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The engagement [loki x reader] part 1

Summary: You make friends with Loki while staying at Stark Tower. To repay you for your kindness and friendship, he takes you on a trip to Asgard, but there’s one small plot twist.. (Part one!)
Warnings: some swearing

Your name was (y/n). You lived in stark tower. You had some decent friends, but not many. One of them happened to be Loki, the mischief god. It wasn’t really a mutual friendship at first. See, whenever you were bored you’d do random art projects. Unfortunately, Tony wouldn’t let you put your art projects around Stark Tower because it “ruined the streamlined look”. Sarcastically he said you could store them in the room where Loki’s cell was. You were so annoyed by his refusal you accepted this offer, and began decorating the room.

The room was decently sized, and against one wall was the cell where Loki sat. The cell was like one giant glass bubble.

At first, neither of you spoke. You put down your art projects on the floor, or on the wall, then left. Loki would just stare at you listlessly, depressed from his captivity.

On the fourth day you brought your art, he finally broke the silence. “What are you even doing?” He asked. His tone was uninterested, but deep down he was grateful for something to watch to pass the time.

“Well, I, I just wanted a place to put my art projects. I don’t have any other place to put them and Tony said I could put them here.” You stood up and gestured towards your art that was scattering the floor.

Loki seemed pleased with this answer and stayed quiet for a moment. “You could at least put them up so I can look at them.”

You looked over at him. He sat on the floor with his back up against a wall, his eyebrows raised expectantly. Seriously? He couldn’t even say please?

You hadn’t heard the best stories about Loki and just wanted to leave. He was a bit creepy, with his unbrushed hair and sulking and all. “Maybe tomorrow,” you spoke, “I have stuff I need to do today.”

Loki exhaled softly. “Alright. It’s not like I am going anywhere, is it?”

You laughed shyly. “Well, I guess I can show you some of what I have here.”

And that was how Loki and yours friendship began. Every time you finished a project you’d bring it down to the cell room to show him. He would tell you what he liked about your art, what he didn’t like. Although you didn’t listen to him much when he said he didn’t like something because he seemed like the sort of guy who would complain about anything.

It got to the point where you would occasionally bring your art supplies to his room so you could work. In the rest of Stark Tower, everyone was always running around, freaking out, and making mountains out of molehills. In the six months you’d lived there, there’d been like 15 apocalypses and 6 attempts at world domination. It was nice having some peace and quiet for once.

“Lady (Y/n), why are you so kind to me?” Loki asked abruptly. He had been reading and you were working on art. You looked up from your task at hand and met his blue eyes. He looked puzzled. Not confused, just puzzled.

You tried to think of a decent response. “I don’t really have many friends around here.” You did have friends, but they were always busy with the aforementioned apocalypses. “And you like talking about art. And books.” Again,your friends only liked to talk about the apocalypses.

Loki adjusted his position, sitting up straighter, and a small smile took over his face. “Do you consider me to be a friend?”

Of course, you wanted to say. But you didn’t know if this was one of his pranks or not. Although, you had noticed he pranked you less than everyone else, but maybe he was going to culminate in one big prank?

“Yeah,” you admitted.

His smile grew larger. “I think of you as my friend as well, (y/n).”

You bit the inside of your cheek. If anyone knew you and Loki were now officially friends, you’d be dead.

“Um, thanks, I guess.” You shrugged and laughed it off.

Loki’s smile turned into a frown. “A God and a future king’s friendship is not to be taken lightly.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. Ah, so he was still going for the Asgardian Throne. You sort of thought he had abandoned that plan, after, y'know, being imprisoned and all. “I’m not taking it lightly, you are a good friend to me. You’re the only one who cares about my art.” You told the truth, hoping to avoid him give a rant about how he was the future king etc etc.

“I do like your art, although I admit sometimes I pretend not to like it. It gives me something to do in this boring hellhole.” Loki spoke as he kicked a chair over absentmindedly. You flinched back.

Loki glanced up at your sudden movement. “I am sorry, lady (y/n), I just get so frustrated in here.”

You relaxed and smiled at him. It was funny and cute when he called you a lady. “It’s okay. I sort of get it, I feel like I’m being held captive here at Stark Towers. I have to stay here because I’m hiding out from a gang. I, uh, stumbled into one of their warehouses by accident and saw stuff I shouldn’t have. So now I’m here, for the time being.” Luckily Tony decided to be kind for once and help you out.

Loki tilted his head, the smile reappearing. “If you could go anywhere, absolutely anywhere in the world, where would you go?” He asked gently. He stared at you, his gaze intense as he waited for your answer.
“Asgard,” you said immediately, then bit your lip. “Uh, or Italy, Italy’s cool too.” You were a bit embarrassed to tell him you daydreamed about his home a lot.

Loki smirked. “Asgard? My home. It is beautiful. You would enjoy it immensely.”

You leaned forward. “Where would you go, then?” You were actually interested in his answer. He knitted his brows.

“I have been pretty much everywhere. I suppose I would pick Antartica.” He was serious.

You laughed at him. “You just want to see penguins, don’t you?”

Loki looked down, and then up through his eyelashes at you. There was a strange look on his face; humility? “The polar bears fascinate me.”

That conversation with Loki went forgotten, replaced with new memories of you two bonding over books, art, and childhood stories. It wasn’t until one morning, months later, that you remembered that conversation.

It was early in the morning, but you were beginning to stir, wrapping your blanket over you for extra warmth. Why was it so cold? Stark always kept the tower at a blazing 79 degrees. It was then you realized something was not right. You reached around the bed and couldn’t feel any of your stuffed animals. instead to your shock, you touched something ice cold..and breathing?

You jumped up and screamed, thinking it was some horrible monster from twilight coming to get you. You then felt a cold hand touch your back softly which made you jerk away even farther.
“Lady (y/n)! It’s me, it’s Loki.” You whipped your head around to find Loki staring at you, wearing-from what you could see- not much.

“Loki?! What the heck!?” How could be here? Why was here in your bed? Wait, this wasn’t your bed! You scanned the room. Not, definitely not yours. “Where am I!” You jumped out of the bed and screamed.

“Please, (y/n), let me explain!” Loki threw the covers off and chased you over to the window. The window went from floor to ceiling and had a giant, red velvet curtain covering it. You pulled the curtain back and revealed a world unlike nothing you had ever seen before. All you could do was stare.

“Is everything alright? I heard screams!” An out of breath lady ran into the room, and you and Loki both turned to look at her. Her outfit was old fashioned..like renaissance fair old fashioned.

Loki spoke up quickly. “Yes, maid. Everything is quite alright, thank you. You are dismissed.” He waved his hand, but then stopped. “Hold on for one moment. Please don’t mention this to mother. Or father. Will you?” Loki gestured to you and then the bed.

The maid nodded her head. “Of course not, sir.” She turned around and headed out of the room.

You didn’t know what to say or do, so you just stared at Loki furiously, waiting for him to explain.

He simply stared back at you, trying to gauge your reaction.

“What the hell is going on!” You whispered shouted at him.

You could see him trying to hold back a laugh. “Do you remember, right when we first became friends, you told me if you could go anywhere you’d go to Asgard?”

You briefly flashed back to the conversation. “Are..you..trying to tell me…we’re in Asgard?!” You had sort of figured it out but another part of you couldn’t process what was happening.

“Yes, please, don’t be upset with me, I am simply trying to repay you for your friendship.” Loki stepped closer to you. He looked seriously concerned that you were going to run away screaming.

You had had friends in your life who wouldn’t lift their pinky fingers for you, so this was a bit of a shock.

You sat back down on the bed, confused. Loki sat next to you, unsure of what to do. Should he put his hand on your shoulder? Should he say something?

“Um. That’s. That’s really cool of you, Loki.” You said, staring at the ground. You were sort of in shock. “But why were you in my bed? And how did you get out of your cell?”

“The cell? That was easy. The guard messed up and I had an opportunity.” Loki waved his hand in the air and rolled his eyes.

“And. About the bed. There’s.. There’s one more thing.” Loki pursed his lips and you looked up at him. He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking down at your left hand. You tore your eyes away to see what he was looking at. And right there, on your ring finger, was the biggest fucking emerald you’d ever seen.

“We’re married?!”



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Imagine Sam courting Natasha

nah son, imagine natasha courting sam and recruiting the rest of the tower to help her.

imagine natasha buying flowers and asking clint to drop them through vents to land in strategic places where she knows sam will find them/pick them up. natasha asks steve to teach her how to draw so she can draw crude cartoons of the two of them, fold them into paper airplanes, and send them flying around the tower. bucky helps her practice dancing so she can impress sam (and the rest of the avengers) with her sick moves. pepper and jane and darcy go shopping with her so she can find new clothes to use to seduce him. bruce gives her some of his old family recipes to try and make good dinners with. (tony is too busy laughing to help.)

then one day, she’s on the couch watching lord of the rings in fuzzy pajama pants, no makeup, hair unstraightened and a wreck,, and sam just happens to walk by. “lord of the rings? awesome!” he says, and then he just scoops her up and plops her into his lap as he sits down, and it turns out that fantasy movies were all she needed.

Sm:Hc Voltron AU

tbecause who are we kidding, everything needs a Voltron AU

Black Paladin: Tony. (the story with the robot arm is more like the actual iron suit story. he builds it with ulaz to help himself escape the Galra)

Green Paladin: Peter. instead of looking for his brother and father like pidge, he’s trying to track down uncle ben (spoiler alert, uncle ben dies in space before they find him) also he’s trans because in no au will I give that up.

Red Paladin: Michelle. keeping the half galra part and the knife.

Blue Paladin: Flash. everyone on the team doesn’t really like him at first but then he saves everyone’s asses and they’re just like. wait you care about us? awwwwwwwww. and he’s like “shut up before I shoot you!!!”

Yellow Paladin: Ned. still loves to cook and work with foods from alien planets. keeping the shay story maybe? (might genderbend shay bcuz I hc ned as gay but eh…)

more under the cut.

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Imagine Bucky's first Thanksgiving with Steve and the Avengers.

Tony calls it “sad orphan Thanksgiving.” And in fairness, it’s not like he’s wrong.

Everyone knows what happened to Tony’s parents - or, more accurately, they know the generalities and are very carefully not inquiring into the specifics of who. Steve’s been an orphan since basically forever. Ditto Clint and Natasha. Nobody discusses Bruce’s parents, not after that one time when his eyes went frighteningly green on Father’s Day. Thor technically has Odin, but judging from Thor’s stories of home, Odin is not necessarily the kind of All-Father that one sits down to warm holiday dinners with. (Also, Loki is still something of a sore subject.)

Bucky is… complicated. Bucky has family - or at least, he has living relatives. His siblings grew up and got married while the world moved on, and they had children and grandchildren, all of whom know of him only as Great-Uncle James the war hero. Thanksgiving is probably not the wisest or the most tactful time to re-introduce himself into the extended Barnes clan.

On the other hand, Pepper and Jane and Darcy and Sam all do have families that they would like to spend the holidays with. “So we’ll have our own sad orphan Thanksgiving on the Tuesday before, and I’ll commandeer the Stark jet to get you all where you need to go on Wednesday,” Tony wheedles. “Come on, weather report says it’s going to storm something awful, don’t you want to skip the airport?”

“Also? Twice the pie. Thor’s gonna bake up a storm. Possibly literally. We hope he doesn’t mean literally.”

Nobody is entirely sure how much food to plan; Steve, Bucky’s, and Bruce’s serum-enhanced metabolisms make predicting how much food they’ll eat at any given meal difficult, and Thor can eat seemingly endlessly. Tony claims to have “crunched the numbers,” but as far as Bucky can tell, he counted the attendees, multiplied them by two, and rounded up to the nearest five and told them to make enough to serve that many people. Still, it seems to work - primarily because they end up cooking enough for twenty people.

Thor doesn’t just make pies. He builds an entire firepit on the tower balcony - the one that usually functions as a quinjet landing pad - and shows up with a field-dressed animal that nobody can positively identify. He then proceeds to spend the entire day coddling the unidentified-Asgardian-roast-beast. In between basting and checking the fire, he busies himself making hand pies of all types, both sweet and savory. He sings to himself in what sounds like Old Norse while he works, and it’s the happiest that any of them (possibly excepting Jane) have ever seen him.

Clint, who can burn cookies at twenty paces just by looking at them wrong, is partnered with Natasha on the mashed potatoes. He can peel potatoes, and he can boil the water. It’s impossible for even Hawkeye’s uncanny lack of cooking ability to burn water. Natasha just threatens to break Tony’s fingers with the potato masher every time he gets too close to the cooling pies.

Bruce dislikes Thanksgiving. He calls it a colonialist farce, and grumbles under his breath about celebrating the subjugation and eradication of native cultures. At one point, he and Steve have a conversation that lasts about an hour and leaves Steve wearing his “I am furious at the injustice in the world and want to fix all of it right now” face, but by then the meal is mostly-prepared so there’s little he can do to stop it. Privately, Bucky suspects that Bruce might also be looking for an excuse to dislike a holiday that dredges up bad memories. But Bruce’s family is the one that chose him, not necessarily the one he was born with; every time he complains, Pepper nods seriously and steers him towards the spice racks. It turns out that masala-spiced sweet potatoes aren’t half bad, even if they don’t have marshmallows on top and the secret ingredient is righteous anger instead of love.

Pepper doesn’t cook, of course. She supervises. She strides purposefully from station to station, checking in on tasks, keeping track of time, and generally managing the kitchen as efficiently as she manages the company. About an hour before the meal is ready, she vanishes for a few minutes and reappears with two bottles of aggressively expensive Riesling from Tony’s private wine cellar.

It gets pretty crowded around the table with all of them - and what looks like enough pies to feed a small army - but it’s a warm kind of crowded. It stirs up dim memories of childhood, before the war, when food might’ve sometimes been scarce but they could always scrape up enough for the holidays. It’s a little overwhelming, but if Bucky needs some time to absorb it all, he’s got Steve sitting on his left keeping up a soothing white noise of arguing with Tony about football and American traditions.

It feels like family. It’s something he’s missed.

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But like lowkey I gotta disagree/expand upon the others.

1. She can take a punch from the Hulk, but what you failed to mention is that she can deliver one right back.

2. She and Steve would probably be fascinated with each other’s shields. They’d talk about shield stuff. Maybe they’d even exchange shields and spar. But in the end, they respect each other’s shields, but still consider their shield the superior shield. Wow I just said shield a lot.


4. Fam I feel like Thor and Diana would be those besties who banter all the time but also Diana would help Thor understand shit because she has been in the “real world” longer than him and 100% is like “ok buddy, at first I was confused about this thing, too, let me tell you how it works…”

I want a fic where Steve and Tony meet under circumstances where one is hitting on the other and it’s all very flirty and they’re both clearly interested in each other, but for whatever reason, nothing ever happens. Instead, they just become really good friends.
It’s not really thought about again until a few years later when their mutual friends (brought together through Steve and Tony) bring it up in their absence. Like one of them says “Remember when they first met? Steve was totally just trying to hook up with Tony.” and the rest of the group is like “omg yeah! Whatever happened with that?” and the first says “I don’t know, but can you imagine? Steve and Tony?”

And they almost laugh at the thought. Almost. But then it gets really quiet while they think about it and suddenly it simultaneously occurs to all of them that the two are so obviously meant to be together. After all these years, they had the right idea the first time around.

So meddling happens.

Imagine Bucky really loving the show Avatar: the Last Airbender. As he’s watching the show, he tries to decide what type of benders his friends would be.

Immediately, he knows Steve would be an earthbender (Tony thinks Steve is an airbender, because FREEDOM, but Bucky ignores him). His stubborn attitude alone is a dead giveaway, nevermind his rough fighting style. Although Steve trains with Natasha and Bucky often, he still prefers punching, kicking, and generally fighting dirty. Definitely an earthbender, although he adapts to new situations just as fast as a waterbender.

As hard as he tries, Bucky can’t imagine Natasha being a bender of any kind. In that universe, being a bender is such a huge part of someone’s personality, and showing that to the world would kill Natasha. Eventually, he decides she would be a Kyoshi warrior. Their fighting styles are very similar, with the whole, ‘turn your opponent’s power against them.’

Bucky has a bit of a dilemma trying to choose for Sam. On one hand, Sam is the most stable person he knows, and he trusts him nearly as much as Steve and Natasha. On the other hand, Sam can fly, and he loves that freedom. Bucky eventually decides to call him an airthbender and call it good.

Bucky thinks Bruce would be a firebender. Despite his love for peace like an airbender, his passion outweighs that part of him. He fights for what he believes, and Bucky admires that about him.

Thor would be an earthbender. His fighting style, love of battle, and strength all contribute to Bucky’s decision.

Clint and Tony would be waterbenders. Bucky hears about what happened to Tony in Iraq, and how he survived thanks to his ability to adapt and escape, just like a waterbender. As for Clint, there’s a certain way he moves that influences Bucky’s decision. Like himself and Natasha, Clint moves like a fluid when he fights. Any attack that he faces, he faces head on, but still manages to divert and redirect the attack. There are no breaks between one hit and the next with Clint when he’s fighting. He’s like music that is all slurred. When he’s not fighting, he’s the clumsiest idiot Bucky has ever known, worse than Steve before the serum, but his fighting style is very distinct.

As for himself, Bucky isn’t sure. He thinks that before the war, he was definitely a firebender, but after the Winter Soldier, he fights more like a waterbender. He leaves it up to his friends to decide for him.

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Imagine Other People Making You Insecure About Your Poly Relationship With Stucky

Originally posted by reclusiveq

“I’m just saying, you can’t keep leading them on forever,” your oh so beloved sister said on the phone as you watched the nightly celebrity news show that you had been hoping to get some info about the movie you were anticipating on; instead, you were watching the media tear down your relationship with Steve and Bucky, calling you greedy and manipulative.

“But I’m not- !” you groaned and hung up on your sister, burying your face in your hands after you hung up. Nobody understood. Nobody. Your parents hadn’t talked to you since you’d told them, the media shoved it in your face constantly; you’d just about had enough.

The news story was almost over when your boyfriends came home.

“Y/N?” Bucky was at your side instantly, “Are you okay?” Steve would have hugged you, if he hadn’t seen the news piece. They were talking to a ‘relationship expert’, who was reprimanding your recent lunch date with Steve just days after you revisited Budapest with Bucky while Steve was in Wakanda.

“I just want this to stop,” you sobbed a little. “I love you both…but it’s so hard to deal with this…”

“We’ll talk to Tony, see if he can’t make some calls in to the big news centers and get them to at least talk less about it,” Steve said reassuringly.

“And my parents? My sister?” you sniffed.

“They’re just gonna have to deal with it, unless you want to be done. We’re not gonna make you stay if you’re unhappy,” Bucky said.

“No, I’m not unhappy!” you hugged Bucky tightly, letting Steve sit on your other side and make a cuddle pile. “I just- ugh, I feel so petty.”

“You’re not petty,” Steve said calmly. “You have a right to be upset. We love you, Y/N, and that’s not gonna change.”

“I love you, too, my sweet boys,” you kissed their cheeks and sunk into their arms, trying to push everybody’s voices out of your head.

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Imagine Natasha watching Disney movies with the rest of the Avengers and eating junk food and for once, being a kid

thursday night is disney night. all the avengers squish together on the couch (natasha more often than not stretching across three of them to put her feet in sam’s lap, because he gives the best foot massages in the world.

she throws popcorn at tony when he makes snarky comments and rubs steve’s arm if he cries, and she and pepper make eye contact across the living room during love songs and burst into giggles, and she and clint and sam will sing along to ANYTHING with PERFECT HARMONIES

the day they watch frozen, tony mutes the tv and natasha and clint sing “love is an open door” in perfect time, without looking at the screen once. “HOW DO YOU DO THAT?!” tony yells. bucky looks like he’s in pain from holding back his laughter.

they don’t watch frozen for a long time afterwards.