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He’s fast and she’s weird.

sometimes when I’m having a bad day I remember how steve and bucky once blew their train money on hotdogs, hitched a ride in the back of an ice truck, how bucky made steve ride the cyclone with him, how they were inseparable in school and during the war, how bucky remembers the newspaper in steves shoes, how they went to the beach together, to starks expo together, to a baseball game together, shared the same apartment, accidentally synchronized their movements, went on double dates together, slept on couch cushions on the floor as kids, hid away at the bar together and I just…

Random AA!Steve facts:
  • He really likes Tony Stark, believes in him infinitely and is vocal about it
  • He’s got like 7 paintings of Tony in his bedroom (actually 3 but still)
  • He says “butt” almost as much as Tony does (so much for “Language”)
  • If it’s worth doing, it must be done acrobatically, best on a moving train or truck, or a large animal
  • He was Dracula’s ally in WW2, knows a lot about vampires, so much that Hawkeye dubs him Van Helsing
  • He’s a Futura subscriber
  • He’s surprisingly good at sarcasm
  • You don’t want to be on the receiving end of his grunts (unless you’re Tony)
  • If he hulks out, he’ll eat all your frozen pizza bagels
  • Knows two people smarter than Tony Stark
  • He’s really good at camping
  • Not friendly to dinosaurs, considers them valid sparring partners though
  • Reading files is his hobby
  • Can withstand a wall falling on him and then being trampled by a herd of triceratops
  • If you try to cross him you might end up double-crossed, or triple-crossed yourself
  • His favorite ice cream is butter pecan, he won’t say no to cheeseburgers or cookies either
  • He thinks “moxie” should be brought back and that he’s the man for that job
  • He was brave long before he was Captain America

AA!Tony Facts

phoenix-173  asked:

Story Title: Who Does This Adorable Child Belong To?

This would be a Black Comedy for sure!

Years after Darcy fled the tower and her life there following  an incident involving some aerosolized sexual stimulants (read: sex pollen) the Avengers are circling the wagons in preparation for the Thanos threat. Jane insists that includes bringing in Darcy. None of the team objects, despite the latent guilt and awkwardness but they are surprised when she shows up at the base with three large suitcases and a dark-haired, blue-eyed pre-schooler.

There is a serious battle going on right now, and none of them can afford to be distracted playing the Avengers version of “Who’s your daddy?”

And Darcy isn’t telling.

First shot of my Female Bathingsuit Colossus from ColossalCon 2015!

Photo by Martin Wong
Cosplayer Cendrillon Cosplay

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