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I want to see Hela as Thor’s unwilling ally in Avengers 4. I want her to have made a deal with Loki before he died (because let’s face it, “the sun will shine on us again”? He knew he was going to die and he knew he would come back to life). I want her to give Thor his undead army of Einherjar to defeat Thanos. 

Is the Avengers 4 teaser out yet?

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Are you still taking Spidey-boy requests? If so can I get some fluff about the reader having acne scarring and being a bit nervous about wearing any shirts that are too reveling bc they're nervous for peters reaction? Thank you love! <3

I decided to do this as headcanons, hope that’s okay! As always, I don’t own Peter Parker or anything else from the Marvel universe!

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  • So the first time this was an issue was after you and Peter got caught in the rain on your way back to his place
  • You were wearing a vest top with a hoodie over it, but your hoodie got soaked through so you had to take it off at Peter’s, even if it was just for a few moments so you could swap it for one of his sweaters
  • Peter was already pretty comfortable in your relationship and so he changed in front of you, making you feel a bit awkward about asking him to look away whilst you changed
  • The worst of the scarring was on your back, but you also didn’t want to face him whilst you took your shirt off so there was nothing for it but to let him see
  • When you turned back round, hoodie successfully changed, he was just staring at you with an odd look on his face
  • “I know it’s ugly” you would mumble, avoiding his eyes
  • He would hurry to change your mind, pulling you into his arms and telling you over and over again how cool it is that you’re not a blank canvas, and that every tiny imperfection on your body is beautiful to him
  • In conclusion, Peter Parker will always think you’re beautiful and he’d want you to remember that

not saying he’s a gold digger 👀 but like👀👀 steve rogers only ever fucks with billionaires and trillionaires👀👀👀 first tony (billionaire) and then t'challa (literal king and trillionaire) who’s next, i mean? thanos, current owner of infinity stones himself??👁️👁️ are you still confused who the real thot is in the avengers?

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Spent today in conference room staring at the Space Needle and my mind drifted to the idea of your Valki + Thor on Midgard with them doing a great American road trip of sorts to see various landmark sites and just mocking the space name of it and it being all cloudy with no visibility and Loki wanting Thor to just fix it so they can see the view but Thor makes them wait for weather to shift naturally like humans would. And IDK it was a long meeting and my mind wandered and here we are.

(I am so sorry, this too has been in my inbox for at least a week <3 <3 <3) 

So here’s how I imagine a Valki+Thor road trip would play out (at least the beginning): 

Part I: 

a) They’d start on the East Coast, since in my head, New Asgard is in upstate New York.

Loki and Val would have to promise and double promise and triple promise to not be too “couple-y” and make Thor feel like the third wheel, because that’s not fun for anyone. 

c) And then Thor is like, “I still don’t trust you two,” and Loki is like, “Brother, I’m wounded,” and Val is like, *starts making out with Loki just to be an asshole,* and Thor is like, “I’m bringing my own friends,” which is how Tony and Rhodey end up joining them. 

d) So Tony, being Tony, insists that they can do better than whatever cheap RV the Brodinsons rented and just buys them a brand new, deluxe, state-of-the-art, self-driving RV equipped with Friday(? Is that the name of the AI that replaced Jarvis?).

e) Then once Peter finds out about this, it just so happens to be summer break and he wants to come along, and Tony says, “only if it’s okay with Aunt May,” and Aunt May says, “only if Ned can come, too, because Peter needs to keep his friends his own age, whether they’re Avengers or not.”

f) By this point, Loki is like, “Can I just stay home,” and Thor is like, “no, we’re bonding,” and Loki is like, “we’re bonding with half the state of New York, is what we’re doing,” and Thor is like, “shut up, Loki.”

g) So it ends up with Loki, Thor, Val, Tony, Rhodey, Pepper, (because Val wants a lady friend to balance out all the testosterone and Tony just wants Pepper to come along, period), Peter, and Ned embarking across the country in their super fancy Stark RV. 

Part II: 

Some of the landmarks they’d visit would include: 

a) Niagara Falls
    i. Loki decides to throw himself over, just to be a little shit and also because Thor was getting on his nerves for one reason or another.
    ii. Peter panics and throws himself after Loki (”don’t worry, Mr. Stark, I got him!”).
    iii. When Peter finds Loki just hanging out under the falls or whatever he’s like, “oh, thank God,” and Loki is like, “You are incredibly stupid, I can’t believe you jumped after me,” and Peter is like, “No, it’s cool, I have spider powers.” 
b) Gettysburg
c) the Lincoln Memorial
    i. ”Hey, Thor, you wanna decapitate this statue, too?” Loki asks, and Thor glares at him while Ned and Peter exchange confused looks.
d) the Alamo
e) the Grand Canyon 
f) Mt. Rushmore 
   i. “You humans really do like your monuments to old dead men, don’t you?” Val remarks. 
g) the Space Needle 
   i. “What a stupid name,” Loki says. 
   ii. “Nobody asked you,” Rhodey snaps. 
h) The Golden Gate Bridge 
   i. “If you so much as think of throwing yourself over, Loki, I swear to the Norns I will disown you,” warns Thor. 
   ii. “Was … was that supposed to discourage me?” asks Loki. 
   iii. “Hey, here’s an idea: How about nobody throws themselves over, for any reason whatsoever, so we don’t cause another national incident?” Tony suggests. 
   iv. “Where’s the fun in that?” Loki wants to know. 

Part III: 

When they return at the end of the trip, Aunt May makes the mistake of cheerfully asking if they had a good time, to which Peter replies, “I have so much material for my ‘What I Did on My Summer Vacation,’ you have no idea, also can I please go back to school now,” and Aunt May says, “Peter, it’s still July,” and Tony just helps himself to half a bottle of ibuprofen while Thor accidentally breaks a vase somewhere and Val takes a few shots from her flask and says brightly, “So, where are we going next year?” 

Asgard, finally settling in Norway to repopulate:  So, what are the Nordic lands famous for since we were last here? Swordsmanship? Hunting parties? Bloodbaths?!?!

Millenial sipping iced coffee: Abba

Asgard: ???

Asgard, twenty minutes later bopping to Dancing Queen:

Imagine all the pets who watched their owners vanish into ashes and just stayed near them, waiting for them to return because they can’t comprehend what happened.

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  • Tony: *loses Strange in a crowd*
  • Tony:
  • Tony: MR STRANGE SU-
  • Strange, appearing through a portal: EXCUSE YOU It’s DOCTOR STRANGE I have a PhD and AN MD and I gOT thEM BotH AT THE SAME TI-

ok so yea peter and shuri are the meme gods,,,,but like vision is part jarvis,,,,,,and jarvis like was the internet kinda so he would understand all of their references, but i feel like he wouldn’t see why they’re funny so peter or shuri would be like “tHiS BiTcH eMpTy…” and vision would respond, without any sort of emotion “yeet.”

Dating Loki would include...

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  • Trying to make him calm down whenever he gets angry about something
  • Being the reason why he’s slowly stopping to be obsessed about being a king
  • I mean, he still wants to be a king, but you make him realize that he’s only hurting innocent people and that he’s drifting away from his goal whenever he does something like what happened in New York
  • Hugging him everytime he wakes up from a nightmare (which happens almost all the time)
  • Reading poems to each other because Loki is “””crazy””” but he enjoys good art
  • Convincing him to apologize to Thor and Odin
  • “You have a good heart deep down, Loki”
  • Fighting with him about it
  • But at the end he realizes you’re right
  • Odin forgiving Loki because of you
  • Moving in with him to a not so distant planet from Asgard, since he doesn’t feel comfortable on Earth for obvious reasons
  • But vising it sometimes because he knows you miss home
  • Having a small garden with him, where both of you plant different flowers and fruits
  • Passionate and long kisses because he can’t get enough of your lips
  • Also extremely passionate and slow sex because he wants you to feel how much he loves you
  • Loki reaching out for your hand whenever he feels anxious, nervous or sad
  • Him wrapping you with his whole body while sleeping
  • He loves to cuddle, is like one of his favorite things to do
  • Teaching him how to cook because he never actually learned how to
  • Trying to make breakfast for you
  • Loki being such a sweet tooth
  • Begging you to make chocolate and super sweet cakes
  • Him teaching you how to appreciate teas because he drinks a lot of it (seriously, A. LOT.)
  • Braiding his hair while he’s sleeping on your lap
  • “I can feel you braiding my hair, dear…”
  • He secretly loves when you do that, but he will never admit it
  • One of Loki’s most lovely habits is to caress your skin
  • I mean, seriously, he’s always slowly running his fingers on your arm, back, thigh, hand, anywhere
  • Him calling you “my angel”
  • Him waking up before you but staying on bed because he loves to watch you sleep
  • And Loki trying to believe, every single day, that you’re actually there and that he has you
  • Because it’s almost unreal for him the fact that he has someone who loves him for what he is - especially after everything he knows he did

Loki Laufeyson Falling In Love Headcanons

  • We all know Loki is deeply a good person and he’s just missunderstood
  • I feel like he’d fall for a caring person
  • Someone who doesn’t appear to be soft as they come out cold at first
  • But deep down they’re very kind and protective over their loved ones
  • When falling for you he’d show quite some opposite lovey signs instead of the typical ones
  • As being quite sarcastic towards you
  • Or acting as if he was ignoring you
  • But not because he means to be mean, it’s just your presence that makes him anxious
  • And his best defense against vulnerability has always been his wit
  • But, even if sometimes they got to you, you hid it pretty well and kept being respectful towards him
  • When approching you, his mood would definitely change
  • He’d listen intensely at what you had to say, admired you when doing the simplest things and even asking for your opinion above the others’
  • He’d love to have deep conversations about his favourite books with you and discussing its aspects, without feeling rejected for something he loved doing
  • He’d start to become really protective over time
  • Like if he saw another member looking at you longer than usual
  • Or someone who’s hand lingers on your waist for too many seconds
  • So he’ll use some of his powers to avoid them getting too close to you
  • And he’ll deny it when his brother asks him if he likes you

“Brother, are you and lady Y/N good friends?”
“Yeah you could say that,…why?”
“I am just happy to see you connecting with someone in such positive ways”
“Oh, great then-”
“Are you going to tell her that you love her?”

  • Also he’d be such a sHOW OFF infront of you
  • At any chance he gets, he’ll try to impress you with his tricks
  • And will get angry if anyone tries to take you away from him
  • You’re probably one the only persons that sees the good in him and who gave him the love he doesn’t think he deserves
  • He’s not letting go of you that easily (most likely never will)
  • Once he confesses, he’ll probably don’t know how to act in a relationship
  • But won’t hesitate to show his dominance in front of others by kissing you
  • You’ll be his number one priority, so feel lucky cause he won’t be able to betray you even if his life depends on it
  • Unless it’s your life that’s in danger
  • He’d do anything to keep you safe
  • When in fights, you’ll always be on his mind cause thinking of you gives him strengh
  • If you’re also in the fight, he’ll make sure you’re aroud him and not let you out of his sight
  • He wouldn’t really care about the fight to be honest, he’d be more like a guardian keeping enemies away from you
  • Which makes me think that you’re probably the only one who’s seen him have a break down
  • Not that it happens often, but on those rare occasions you’d be his get away, the one who’d help him forget about all his worries
  • Like telling you about his mother and how much he truly missed her
  • Or like,when Asgard got destroyed
  • You were the first one he visited
  • You found him in your room, sitting on the edge of your bed going through one of the books he had gifted you
  • When he heard you calling his name, he lifted his teary eyes and rapidly crawled into your embrace
  • He told you about everything that had happened, and you reassured him it wasn’t his fault and stayed awake until you were sure that he had fallen asleep
  • And Loki loves sleeping next to you
  • He wasn’t too keen on physical affection at first, but once he discovered how touch-starved he was he began craving to feel you close at all times
  • Which means that you get to sleep with your head on his chest and his arm around you
  • I’m getting too carried away with this
  • I just want a Loki man

Peter, a gen z kid: I’m here I’m bi and I want to die

Tony, in tears, secretly setting up appointments with 172 different child psychiatrists: same

Dating Tom Hiddleston and being younger than him would include...

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A/N: This has been so requested, and I was SO excited to write it!!!! Hope you all like it xx

  • Things going to fast at first, probably
  • Because he’s go hard or go home
  • Trying to slow down when the first comment about the age gap between you two comes out
  • Having a honest conversation with him about your relationship
  • Him telling you that people will always talk shit, but that as long as you feel the same that he does, everything will be fine
  • Tom literally kissing you so you won’t have any other argument to try to break up with him
  • “Shh… we’re good, we can make this work”
  • Him being SO protective over you
  • Not talking about you on interviews or anything like that
  • Whenever someone asks about his girlfriend, he says “we’re fine, thanks” and changes the subject
  • Introducing you to his mom once things get serious between you two
  • Teaching you a lot about Shakespeare
  • Not always taking you with him when he leaves the country
  • Facetiming him a lot
  • Teaching him how to use Facetime
  • Him waiting until you’re ready to meet your family, as he knows they may not approve the relationship
  • Taking things slowly now and never talking about marriage
  • Especially because it’s not certain that both of you wants to get married, at least not now
  • Tom definitely having a thing for when you call him “Sir” during sex
  • Him calling you baby girl
  • Or honey, whenever you’re in public
  • Watching plays with him
  • Whenever life gets too hard, he helps you by hugging you and listening to you
  • And then teases you by saying “oh, you’re growing up so fast”
  • Just to make you smile, actually
  • Tom totally respecting you and your autonomy
  • Just as he would do anyway, regardless of your age

After Infinity War:

Friend: I don’t feel so good


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