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The main characters of #ThorRagnarok have been given Funko Pop figures! The #ThorRagnarok Pop Funko for the villainous Surtur has been revealed, giving us a look of how he will look in the movie!

enough - songs of confrontation and frustration

take me or leave me - rent // america - west side story // enough - in the heights // why stay? / a promise - next to normal // leave me alone - side show // bitch / slut / liar / whore - the toxic avenger // what the fuck now, lizzie? - lizzie // i hate you - if/then // see i’m smiling - the last five years // we do not belong together - sunday in the park with george // promise - bare: a pop opera // no more - see what i wanna see // your fault / last midnight - into the woods // why did i listen to that man? - urinetown // waiting - the addams family // if i didn’t believe in you - the last five years // solano avenue - here lies love // telephone wire - fun home // what is this feeling? - wicked //


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“Find a girl who doesn’t write,
Who isn’t familiar with poetries and rhymes.
Find a girl who doesn’t speak death at breakfast,
The one with bright eyes.

You don’t deserve a girl with storms in the background,
The one with the broken smiles.”

rock star - a collection of hardcore showtunes that are perfect for head banging

the house of borden - lizzie // rent - rent // angry inch - hedwig and the angry inch // rock star - bloody bloody andrew jackson // st. jimmy - american idiot // on monday - 35mm: a musical exhibition // light of the world - godspell // are you there? - bare: a pop opera // kick your ass - the toxic avenger // you don’t know - next to normal // i am the one - next to normal // mouth tattoo - murder ballad // last night on earth - american idiot // exquisite corpse - hedwig and the angry inch // one - bare: a pop opera // totally fucked - spring awakening // into your wildest dream - lizzie //



World War II SSR Agent Peggy Carter, Captain America: The First Avenger

Another spare parts project because I have no self control… (And as if I don’t have enough work right now…I’m rolling my eyes at myself.)

Peggy Carter is the HBIC of all of the MCU, and everyone knows it. Especially Steve Rogers, who would gladly follow her into the Gates of Hell and back. I’ve got her in her WWII SSR uniform to go along with Steve in his Bucky Rescue costume. I’ve posed both of them with Funko officials of Peggy from her (unjustly canceled!) TV series, the Emerald City ComiCon Captain America, and Age of Ultron Cap.

Eventually, I’ll make a WWII Bucky Barnes to go along with my customs of Peggy and Cap. Because the Winter Solider dolls are just not enough. :P (And Peggy/Steve/Bucky are my OT3.)

Pop-Eyed: The 15 Most Exclusive (And EXPENSIVE) Comic Book Funko Pops
With a whole new crop of exclusive Funko Pops coming for this year's SDCC, CBR lists the 15 rarest figures any fan would want in their collection.


After four years of build-up and five solo movies, The Avengers finally united on-screen in 2012 and the movie was a massive hit. To tie with the movie’s release, Funko had made a line of movie-based Avengers Pops, with characters like Thor, Iron Man and Captain America hitting the shelves. But if a fan wanted a complete set, he needed the movie’s villain as well.

At the time, Loki was the best Marvel villain to grace the screen thanks to his complexity, his villainy and Tom Hiddleston’s brilliant portrayal of the God of Mischief. So for those who were getting in early on the Funko train, this Pop was a real treat to Marvel fans, and it could only be found at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012, a mere few months after The Avengers movie was released. All you need is $1080 to get your hands on one… Happy hunting!

Happy Independence Day, America, from a bunch of True American Patriots…and America’s Favorite Fighting Frenchman and Best-Loved Badass Brit. 🎭📜🇺🇸🗽🕯🦅

And happy 99th/97th birthday, Steve Rogers (depending on which continuity you’re using)!

Could you imagine if, say in 200 years, the earth is in disrepair. Maybe a nuclear winter, maybe floods; either way, only a handful survive to rebuild and technology is for the most part destroyed. Sure, we have a few books that survived, but stories come back. Nighttime by the campfire, to keep away the demons we now know are out there in the dark.

And slowly, the legends develop, passed down from parent to child to grandchild, until no one knows that they never happened. Stories of people with amazing athletic ability and glowing swords made of light, who fight for the survival of not just a planet but the cosmos. Tales of a man in a blue box who maybe could have stopped this disaster except that it was a fixed point in time, so he sadly watched. Two men in a shiny black car, which will someday be mistranslated to black stallions, who roam around protecting people from the unseen threats. Magical beings with superhuman traits who tried their hardest to right the wrongs of a failing world. A lone MI:6 agent. A man who lost his family and dressed as a bat. A starship on a peacekeeping mission out there somewhere; and will they come back for us?

These will be our legends, the legends of humankind, someday. And they will give hope.