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In order to relieve their repressed memories, the Avengers and Justice League are forced to watch their worst moments of their lives - deaths, insanity, destruction, getting replaced, betrayal, maiming, failures, losing their loved ones and so on. 

- JLA / Avengers v1 #3

Now imagine that years later, what if the Marvel and DC characters would become even more horrified when they see more bad stuff from the current era (Quesada/Alonso era for Marvel and Dan Didio era for DC)…

Top 10 fave Fanfics of All Time

I got (un)officially tagged by @badwolfgirl01 who apparently wants to know where my interest lies. Oops.

Let’s start with one of my old favorites, yeah?

daddy’s gonna buy you a looking glass and a wish to assimilate the world by Fahye can’t really be read separately, if you ask my opinion. The first (and currently only) parts of Looking Glass, they’re Ouran High School Host Club fanfictions shipping the best Fivesome with a side of Honey/Mori. I suppose you can call the fics a little dated (2007 and 2010 on Ao3 respectively) but they still read super shiny to me. It’s a really good fic of a multi-person relationship.

Back in 2014, AvocadoLove started, and finished, Every Villain Is a Hero (in his own mind) - where Iron Man is a villain in New York, who habitually comes to blows with Captain America. Only, alas, during the Issue of the Week and a team up between the two, Iron Man doesn’t make it home. Incidentally, Steve and Tony were married… but didn’t know about one another’s secret identities. And I am a sucker for pre-established relationships and identity reveal.

After suffering through Resident Evil 6, I ended up very, very attached to Sherry and Jake. The friendship and maybe more that they had. (I also grew pretty attached to Piers and anyone who knows the game knows how well that ended for me.) So I needed to go find magical fics that elaborated on this relationship. And I found Only By You, wherein onthewayside gives us Sherry/Jake and copious amounts of flowers.

Past the Point of Safe Return by Jedi Buttercup is short, but worth the read if you’re into Alien vs Predator things. You don’t find a whole lot of fics about Lex (though once upon a time I did see a Lex and Scar cosplayer duo, and the Lex cosplayer confessed my mother and I were the only ones who’d recognized her) and you find even less about the Survivors as a collective. It’s nice to see it touched on, and this particular fic has lingered with me for.. years.

So we had flowers earlier– you want dancing now? Let’s go over here to O Brightening Glance by Emamel. Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin, extrapolating on local culture and characters. I am an absolute sucker, this is me. I love little fics like this, things that aren’t grand epics but are important all the same. The world building that goes into tiny details is so.. precious.

And speaking of precious, let’s take a momentary sidetrip away from Ao3 to date myself on Alydia Rackham’s FF.net with What the Room Requires. Alydia writes some of the best fics, and the best books, that I have ever seen– and this fic is what brought me to her. A confrontation between Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy leaves the latter fleeing for safe harbor– and Hermione chases him all the way to the Room of Requirement. Friendship and romance ensues.

AWOL, an NCIS and Hetalia crossover, is a little under 2.5k words from Lisse, wherein America goes missing and Canada goes to Gibbs for help, because where else do you go when a Marine goes missing? Nowhere. This fic also contains one very interesting database error and a great deal of wait, what? from the NCIS crew… and the readers. Trust me. It’s worth it.

From Far and Wide is another Hetalia fic that sits really nice with me (I swear, I have not actually watched all of Hetalia, and I have learned more about the show from osmosis via fic than I care to admit.) This one is written by Eerps captures a number of times that, although Canada is chiefly invisible, the other Countries have not in fact forgotten him. #6 is still my favorite.

Who Watches the Watchmen Themselves? by appending_fic is not, in fact, a single story, but a partnership: Heroes and Guardians and The Guardians in the Shadows. Ever wanted to read a fic about the Justice League not-interact with the Guardians? Here you are: have two.

Bridges is a series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate: SG1 by Tassos, wherein Jack O’Neill gets a phone call and a child in the span of about thirty seconds. About six months later, Xander gets a decent father. Life is good. I love this universe.

(Honorable mention to everything Vathara has ever written in her life. You can’t pick just one of her fics over the other. It’s too hard.)

(Honorable mention also to @badwolfgirl01‘s i would have followed you Lord of the Rings fic for making me cry, but that goes beyond my 10 fic limit, so.)

I was also going to rec this old HP fic I read once upon a time ago but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’ve gone through three computers since then and it turns out it’s not in my old favorites for FF.net… or at least the FF.net I actually remember having things in. I feel like I had one before my current one but I… honestly don’t remember what it was?

If anybody could help me find it, that’d be great. 

The plot was basically that Harry was actually (secretly) Snape’s son. Due to the war at the time, and having made peace with Lily and James, they offered to do a spell/ritual with Snape so that if he died in battle there would be an heir to carry on his bloodline. He ended up– nearly dead, close enough for the spell to take, and then about a year later he came back to visit. Lily and James decided against telling him that the spell had been successful and instead used a.. form of blood magic to… kind of transfuse Harry into being James’ son, biologically, until the spell began to wear off in his teenage years. Bloodletting caused the spell to degrade faster (as evidenced in fic when Harry split open his head trying to knock himself out so he didn’t have to talk to Hermione.) 

I recall one scene where he’s talk to Fred and George, dressed in dragonhide boots, and quizzing them on Wizard Fashion and Customs. There was.. also a study of Dark magic, and in the second to last chapter, after Snape has been kidnapped, Harry and Draco decide to go rescue him– but Harry refuses to take Draco along unless he swears (loyalty? obedience?) to him, to which Draco readily agrees. Dumbledore and company had a minor freakout when the rescue turned out to be successful and only relaxed a little when Harry explained that the ritual was due to run out at sunrise.

…I don’t think there was shipping but there was an excellent discussion about how close Slytherin and Gryffindor character traits really were. There was a Halloween dance party where Harry decided to dress in clubbing gear and confused the faculty because “You go hunting in that?!”

(There was another fic where his father was Voldemort that I was reading about that timeperiod but it wasn’t nearly as good.)

Ideas? I’m certain it was on FF.net.


(’JLA #99, JLA Spectre Soul War, JLA Classified #54, JLA vs. Avengers #4, Justice League of America Special 2006, The Superfriends #4 & #17′)

Superman and Wonder Woman Portraiture. Part: 1

*watches highly anticipated DC film* Me: OMG! That was fantastic. so good. gonna watch it again like right now. agh. love it. when is the sequel

Critics: DC cocks it up again with another let down. do not watch this. 0 out of ten. maybe they should stop.

*watches highly anticipated Marvel film* Me: oh, that was ok. are they getting worse? idk it was fairly good though. i kinda enjoyed it. kinda long though

Critics: Marvel kill it again with the most amazing action/superhero film to ever be released. Top notch. Couldn’t be better. five stars.

Me: WTF?!?!?!?!

anonymous asked:

Avengers as (one big effed up) family vs Justice League as family? (i know more about the former i must admit)

Definitely the Avengers; like I’ve said before, the original core group was in large part defined as a group, while the JLA are basically a bunch of co-workers who have their real, major personal stuff happening elsewhere, even if a couple like Clark and Bruce or Hal and Barry are friends outside the office, so to speak.