chat

Tony: tbh this is all Steve’s fault


Tony: I’ve had enough of you Steve, I’m deleting the whole existance of this chat

Steve: WAIT NO

Tony has deleted the chat

Sweet (Loki x Reader)

Originally posted by mistress-gif

Request: Hey there! I’m not sure if your requests are open or not, guessing they are, so can I request a Loki x short!reader where she is flirty and very affectionate towards everyone in the team (like always giving out hugs and kisses) and he doesn’t know how to be around her without being flustered or getting jealous of the Avengers

Summary: After joining the Avengers, Loki fell in love with you at first sight. The way you treat him so nicely is beyond what he is used to and he wants to be around you all the time. You’re like this with the other Avengers, which makes him jealous, even if he believes there is something between you two. But are you really flirting with him or are you just that sweet?

Warnings: swearing, fluff


You emerge from your bedroom with a yawn, still looking exhausted in your comfy pajamas. Loki notices you enter the kitchen and can’t help but smile to himself at how adorable you look in the morning. You return his warming grin as your heart flutters at the sight of him looking so excited. The way you care for Loki so deeply causes you to be happy when he is. Without a doubt, he feels the same way, but he isn’t always so cheerful when you are affectionate with others.

“Morning, kid,” Tony announces to you with a nod. With your bright grin still plastered on you face you make your way over to Tony and wrap him up in a tight hug which he returns.

“What’s up, Tony? Hogging all the coffee this morning are we?” You ask, noticing he is pouring a mug that’s certainly not his first. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” he mutters while holding tighter onto the coffee pot.

Steve chuckles from the living room, turning around and gaining the attention from everyone else. “That’s his fourth cup.”

Tony rolls his eyes in response and hands you the pot that only has a little coffee left. “Thank you very much,” you state sarcastically as you pour yourself your own mug. Then you waltz over to Steve and ruffle his hair before swinging your arm around his shoulder. “And good morning to my favorite super soldier!” The two of you laugh as he hugs you back.

Loki crosses his arms and grunts in anger as he watches you give out affection to all the men in the room but him. He can’t help that you’re so sweet and friendly, but sometimes he wishes that behavior could be reserved for only him. He knows you’re far too kind to care about someone like him, but he likes to think he can dream about such paradise where you reciprocate his feelings. But if only he knew how you spend every waking minute thinking about how lovely he is and how desperately you want him.

He sighs again, but louder and with more annoyance in his breath. “What’s the matter, reindeer games? You pissed over a little coffee too?”

“I’m not pissed! I just wanted some fucking caffeine this morning, not your disrespect Mr. Iron Man, sir,” you chuckle as you jokingly salute him. Shaking your head with a smirk you slowly walk to Loki. “Here you go,” you say handing him the pot and placing a quick kiss to his cheek.

The second you pull your lips away his hand falls to where you pecked him. His cheeks are a bright red and you can sense the nervousness radiating off of him. “Thank you, Y/N,” he mumbles anxiously.

You place a hand on his shoulder and leave it there, grinning up at him with nothing but admiration in care in your eyes. “Anytime, love.”

Loki chokes on his coffee at the affectionate nickname. His heart skips a beat and his mind repeats the same idea of you calling him that forever. You laugh at how flustered he is before retreating back to your room.

Later that evening, most of the Avengers were hidden in their rooms, some were out running errands, and others were training or working in the lab. Loki knew you were hanging out in your room because you announced that’s where you were headed after dinner. He decided that while you are alone it would be a good time to express his jealousy and explain the way he’s so in love with you. He paces outside your door, desperately craving to go inside and see you. But what if you don’t want to see him? What if you hate him? What if he makes a fool of himself?

Taking a deep breath, he brings his shaking hand to your door and knocks quietly. Almost immediately, you swing the door open, beaming brightly when you realize it’s Loki on the other side. “Hey, honey, what’s up?” you question, another nickname making butterflies flutter in his stomach.

“Hello, Y/N. There is something that has been recently brought to my attention that I would like to share with you.” You nod, encouraging him to continue. “I guess to explain it I should start by informing you I do not particularly enjoy the way you treat the others.”

You furrow your eyebrows at him. “What do you mean?”

“There is a certain way you go about interacting with them that I do not like to see,” he says. “There are the affectionate touches or the terms of endearment that make me feel rather unpleasant.”

“You don’t like how I treat my friends?” you ask with a hint of irritation in your voice. You’re surprised to find someone doesn’t appreciate your sweetness. “Loki you need to understand I’m just nice to the people I fucking care about! You can’t come to my room all upset over something so stupid. I just-”

“No it’s not that!” Loki explains, cutting you off. “I do not mind it when you treat me that way…just the others.”

Your anger subsides and you look up at Loki with understanding. “Okay so you’re just jealous.”

Sighing, he nods. “I suppose you could put it that way.”

You grab Loki’s hand, dragging him into your room and slamming the door behind him. His eyes widen in shock as you nearly pin him against, smashing your lips on his. He immediately gives into the kiss, bringing his large hand to the back of your neck and tangling it in your soft locks. Spinning you around he now pushes you up against the door as he kisses you with more passion and hunger.

You pull your lips form him reluctantly and bring a hand to the side of his handsome face. He chuckles nervously as he tries to catch his breath. “I am going to presume you share these feelings, my love.”

You blush at the nickname, not used to being called something so sweet by the man you care about. “Loki I am so madly in love with you.

He grins seductively, placing another soft kiss on your lips. “And I, my dear, am madly in love with you.”

Should Have Seen It Coming

Request: Ok so I just went through your master list for the first time and I read Surprise (one of your Wanda x reader imagines) and I absolutely loved it. I’m so glad I found it and I’m saving it to my “favorite imagines” note in my phone. I know you wrote it back in January, but would you ever consider writing a cute and fluffy follow up/part 2 of Wanda taking care of the reader while they recover from being kicked into a wall?

Note: Okay here we go, this is just a short and cute (at least I hope it is cute) follow-up to Surprise… that was the first Wanda one-shot I posted on here so it means quite a lot to me and writing this was great fun. Definitely go check the first part out, you can find the link below :D I hope you enjoy! <3

Warnings: talk of injuries if you want to count that

Pairing: wanda x reader

Words: 799

Find the first part here: Surprise…



The next days after the incident with the mouse in the kitchen would have been absolute hell for you if it wasn’t for Wanda. Four of your ribs had been broken and the worst wasn’t how much they hurt but that you had been ordered not to use your powers throughout the healing process, since the change of your bone structure while shifting would be too much for them to bear.

So now you had to stay in bed or in the common room with nothing to do as you weren’t allowed to participate in training, go on missions or really to do anything remotely exercising. But luckily for you Wanda never left your side more than five minutes fussing over you every time you barely showed any signs of pain.

Two days ago however Wanda had been sent on a mission with some of the other avengers and you were bored out of your mind to say the least, currently you were lying on your bed listening to an audiobook and contemplating whether or not the effort of getting up would be worth some food when a knock on your door pulled you out of your thoughts.

Groaning you stood up and opened the door only to be met with a pile of blankets, soon a head peaked around the heap.

“Wanda!” you squealed and wrapped your arms around her, not bothering about the blankets falling down or the pain that momentarily flared up in your side at the sudden action.

The witch chuckled and returned the hug pulling you close to her chest. She pulled away slightly so that she could place a soft kiss on your lips.

“How are you?” Wanda tugged a piece of hair behind your ear.

“Alright,” you smiled, “Better now that you’re here.”

“You’re so cheesy…”

“Maybe that’s why I turned into a mouse.”

Your statement didn’t amuse her as you hoped but reminded her that you shouldn’t be walking around and rather lying in bed letting your bones heal.

Before you knew what was happening you were enveloped in a cloud of red mist and in a blink of an eye you were back in your bed.

“You know, a little walking around won’t kill me…”

Wanda simply ignored your protests and walked over to tug you into a fluffy blanket.

“Are you doing this because you like me or because you feel guilty and want to clean your conscience?” you teased the witch.

She stopped in her movements and glared playfully at you. “Don’t be silly, the first option is way too improbable,” she kissed your forehead, “I mean,” her lips on your nose, “where did you get the idea that I might like you?”

Her lips hovered above yours and her bright green eyes looked right into yours. Your heart beat a little faster.

“I know,” you breathed, “Ridiculous…”

“Hmmm,” she hummed, but instead of closing the gap between you she straightened her back and smirked at you when you started to pout. “I’ll go and get some snacks, choose a movie while I’m gone.”

She tossed the remote control to you and disappeared through the door.

You propped yourself up against the headboard and opened Netflix to do as Wanda asked, you put on the first movie you came across since you couldn’t decide what to watch. You had just put the remote to the side when your girlfriend reappeared with all of your favourite snacks and sweets.

“Isn’t that a Christmas movie?” she asked as she crawled on the bed and snuggled close to you.

You shrugged. “It’s still really sweet.”

“But it’s the middle of summer…” she shook her head laughing.

“Please?” You stuck out your bottom lip and batted your eyelashes at her.

“Fine,” Wanda gave in and leaned over to kiss your pout away making you giggle.

When you broke apart she tugged you closer to her careful not to hurt you and started the movie.


It was only two weeks later that you were cleared for training even though Wanda had nearly sabotaged it by trying to convince Bruce he should order you to keep it low for a while longer. A bounce in your step you walked to the kitchen with a grumbling Wanda beside you to tell the others the good news.

You had just exited the elevator when you heard a curse from the room.

“I fucking hate wasps…” Sam whined making the other avengers in the room laugh.

A smirk appeared on your face as a plan formed in your head. Wanda noticed immediately and began shaking her head.

“No, Y/N, don’t even think about it,” she hissed, “You’ll just get hurt again!”

“Nah, it will be fun, you’ll see,” you grinned at her.

“Y/N no.”

“Y/N yes!”


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32 with all the avengers?

032: “Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death.”

When you woke up this morning, you were shivering, which was weird because your room was usually very warm. So you rolled out of bed and put on a hoodie, sweats, and fuzzy socks. You then took your blanket and wrapped it around you. You were going to find out why it was so cold.

You headed to the kitchen to see everyone plating up their food and heading over to the table to eat, “Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death.” The team looks up at you to see you’ve become a blanket burrito and just chuckle. 

“Mister Stark was messing with the system and it crashed. He’s trying to fix it now,” Peter said as he gave you a good morning hug.

You ruffled his hair, “Of course he is. Nice to see you, Peter. Whatcha doin’ here?”

“Aunt May went to a seminar in Jersey for the weekend. So I’m staying here.”

“Cool beans! We can catch up!”

Sam scoffed, “You willingly hang out with that kid?”

You roll your eyes, “Quit pretending, Sammy Boy, I know you’re fond of Peter,” you wrap your arm around Sam and walk with him to the table. 

Nat set a plate down in front of you and you smiled at her, “Pretty sure the only thing he’s fond of is his pet robot.”

“His name is Red Wing! How many times do I have to tell y-” the lights suddenly went out in the kitchen and all of you groaned. You all then received messages on your phone.

Tony: My bad. Still trying to get through the glitch!

For a genius, he can be really stupid sometimes.

Shut Up!
  • Summary: everyone getting fed up with the asgardian princes!
  • AN: I got bored and this came to mind lol, I give you all permission to come after me... but first— *hides behind cap’s shield*
  • Tony: ok, who the fuck showed Thor vines?!
  • Loki: what happened? And why am I even here?
  • Tony: shut up Loki! I know it was you!
  • Loki: just what are you going on about now Anthony?
  • Steve: LANGUAGE!
  • Tony: SEE WHAT I MEAN?!
  • Y/n: so then it’s settled, we all blame Loki
  • Nat: I second that
  • Clint: I third that
  • Loki: HEY!
  • Sam: just admit that you taught Thor vines, Loki
  • Loki: I did no such thing!
  • Wanda: says the one who is smarter than his own brother...
  • Loki: we aren’t related by blood!
  • Thor: I AM THOR!! SON OF ODIN!!!
  • Y/n: we know!!
  • Loki: -_-
  • Thor: *posts a picture of y/n* THIS FACE I LIKE IT!!!
  • Y/n: 😳
  • Loki: at least he is more social 😏
  • Y/n: LOKI!!
  • Loki: 😏😏😏
  • Tony: what is it birdbrain?
  • Clint: I AM LOKI!!
  • Loki: it’s true 😏
  • Tony: ...
  • Nat: ...
  • Bruce: ...
  • Clint has left the chat
  • Loki has left the chat
  • Thor: I CAN BE A MODEL!!!
  • Nat: ok who agrees that we should never let the odinsons come into group chats again?
  • Clint: me
  • Tony: me
  • Bruce: me
  • Rhodey: me
  • Wanda: no more
  • Vision: I agree with Wanda
  • Pietro: I also agree with Wanda
  • Nat: ok... Y/n?
  • Y/n: ...
  • Y/n has left the chat
  • Tony: oh well, we have enough!
  • Thor: 😢
  • Tony has disconnected the chat

a/n: hmm idk how I feel about this bc I just kept rewriting it asdfghjkl I do hope I did it some justice though!! (also do any of you see the slight wicked ref lmao)
Pairing: Wanda x Fem!reader
Prompt: Anon Req: Wanda becoming the “monster” she thinks she is. Can you write about that when R dies and she feels so lost without them and she became livid and unleashes her wrath and loses control to the point where the other Avengers needed to put her down? (maybe also kills her??? She was like relieved cause she would be with R again?) THANKS ♥️
Words: ~2663
Warnings: uhh death + angst

In a world of heroes and monsters, sometimes one’s greatest weakness is the ones others create. The ones that plant the seeds of doubt and fear in the minds of the public and yourselves. Everyone hated to admit it, but at one point or another, the media got to them, hitting the hardest in times of weakness and doubt, when catastrophic mistakes were made.

For Wanda, it was after the Lagos Catastrophe -

It was the one incident the media needed to attack not only her but every other person with powers. Showcasing just how dangerous things could get and the innocent lives that could be lost in the crossfire. She was already putting herself down for what happened, but the media?

The media killed her.

Even though you were all too familiar with how deep it cuts you, it never got easier helping someone through the guilt. All you can really do is be by their side and hope they listen to your voice to guide them through the endeavor.

You found her curled up in your bed scrolling through the news about the accident, tears silently falling onto one of your pillows, not realizing you had walked in.

“C'mon love, don’t read that garbage, the media will exaggerate and blame anything or anyone for a story.” Moving her hair away from her face, you climbed in beside her with a small smile on your face, “In a world full of heroes and monsters, trust me when I say you’re not the latter Wanda, you never will be.”

At your touch, Wanda put her phone down to focus her attention on you, eyes glistening with her tears, “oh (Y/N), the things they’re saying about me, I can’t help but think it’s true too.”

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Heated Confessions (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Request: Hi! I read that u needed a Captain’s request so… 😂 Could u do a Steve x reader one shot where Steve and reader go into a huge argument bc reader didn’t follow an order from him on a mission but then (somehow😂) they end up co fessing their feelings for each other? Thank u💕

Summary: On a difficult mission, it’s expected of you to follow the Captain’s orders. So when you don’t, Steve argues with you as to why which leads to a lot more than an argument.

Warnings: swearing, angst, fluff


After the mission, the ride back home on the Quinjet is completely silent. Steve sits across from you, panting so heavily you can pick up how pissed he is just from his breath. The others sit quietly as well, not wanting to bring up how you ignored Steve’s command completely and just did your own thing. You don’t give a shit if you didn’t listen to Steve because the way you stepped in ended up being more helpful at the conclusion of the mission. Yet, you’re disappointed in yourself for letting him down. You’ve had feelings for Steve ever since you joined the Avengers, admiring his leadership as Captain America but also falling in love with how sweet he is just as Steve Rogers. You know you’ve fucked it up by not obeying him, but if it was for the Avengers, you could push your social life aside.

“Y/N you could have died!” Steve shouts, busting through the doors of the Avengers tower. The other Avengers didn’t dare follow you and Steve after witnessing the heated argument that is clearly about to go down. They diverge from the two of you and bolt away quickly to their rooms

You, however, are angry as fuck and ready to let Steve have it. “But I didn’t die! Instead, I saved your ungrateful ass!” you yell, stepping closer to him.

He gets in your face. “Those weren’t your orders, Y/N, and you know it.”

“Oh, please! Who gives a fuck if I followed your orders or not?” you question sarcastically while rolling your eyes.

“I care if you follow my orders because I’m the one that gives them to you,” he says sternly. “You chose not listen, putting yourself in danger.”

You throw your hands up in aguish and let out a loud groan. “Steve, you’re not listening to me! I may have-”

“No, Y/N, you’re not listening to me! You never do and that’s why you were so close to getting hurt today.”

You walk even closer into his towering, figure. You’re so close to him you can smell his sweat from the work of the mission and feel his hot breath hitting your face as he leans over you. “Why do you even care if I got hurt? If it’s for the sake of the mission or to help others…then why does it matter?” you mutter weakly, voice lower and much more personal than before.

Steve sighs, and you look into his gorgeous, blue eyes. You’re searching for an answer in his kind eyes or his concerned expression, but you only receive silence. Your eyes begin to blur as they fill with tears, so you turn your back to Steve and bring your dirty hands to your face. You always try to remain tough, strong, and powerful but it’s impossible to not feel vulnerable when the man you love is yelling at you with disappointment. You’ve failed him and you know it.


You refuse to face him again, tears streaming down your cheeks. “Steve I’m sorry I didn’t follow your orders, okay? Just please leave me alone,” you state, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Y/N I care because I love you,” he whispers in response as he wraps his strong arms around your waist.

Now you can’t help but turn around, looking up at Steve completely stunned. He just meets you stare with a sweet smile. “What?” you gasp.

“I love you too much to be able to see you get hurt. That’s why I don’t want you taking risks.” He wipes the tears from your face and brushes a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “I can’t lose you, Y/N.”

“Steve…” you mumble. “I love you too.”

You both smile at hearing your confessions, knowing the only reason you can ever get so mad with one another is because you’re so deeply concerned for each other’s wellbeing. Instilling some confidence, Steve leans in and gently places his soft lips on yours. Your hand finds his warm cheek as you pull him closer for a more passionate kiss. His hands tighten around your waist and he never wants to stop kissing you. The two of you could stay like this forever.

Steve decides it’s okay you didn’t follow his orders this time.

Comforted Pt. 2

Steve Rogers x ace!reader

Warnings: none

@ive-been-worse (I did my best sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted)

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It had been a couple of months since your talk with Steve, and he had been very sweet to you since then. Not that he hadn’t been kind to you before, but now he was always there to make sure you were alright. He was your shoulder to cry on during the aftermath of your breakup, and you couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help you through this difficult time.

It went without saying that during this time you and Steve had been getting closer and closer. Ever since you came out to Steve and saw his calm and collected reaction, you felt like you could talk to him about anything. He was patient and understanding, and he was there to listen to you talk about anything from how annoyed you were with Tony to the stress you felt from an upcoming mission.

And in turn, Steve felt like he was becoming more attached to you. He found himself looking for more ways to talk to you, even if he wasn’t the one who did most of the talking. It satisfied him that he could just sit and listen to you talk for hours on end, closing his eyes and listening to the sound of your voice. He found it adorable the way you would rant about things that made you angry, and go on about things you were passionate about. He knew he was catching feelings, but he didn’t want to push your boundaries for fear of losing you, so he kept his emotions to himself.

You also felt something more than friends for Steve, and frankly, you were scared. You didn’t want Steve to be your rebound after your boyfriend, and you were afraid that you had been misreading the signs in thinking Steve felt the same way. So, to curb the effects of your affection for him, you decided to distance yourself. You stopped going to talk to him all the time, and when he was around you were oddly quiet, in the hopes that maybe the soft stirrings in your heart would fade away.

Only they didn’t. Your removal from him just made you lonely, and soon, you had sunken into a cycle of not wanting to bother getting with Steve to yearning for his company.

Steve noticed your odd behavior the moment it began.

He had walked into the kitchen with the intention of rummaging for an energy bar after training, and he was delighted to see you sitting at the counter eating a bowl of your favorite cereal. His face lit up, and he was moving to sit next to you when you suddenly got up, grabbed your bowl of cereal, and rushed past him towards your room.

“Sorry, I uh…just realized I had to um…do something…” you mumbled softly, pushing past him as you grew increasingly flustered.

Steve’s smile slipped from his face, and he sighed, “Okay,” before grabbing his granola bar and leaving the kitchen. He had no reason to sit down anymore.

But despite his obviously sad behavior, hadn’t realized how much your antics had affected him until you overheard him talking to Bruce in the lab a couple days later.

“I just don’t know what to do,” Steve’s voice floated softly down the corridor outside the lab. You were on your way to the living room, but you stopped dead in your tracks and walked back a couple of steps, halting just a few feet shy of the open doorway in an attempt to overhear what Steve was saying.

“What do you think made her change?” you heard Bruce reply quietly, clearly not paying much attention, as the clanking of metal on metal indicated Bruce was tinkering away at yet another project while listening to Steve vent.

“I don’t know,” Steve replied, sighing. “Maybe I crossed a boundary of some sort? I try my best, but I have a hard time interpreting what Y/N wants.”

Your breath caught in your throat as you heard him mention your name. You leaned in closer to hear what he would say next.

“Gosh Bruce, I just….I really like her.”

Another sigh from Steve.

A tinny sound resonated from the lab as Bruce apparently put down his tools and ceased his work.

“Have you tried just asking her about it?” he asked.

A pause.

“No…” Steve said quietly.

Another sigh, this time from Bruce.

“Then ask her. It can’t hurt to find out straight from the horse’s mouth.”

Silence. Then shuffling footsteps.

“You’re right. I’ll go do that. Thanks Bruce, I owe ya one,” Steve’s voice was getting louder as he approached the door. You panicked, unsure of what to do if you were caught eavesdropping. In your flustered state, you tried walking back from whence you came, but in your rush, bumped into Steve as he emerged from the lab.


“Sorry I-“

“No you-“

“I wasn’t-“

“Excuse me-“

The two of you were a flustered mess, trying in vain to dust yourselves off and keep going, but some unseen force held you in place as you fell into an awkward silence.

Steve was the first to speak, coughing uncomfortably and saying, “Did you hear what I said?”

Your heart was beating wildly out of control as you nodded and asked in almost a whisper, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Steve’s face grew red. “I didn’t want to lose you…but all I did was chase you away.”

You laughed bitterly. “You didn’t chase me away. It was my fault.”

“What do you mean?” Steve looked confused at your response.

“I like you too,” you answered, looking down at your hands nervously. You couldn’t believe you were saying this out loud. You wanted to stop, but you kept talking. “I was scared of my feelings for you…so I just pushed you away.”

At this point, your eyes filled with tears in regret for your recent actions. A single year escaped your eye and made its way down your cheek to land on the floor at your feet.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered shakily. The silence between you two was heavy, and you closed your eyes tightly as you waited for Steve to speak.

Instead, you felt a hand go under your chin and lift your head up. You made eye contact with Steve, and saw a small smile cross his handsome face. He wiped the remaining tears from your cheek with the pad of his thumb and said, “You don’t have to be sorry. If anything, I should be apologizing for not telling you sooner.”

You chuckled, a smile crossing your face as you looked into Steve’s sky blue eyes. “I guess we’re both a little stupid, then,” you said.

Steve laughed, a hearty chuckle reverberating throughout the empty hallway. “I guess you could say that.”

You both laughed awkwardly, unsure of what to say next. Steve broke the silence again, as he had found the courage to ask, “Sorry, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but uh…” he trailed off, unsure of how to phrase his next few words.

You smirked a little, deciding to save him the embarrassment and answer his question before he could ask. “Yes, you can kiss me,” you said simply.

“Oh thank god,” he sighed, and with that, he brought you close to his chest and tilted your head up so his lips could reach yours.

And you kissed.

You could feel him smiling, and your face felt hot and your heart was out of control, but it didn’t matter. After months of worrying that Steve would be your rebound after your breakup, you finally realized he wouldn’t be. When you touched, you knew you felt something more for Steve than you had ever felt the entire time you were with your ex. You felt safe and cared for in Steve’s embrace, and you wouldn’t trade the feeling for anything in the world.

The two of you were still kissing when Bruce walked out of the lab and saw you together. His eyes widened in surprise, and he slowly tiptoed back into the lab while trying to forget everything he saw. As he ran his hand through his hair in amazement, he chuckled to himself and said quietly, “I guess Steve didn’t need my help after all.”

The Things We’ve Done - Bucky x Telepathic Reader

Part 1 - Prologue & Chapter One, Chapter Two

Story Synopsis: All you wanted was simplicity. You had moved to Washington, DC for a better start - to get away from what you were, to get away from what you were expected to be. You never thought you’d meet the Captain America in a bar just three days after moving. You never thought there would be a dangerous person in your apartment just hours after meeting him.

Beginning with the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Hydra sends its most deadly weapon after a powerful telepath untested in the range of her abilities. Intrigued by the broken pieces of his mind, the two of you make an agreement: he helps you hide from Hydra, and you repair and salvage what’s left of his memories.

A/N: You’ll meet a lot of people in this story, Steve Rogers, Matt Murdock, maybe even Frank Castle — but this story is primarily a Bucky x Reader story, despite some diversions later on. I have most of this story already planned out (although there are some middle bits I haven’t figured out yet), so let’s see how this goes!

Chapter Synopsis: There’s someone in your apartment. You call Steve for help.

Read it on AO3

Part 1 - Chapter Two: The Man in Your Apartment

The panic washed over you in a million different ways, as if waves of ice water were being poured in a steady stream. You were still two floors from your apartment, and yet you could feel them. The person who had invaded your home. 

You couldn’t think straight. Your mind was being flooded with too much…noise. The stairwell was silent and yet you couldn’t hear anything. 

There’s someone in my apartment.

There’s someone in my apartment.

There’s someone in my apartment.

When did you pull out your phone? You had it pressed to your ear, and there was ringing on the other end. You had dialed somebody. But you didn’t know anybody in Washington; you had just moved here. 

You couldn’t think straight.

You couldn’t think straight.

You couldn’t think straight.

Steve. That’s who you were calling. Captain America. He could help you. He would help you. He had to. There could be no situation in which he doesn’t. 

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The Avengers as Vines

  • Bucky: *is arm-less, sweaty and sticky, hair is greasy*
  • T'Challa: Oh yeah, Steves coming.
  • Bucky: whAT!??!
  • Bucky, 2.5 seconds later: *has a new vibranium arm, smells like flowers, hair is shampooed, conditioned and brushed* Gotta look good for my mans.
Reblog if you’ve ever imagined yourself being interviewed with the avengers cast as if you were apart of the movie

I feel like this will get no reblogs because I’ve always felt like I’m the only person who does this haha :)

Avengers As Vines |29|

*Peter singing to Tony*

Peter: You are my dad (You’re my dad!) Boogie woogie woogie!

An actual photo of my friends and I on our way to fuck shit up