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Kitty Avengers! Inspired by a google pic I came across the other day. I’m going to see the movie tonight & any excuse to do themed nails right?

Used in this mani:

Wet N’ Wild - French White, Black Creme

Jordana - Crystal Glitter

Characters painted all with Apple Barrel acrylic paints

HK Girl Topcoat


Avengers nails!

I really LOVE comic book based movies and, conveniently, they come out the weekend of my birthday (May 3rd) every single year. 

This year, obviously, Avengers: Age of Ultron came out and so last night, I went to see it. These are the Avengers themed nails that I did. 

I’m not going to explain how to do them because it would be crazy. But I basically just used a nail art striper for all of the design work and I used tinfoil as a palette to mix colors. 

I will, however, explain what/who is represented on each nail.

Right Hand:

Thumb: Marvel, that is the M from their logo

Pointer: Nick Fury’s eye patch and scars

Middle: the hammer of Thor

Ring: Captain America’s shield

Pinky: chest piece of Iron Man

Left Hand:

Thumb: the fist of Hulk

Pointer: the wing of Falcon

Middle: the outfit of Black Widow

Ring: the face mask of War Machine (previously called the Iron Patriot, a name I personally like about a gagillion times better)

Pinky: the mask of Heimdall (this one is probably the loosest inspiration of them all which is fitting because he is hardly in the movie at all)

Anyway, it was a really great movie and I hope all of you who saw it enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope that those of who didn’t see it make plans to do so soon!

This is going to be super disorganised because I buy all my polishes from pound shops and did the patterns with post-it notes, a penknife and a paintbrush…

I used an unbranded black leather-look polish for the base. The index finger also has a matte red from ‘Pretty’. the purple on the thumb is OPI’s superbass shatter. the other three nails have a china glaze silver crackle.

I need to buy a top coat…

(The pairing is supposed to be Black Widow/Hawkeye)

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Okay, I know I seem like a stalker and stuff for posting this but come on. Who wouldn’t just, you know, freak out when Robert Downey Jr. says your name. (By the way, he said my name correctly, not many people do, so… 😃) The moral of this post is that I’m going to post it either way because come on, he’s not going to see it. So, it’s not weird if he doesn’t see it. 😏😆 I’m PAOLA, by the way. 😂