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Childhood Friend


You woke up in a small white room, your eyes blurring in and out of vision, all you could see was a white ceiling with lights hanging. Confusion washed over you, your senses weren’t reacting to much, you could only see so much with a blurred vision. You could only smell the scent of sterile objects, it was nothing but clean in the room, but the one thing you noticed, the blankets are shit.

“Don’t try and sit up too quick.” you heard a man’s voice from your side, when you looked over, you saw a man with curly brown hair on top of his head, his skin pale as can be. He pushed a pair of glasses back up on his eyes, he had dark brown hair that seemed to match his dark beard, “I’m Bruce Banner.”

Bruce walked over to a sink, putting a cup underneath the sink and filling it with water, “Here you go.”

You took the water from Bruce’s hand, you drank it down in minute, never truly realizing how chapped or thirsty you were. You finally got to look at the room you were in, you laid in a tiny bed, thin sheets covering you, an IV to your left, other things like a lamp and desks spread out amongst the room.

You had expected the walls to be painted white, but instead it was see through glass, there were people walking back and forth. “Where am I?”

“Avengers tower, in our medical center.” Bruce was checking off stuff on his clipboard, you wanted to know what he was writing, but you were more curious about the people outside the glass walls.

“Your parents should be here soon.” You looked up at him, you may have been confused on where you were, but you would always know who your parents are.

Bruce walked over to you, “we wanted to keep you here for awhile, but Cap insisted on sending you home with your parents.”

“Can I see them?” Bruce looked up from his clipboard, “who?”

“The man you who helped me.” Bruce pulled out a phone, dialing a number, he said a few words and hung up the phone, a few moments later, a man with a clean shaven face walked towards you, his dirty blonde hair wind blown to the side. “Hey, how you doing, kid?”

The man walked over to you and sat on the foot of the bed, “Do I get to go home?” He nodded, “you go home to Queens tonight.”

A smile spread on your face, “what is the day today?”

Bruce checked his watch, “August 13th.”

A sobbed cry came from outside the glass door, you looked to where it was coming from, you saw a woman standing there, her hand over her mouth and tears flooding from her eyes. A man came up from behind her, looking towards you.

“Who are they?” You questioned, the blonde man turned around, “that’s your mother and father.”

You stood up from the bed, struggling to keep your body up, the woman rushed in, she walked to you, putting your hand on your face, shock in her eyes. She couldn’t speak, her heart slowing down as she stood in shock. “Y-Y/N?”

“M-mom.” She pulled you in quickly, her hands grabbing onto you tightly, her eyes flooding with tears, you put your hand on the back of her head, almost in a way to comfort her.

Your dad came up behind the two of you, your mom let go, now letting you walk over and hug your father tightly. After a series of hugs and your parents weeping, they looked to Bruce Banner, “can we take her home now?”

Bruce gestured to the bed, you sat down slowly, he walked over, taking the IV out slowly, and doing a few more check ups before you were able to leave. “Yes, go ahead.”

A girl with red hair walked into the room, a tight black suit on her body, she held a pair of clothes in her hand, “here you are, sweetheart.”

You took the clothes out of her hands, once you did, you looked around for a bathroom, hoping you wouldn’t have to change in front of everyone. The redhead gestured towards the bathroom, you sent her a thank you smile, you soon walked into the bathroom.

The bathroom had a black marble sink, where you set down the clothes, a shower with a moveable blue curtain and a regular toilet. You looked at yourself in the mirror, you had deep dark bags under your eyes, a sick burn and dark ring around your neck, the collar. Your hair was a lengthy mess, it was all the way down to your hips, and most of it had been curled or even fallen out due to stress or torture.

You started to strip downwards, looking at your body as you did, there were scars marking up your body, each one deep and turning a dullish red color. The one that was obvious was on the back of your neck, it was the last symbol you saw and the only one that mattered for the past 3 years. Hydra.

You looked like you hadn’t eaten in forever, your bones showing through your skin, they almost looked hollow. You almost looked hollow. You put on the quite large grey sweater, it went down to your mid thigh, you pulled on the black sweatpants, they had a bright red A on the side.

Once you were dressed, you walked out of the bathroom and back into the room, seeing your parents standing there, “let’s go home honey”

You nodded at them, your mother walking over and grabbing ahold of you as to try and keep you close to her. You started to head home with them, both of them kept looking back at you, checking to see how you were doing, mostly because they thought you were gonna go missing in about 2 minutes.

“How long till we are there?” Your mom turned around to look at you, “only 10 minutes. Peter is going to be excited to see you.”

“Who?” You questioned while looking out of the window, a look of shock washed over her, “Peter Parker, our old neighbor”

For some reason you couldn’t remember anything about the past, it was almost like most of it never really happened. A dark memory came back into your mind, you had been in a dirty room, the floors dirt, walls barely sustainable, bars lining the windows, the door shut with a lock and pad on the other side.

“We’re here honey.” You snapped yourself back into reality, looking at the place around you, it was a large brown brick building, some spots covered in moss, but there was a large fire escape covering the middle of the building, each person having access to it.

Your parents exited the car, your mom walked around the car and pulled your door open, she looked down at you with a sympathetic smile, you crawled out of the car, following behind the two individuals you knew as your parents.

“We left your room as is.” You smiled, but waited, you were scared to walk back into this building, the people inside, they didn’t know you, just as you didn’t know them. Your mother grabbed your hand, she pulled you into the building, you were terrified, but you somehow knew you could trust these two people.

They walked you up to this apartment, you pulled the door open, all of the walls were painted a dark red color, leather couches and one chair placed amongst the room. The floor was wooden and shiny, but the thing that stuck out was the large TV on a glass nightstand.

You noticed multiple boxes resting around the living room, you were curious as to why, “why are there boxes?”

“Oh, uh, me and your mother are getting a divorce honey.” Your father looked ashamed in himself as he played with his fingers, “oh.. Is it because I disappeared?”

Your mother shook her head, at that point you knew you were the reason your parents were leaving each other, you wanted them to stay together, but you didn’t know what happened in those past three years.

“Here is your room honey.” You followed your mother into a room, the walls were painted a bright blue, a bed leaned up against the far wall and a window laid at the end of it. Next to the bed was a wooden night stand, a white lamp placed on it. The room was basically empty, there was only the bed, nightstand and a dresser.

“I’ll let you get settled in, then we can go shopping, get you some new clothes.” You smiled happily at her, and walked over to sit on the bed, she left the door open as she walked out. You looked around once more, feeling a strange sense of comfort as you laid back on the bed, “here hun. Try these on, they might fit you.”

She handed you a pair of clothes,they were a pair of shorts and a green tank top, you took them out of her hands and waited for her to leave the room. Once she walked out, you started to change, taking off the large sweatshirt and the large pants. You pulled on the tank top and shorts, only to realize they were to big as well.

“Uh, mom?” She walked in the room, you had the shorts on, but you had to hold them with one hand, most of the shorts bunched to your side. “Oh.. Umm. My things might be a little big for you. I can see if May has anything.”

Your mom walked out of the room, but she gestured for you to follow behind her, you did as told. You guys walked through the apartment and out again, going to the neighbors and she knocked loudly.

A woman with long brown hair and circle glasses opened the door, she stood in skinny jeans and a purple V neck, her eyes a dark brown, in all honesty she was beautiful. “Hey Y/M/N, how are you today?”

She turned to you, confused for a minute, “who is this.” Your mom held your hand, “this is Y/N”

May’s expression dropped, she looked you up and down, happiness and fear spread onto her face, “Y/N-N?”

You nodded, she grabbed ahold of you quickly, pulling you into a bone crushing hug, she held you there for a minute. She pulled away from you, looking at you with a joyful face, she held your chin, her thumb resting on your chin. “You have grown so much.”

She was shocked to see you, almost relieved, “have you told anyone else” Your mother shook her head, “you are the first to know. I was hoping to get her comfortable first. But none of my clothes will fit her and she looked about your size.

“Of course, come on in.” May welcomed you into her house, you walked into the house, noticing the decor was pretty close to yours, but the only difference was that it was more girly, had little pink details or more, but you liked it.

“Here you can follow me,” May started to walk into a different room, in front of you was a king sized bed, only one side made, a nightstand on each side, and a dresser close to the door. “What do you like to wear?”

“A pair of jeans and a shirt will work just fine.” You sat down on the bed, May walked to her dresser, pulling out a pair of jeans, she pushed the drawer closed, pulling open another one, “here you are, go ahead and change in the bathroom.”

You took the clothes from her hands, and looked around, “Oh, I, uh, don’t know where the bathroom is..”

She walked out the door, “it’s down the hallway” you spoke thank you lightly and walked out of the room, going into the hallway. You noticed pictures hanging up on the walls, each one of a different person, there was one of May and some mysterious man, and then the next one of a younger May with a young boy.

You looked at it, recognizing the boy, Peter. A smile came to your face as few memories washed into your head, you spoke lightly under your breath, “turtles can breathe through their buttholes..”

You turned away from the photo, continuing down the hallway, you got to an intercross, there were two doors, one to the left and one to the right, well left door it is.

When you pulled the door open, you wished to see a bathroom, but instead you saw a room, a large room with a bunkbed and a few dressers. You then saw something that looked oddly familiar, a red cup sitting on a nightstand, it was filled with popsicle sticks.

Curiosity welled up inside you, you walked over and grabbed the cup, reading some of the popsicle sticks, one of them was about turtles, some about cats. You laughed at some of the sticks, but you noticed one was out of place, a purple popsicle stick that sat on the desk instead of the bowl.

You picked it up, reading the side of the stick, “August 13th, I will return home.”

“Y/N, you find the bathroom yet?” You heard May’s voice call through the apartment, you walked out of the room, and went to the door on the right, soon realizing that was the bathroom. You stripped down once more, changing into a new pair of clothes, but the shirt was a little too tight, it hugged your chest, and stopped at your belly button.

“How is it going in there?” May’s voice echoed in the living room, you walked out of the bathroom, the old clothes folded and in your hands. “Umm. the shirt is a little tight..”

May looked you up and down, the shirt was truly too tight, maybe around 2 sizes too small, “so as it appears, you have a larger chest than I. “ She smiled at you, almost finding amusement in this, you only smiled and took off the shirt, leaving you in nothing but a bra. “Go ahead and sit in the bathroom and we will try and find a shirt that fits you.”

You walked into the bathroom, sitting down on the toilet, but you played with the popsicle stick that sat in your hand, it had to mean something to you, but you didn’t know what. You stood up, setting the stick on the counter. You rested your hands on the counter, looking at yourself in the mirror once more, you were just ready to sleep in an actual bed.

“AUNT MAY!!! Did you move my room around?” You heard a sound coming from outside the bathroom, you pulled open the door, taking a peek outside. “Hey, how are you today Y/M/N?”

May was in the door, standing there with a folded black sweater in her hand, you took it happily and put it on yourself, the sweater was large but not terribly. You looked in the mirror, the sweater said “midtown high”

You walked out of the bathroom, the popsicle stick now in your back pocket, May walked away, leaving you alone in the bathroom. You slowly followed after her, pulling the door open, you held the popsicle stick deciding to put it in your back pocket.

You started to walk out of the room, and into the thin hallway, May and your mom sat in the living room, each one of them laughing and looking at each other, but they stopped speaking when you walked in.

“That looks good on you. Actually fits.” You nodded, holding up the shirt, “belongs to Peter.”

May stood up once more, adjusting the shirt on your body, you were then interrupted by a young man practically running into the room, you had recognized him almost instantly. His familiar brown hair that curled at the ends, his dark eyes that were somehow memorizing, his clean jawline and soft face.

“Where did you put it?” He started to yell at her, saying accusations at his aunt, you only stood there, your mind completely blank. “I didn’t touch it Peter.”

Peter seemed to be so focused on whatever was missing that he didn’t even notice your presence, but he soon noticed you. You were standing next to May, wearing his sweatshirt, but yet all he seemed to care about was the stranger standing there.

“Peter.. “ Aunt May tried to explain, but Peter cut her off by walking towards you, you long to pull your best friend into you, it had been so long until you saw his face. You reached into your back pocket, pulling the popsicle stick out, and holding it in your two hands.

Your eyes traveled up to see Peter standing inches from you, a blank stare on his face. In this moment, you realized how much he had grown, everything changed, he had longer hair, a sharper jaw, his body had become built, he was handsome with his complex features.

His eyes traveled down to the popsicle stick in your hand, when you first saw him, you had no idea what to say to him, you didn’t even think he recognized you, ”I’m guessing this is yours.”

You handed out the popsicle stick, his shaky hands reached out for it, Peter had tears swell in his eyes as he took the stick from your hands. His deep eyes kept looking into yours, “I know it’s a little late, but I’m home..”

Peter put his hand on your arm, almost as if he had to see if you were real, he put his other hand on the side of your face, “I though-t y-you were dead-d.”

His voice was shaky, his eyes starting to puff up, you started to think of all the pain you put him through, “I won’t do that to you again..”

“I was so angry at you for leaving. I don’t wanna feel that way anymore.”

You took a minute to think about what he was saying, only biting down on your bottom lip. Peter was having a hard time processing the fact that you were right in front of him, a dead girl walking.

Before you knew it, Peter had engulfed you into a hug, his hands wrapped tightly around your waist, You didn’t have time to react, Peter put his hand on the back of your neck, bringing you into him.

Your arms soon traveled up to his neck, wrapping them around as you hugged him back.Peter’s arms flinched as his arms pulled you even closer, he didn’t want to let go, the fear of you leaving a sick reality.

You felt some of his tears hit your cheek, you looked up at him, your eyes staring into his, “You don’t have to. I’m not going anywhere.”

Peter looked deep into your eyes, his still bubbling with tears, you felt a buzz in the back of your neck, but the collar wasn’t there, your eyes flashed the dark blue once again and you inhaled deeply.

Peter released you quickly, you dropped to your knees, Peter trying to walk towards you, but you put your hand up, he backed up slowly. There was something in the pit of your stomach, trying to tell you to avoid the emotions you were feeling, the automatic shock when you felt any sense of emotion.

Everyone in the room looked at you in shock, your eyes staying blue as your hand went to the back of your neck. Peter walked to you carefully, but he then noticed your glowing blue eyes, “Y/N-N?”

Peter dropped to his knees beside you, shocked as to why you were in pain, he whispered lightly in your ear, “what did they do to you?”

part 4?

I want a goth girl Clea in Avengers Academy to match young Stephen’s black nails huehueheh

(I tried a more cartoon-ish style this time, I hope you like it!)
((I don’t play that game but I love its chara design))

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Kitty Avengers! Inspired by a google pic I came across the other day. I’m going to see the movie tonight & any excuse to do themed nails right?

Used in this mani:

Wet N’ Wild - French White, Black Creme

Jordana - Crystal Glitter

Characters painted all with Apple Barrel acrylic paints

HK Girl Topcoat


Avengers nails!

I really LOVE comic book based movies and, conveniently, they come out the weekend of my birthday (May 3rd) every single year. 

This year, obviously, Avengers: Age of Ultron came out and so last night, I went to see it. These are the Avengers themed nails that I did. 

I’m not going to explain how to do them because it would be crazy. But I basically just used a nail art striper for all of the design work and I used tinfoil as a palette to mix colors. 

I will, however, explain what/who is represented on each nail.

Right Hand:

Thumb: Marvel, that is the M from their logo

Pointer: Nick Fury’s eye patch and scars

Middle: the hammer of Thor

Ring: Captain America’s shield

Pinky: chest piece of Iron Man

Left Hand:

Thumb: the fist of Hulk

Pointer: the wing of Falcon

Middle: the outfit of Black Widow

Ring: the face mask of War Machine (previously called the Iron Patriot, a name I personally like about a gagillion times better)

Pinky: the mask of Heimdall (this one is probably the loosest inspiration of them all which is fitting because he is hardly in the movie at all)

Anyway, it was a really great movie and I hope all of you who saw it enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope that those of who didn’t see it make plans to do so soon!

This is going to be super disorganised because I buy all my polishes from pound shops and did the patterns with post-it notes, a penknife and a paintbrush…

I used an unbranded black leather-look polish for the base. The index finger also has a matte red from ‘Pretty’. the purple on the thumb is OPI’s superbass shatter. the other three nails have a china glaze silver crackle.

I need to buy a top coat…

(The pairing is supposed to be Black Widow/Hawkeye)

(submitted via email by play)

Okay, I know I seem like a stalker and stuff for posting this but come on. Who wouldn’t just, you know, freak out when Robert Downey Jr. says your name. (By the way, he said my name correctly, not many people do, so… 😃) The moral of this post is that I’m going to post it either way because come on, he’s not going to see it. So, it’s not weird if he doesn’t see it. 😏😆 I’m PAOLA, by the way. 😂