avengers vs justice league


The Avengers react to Justice League Trailer

  • *Family goes to see Batman v Superman*
  • 8 yr old sister: *turns around to me at fight scene* What team are you on?
  • Me: *puts my feet up on empty chair in front of us* Honey... You're so silly... *rolls up Captain America Socks*
  • Me: I'm on team Cap.

In order to relieve their repressed memories, the Avengers and Justice League are forced to watch their worst moments of their lives - deaths, insanity, destruction, getting replaced, betrayal, maiming, failures, losing their loved ones and so on. 

- JLA / Avengers v1 #3

Now imagine that years later, what if the Marvel and DC characters would become even more horrified when they see more bad stuff from the current era (Quesada/Alonso era for Marvel and Dan Didio era for DC)…

“Dc fan”: Marvel sucks /  “Marvel fan”: Dc sucks



I like both my favorite is marvel but both are good so come on stop with that nonsense

Meeting someone


Me: And what kind of movies do you like?…

The other person: Action, horror, superheroes movies….


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Avengers vs Justice League Final Epic Trailer 3 (by Mr88668866)