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Just Keep Those Feelings In Check (Tom Holland!Peter Parker x reader)

Hey everyone! Another imagine comin’ at ya! I had fun writing this one. It’s a little cheesy/fluffy towards the end so beware if you’re not in for a something sorta sappy, but it does get (hopefully) funny at the end. I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to leave requests, questions, and prompts in my inbox! I love you guys! Hollanders for the win

- Xoxo K

Warnings: Fluff and mentions of sexy times (as with most of the things I write)

This was the first Avengers press conference since you joined your fathers team. Your father, as well as many of the other Avengers, had warned you that as the newest member, you should expect to be the center of attention. You had dealt with the press before so you didn’t expect anything to be too surprising or crazy for you to handle. Oh how wrong you were. This press conference was supposed to be about you as an Avenger, but it turned into a press bombardment of your personal life instead. Every single reporter from every single celebrity magazine, news site, blog, newspaper, and tv network was there and eager to ask you a question. Thank goodness you were sitting down, otherwise you might have fainted from all the bright camera flashes at once. The microphone was passed to the first reporter. She was out of breath as she spoke. “Mindy Moss, Star Struck Magazine.” You remembered seeing the reports of you and Peter’s relationship in the magazines, but one in particular caught your eye.

Headline: Following in her dad’s footsteps? Mindy Moss investigates Y/N Stark’s past relationships and the teen’s romantic involvement with her superhero teammates.

You narrowed your eyes at Mindy, but she seemed unfazed and continued to ask a question. “Tell me, how do you handle living with the Avengers? Do you find it awkward?” You were angered by her questions and couldn’t stop yourself from scoffing at her shamelessness. “What do you mean by that? Why would it be awkward?” She made a face at you. “Well… you know considering that you’ve slept with the people that are your colleagues and teammates.” You shook your head, pissed beyond belief. “Well you know, considering I haven’t slept with anyone on this team, it’s not awkward. What’s awkward is the fact that everybody else in this room knows what’s up except for you.” You glared at her, leaning onto your forearms. “So tell me,” You were done with this lady and her lies. “How do you handle the disappointment of knowing that creating false headlines about a 15 year old girl and her ‘sex life’ is your job?” You made air quotes with your fingers when you said ‘sex life’ and dropped your hands on the table when you finished speaking. Mindy looked taken aback by your sassy comeback and she visibly gulped, embarrassed. “I-I…” You turned to look at your dad who sat next to you and you could see him trying to suppress a laugh, along with the rest of the team. The reporter finally sat down and hung her head low as she passed the microphone to Pepper. Pepper looked at you, questioning if you wanted to continue or not. You gave her the green light and she passed the microphone to another reporter. “Alex Lewis, Celebrity Crush Magazine.” You nodded your head at him to continue. “So, there have been lots of reports of you with a mystery guy, as you may know,” He laughed slightly, visibly nervous. “I was just wondering if you could give us more insight on the potential romance?” You and Peter had talked about this before. You two had been together for quite a while, almost 10 months, but it wasn’t until your father announced your induction into the Avengers that the press started to pay more attention to you. You and Peter both decided to be public with your relationship after seeing all the fake headlines the press was making about you. You hoped that confirming your relationship would stop the fake reports. “Well… what would you like to know?” The crowd of reporters went nuts as soon as the words left your mouth. “Hey hey! Everybody sit down!” Pepper yelled. Still, the reporters didn’t stop shouting questions out at you. “HEY! SIT DOWN OR THIS CONFERENCE IS OVER!” Everyone was stunned by your father’s sudden outburst and the reporters found their seats again. Alex still held the microphone and continued to ask his question when you gave him a look that said ‘okay’. “First off, what’s his name?” You smiled now was the moment everybody had waited for. “His name is Peter. He’s a real sweetie.” You heard some people ‘aww’ from the crowd. Another reporter snatched the microphone away from Alex, clearly overly eager to ask a question. “Monica Larsson, New York Daily Reporter.” She wasted no time when asking the question. “How did you meet?” “High School.” You responded bluntly. Another reporter jumped to ask a question. “Sarah Jackson, Cosmopolitan Magazine.” Your heart leaped a little at the thought of answering to Cosmo Magazine. “How long have you two been together?” “About 10 months.” You smiled upon answering. Reporter after reporter jumped to ask you a question, the microphone long forgotten. “How does he feel about you being an Avenger?” “Does your father like him?” “How does the rest of the team feel about him?” You breezed through the questions until one reporter asked a particularly personal one. “How does he compare to your other boyfriends?” Your father shook his head, ready to object and end the press conference, but you stopped him. “I can handle this, dad.” You whispered to him. You turned back to the crowd of reporters. “I haven’t been with anyone else really. I had never been in a real… a serious relationship before Peter, but he isn’t comparable to anyone else. This relationship isn’t comparable to anything else I’ve experienced before. He’s so caring, sweet, kind hearted, and smart… and funny,” You laughed thinking about Peter’s humor. “He’s just so… special to me. I have yet to come across anything comparable to Peter and I don’t think I ever will. He just means so much to me… he’s my everything.” Everyone in the room 'awwed’. The press conference ended shortly after. Your father patted you on the back. “Good job kiddo. That was way better than my first press conference.” He laughed thinking about it. “That last part though… too sappy.” He cringed slightly. “Dad!” You whined. “I’m kidding… just keep those feelings in check.” You rolled your eyes playfully at his comment.

~ Extended Ending ~

You didn’t know this, but Peter and Aunt May had been watching the entire press conference on tv. When the conference had ended, Aunt May turned off the tv and silently turned to look at Peter, who sat next to her. “Peter,” Aunt May started. He knew what was coming. “She’s a keeper.” Peter gave Aunt May a confused look. “What? But I-.” Aunt May gave him a 'really?’ look. “You thought that I didn’t know you two were together before?” Aunt May interrupted. Peter nodded. “Well, obviously you must think I live under a rock. I see the looks, the hand holding, I know it ALL, Petah Pakah.” Aunt May wiggled her eyebrows at Peter. Peter’s eyes widened in fear at the thought of Aunt May knowing everything that went on between you two. “Aunt May…” Peter started nervously. “You two are just lucky I didn’t go in there and give you two the talk.” Aunt May interrupted. “But I’m a cool aunt so I wasn’t going to do that-.” Peter interrupted Aunt May this time. “That was the ONLY time we did that.” Peter defended. Aunt May held her hands up in defense. “Like I said, I’m a cool aunt.” Peter looked down at his feet. “In fact, I’m this cool.” Aunt May pulled out something wrapped in gift wrap and held it out for Peter to take. “What is-” Peter questioned. “Just take it.” Aunt May got up and left the room. Peter felt around the package before he opened it. It felt like… a book? A very thin book. Peter ripped open the gift paper and took out the little booklet. He read the cover. 'Sex Ed for Peewees’. “OH MY GOD! AUNT MAY!” Peter could hear Aunt May giggle from the other room. She poked her head out of her bedroom door. “You can never know too much, Peter. Things go way beyond 'use protection’ these days.“ Aunt May looked around skeptically. Peter was blushing so hard. Aunt May laughed at Peter’s embarrassment. “Just keep those feelings in check, Peter.”

Here Comes The General

Summary: The Reader introduces the Avengers to Hamilton. Inspired by this Headcanon list I made

It all started when instead of making the team watch a movie of your choice for movie night you took them to the theatre instead, to see none other than Hamilton. No one had wanted to go at first complaining that they wouldn’t be able to talk or skip anything that they thought boring or pause it if they needed the toilet. That had been Clint’s biggest complaint though he was quickly silenced by Sam telling him that if he didn’t drink nearly 6 cups of coffee beforehand to stay awake than he wouldn’t need a piss every 20 minutes. Luckily you had told them all your plans during breakfast so that any arguing they did wouldn’t result in you missing any of the show, which was a good plan seeing as it took you nearly an hour to convince them all to go. It wasn’t until you mentioned how you had been planning the trip for over a month and had stolen Tony’s credit card to pay for the tickets that everyone agreed to go.

So that night after every had gotten nicely dress and had a decent meal in them so no one was hungry for the next 3 hours you headed to the theatre. And what a trip it was, the show was simply amazing and you even got a chance to meet the cast backstage after they heard that The Avengers were in the audience. You couldn’t think of another recent memory that could top just how incredible a night it was, you would never forget the experience and neither would the rest of the team.

The morning at breakfast the entire team were singing a completely different tune than they had the previous morning, apologising to you non-stop for not believing you when you told them the show would change their lives, in fact Hamilton became such a shared interest for that whole team that it made an appearance nearly every day.

Pietro constantly sang ‘Guns and Ships’ which annoyed the hell out of nearly everyone because he was the only one on the team who was able to talk fast enough to say Lafayette’s lines. Tony and Bruce had the soundtrack on replay whenever they were working in the lab only listening to the album back to back for nearly a week while they worked on their newest invention. And Vision had even used his abilities so that he could see what he would look like as Alexander Hamilton, no one but you knows about his little habit though; you had accidentally walked in on him while he was fiddling with the jacket and you never spoke about the event ever again. The team became obsessed, with Tony even buy everyone a copy of the soundtrack as well as every piece of merchandise that was available.

Everyone had their favourites from the show which often lead to arguments whenever someone on the team disagreed with their opinion. Some were verbal and some had even gotten physical if no one stepped in on time to stop it, like the time Wanda nearly broke Thor’s nose, which is very impressive seeing as he’s a god, for saying that 'Ten Duel Commandments’ was a better song than 'The Schuyler Sisters’. The whole thing ended up on Youtube after Clint had got a copy of the footage and not an hour later fan art of Wanda dressed as one of the sisters appeared on the internet. And not two hours later did fan art of Natasha, Wanda and you as the Schuyler Sisters appear. It actually got mentioned at the next Avengers press conference, with the three of you donning the iconic pose and breaking the internet.

But if there was one thing that the team agreed on when it came to Hamilton it was that no one loved Washington as much as Steve. From the moment Steve got his hands on the soundtrack 'History Has Its Eyes On You’ became his ringtone and he was constantly quoting it anytime you came across a young new superhero, which could sometimes get very embarrassing for him when they understood his references to the song.

And because of Steve’s love of Washington Clint decided to start a tradition of sorts. It was about a week after you had all seen the show with you, Clint and T'challa sitting in the common room talking amongst yourselves when Steve walked in after his morning workout. As soon as Clint saw him he shouted the words that would start a trend that nearly everyone on the team would take part in (especially Sam, Scott and Pietro). Upon hearing Clint’s words Steve had turned around so fast and practically ran to his room as a means to hide the blush that had appeared on his cheeks instantly hoping that none of you saw, which you all did much to his dismay. That night when Steve had reappeared for dinner the entire team had decided to join in on Clint’s new habit after the two of you had spread the word. And so when Steve walked through the door he was hit over 10 people shouting the same phrase at him.

“Here comes the general!”

The Avengers are doing a press conference type event where citizens can ask any questions they want (but they must be approved by a board of some sort, obvi).

One girl stands up and goes for it. “My question is for Steve… uh… Captain America. What does Tony’s cum taste like?”

Steve shrugs his shoulders. “It tastes like cum.”

Now, until this point their relationship was only media speculation, no one knew for sure if they were actually together.

Steve goes into panic mode. “I mean… I’m assuming. From what I’ve experienced, cum has a limited spectrum of taste. Not that I have a lot of experience with cum! There’s nothing wrong if you do, your choice. But be safe, wear condoms. Or protection. And, uh…”

Tony jumps in to save poor Steve. “Yes, we’re together.” Then, ever the showman. “Gimmie some sugar.”

Ofc Steve does because he can’t say no to Tony. It’s a quick peck on the lips but it’s on the cover of every newspaper, gossip rag, and website for a week.