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Please Destiny tell us about The Great Superhero Debate of 2015 I NEED TO KNOW!!!!

Okay people, you’d better sit your butts down and get ready, because this is quite a story. And the best part about it is that I was at the center of it all, which rocked since I’m usually not a part of things, but I’m proud to talk about this wild and slightly bizarre incident and call it my own.

So first things first, you should know that my graduating class isn’t really all that extraordinary. We don’t have the smartest students or the coolest people or anything like that. But what we do have is a fiery and slightly crazy passion, and the one thing my classmates can do very well is band together once every few years for strange and confusing tournaments of our own invention.

In eighth grade, what started out as a simple conversation between two people turned into a month-long event in which every student in the grade started dividing up portions of the world to take over and became fake dictators for a while in an epic conquest for world superiority. (Guess who got Atlantis? THIS GIRL!) In third grade, at least half the students at recess engaged in an intense freeze tag competition on the playground that left people fighting over who really won that game for weeks after.

So yeah, my class is widely known around the school for our odd yet wildly entertaining tournaments.

This all culminated when in my freshman year, I somehow managed to start a ginormous debate that completely took over both the freshman and eventually the sophomore classes.

It started when I’d just watched that episode of Teen Titans in which all the Titans banded together to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil in one last battle. As I watched it, I couldn’t help wondering what would happen if all the DC heroes banded together in a fight against the Marvel heroes.

So the next day in school, I talked to my friend Amanda about it.

Now let me explain something for a second. Amanda is a HUGE Marvel nerd. Like I’m talking wears Marvel t-shirts and cosplayed as Black Widow at Comic Con and has an actual shrine to the Avengers in her room (this isn’t even an exaggeration I swear I’ve seen it). So naturally, she jumped to defend the Marvel heroes, while I stayed steadfast in my position that DC is clearly the superior comic provider and its heroes could kick Marvel’s butt.

Well this debate rapidly circulated until pretty soon the entire class was divided: Marvel vs DC. It was like Coke vs Pepsi or Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC, but with more acne riddled teenagers fighting over comic books. Everyone was on a side, and if you dared to even mention your opinion in the hallway, instantly you’d be mobbed by a dozen students coming to refute it and defend their own position. It was crazy, guys. Literally nothing in this world can get my class’ attention except for a debate. The majority of the mock trial team is composed of students in my grade. So don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say things got intense. My peers took to this competition like ducks to water.

It lasted so long that even the teachers and some upperclassmen got in on it, and there was no end in sight. I legitimately made a ten page catalogue of the best DC heroes and compared them to those of Marvel and I actually wrote an essay to further prove my point. People were wearing superhero shirts to school to support their cause, there were no less than three arguments about it in the cafeteria at a time, it was beautiful.

To be honest I’m not even sure how it ended, or if it even has? It kind of fizzled out after a few months when people turned their attention to winter break and began to forget about the school wide discussion. Though I kid you not, I brought it up once in Algebra last year and we spent at least a quarter of the class period going at it all over again. That fire is still there, and I don’t think anyone ever really forgot about it. The DC vs Marvel incident still haunts my class to this day, waiting like a time bomb for the opportunity to strike and once again divide this crappy institution and turn us back into the nerdy beasts we once were. (Btw I’m just saying this right now, I still stand by my point okay DC rocks and they have Batman so I mean 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Anyways yeah, that’s the story of how I accidentally turned my class into a pack of wild nerdy animals for a few months.

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