avengers stars

imagine this… December is here and still no sign of infinity war trailer… so you decide to go and see the last Jedi… as you sitting comfortably waiting for it to start the previews begin… and the first one is the avengers… and all you can do is sit in that chair and cry as is ending… you can’t remember what happen in the movie because all you care is about the trailer


Just for today.

Please be descriptive. I will not write a fic if all you send is “Jughead fluff plz” because that isn’t going to help with my writers block.

Also, I can do Social media/text imagines as well.

And nothing super depressing like the reader having suicidal thoughts and what not. I’m not in the right mind set to write something along those lines

Thank you!!!


I present to you: My attempt at a fandom shitpost to end all fandom shitposts.

Thanks to @crystalitar and @thegreyturtle for letting me borrow their icons to make it look more authentic