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So think about this

What if, during Infinity War pt.1 at the end Nick Fury is talking to someone about how they need more help to fight Thanos or protect New York or some shit
And a chair spins around
And Claire Temple is in the chair and she says she has a team.

So where I’m going with this is Claire might have worked for shield and been sent on a mission to find other heroes, or got fired and went out on her own, but she has been gathering the defenders in case they were needed in a moment like this.
I know it’s probably a million reasons why this shit don’t add up.
But I want it to be true.
Also it seems too much of a coincidence that she is there when they need her the most.

Okay honestly do you know what I want?

At the end of the Defenders, all four are lounging at Jessica’s office and tired and happy because they just saved New York and the episode ends with that.

The usually credits appear and then 10 seconds later a credit scene comes up.

Matt suddenly stands and throws the stick at window. A spider web comes out of no where and throws back the stick inside, and Spiderman comes crashing through the window and into the office. All of the Defenders stand up ready to fight and Spiderman is like “hey guys what’s up. Btw you guys are so cool”

And Iron Man comes near the window (BLACK AND GOLDEN SUIT GUYS BLACK AND GOLDEN SUIT) and Tony Stark leaps into the office leaving the suit hovering in the air.

And Luke is like “all we did is save people” because of course they think badly of the accords

And Tony looks at them with a serious expression he said “and we need you to do it again” and pulls out an hologram and Infinity Gauntlet shows up

guys. I want this



Does anyone else want a very short, possibly 5 hour movie with all the Avengers, the netflix Defenders and the Agents of SHIELD just chilling at a bar shooting the shit?


For everybody who wants to insult, berate, and criticize Tony Stark. Why? Just, why? All he’s ever wanted to do is to take care of everybody. He sees the negative effect his multi-billion dollar business is making, and guess what he does? HE COMPLETELY CUTS IT OUT. He’s ill and hurt so often and nearly nobody knows because he doesn’t want to worry them. HE LITERALLY GOES ON A SEEMINGLY ONE WAY TRIP TO SAVE TO WHOLE WORLD, CARRYING A MISSLE INTO LITERALLY ALIEN AIRSPACE, AND EVERYBODY STILL THINKS HE’S SELFISH! He suffers from PTSD, and gets ragged on all of AoU because he wants to defend the WHOLE WORLD BECAUSE HE WANTS TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYBODY! His literal worst fear is his teammates dying because HE COULDN’T DO ENOUGH FOR THEM AND YOU CAN TELL THAT HE LIVES THIS FEAR CONSTANTLY!!! People choose Cap over him because he’s nice or whatever, and he is a great character, but Cap has never respected Tony the way that Tony has regarded him. The Avengers is Tony’s family and he’s never had a real family, because he didn’t do well enough on his last one. In Civil War, Tony is made the bad guy, when in reality, he wants so desperately to keep everyone safe. He works around all of Steve’s personality flaws, buying them time, trying to make things right. And all of the sudden he’s a huge villain when he finds out that the very man in the room killed his parents. Bucky killed the only person Tony ever felt loved by, his mother, and Tony’s the bad guy because he’s fighting Bucky over that? I don’t think so. Then Steve Rogers acts righteous over Tony at the end when he could’ve prevented the whole problem by being honest with Tony. Wasn’t it Steve who, so many times got butt hurt towards Tony for not telling the whole truth, but keeps something emotionally destroying from Tony? Steve then acts like he’s still right on ruining the relationships between everybody, telling Tony to crawl back to him when he feels like he needs him. REALITY CHECK STEVE, WITHOUT THE STARKS, YOU’RE NOTHING ANYWAYS. TONY HAS CARED FOR YOU AS FAMILY AND IF ANYTHING YOU WOULD NEED HIM. So don’t try and sell me ‘Civil War is Tony’s fault’ because I will fight you.

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What are we gonna do when Civil War is over?

Seriously what are we gonna do with our lives after this movie is over. Like after AoU we immediately had civil war to get excited for. Yeah we have Doctor Strange, Thor Ragnarok, Luke Cage but we don’t get another big team up until 2018. I mean, 2017 if you count defenders, but we don’t get The Avengers again until 2018