Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 1,652

Warnings: Night terrors + snakes - ew!

Summary: Loki has a nightmare and you bear the consequences.

It had been a long and exhausting day, so by the time you were able to crawl into bed, you melted into the sea of sheets. Loki pulled you close to him, nestling his face into the crook of your neck and peppering it with sweet kisses. A gentle smile graced your lips and you both fell asleep almost instantly. Or, so you thought.

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You Got me 23

Pairing: Single Dad!Peter Parker x Teacher!Reader

Warning: Language. Angst. Hidden pasts. Court things. Stalking (not the creepy kind just the uncomfortable kind). Arguments. Lies. Abusive past, mentioned. Jealousy and protectiveness.

When you met him, it wasn’t love at first sight, not by a long shot. Mutual distaste is more suitable. He’s the father of your favorite student, and not to mention, your neighbor. But a little misunderstanding and a few apologies, you might have misjudged each other. You won’t mention the kiss, he was just saving you. Right? Fate has a funny was of working things out, when you least expect them.
But is that fate knocking on the door, or a nightmare from the past? Everyone has secrets ,and a past sometimes that past comes back around. But who’s past is coming out of the shadows, yours or Peter’s?

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The Fallout - Part Twenty-Four (Bucky x Reader, Complete)


Summary: You had been a ghost for years, taking down the bad guys from the shadows that had once enslaved you. That is until the Avengers finally caught up with you and yet again your life changed. But your past won’t stay dead and everything starts to shift when a familiar face joins the ranks: Bucky Barnes. He may not remember you, but you certainly remember him.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Language, gory descriptions, lil bit of sexy times (NOT smut), final chapter!

Word Count: About 6k

Total Fallout Word Count: 149,434

Extras: The Fallout Playlist on Spotify

A/N: I have poured my life into this story over these months, and it’s finally finished. Welcome to the final part of The Fallout. I hope you have loved reading this as much as I have writing it. This has been countless hours of work and emotions for me, please reach out and tell me what you thought of this story and its ending!



You couldn’t believe it.

While yells and voices were thrown around the room, you walked up to the oozing body on the ground. Your steps were even and light, approaching with a hunger and fear in wide eyes, pulling you closer and pushing you away. But the hunger won out in the end.

As your toes gently touched against the stone cold form, your body felt like a tension it had been holding your whole life burst with bright pops inside of you, a chain reaction of sweet release cascading within your now fizzling body.

You couldn’t hold back, couldn’t help it now, that deep-seeded hunger turning almost wild. You stepped over the body, one foot on either side of his stomach, chest rising and falling terribly fast.

You dropped down your knees slowly, stradling the body with a squelching sound wheezing out as you made contact with his split open guts, red and jiggling out of its skin casing. You moved your slow and numb fingers to Gerault’s head, his palour a purplish grey beneath the black blood, eyes not holding a spark of life in them. They were just dull, little dark balls in his head. No hunger, no arrogance, no malice, no need to cause pain.


He was nothing.

Your head snapped over your shoulder to Bucky so fast it sent a burn down your neck, the death of your torturer finally sinking into your mind as you sunk into his spilled guts. His blue eyes were on nothing but you, ignoring the words spat at him from both Steve and Tony. But neither of you heard a word of any of it. 

You watched him, eyes impossibly wide, breath now coming deep and erratic, unable to voice the cacophony of things you wanted to say. You could feel a heat under the skin of your cheeks, body unable to feel chilled by the ice cold mound of flesh you were sitting on.

“Bucky,” you gasped, panting, corners of your mouth starting to involuntarily curl upwards.

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Nightmares - Bruce Banner x Reader

Title: Nightmares

Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader 

Word Count: 2139

Warnings: None

Summary: After Bruce has a horrible nightmare, you try your best to calm him down before he hulks out.

Authors Note: This is one of my older works, so im so sorry at how bad it is eek. also i havent been posting that frequently ik im a horrible person whoops

You awoke to the heart wrenching screams of your boyfriend. Quickly you scrambled to the lamp switch, turning it on giving the room some sort of light. You jumped to Bruce’s side of the king bed and went to hold him in your arms. From what you could tell Bruce was having another nightmare, it wasn’t anything new to you, it happened nearly every week, but recently it became a nightly routine. Not that you cared, you would never sleep if that meant you could hold Bruce in your arms to calm him back to restful sleep.

It always happened at around 2:30am, every single night (well morning), and that was when you started your day. You could never ever go back to sleep after witnessing Bruce’s meltdown, it hurt you so much it normally would cause yourself nightmares of something to do with Bruce, normally of him running away because he couldn’t bare the pain of losing you if he lost control.

You were never ever scared of the Other Guy, he was apart of Bruce and you loved every single part of him, even if half of him consisted of a huge green rage monster. You didn’t care one single bit, you loved him unconditionally just for who he was. Green and all.

After the Chitauri attack on New York, Bruce’s nightmares were so much worse, and from the little information you got from Bruce when he briefly tells you about them they’re becoming a lot more vivid.

You didn’t know how exactly to help the poor physicist. You couldn’t really do a lot but calm him as best as you could and tell him that you love him and that you’re there for him. Thankfully it never ended with him going to the Safe Room because he never got too far to the point of changing.

But out of all of his daily nightmares this was much worse. You could tell already.

Bruce was flinging his arms about, a pool of sweat all over him, his head, neck, chest, everywhere. You wrapped your arms tightly around Bruce’s arm, squeezing it, and softly but loud enough you told him what you would always tell him.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, shhh, you’re okay, i’m here, you’re alright. No one’s going to hurt you here Bruce,”

That was what you normally told him every night but you weren’t even halfway through your sentence before Bruce shot upwards his eyes a bright rich green. Frantically he looked around the room, expecting some sort of danger that came from his dream. Though there wasn’t anything and so his breathing slowed a little bit and his shoulders becoming less tense. Until it didn’t. He looked over to you where your faced with worry, his heart becoming even more heavy (if it was even possible for him) as he was of course the cause of your stress and worry.

“Oh my god, y/n. I-i’m so sorry. Oh my fucking god, i could’ve- i could’ve-” He rambled, hardy able to form a structured sentence. His breathing quickened once again and his eyes widened as he looked upon you.

“No, no, no, Bruce i’m fine. Don’t worry about me, i’m fine, babe, please listen to me,” But you knew Bruce was only spiralling even more from here. His mind was already worked up from his dream and now he’s only digging himself a bigger hole.

“I can’t be here- i dont know if i can control it any longer, please. I need to- i need to go to the safe room,” He choked, trying his best to hold back the tears as he pulled tightly into himself. The previous events of his dream playing in his mind and what could’ve happened if he lost control with you so close.

It wasn’t unusual for Bruce to have his panic attacks, you always could calm him down, as well as his nightmares, but combining the two together would be a piece of work. You didn’t know if you could.

“JARVIS, alert someone that Bruce is having a panic attack. I might need some help on this to calm him down. I’m just taking him to the Safe Room now,” You anxiously asked, as you slowly crawled over to Bruce who was currently hugging himself.

“Of course, y/n, right away” The smooth programs voice replied, alerting the fellow avengers for help.

“Okay, i’m going to help you up, yeah? Get you to your other room,” You got up and gingerly went to Bruce’s aid to help him onto his feet, he was wobbly at first but held himself up without your help.

In a second Bruce sped out of the room, one hand held on his head and the other helping him hold up right, you could barely keep up with the man as he sped to the elevator. Honestly you didn’t know what you could do to help your boyfriend.

As the two of you made it down to the floor of the Safe Room, all of the avengers were sleepily (except Natasha who seemed to already be awake) waiting for the presence of the two of you.

“Hey big guy, is every-” The engineer asked groggily, sleep still sounding evident in his voice as he went to rest his hand on his friends shoulder, but before he could finish his sentence Bruce snapped, his brown eyes long lost to his alter ego’s green eyes.

“Stay back!” He yelled pushing Tony off of him, thankfully not too forcefully otherwise he would have flown straight through the glass window.

Bruce’s eyes softened and quickly returned back to his normal coloured chocolate eyes and his eyes welled with tears again, his hands returning to his head.

“I-I’m so sorry, but please- please just stay back, i don’t want to hurt any of you,” he softly said, as he made his way to the room. The avengers keeping a good distance from the man hoping to not distress him.

You slowly walked alongside bruce, you too keeping somewhat a good distance, though as soon as you reached the room bruce instantly slammed the door in front of you. It hurt him to ever do that to you, knowing all that you were trying to do was help him, but he couldn’t at all risk your safety.

He looked at you through the glass window of his room, your eyes glistening with tears. God you hated seeing him there, he wasn’t just some animal that had to be caged. It was ridiculous.

Bruce slowly took himself to the corner of the room and slid down the wall. He hugged his knees and rested his head upon them, and wrapped his arms tightly around him.

You could tell he was shaking, and mumbling things to himself to try and keep his temper down but it didn’t seem to be doing anything helpful anyway.

You held your hand up to the glass, a tear slipping from your eyes as you watched your boyfriend.

“Y/n, I think you should get some rest-“ Steve started as he spoke from behind.

“I’m not leaving him, I’m staying here until he comes out,” you muttered, keeping your eyes on Bruce.

“Cmon, I’m sure Bruce wouldn’t want you staying up all night just for him-“ Tony said, holding your shoulders to guide you back to your empty room - - without Bruce.

Bruce from inside the cage couldn’t hear anything but with his mind currently filled up with rage and anger he wasn’t exactly thinking straight but he could tell that you were distressed and Steve and Tony weren’t exactly helping you.

“NO! For fucks sake I’m not leaving him! Just piss off and leave us alone, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have bothered you all!” You pushed at Steve and Tony chests to get them both away and towards the exit.

And Bruce was up on his feet in a second, the other guy almost ripping through to try and protect you from any threat. In the back of his mind (that was all too blurry to even comprehend for Bruce) he knew that his friends were only just trying to help, most likely get you back to your room for some sleep. But The Other Guy didn’t see it that way, all that Bruce could grasp at the moment was that you were being hurt by these men and Bruce needed to help. The Hulk needed to smash.

Bruce walked up to the glass, swearing at the current men in front of you, which none of you could hear as the glass was so thick it was soundproof.

With a sudden touch of Steve when he went to try and calm you down, as tears poured down your face, the hulk was released. Bruce held tightly at his head, pulling at his hair, but it was all too much. The hulk was too strong at this moment and he couldn’t stop him. And so you, Tony and Steve were stopped mid sentence when you could easily hear the deafening roar of the monster.

“Bruce,” You murmured, as you looked upon the beast.

You walked slowly to the glass and held your hand up to it, the hulk tilting his head confused, seconds ago he could of sworn you were in danger and now what was happening? You seemed pretty okay, aside from the little tears he could just see in your eyes. You then walked to the door of the safe room where you went to open it.

“Do you think that is such a wise move, Lady y/n?” You heard the voice of the god of thunder echo through the room.

You only smiled before looking up, noticing that everyone still had stayed in the room for Bruce, and nodded your head.

“He would never hurt me, he loves me, the only reason he transformed was because he thought i was getting hurt when Steve and Tony were trying to take me out, So i just need him to know i’m alright,” And with that you walked calmly into the big room.

You smiled at the beast among you, he looked down at you intently checking for any signs of injury, but thankfully he found none.

“Why y/n sad?” Hulk finally said as he took a seat in front of you, crossing his legs together. As if a child sitting in front of their teacher, waiting to be told a story.

You chuckled softly wiping the tears away and sat in front of hulk.

“I was worried about Bruce, he had a nightmare and wasn’t coping too well,” You simply explained to the big goliath in front of you.

Silence washed over the two of you and it was nice. Even Hulk could have agreed, he had never gotten the chance to just sit calmly and not have to worry about anything in the world.

“Hulk? Can you promise me something?” You interrupted the silence, hulk grunted and softly nodded his head in response.

“Will you look after Bruce for me? I’m not as special or strong as you are, i try my best to but with your help we can keep Bruce safe. Do you think you can do that, Big Guy? For me?” You leaned out and held the Hulk’s giant size hand in yours and looked into his bright green eyes.

Again the Hulk nodded in response, understanding fully what he had been requested to do.

You got up and wrapped your arms around the large beast and rested your head against his warm chest. Hulk not really knowing what to do with this small human on him just softly put his hand on your back and held you close.

Before you knew it the man in your arms was shrinking back to normal size and you couldn’t help but softly smile.

“Y/n? W-what are you doing?”

“Shh, Bruce i was enjoying the moment. Really you’re a good hugger– and warm,” You giggled digging more into Bruce’s bare chest.

“Please don’t tell me you came in here and hugged the other guy?”

“That Bruce, is exactly what I did. Plus we spoke about… things,” you smiled.

Bruce sighed pushing you softly from his chest holding your arms.

“You do realise I could’ve killed you? If that happened I-“

“Bruce, I know you’re worried about hurting me but trust me when I say, I can handle myself. The Hulk is honestly the last person that would hurt me,” you replied hoping to finally get that through to him.

Bruce didn’t say anything else but just looked deeply into your e/c eyes, trying to search for something, you wouldn’t know. He softly hummed, a small smile setting on his face before enveloping you in his warm arms once again.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary: Once upon a time, the youngest son of Odin, Loki Laufeyson, was imprisoned in the highest room of the tallest tower, ne'er to be seen again. The arrival of a stranger put everything to the test… and for a while it seemed as though they’d passed. However, not all is as well as it seems. There was more than met the eye in the deal that Odin made, all those years ago. Ends were left loose and promises were not kept. Friends, both old and new, must face an enemy unlike any other as sons are forced to pay for the sins of the father. The bonds of friendship and, more importantly, of family will be tested to their limits.

A/N: Part 3 already! Aren’t you lucky? If you want a song to set up the beginning of this one, check out ‘Touch the Sky’ bu Julie Fowlis. We couldn’t have The Tower 2 without more Disney references. Let me know what you guys think about this one. Enjoy! :3

‘The Tower 2: Accursed’ (Part 3)

Part 2 // Catch up on ‘The Tower’!

The branches shivered; the leaves shook. For each horseshoe that struck the soil, a tremor thundered through the earth. ‘Twas a shire horse. Ebony in colour, save for the dirty white feathering on its legs – practically one of the shadows until a break in the canopy lit the beast up with sun. Each one of its chuffing breaths released a furious cloud of heat.

Atop the animal’s back was a woman. For the most part she wore leather – boots, pants, gloves, and gauntlets. However, a loose white shirt fluttered against the wind. She pulled the crossbow from her back and, after a long, steady breath, took aim at the upcoming target.

It was a plank of wood with a crudely painted circle in the center. Instinct dictated that you shut one eye to focus on it, but your mentor’s words rung in your mind and you kept them open. The arrow erupted from the bow with a thwip! – and hit the center of the plank.

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Subterfuge #18

Summary: You fell in with the wrong crowd as a subterfuge intelligence hacker. But you’re given a second chance… until your thirst for secrets finds you in hot water with both HYDRA and SHIELD. With no shortage of enemies after you, and a new plan in place, you try to rebuild – only to have your past finally catch up with you.

Warnings: fluffy angst, some action, hints of violence, and implied sex references  (👀)

Word Count: 3,792

Ok, so this was re-written like 4 times, but I’m finally happy with how it turned out. I figured I’d just publish right now before I did any more damage to it lol No gifs on this one either, so sorry! (I may go back and add gifs to some of the chapters without them later on, though.) 

This is totally off-canon timeline; according to Civil War, Nigeria and Vienna happened about a month apart, but then again I’m not killing Crossbones here either so, timeline’s skewed for my purposes. I’m sure you’ll forgive me once you finish reading this. ;) Loooooooove you! –BJ

Chapter 17 | MASTERLIST

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Who I write for. 

(#) — mental health. 

(*) — LGBTQ+ themed.  

MCU characters:

Bucky Barnes

Walk Through the Fire

Steve Rogers. 

Where Do We Go from Here? (#)

Entirety (*)

I’m Cool, but My Wife is Cooler. 

Stephen Strange

Warm Blood (*)


Tony Stark


Wanda Maximoff

Two Young Lovers

Breathe (*)

Peter Parker

Sparks Fly

MCU actors: 

Tom Hiddleston 

Overload (#)

Can’t Help Falling in Love (#)

Tom Holland

Drop the Mic

Chris Evans


Bee Kind




REBLOG TO SAVE A MARVEL FAN’S LIFE LMK WHAT Y’ALL THINK I’M GOING CRAZY ( this is fan art, but they still wouldn’t have just posted any fan art like this has to be some type of clue)

The Avengers Read Thirst Tweets

Summary: The Avengers were told that doing this video would be good press, but considering that Peter Parker is the only one who has actually read a thirst tweet before, most of them are in way over their heads.

Warnings: Some mostly tame thirst tweets, occasional swearing

A/N: This is just a silly little project I got inspired to write a few days ago, and it’s been nothing but fun to write and find thirst tweets for! I may do a few more related fics, just because the range of buzzfeed content is so wide and enjoyable, and a lot of the marvel characters being put in strange situations is always so funny to me. Also, a special thank you to @buckthegrump, @spideywhiteys, and @johnmulaneyslut for those thirsty suggestions y’all sent me, they were a big help!


Tony had insisted it would be good press. That was, quite literally, the only reason any of them were doing this. Well, aside from Peter. He was doing this because Ned had practically bullied him into it.

“So we just…” Steve furrowed his brow in confusion, looking to the young woman behind the camera who had cheerfully introduced herself as Kirsten. She couldn’t have been more than twenty three, if his guess wasn’t incorrect, but he was more focused on the fact that her hair was a deep shade of purple. “Read it? Out loud?”

“Mhmm,” she hummed through pierced lips. “Just grab one out of your bucket and read it when it’s your turn.”

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Love this man?

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peter: [walking around still disappointed 6 hours after visiting an aquarium]

tony: peter, what did you think a tiger shark was?

Imagine Loki trying to convince you that dating him is a good idea.

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Want me to make this into a one shot? Let me know!

 Fan fic readers when they want a part two:

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In Which She’s Jealous Of Herself

Summary: You have been crushing on Bucky Barnes for a while now. And after overhearing something, you conclude that you aren’t the right person for the Winter Soldier. Little did you know how wrong you were.

Warnings: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader, Fluff.

Note: Please enjoy this! It’s an order. Also, I know I’m still a fetus at writing but thank you so much for the support for the last one.

You didn’t know how it started.

You thought maybe it was the way his eyes blended so perfectly against the sun, shining as if it were the perfect cerulean glass. Or the way his lips tipped into a smirk whenever he laughed. But it was also the way you saw past the distant exterior that he put up everyday. Perhaps, it was the way your skin tingled at his touch.

Either way, it was clear that you liked James Buchanan Barnes.

During the day, when you weren’t out busy getting shot out, you found yourself constantly looking at Bucky, falling in love with every detail of his face. His laugh, his voice. Just him in general.

“I don’t like Bucky,” You told Wanda and Natasha as the three of you decided that it was a perfect day to have a girls’ day. Somehow, the topics of you conversation landed on your crush on Bucky. This time, they didn’t believe your attempts on denying it.

“Oh, please,” Wanda scoffed. “I see you drooling when you stare at him from across the room.”

“I do not drool over him!” You shot back, heat creeping up your cheeks. Embarrassment settled at the pit of your stomach. You couldn’t bare to look at the girls so you cast your eyes to the floor.

“Yes, you do, sweetheart.” Natasha pointed out. “If you weren’t so adorable, I’d say that it was disgusting.”

“Oh!” Wanda jumped up immediately, startling you for a bit. “You have to ask him out, Y/N. He totally likes you.”

A soft sigh emanated from your lips. “How I wish.”

Natasha paused in the midst of painting her fingernails, she looked straight into your eyes. “Who are you and what have you done to my precious Y/N?”

“What?” You felt the crease in your eyebrows furrowing. The nervousness grew in your stomach feverishly.

“The Y/N I know would never put herself down like that.” Wanda piped in with a toothy smile. “Because the Y/N I know, is absolutely badass.”

“Not to mention incredibly beautiful, smart, and strong.” Nat said, warming your heart to no extent.

“How would you even know he likes me?” You said, lowering your voice just in case the teasing began.

A scoff came from Wanda, “Are we going to ignore the fact that I’m a mind reader?”

A little flutter went to your heart. She did have a point. But you refused to let go of the doubt circling your mind. After a few seconds you exhaled a breath, “Alright. I’ll ask him.”

Claps and hollers echoed from the room. Eventually, you had to throw a pillow at them to shut their mouths. You couldn’t risk anyone hearing you.

“That’s my girl.” Natasha sent you a smile before returning to her nail polish. “Now go get your man.”

“Because I really don’t want to live for the rest of my life listening to you mope about how you didn’t ask him out.” Wanda said with a giggled.

Before you could say something else. Something had pushed you out of the door. A red mist surrounded you before slowly disappearing.

You stared at the empty hallway, desperately trying to calm your erratic nerves. Your heart was beating heavily as if it would burst out of your chest any moment now.

The thought of staying put in front of your bedroom door did seem quite alright. You knew that the rejection would bring a lot of pain. It was ironic how an Avenger who could withstand hours of torture was afraid of heartbreak.

You accepted long ago that you’d rather let Bucky play with your heart and love him from afar than him breaking your heart and be despised by him.

You took a step towards Bucky’s room, which coincidentally was three minutes away from yours. Within the first few steps, confidence was your friend. And with a chin held high, you kept telling yourself, I can do this.

Eventually, you stopped in your path. You spun around and headed back to your room. Nope, I can’t do this.

It was humiliating, the way you cowered. Glimpses of Natasha and Wanda giving you looks of disapproval sent you back on your way to Bucky’s room. Damn your pride and stubbornness.

For a while, you knew that you looked like a madwoman. You spent minutes going back and forth from the hallway.

“How hard can asking someone out be.” The mantra kept replaying in your own head. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring you as much comfort as you thought it would.

So you spent there, back against the wall in a sitting position. Wallowing in your self pity and questioning your existence. You spent a few moments like that. Suddenly, you stood up and felt ready as ever.

You took big albeit hesitant steps. Slowly but surely, you reached the door to Bucky’s room. Muffled voices came from his room. You were about to open the door when you heard something that shattered your heart to pieces.

“Of course I know she likes me, Steve.”

It was Bucky.

Your heart raced harder and faster. And as you laid your ear close to the door, you thought of the anyone who could have possibly told Bucky about your crush on him. It could have been either Natasha or Wanda since they were really the only ones that knew. But you trusted them.

“You don’t think I see how she looks at me everyday? It’s weird.”

Your breathing became shallow and ragged. And as your confidence broke, so did your heart. You didn’t mean to make it so obvious.

“Besides, I like someone else.”

By now, your sight became blurry with your unshed tears. You wanted to turn back and just go away, but you couldn’t. A dark side of you begged to stay, knowing how much you deserved it. But it hurt too damn much.

“I’ll tell her tomorrow. Maybe that’ll get her off my back.”

You didn’t stick around to hear anymore of it. Bucky began to drone about how the girl he loved, how magical her eyes were, how entrancing her smile was, and about how strong she was a woman. A part of you wished that were you, but in the real world, hearts break because of wishes and expectations.

Running into your room with tears in your eyes was a complete shock for Nat and Wanda. You didn’t stop for anything as you dived in headfirst into your pillow. The frustration and humiliation poured into your sobs.

“Oh, darling, what happened?” Natasha ran up to you first, you felt her arm massaging your back in comfort.

“I told you he didn’t like me!” You cried out.

After that, you felt the last piece of your heart break.

• • •

The next day you were extra careful to avoid Bucky at all costs. Although you spent the night preparing your poker face when he told you about his hatred for you, it was nice to delay the rejection. As the day ended, you realized it was an easy feat.

Disappearing from Bucky’s life became like clockwork. As the days progressed, you found yourself healing a bit, too. You intentionally woke up late so you didn’t have to face him during breakfast. Wanda helped you clear the training rooms before you started the day. Even Nat distracted Steve whenever he tried to talk to you.

There were times you thought about caving in and swallowing your pride. It didn’t matter if Bucky was going to stomp on your heart, you just wanted to see him again. Then you remembered how he spoke with such hostility the other day, you didn’t want to seem clingy or desperate.

It was a Monday, you just came from picking up the groceries since everyone else was lazy. As you entered the compound, you noticed that the place wasn’t filled with the Maximoff twins’ bickering, Sam’s video games, Peter’s random yelling, and Thor demands of a puppy. It was silent for once.

It was scary, if you were to be honest.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” You called out in the kitchen, setting the bags of food onto the counter. Once more, the room was ghostly quiet. “I’m gonna make dinner, if anyone cares!”

“I care, Doll.”

Everywhere you went, it was empty and peacefully quiet. So it was a complete surprise when you heard someone’s voice behind you. Safe to say, you shrieked like a banshee in shock.

You spun around to see Bucky standing there behind you with the smile you knew and love. This time your heart spiked, and you knew it wasn’t from surprise. It took you a few moments to register that this was the Bucky that you managed to ignore for days.

You turned your back to him immediately. Your hands hovered everywhere to find a frying pan as your mind was sent into a frenzy.

“Doll, why are you ignoring me?” Bucky moved closer to you now, his breath fanning across your ear as he settled his hands across your waist. It took everything in your power to not shudder from the extreme contact.

“What? Me? Ignore you? Never.” Awkward laughs spluttered from you. Quite hesitantly, you maneuvered your way out of his grasp and faced him. You weren’t sure if you were trying to escape him or find an excuse to look at his eyes again.

One look at those magnificent blue eyes and you were putty once more. You reminded yourself about why he was here therefore you needed to get out before your heart broke all over again.

“Yes, you are ignoring me. Every time I see you, you just go down the opposite way. You even get Wanda, Nat, Pietro, and Bruce to distract Steve and I. Then when I look back, you’re gone. Don’t you know how much that breaks my heart, Doll?”

You tried to not focus on the fact that he was much closer than before. You couldn’t bare to look at him so you diverted your eyes to anywhere but him. You scoffed mentally, it was ironic how he’d talk about his heart being broken when he came here to break yours.

“Bucky,” You moved away, settling for the spot across the room. Whispering softly, “I have to make dinner. You should go.”

Bucky was quicker. Before you could move any farther, he had you trapped, enclosed with his arms on both sides of your head, with your back against the wall. He leaned closer to your face, his sweet lemony scent overwhelming your senses. “What if I don’t want to, Y/N?”

“Then your girlfriend might be angry at me.” For a split second, there was regret coursing through you but then you realized that it was better if this ended now. You tried to shove him away but he wouldn’t budge, your hands ended laying flat on his chest.

“The only girl I want is right here.”

You’d be lying if you said that didn’t turn your heart into a beating mess and your mind into a whirlwind of thoughts. “Bucky, don’t toy with me. I heard you talking about me with Steve a few days ago.”

“Oh, yeah? What did I say?” Bucky actually had the freaking nerve to smile at you.

You took a deep breath before answering him. It was now or never. “You told Steve that you knew I liked you and that you noticed how I stare at you.”

There was a beat of silence. Bucky spent his time just staring blankly at your eyes before smiling wider than before. “Oh, you mean Jenny.”

And there it was. You were envious of the way that woman brought happiness to Bucky, but you knew better than to be special. “I’d like to keep my dignity so if you could excuse me. I need to make dinner now.”

Finally, you got yourself out of Bucky’s hold. Before you could move any further, you felt pressure in your wrist.


Bucky pulled you back to his chest, his arms wrapping around you. On instinct, you tightened your arms around him, basking in the warmth he gave you.

“Bucky, let me go.” You said softly, holding on to the last of your pride. Since he was a tall giant, your face was pressed up against his chest.

“I said no.”

“But Jenny—” You were interrupted by Bucky lifting your chin up with his hand.

“Jenny is the florist of that store I’ve been buying flowers from to give to you when I had the guts to ask you out. I didn’t like the way she kept looking at me and kept asking for my number. Do you wanna know why?” Bucky’s lips moved so sensually that you almost didn’t hear what he said and instead focus on the movements.

You kept your gaze locked on him as you shook your head, “No.”

“Because I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

You became drunk with overjoy and excitement that you couldn’t think of anything else to say, you just burrowed your head deeper into his neck as you grabbed him in a tight hug. “Oh.”

For a few moments, you stayed like that, wrapped in each other’s embrace. You bit your lips to suppress the smile that threatened to come out. A certain thought floated through your mind that brought a crease to your forehead. “Buck?”


“Why do I have a feeling that you’re the reason that no one’s here right now?” You asked, wondering why none of your friends weren’t anywhere to be found.

Bucky’s laughter vibrated against his chest, honestly bringing a shiver through your spine. “I got Tony to trap Bruce in the lab, Vision is distracting Wanda with videos of puppies, Peter has Pietro stuck in his web, and Steve tied Natasha with a rope.”

At this point, you didn’t care about the series of giggles that came from you. “Do you think you could let me go now? I’m really hungry and I need to make dinner now.”

“For you, Doll?” He began, looking down on you with the eyes of his that you came to know and love.

“I’d give you the world.”

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Sweat and Smoke

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky wants to play on a mission.

Warnings: SMUTTY AF (18+), Language, Semi-Public Sex, Dirty Talk

A/N: I haven’t written in a while and am trying to release the cobwebs with sum smut. I also wrote this at work because i am str8 trash. Please reblog and comment lovies!!! xoxo

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“What’s your status, Buck?”

“We’re on the south side of the facility – currently hidden from view but, there are a large group of hostiles that I believe are east of us – a couple rooms down,” Bucky whispers into his coms, his eyes sliding over you as you lean back against the wall. “We’ll wait for your command.”

“Sit tight, guys,” Steve responds before the line goes quiet.

“I’m bored,” you mutter before kicking the side of the wall with your boot. “We’ve been stuck in here for two hours.”

The two of you were at the corner of a long hall outside of a door that led to a storage unit. You’d both been caught off guard by the number of agents there had been during the mission and Bucky had forced you down a hall into hiding. 

You were stuck waiting on Steve to give you the go ahead to take out the remaining hostiles. It didn’t help that the facility was horribly hot – the air similar to swampy summer heat.

Bucky glances down the hall before turning back to you – his expression unreadable. He quickly flicks a small button on the inside of his coms before leaning over and doing the same to yours.

“What is it? What are you doing?” you question impatiently, swiping strands of hair off your wet forehead.

“I was just thinking of a way we could pass the time..” he drawls slowly as if testing every word out of his mouth.  “After all, we didn’t get to finish what we started this morning, baby.”

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how’s your day?? oh. you don’t know? well, it’s awfully lucky that loki laufeyson is here to help (for once)

you can now place your feelings on a loki scale ranging from ‘Suffering’ to ‘Hehehe’

personally i am always in ‘Yes chaos’ bc mood

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met (Part 1/?) (Loki x reader)

Request: Could you do a Loki x reader where he comes to earth with Thor post-Ragnarok and falls in love with the newest avenger (the reader)? Love your work ❤❤❤

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to go back to Earth?”

“Yes, of course,” Thor nodded, “the people of Earth love me, I’m very popular.”

“Let me rephrase that,” Loki clarified, “do you really think it’s a good idea to bring me back to Earth?”

“Probably not, to be honest.  But I wouldn’t worry, brother,” Thor sighed with a slight grin, “I feel like everything is gonna work out fine.”

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Insufferable (one-shot)

Synopsys: Neighbours!AU

The Reader gets an unexpected new neighbour- the one and only ex-Winter Soldier and Avenger Bucky Barnes. And he is insufferable.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Genre: angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, dudes and dudettes), swearing

Word count: 5035

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   “ ‘M gonna kill Steve.”
   “Shh, doll. No talk. Just sleep,” Bucky’s arm wound tighter around Y/N’s waist. She could hear the soft whirs of the metal plates as it pulled her body closer to his. The moment was peaceful, almost pleasant, if not for the incessant ramming against their door.
   “Oh, for fucks, sake,” Y/N grumbled.
   It was a rarity when Bucky got a day off, so the fact that his best friend wanted the other super soldier to still go on a run after a gruelling nine-week mission he’d just gotten back from, was quite offensive in Y/N’s humble opinion. She pulled the sheets that covered her and Bucky’s naked bodies tightly around herself, leaving the man completely exposed.
   “Doll, what are you doing?”
   The ex-Winter Soldier was still very delirious from sleep, but the cold air grazing his skin slowly woke him up.
   “Making Steve go away.”
   He was just about to ask what that means when Y/N walked through the corridor and yanked their apartment door open. She was sure the blond Avenger could quite clearly see everything peeking out from under the thin white material. His face turned the colour of the Scarlet Witch’s powers, but when Y/N practically yelled throughout the hallway that she and Bucky were trying to have sex, Steve’s cheeks turned the reddest red that had ever reddened.

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steve: See? Unisex.

bucky: Maybe *you* need sex. I just had it a few days ago.

steve: No, buck. U-N-I-sex.

bucky: I wouldn’t say no to that.