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Can u believe the year is 2017 and people still believe that Tony Stark never admits to his mistakes or apologises for them.

I mean.

 This is the man who’s whole character arc r e v o l v e s around guilt and redemption. Who says “I shouldn’t be alive. Unless it was for a reason,” and “I became part of a system comfortable with 0 accountability,” like, in canon. Not to mention the blatant and blindingly obvious admittance of “I made a mistake,” and “Ultron, my fault” (shouldering 100% of the blame when it honestly wasn’t as well bc. That Guilt and self-loathing strikes again). Or what about IM3- “so why am I telling you this? Because I had just created demons.”

Like??? I’m trying to think of any other avengers apologising for their mistakes and?? Tony Stark is the only character who has shown any remorse?? At all? Not Wanda the ex-terrorist who wanted to kill the avengers in cold blood, not Steve who never had faith in Tony or his abilities, not any of them.

Except Tony.

So why. Why in God’s good name. Are people still saying this?


Clint in Avengers Academy being upset because his hearing aids are busted.

I didn’t think to screencap in time to get the previous conversation, where he realizes his hearing aids are busted because he can’t hear Loki snark at him.

After this conversation, I kid you not, you are prompted to give him a new action… Sulk.

anonymous asked:

Can I just point out that in "Savages", when Tony has pretty much destroyed Hammer's plan, Hammer's loses it and takes up his canon in order to get some payback but aims at Steve instead of Tony. Like, what was the point in that? It was Tony who wrecked everything! Unless, of course, losing Steve would hurt Tony way more and Hammer knows it. :(

I think you may have answered your own question, nonny! But let’s take a closer look:

I don’t really think Hammer had a specific target in mind when he aimed his cannon—if anything, he was probably so blinded by anger in the moment that he was just aiming at the Avengers’ general vicinity (since they were all standing in close proximity anyway). It just so happens that Steve was in the direct line of fire, causing Tony to “take the bullet” for him…..because you’re exactly right: losing Steve would hurt Tony way more than if Tony got hurt himself.

(though, to be fair, I’d be surprised if Hammer didn’t already know about how willing Steve and Tony were to throw themselves in the line of fire to protect each other considering the events of “Super-Adaptoid”……)

(yeah, remember that time Steve Rogers jumped like ten feet in the air to shield Tony from one of Hammer’s Adaptoid robot blasts, all while yelling Tony’s name at the top of his lungs? i sure do)