avengers dreamcast


Hawkeye / Young Avengers liveaction dreamcast: Arden Cho as Kate Bishop

a.k.a. Hawkeye is actually the greatest sharpshooter known to man. – “she is without a doubt the finest and most gifted bowman I’ve ever met but she’s like nine years old and spoiled rotten.” – (shut up, Barton.) She’s practically an avenger.


  • Drew Roy as Iron Lad / Nate Richards (I’m not really sure is this the right choice, but Julian McMahon is way too old, even though Nate’s face looks so much like his.)
  • Mason Dye as Hulkling / Teddy Altman (Honestly I couldn’t think of anyone better for this role. Mason looks EXACTLY like Teddy.)
  • Sinqua Walls as Patriot / Eli Bradley (He looks dangerous, but his smile could melt the ice - perfect combination, also THEM CHEEBONES.)
  • Billy Lewis Jr. as Wiccan / Billy Kaplan (I think he would fit in this character, even though I wanted Finn Wittrock sooo bad! If he only looked a little bit younger…)
  • Alexandra Daddario as Hawkeye / Kate Bishop (Do I have to explain? She seems perfect for this role, amirite?)
  • Teresa Palmer as Stature / Cassie Lang (I always associated Teresa with word average, she’s beautiful, that’s true, but she’s not like “in your face” and I wanted someone like that to contrast with Alexandra’s strong features also, she just look like Cassie, lol.)