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  • tony: Loki, can we talk? one 10 to another
  • Loki: i'm an 11 but sure continue

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In which Steve is awed by the Strike Team Delta.

He’d had time to pour over the briefing from S.H.I.E.L.D. and only enough time to try and process in the quinjet on the way to what Coulson was calling a Helicarrier.  

He felt both awe and reticence when he watched the files on Stark. He was intelligent and reckless and made Steve think a little of himself and, much like he felt in his own skin, he wondered how much of Stark was a costume.

He felt guilt watching Banner.  Of all the advances made in the twenty-first century and still Erskine had been so beyond his time that no one had yet caught up to him.  The fascination with the serum – with what Steve represented – had led Banner to a prison made out of his own skin.  (He would wonder, later, how far off the trial serum had been in Banner’s case, I’m always angry, echoing in his head).

He felt dumbstruck at the possibility of Thor’s existence.  For all that he had seen in the life he’d had Before, he never thought – he’d seen the vast expanse of the cosmos, before Schmidt had disappeared into it, but he hadn’t thought that there’d be something else –someone else – out there.  It made him wonder if Schmidt was still out there, too.

He’d watched and re-watched the footage of Strike Team Delta – Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton.  He was.  He was awed, and looked forward to meeting them most of all.  As far as the information from S.H.I.E.L.D. had noted, they had no enhancements.  They had pasts, sure, but they had no serum or otherworldly abilities or suits worth millions.  

They were human, made of blood and sweat and hours upon hours of practice and (to read their files) abuse and perseverance and they were as skilled and fearsome a team as any of the others recommended on Fury’s list.  

Steve thought of his time Before, he and Bucky, back alleys and bloody lips and scraped knuckles and how hard it was to survive and here were two people so dedicated, so skilled they may as well have been a two-person Commando unit.  Were, as far as Steve was concerned.  He was anxious to meet them.

Dating Black Widow would include

-You are a part of the Avengers together

-You’re always training together

-And showing off in front of each other

-Always going on missions together and having each others backs

-Then going out on dates afterwards to celebrate

-She feels like she can be really open with you

-Low key loves cuddling

-Always knowing what to say to get her to loosen up and be happy

-Long conversations and sweet goodnight kisses

-Lots of eye rolling and sarcasm

-Freaking out if either of you are ever in trouble

-Tight hugs whenever you get separated

-And a passionate sweet kiss

-Cleaning up each others wounds

-Low key being super domestic in privacy

-Like cooking together and calling her whenever you need to get rid of a bug

-Movie nights were you cuddle up and make fun of TV bad guys

-Late night talks about anything and everything

-Admiring how amazing each other is

-Loving to go out and dress up even if its just for missions

*No version was specified so assumed the Avengers version*

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starkexpos’ last request was Wanda in palette 9 (you get bonus Pietro because of reasons)

sometimes when I’m having a bad day I remember how steve and bucky once blew their train money on hotdogs, hitched a ride in the back of an ice truck, how bucky made steve ride the cyclone with him, how they were inseparable in school and during the war, how bucky remembers the newspaper in steves shoes, how they went to the beach together, to starks expo together, to a baseball game together, shared the same apartment, accidentally synchronized their movements, went on double dates together, slept on couch cushions on the floor as kids, hid away at the bar together and I just…

SuperAvengers: Kevin Tran as Iron Man