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“Time for my grand entrance.”
“To be or not to be? That’s a dumb question.”
“Poof! I’m gone!”
“Now you see Spider-Man. Soon you won’t.”
“Where do you keep the window cleaner?”
“Prepare yourselves for the magic of Mysterio!”
“Now you see me! Now you don’t!”
“Hold your applause.”
“It’s an illusion!”

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Okay- according to my Marvel Avengers dictionary ((Yes that exists)) You're supposed to be, sweet jesus, +500 Lbs... I feel so bad for Freya right now.

One, Asgardians weigh a lot more than you Midgardians, yes I am 525lb or 238Kg. This is mainly due to muscle mass, since muscle weighs more than fat.

Secondly, I can vary my weight. I’m not 525lb all the time, imagine the magpie version of me, trying to fly with that amount of weight, it wouldn’t work! 

That weight is when I am my full true self, not transformed and warped in any way. It takes a lot for me to get to there. 

The new (and final) season of Durarara is here! Oh man, let’s get to watching, hehe it’s kinda cool how they have a different character narrate each episode, wonder who it’ll be this ti-

oh god

oh god no

Shinra I love you but oh god any narrator but you

anyone but the one who peppers his conversation with smart-sounding four-character kanji compounds and big words and obscure sayings

please no I have the subtitles off Shinra please no show some mercy I’m begging you nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

[one very long 24-minute video later]

Okay, I just learned ten four-character compounds through my blood and tears, and I’m gonna compile them here for anyone else who’s planning to go into the Durarara episode armed with a Japanese dictionary. Avenge me.

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