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This Is Madness: Nash’s 300.

Do I have your attention? Thought so. 

Yes, Nash’s 200th SPN Meets Archer celebration is still phrasing all over the place, but I’ve long had something in mind for a 300th follower celebration and didn’t want to hold off on the challenge idea til 500th or whatever. 

The 300 madness is on me - I’m gonna kick you into a pit of giggles. I’m at #395, looks like only about 10 or so are suspect, so we gotta do this now to get in before 410/415-ish, because then NO MORE 300, this won’t be Supernatural Sparta! 

Here’s what you’re gonna see rolling out of NashHole, Inc. on a regular basis til that happens - read on if you’re able to stop staring at that gif.

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Masterlist of the Winter Soldier ficlets (so far)
Steve/Bucky Rec List
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Do you by chance happen to have ohhhhh let’s say a Steve/Bucky reclist *CHINHANDS*


Modern Day

For Operational Reasons by Odsbodkins. 4k. SHIELD tries to keep the fact that Bucky is alive secret.

The Dawn of the Last Great Day by ignipipes. 13.8k. FUCKING BRILLIANT. What it lacks in actual hooking up it makes up for by being FUCKING BRILLIANT.

make my one dream come true (you only live twice) by beardsley. 14k. Five times they run into the Winter Soldier but with extra martinis and tuxedos.

Uncharted by DisappointMe. 14.7k. ACTUAL BEST FUCKING FIC IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, DON’T WALK, RUN TO READ THIS. Bucky introduces Steve to sex toys and then whoops there’s a relationship.

May Way for Ducklings!verse by hetrez. Starts with Steve finding his footing and something he can contribute. Then moves on to finding Bucky. SO EMOTIONS. MUCH FEELS.

escape from new york by beardsley. 12k. There’s a sex pollen affecting everyone except Steve and Bucky. Oh and Jane too but that’s cuz she took care of her own business.

who’s got time to watch an explosion by beardsley. 2k. Five times Steve and Bucky didn’t need to say a goddamn word and then one time they were ordered to be more vocal during an op and now everyone feels uncomfortable.

last night while I slept, they rearranged the sheets by victoria_p. 3k. Everyone assumes they’re already together.

In the Age of Little Steve

Gravitation by Odsbodkins. 18k. The long, excruciating time before the war and the art classes they took. GORGEOUS.

Cleanliness is next to godliness by Odsbodkins. 4k. Five times they had a bath together.

Pianissimo by Odsbodkins. 15k. The years between the 30s to 1945.

the spin I’m in by victoria_p. 3.5k. Five times Bucky had a completely legitimate reason for kissing Steve.

Body Studies by Ark. 10k. They’re stuck inside and Bucky decides Steve should draw him.

One Day We Won’t Have to Be Scared by Paraxdisepink. 13k. Half told through flashback, super duper consent issues and voyeurism. A man paid Bucky and Steve to photograph them having sex. The photos surface in the modern day and Bucky is having trouble explaining to Steve why it bothers him so much. (ALSO AMAZING.)


Off by a Thousand Miles by lanyon. 3k. Very plotty. Bucky is a cop who meets a pint-sized florist who may or may not have ties to some murders.

the sirens and the thunder by legete. 15.7k. Bucky is a selkie who gives his pelt to Steve because someone obviously has to watch over him. BEST EVER.

listen to your heart (by don’t say goodbye to me) by CinnamonCake. 10k. Bucky is Hades and Steve is Persephone.

Deep as a secret nobody knows by This Girl Is. 4k. To be fair, Steve was pretty drunk the first time he called the phone sex line.


tired eyes on the sunrise, waiting for the eastern glow by halfmoonsevenstars. 11.4k. Female Bucky, female Steve. Everything after she had to remember.

enyo by legete. 3.5k. Female Bucky. It took Steve three weeks to figure out Bucky was a girl.

your fatalism and your crooked fate by legete. 2.6k. Female Steve. Bucky has a lot of stupid ideas.

Three’s Company

Three Step by copperbadge. 5k. Natasha/Steve/Bucky. The answer to: How many times can a couple have a threesome with the same guy before they’re in a threeway relationship?

This Might Just Work by Odsbodkins. Tony/Bucky/Steve. 16k. Bucky got defrosted and deprogrammed early and Fury decided to use him as part of the pitch for Iron Man. Worked a bit better than he expected.

Reflexes by AlchemyAlice. Tony/Bucky/Steve. 41k. Bucky was found by SHIELD and Tony wanted a project. Steve glowers for a while.

Bucky Barnes and produce, have some feels

(I know the cat’s outta the bag on this one, given Soft Spot for the Hell Raisin’ Boy and everything, but I am super-duper into the idea of Bucky ending up a health nut.)

Food meant a lot to him back in the day and he wasn’t choosy, he’d eat anything boiled so long you tasted nothing but brown water. And then he didn’t care about anything bodily for a long time as the Winter Soldier. Eating wasn’t so much a concern as something he either did when he was told or was inserted into him through an IV while he was on ice.

So think about how it must seem once he starts finding his footing again. Things taste different, sure. But the only things that taste a bad different are the unhealthy things like burgers and mayo (and, fascinatingly, bananas which apparently are a different species from the one he knew when). And big supermarkets probably seem a bit too corporate, a bit too homogenized, a bit too mechanical for him and his issues. So he probably goes to farmer’s markets and small grocers. And so he’s getting the best possible produce and then he’s talking knives with this butcher so he’s getting only the best possible cuts of meat.

And, like, caring about what he eats is still new and he has all this choice in front of him and he’s sick and tired of pretending he’s choosing the worst possible option, of actually choosing the worst possible option, of feeling like he was actually choosing the worst possible option. So he just chooses to eat only the best things for him. He reads up on the subject. He spies on a nutritionist like it was an op, like he was a mark, and casually pries even more information out of him.

(“Did it never occur to you to schedule an appointment?” Natasha asks when she meets him on the roof. He’s got a scope and no rifle, just the nutritionist in his sights. This is, apparently, how he does things now.)

And he doesn’t really learn to cook per se. He eats raw vegetable in astonishing quantities. He eats his steak bloody. Sushi is his new favorite thing.

(He bonds with the guy in the back about gutting the fish. He knows nothing about fish, but he knows a lot about gutting.)

He picks up off expertises about food. He starts a rooftop garden on Stark’s roof and nobody notices for three months because he’s subtle like that. He shows up at the butcher’s supplier’s farm, volunteers to help. He spends a lot of mornings milking cows, a lot of afternoons slaughtering goats.

When asked, Steve smiles beatifically and says that it’s nice Bucky has a hobby.

The Avengers and drinking games

So I completely agree with everyone who says that the MCU has not yet established these people as people who can cohabitate in one big friendly Avengers mansion yet.

I think they would be absolute hell for each other for about a month–which for reasons of New York being under imminent threat or similar Plot Reasons they would actually have to be living in the tower–before they would come up with a solution.

Which would be drinking games.

Hear me out.

I bet Natasha and Clint would have some sort of conversation (up in the ceiling or on the roof) and would pull together all their spy experience on making illusory bonds between groups of disparate people. They’d have flow charts and graphs and tactical strategies and it would be a basic mission brief, right. But it would basically boil down to: these fuckers have not yet gotten drunk together.

So they would approach someone–let’s say Pepper. And they collectively either manipulate schedules (Tony) or manipulate feelings (Steve) or just ask Jane (Thor), but by hook or by crook, they gather the team together for a drinking night.

(Only Tony knows Steve can’t get drunk at this point because it’s not one of the more well known PR things about him and only Tony has combed through his father’s notes. And Steve doesn’t mention it which is underhand and sneaky and thus surprising to Tony so he lets it slide too just to see what happens.)

And Bruce, Clint, Rhodey and Sam all have that generic American background of drinking games for one reason or another. This is when they play beer pong and flip cup. Steve has super dated drinking games that aren’t really drinking games so much as marathons (because people could drink back in the day, no lies). And Tony has a mish-mosh of barely understood movie references to the common man’s drinking games (but no actual first hand knowledge), so they end up playing drinking versions of truth or dare at this point.

And then Thor introduces his Asguardian drinking games with many, many very strict rules that make no sense from the outside.

(This is the part that finds things like Clint hanging off the ceiling fan with Bruce’s shirt tied around his eyes reciting the alphabet backwards or Rhodey and Sam racing around the tower’s roof or Bruce, who accidentally hulks out at some point, seeing how many hard boiled eggs he can eat without throwing up. This is the part of the night when shit gets real.)

But yeah. This is how they actually make their bond and become almost friends—because Steve starts putting everybody in their beds when they get outrageously drunk and Clint gropes him on the way but Natasha keeps mumbling interrogation questions into her pillow that Steve thinks are directed towards him so he leans in and tries to hear and she punches him in the mouth but it’s ok she also tells him he’s an adorable kitten in Russian. And the Hulk helps get Thor back onto the sofa and then he and Steve sit on the roof and watch the sunrise and the Hulk burps incredibly noxious hard-boiled egg burps but otherwise it’s really peaceful.

5x Bucky slipped into the Winter Soldier (+1 time the Winter Soldier slipped into Bucky)


When Steve was eleven and Bucky was ten, Steve came down with pneumonia during the worst part of the winter. He hadn’t had a lot of weight to spare anyway, but what he had he lost over those weeks. Bucky tried to stay off the bed (like they told him), but he couldn’t for too long. He curled up around Steve and breathed with him.

But what he felt was wrong, he knew that. Steve’s ma cried quietly in the kitchen, but she swallowed her grief and was strong for her boy. Bucky’s little sister cried when she came over the first Saturday she could and she was only six, her tears rolled down her big, chubby cheeks. The old lady down the hall who watched Steve when his ma couldn’t during the day, she cried too.

Bucky crawled into his bed and gripped the pieces of Steve he could and when he felt the grip get too tight, he gripped the sheets.

Everyone else was sad that Steve might die.

Bucky wanted to hurt something, to smash someone’s face in for daring to threaten Steve.

But he could pretend, he could learn to loosen the grip and pretend to have feelings that went down the other avenue, the one marked “grief.” He could pretend he didn’t want someone to spill blood for every ragged cough.


“Shoot,” said Steve.

Bucky pulled the trigger as easy as breathing, content to be blank. Content to follow the order. Content not to care who was in his sights.

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More thoughts on CA:TWS

(No longer hiding my thoughts on Winter Soldier under read mores. Still tagging for spoilers though.)

Back to my previous thoughts about the fighting styles, guys.

I stand by what I said about Natasha. She does keep tight and small while fighting but projects big and swagger when she’s not. She makes herself seem larger when she stands at ease, smaller when she’s coming at the bad dude. She’s not dancing. It’s graceful, sure, but it’s subterfuge on another level. It’s cunning.

Steve–especially in that first sequence–is percussive. If anyone’s a dancer in their fighting, it’s him. He’s a strategist–which is different from “cunning”–and there’s so much careful precision in his movement. But then there’s the fact that he’s bigger, more, and beyond a normal human. This comes out most in the rhythm of his fighting, in these moments of bass drum thumps. It’s a patter of quiet, carefully choreographed running and then the slam of his feet to the ground after a jump, the splash of the dude over the side, the explosion of a knife to a hand. It’s musical.

And, yeah, you already know that I think Bucky is all sex in his fighting style. (It’s all grabbing and grasping and pulling things closer and raking his fingers down the street and hips just so much pelvis.) But the cool thing happens with the shield.

Cap’s shield. Obviously.

Since Bucky died losing it, didn’t he? He picked it up and then he died, that quick. And the Winter Soldier keeps going for the shield specifically, especially to grab it away from Steve. It’s the first thing he does, catch the shield in mid air. Then he takes it from Cap and uses it for a second, like it hanging off his arm makes sense to the part of him that doesn’t need memories to remember. And then Steve drops it through the floor and it’s him crashing and Bucky falling all in one moment.

But besides that. Every time Bucky and the shield meet, there’s a clear bell sound. It cuts through Bucky’s background music–which I could also go on at extreme length about it’s so good–and it rings high and true above everything else. And just think: it’s metal-to-metal. Bucky’s super-human arm to the symbol of Captain America-the-myth-that’s-bigger-than-the-man. And it rings out. It’s actually a beautiful sound.

this happened because Andrew Sisters came up on random

It takes months, but Bucky and the rest of the team have achieved a kind of equilibrium where he’s sometimes in the communal spaces–silent and brooding–and everybody else tiptoes around him. It would be funny to Steve, who remembers a version of Bucky that couldn’t be in a crowded room without centering all the attention on himself, if it didn’t make him want to cry a little too.

So when they’re all watching Fred and Ginger films together–Steve gets to choose the movie sometimes even though they make token grumbles about the lack of color and over-acting–and Tony opens his big mouth, Steve has to step up to the plate.

“They’re freakishly good,” said Tony. “Real people don’t dance like that.”

“Bucky had some serious moves back in the day,” said Steve defensively. “Should have seen him cut a rug back then.”

And it’s a testament to how far they’ve come that Bucky–on the floor in front of Steve–tips his head back and smiles.

Barton snorts.

“What?” asks Bucky because when Steve steps up to a bat, no matter what else, Bucky steps up behind him.

“No offense,” says Bruce, who everybody always assumes is the nice one but who uses ‘no offense’ entirely too much to never be intending offense, “but nobody can verify what happened back in the day.”

“Sure we could,” said Steve, stubbornly. “Bucky, show them.”

Bucky’s eyes go wide.

“I don’t have a partner,” he says. “Can’t dance without a partner and none of these mooks know how to dance properly.”

“Actually,” said Tony in the same contemplative tone he usually said things like I think this might be flammable or do we know the tensile strength of this, “I took lessons.”

There was a silence while the movie was utterly forgotten by everyone in the room.

Tony shrugged. “Rich kid,” he explained. “I had lessons in everything.”

“OK,” said Bucky, echoing a hundred times Steve had started something Bucky needed to finish. (Steve smiled at the thought, another sign of how much better they all were.) He stood up and held out a hand to Tony. “Shall we dance?”

“JARVIS, can you–” Steve started to say, waving at the TV. It had already paused. By unspoken agreement, Natasha and Bruce were already pushing the coffee table and the sofa out of the way. (Thor lifted the other couch with one hand and put it down on top of the other.)

They agreed on Sandman and, yeah, Tony could cut a rug a bit too. He was also the one who got spun and thrown by reasoning that (a) he couldn’t lift Bucky if he tried and (b) he was a tiny, tiny human.

(“I am not.”)

At first Bucky clearly was treating it like another test–am I still Bucky under everything else? Do I need memories to be me?–and was concentrating, quiet and grim. His face quickly cleared as the muscle memory kicked in and he realized he didn’t need to prove it or search for it inside himself, it was right there.

When he swung Tony between his legs and Tony cursed a blue streak (but landed perfectly with a few wiggles of his hips), Bucky laughed.

another meta inspired because my ipod will always be on shuffle

So I think we all agree that the core value of Steve Rogers is that he wants to fix the world, right? It’s what makes him so very good, that he doesn’t want to fix people, he wants to fix the world as a whole. He sees the good in people and works under the assumption that they too want to make the world a better place and he believes it with such intensity that people sort of start acting as if they agree even if they–for any number of reasons–wouldn’t have credited themselves with that quality before meeting him.

And I was thinking about the differences between Peggy and Bucky as we saw them in CA:TFA. Because Bucky is absolutely the first and best example of someone who never would have called himself a good man but behaved like one for Steve’s sake. He’s basically a case study in the phenomenon.

But Peggy? She’s different. I think she fits more into the Erskine formula–a formula that very few people follow with Steve. Basically, it’s been Erskine, Peggy, and Sam and that’s it.

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Timeline-wise, Bucky fell from the train and the Soviets found him and he was probably bleeding out, right, so they had to put him in stasis until Zola could be in a position to finish his programming, right? But there would be some surgery first, some work done to make sure Bucky wouldn’t just die in stasis.

And Steve meanwhile is storming the citadel and taking his nosedive into the Arctic.

I’m just asking–did they end up freezing at the same time?

Sadly this is the way my brain works:

imagine if watching steve ineptly try to hit on sam is what finally makes bucky remember who he was because that’s the most familiar experience ever

imagine bucky’s like super secret at the back of a crowded room and he’s listening to steve say things to sam like YOU’RE SO WELL BUILT FOR SOMEONE WHO DIDN’T HAVE A SUPER SERUM and bucky slaps himself in the face and

just remembers thousands of times that steve would cough politely and say things like WELL YOUR SHOES ARE VERY RED to the girls he tried to set him up on dates with (sort of in the same exact tone steve would later say SO DO YOU TWO….FONDUE).

and bucky leaves but within hours, he’s got a lot of memories back, enough to pull out his phone and text steve something better to say, like he used to do when he’d pull steve into the bathroom and feed him lines to say to the girl

anonymous asked:

I haven't read any marvel comic, so, I don't understand why Bucky hasn't grow older in the movie. Hydra frozed him, but not all the time, so, why doesn't look older?

So in the comics Bucky was originally a child, a la Robin to Steve’s Batman. The comics aged him by making the cryostasis a thing that happened piecemeal–thus aging him while he was un-frozen for extended periods of time and not when he was frozen. But narratively he started much, much younger.

External image

I think the implication in the MCU is that Bucky wasn’t un-frozen anywhere near as much in this version. I think we basically have to assume that he was frozen for the vast majority of time and taken out only for the actual kill, never for extended periods like he was in the comic books. So I think we’re supposed to see a bit of age on him–he did look super young and fresh-faced back in CA1 and he’s a bit grizzled and weather-worn in CA2–but not too much.

I think I might find this version even more tragic, to be honest. Because at least the Bucky in the comics got to do things like stick around to train Natasha and have the affair they had while brainwashed and have lapses where he almost remembered. At least the Winter Soldier sometimes had time to feel things or at least think things.

In the MCU, even spending a couple of days un-frozen is “too long” according to the scientists working on him. Like, it’s barely been a day or two and they’re talking about how long it’s been since he was frozen and wiping him again just to be sure. This makes me think it’s anomalous to give him time to walk around. I imagine he usually is carted in immediately, mere hours after he was taken out. I think we’re supposed to assume that they took him out of the freezer, pointed him like a gun, fired, and put him away again.

anonymous asked:

Ballet au, please! Bucky as the principal dancer of a ballet company? Or just anything about Bucky dancing all pretty and graceful-like.

“Natasha was saying the Red Room made her a ballerina,” said Steve one evening in the gym.

He’d been pounding the bag Tony made for him—the one that didn’t break quite so often and only now and then exploded. Bucky had been lifting himself idly with his metal arm and alternating with his other one.

“Good for dexterity,” said Bucky simply.

Steve pushed his sweaty hair off his forehead. “Yeah?”

Bucky slowly lowered himself to and dropped the last couple of inches. His feet dropped into a position Steve vaguely registered as balletic. His hands hovered in a graceful arch in front of himself.

Steve raised an eyebrow.

Bucky raised both arms in a gentle sweep up over his head and then in another sweep spread wide. He pushed forward and spun perfectly, landing with one leg arched in a perfect curve behind him.

Steve felt his jaw drop slightly.

Bucky continued to move and Steve couldn’t look away, especially not when Bucky lifted up on the tips of his toes—in nothing but socks—and then even further, somehow balanced on one perfect point. Then he spun, curling one leg in towards himself and then kicking it out again to pick up more speed.

Suddenly he dropped back, feet again in that pose Steve vaguely recognized as something from ballet but couldn’t name and didn’t know could work like that.

“Dexterity,” said Bucky and shrugged.