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This isn’t some shitty, “Well they’re only filling a few issues until we get the normal Avengers back,” bullshit! Just like how Thor is a woman and Captain America is Black, the A-Force is officially one of the new Avengers team, the other being made up of a pretty diverse roster, too! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! THE MOST BADASS, KICK BUTT LADIES TO EVER GRACE THE UNWORTHY PAGES OF COMIC BOOKS ARE BEING PUT ON THEIR OWN TEAM.




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I’m also really pleased to finally say I’ve found a good supplier and am now able to offer larger sizes in every heels design I’ve made so far for men and women in my shop!

On Sexism with Samus

The likes of Gaijin Goombah and other, mostly male, personalities have been addressing the issue with Zero Suit Samus stating that there isn’t a problem or that the outrage on it’s own is the problem. I am a fellow Penis American but I, being the great gift from god I am, will stand on my high horse to look at this issue from many angles. I want to talk about several points I have heard on this issue like ”Being against her being sexy is being just as bad”, “Does it matter she still kicks ass”, “Samus has been sexualized from the beginning”,”Men are unrealistic too”, and “but I like the design”.

I want to start by looking at the design itself as well as the brawl design to simply point out what is wrong and isn’t wrong with the design. It seems like in both designs the boobs are not totally unrealistic, they aren’t in the brawl design, at least by fantasy standards. They slope downwards like real breasts, they have grown in the new design for no reason but It could very well be a problem of image perspective. The actual design of the suite looks better in the current form minus the rocket heels. They appear to be a tacked on feature although it could be the sci-fi of the thing. The heels are the real thing people have a problem with regarding design and I agree 100%. What’s wrong with just having her older boots being upgraded to have rockets.

The above image is rocket boots from Ratchet and Clank but they are so many examples of males having rocket boots that are more or less boots but with rockets in them. Unless Iron Man gets rocket Heels in Avengers 2 I’d like to see women get some damn real boots with rockets if that is a thing they want the character to have. Outside of the boots while some people have a problem with the skin tight suit that is a fiction thing that both women and men have in spades. It is more Sci Fi fantasy than anything else and is nothing like female knight armor where they are exposing themselves to fatal blows for no reason.

Let’s move on to some of the points people have made against people making these points. The main problem is that they are so mad about people who are in a group that has to deal with constant treat in harassment having a problem. People Like Gaijin Goombah are actually mad at women for complaining at these issues. I  could write a novel on this but I will touch on it briefly. Why is it that people like this can’t accept that a group that is traditionally looked down on in this nerd community can’t get mad about the very few characters they have. Look even if I had no problem with this design at all it’s every damn woman’s right to be pissed about it and they aren’t taking away anyone’s porn. If someone has a problem with a sexualized design it’s fine, it’s been seen, porn will exist, go jack off to it and have a good day while they fix the problem. Yes, A women can be sexy and powerful but when the vast majority have the same body type hair color and personality we have a problem. Sure we have dude bros that exist in a lot of mainstream stuff but we have plenty of other male options, I dare anyone to find 10 games that all have vastly different women as a Main playable character that aren’t sexualized. If you delve in JRPGs sure you could make it happen with some strong debate but these games aren’t in the lime light.

Samus has had an end goal of seeing she was a girl and a sexy one before for people who cared enough to find out about it. However, I’d counter that she was sexualized from the start, that was an Easter egg  and fan service at best. The fact of the matter is in the game proper in Metroid Samus is a women in a Power Suit. Sure we have Samus in the Power Suit as a playable character and sure there is nothing wrong with her being pretty underneath. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an open dialogue. I like the idea of under the Powersuite being a sexy strong women who doesn’t care she is a sexy strong women. I like the idea that Samus is in a world where her looks aren’t a problem but her skill.  The fact of the matter is that this new design exists to be hot. Sometimes hot can be a statement like in Bayonetta but sometimes hot is to bring the boys in for a fapping party. We could have a sexy women who exists to be sexy and bad ass without much complaint if not for the problem that the vast majority of women are sexualized. Maybe Nintendo bringing in Dixie Kong and Palutena will bring a roster over more diverse women to the table but Samus is our truly independent women in Nintendo. She isn’t linked to man and it’s a shame we can’t have her be an avatar for women instead of out current avatar for male fantasy.

Before anyone starts jumping at women, attacking the “Femanazis” about these issues think about this: Every day they have to wake up to people attacking them just because their sex, every day there are reminders that things aren’t equal, every day they play a game if they want an avatar they only have a hand full of none create your own character avatars. It’s easy to get defensive but it isn’t easy to look at another persons perspective and think of the problems they have to suffer. I hope I’ve changed some peoples perspectives or at least opened a dialogue to hopefully convince some people. If not just remember your hand, man parts, and brain can handle all the desires you don’t need sex in everything. 

The man who had been the Winter Soldier left only half a step between himself and Captain America, hovering behind Steve’s left shoulder without ever stubbing his toes against the Captain’s heel.

The Avengers didn’t like it. “Close enough to kill you in at least fifty-six different ways,” Natasha complained, forehead wrinkled as if she were trying to find the fifty-seventh. “It’s like you’ve got a mass-murdering shadow.” Tony shone a flashlight at said shadow, but was smart enough not to come within reach of the metal arm. Fury had ground out that he still wasn’t sure which of them he wanted to kill for all this, but if the Winter Soldier stabbed Captain America while they were strolling through the park at least they’d narrow his options and prove that the Soldier wasn’t Sgt. Bucky Barnes.

The man hidden behind Steve wasn’t Bucky. Bucky had never stood behind Steve. They were always shoulder to shoulder, unless Steve’s mouth got ahead of them both and Bucky moved to stand between his friend and the rest of the world. It had been true even when they’d escaped from Zola and the Red Skull and Bucky had been electrified and drugged and limping from a painful incision below his knee. He had to keep up with Steve, then, he’d argued, because staring at Captain America’s back would make him think he had just dreamed Steve Rogers, after all.

Steve had tried to walk beside this man who was not yet Bucky, or to follow him, to be sure he was real, that he would stay. But the soldier flinched at footsteps, dropped into a crouch when Steve came up behind him, and eventually Steve left him to stand where he would. He’d forgotten what it was like not to be alone, and the solid mass of the man behind him eased an ache Steve didn’t know he’d carried. At night, he slept on the floor beside Steve’s bed, invisible from the door, but Steve could hear him breathing, could feel him displace air and take up space in the world. He wasn’t Bucky, and he wasn’t at Steve’s side, but he was real and Captain America wasn’t alone.

Then Dr. Evil attacked New York, with robots, and Captain America took out five before hitting the pavement under his own shield and a particularly effective laser cannon. He wondered, as the world blacked around the edges, if his soldier had been behind him to cushion the fall.

When he regained consciousness, he was laying below a shadow flinging his shield from a human arm, shooting lasers of his own from the metal one. Standing, fists raised, between Steve and the rest of the world.


I made these Avengers heels for a friends wedding. Prompted by this tutorial by Ironspy. Huge thanks for that tutorial, I was so excited to do it.

Was really happy how they turned out! And now I want to do more of course. It did feel like I was commiting some kind of horrible sin by cutting up a comic but it was worth it. (And for my own amusement I printed out a Loki to hide on the heels). I have a big fancy laser printer, not sure if inkjet would work the same so if you try yourself do a test!

And of course, I had to put a message for a cause dear to my heart. #coulsonlives.

travelwedo  asked:

All right, an actual question this time. Someone on tumblr claimed that these boots are what WS wore in the film (google "Men's GX-8 GORE-TEX® Side Zip Boot" and it should come up on the batesfootwear website). But they look a lot more, I don't know, fluid/soft/less crude than what I saw on him - to the point where it seems like a different pair of boots, not something their costume department embellished a bit. What do you think?

I just googled this and it looks like yes, people have tracked down the specific boot Sebastian Stan and/or his stunt double appears to be wearing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

These look reasonably accurate, but my personal opinion is that it’s pointless to try and identify or copy the “real” boots or shoes from almost any onscreen superhero costume, because they always look really weird IRL. You never see close-ups of Captain America or Thor’s feet or boots in The Avengers, because their costume boots look kind of “fake” if you look at them properly. Like, Thor and Loki are both basically wearing… plastic sneakers with galoshes over the top? These are very obviously “costumes” rather than something the ~real Thor would be wearing in Asgard.

Anyhow, it’s entirely possible that the Winter Soldier is wearing a couple different pairs of boots over the course of the movie, for stunt purposes. For example, Natasha is meant to be wearing two or three-inch heels in several scenes, but ScarJo probably did most of her stunt work/running scenes in sneakers because it’s more comfortable. Similarly, her Black Widow costume in Avengers involved high heels, but I think this was primarily for height purposes because the film never actually shows the character wearing wedge heels as part of her official uniform/costume, because it would’ve been weird and impractical. ScarJo is a lot shorter than several of her male castmembers, so she may actually have had to wear heels to avoid the height disparity looking too ridiculous. (For more on this kinda stuff, see my Avengers costume design reviews.)

I know that in a couple of scenes in CATWS you see what is presumably meant to be the Winter Soldier’s “real” boots, and I think they’re probably a version of the commercially-available GORE-TEX boots you mentioned, but modified to look different/more badass to fit in with the rest of the costume.

I think Cap’s uniform boots in Avengers are a similar pair of store-bought boots as well, but modified and with a bunch of red armour stuff stuck on top to make them look like they’re part of the overall costume. This makes sense because it’s possible to make most of the rest of a costume from scratch, but there’s no point in going through the arduous process of moulding and building something as complicated as a shoe, when you can just buy a pair and make a few changes so they look less like something you’d just buy at the mall. Plus, of course, the Winter Soldier as a character would be far more likely to be wearing store-bought boots than someone likee Captain America or Thor.