avengers dictionary

The new (and final) season of Durarara is here! Oh man, let’s get to watching, hehe it’s kinda cool how they have a different character narrate each episode, wonder who it’ll be this ti-

oh god

oh god no

Shinra I love you but oh god any narrator but you

anyone but the one who peppers his conversation with smart-sounding four-character kanji compounds and big words and obscure sayings

please no I have the subtitles off Shinra please no show some mercy I’m begging you nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[one very long 24-minute video later]

Okay, I just learned ten four-character compounds through my blood and tears, and I’m gonna compile them here for anyone else who’s planning to go into the Durarara episode armed with a Japanese dictionary. Avenge me.

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