avengers cereal

Clint has a specific generic brand cereal that he loves (fruit-o’s or something lame like that). One morning he comes into the kitchen and greets everyone good morning before reaching for his cereal. Someone pasted a picture of his face over the colorful birds body and changed the name to hawk-o’s.
Clint leaves it and every time he buys a new box it magically happens again.
No one confesses and no one talks about it.

Not That Heavy [ Avengers x OC- Reader Insert ]

Prompt : reader is a cleaner in stark base and she’s cleaning up while the avengers are eating. She picks up thor’s hammer and passes it him like it’s no big deal.

Pairing : Avengers x OC - Reader Insert

Genre : General   |   Warning : None

Author’s Note : I hope you like it :)

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(gif doesn’t belong to me) Let’s pretend hawkeye is in the gif

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[Y/N] probably could get a better job than a cleaning maid. But working as a cleaning maid in Avengers tower pays very well, especially when she was assigned to clean the Avengers quarter. The work-hour was flexible and she got to befriend the Avengers. But the best part of working in the Avengers tower would be to be able to receive some tutoring from Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

She woke up at 6 A.M. and went to get a quick shower before she starts her day. Her place was a few floors below the Avengers. She moved into the towers when she realized it’d cost a lot of money for transport and even more money to rent an apartment she barely lived in. There were a few more cleaners who lived next to hers even though she didn’t know their names.

“Good Morning, Ms. [Y/N].” JARVIS’ voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She looked up and waited for the AI to continue to speak.

“Would you like a detailed schedule of today’s work?”

“Yes, please.” She subconsciously nodded as she left her bedroom to eat some cereal.

“The Avengers have just arrived from a mission and the floor may be a little filthy. I suggest you start cleaning the Avengers quarter before you moved on to the other floor.” She snorted a little at JARVIS’ description. The quarter always looked filthy after a mission, mostly because they stepped inside the quarter with their dirty combat boots.

“Ms. Romanoff would like you to clean up her room this afternoon when she went to the gym. The living room should be cleaned by today as well. Mr. Stark dumped a pile of dishes on the sink and forgot to wash it.”

“Thank you, JARVIS. I’ll be up soon.”

The day went by like usual. She washed the dishes but was quickly shooed away by Steve who insisted that he should help. The dirt on the marble floor was hard to clean but she managed to not break her mop in two, which was great.

“Hey, [Y/N]. Drop your broom and follow me.” Tony Stark called her in the midst of her cleaning.

“I’m almost done.” She replied, increasing her cleaning speed. Once she was done, she quickly put her cleaning stuffs aside and ran to his lab.

“What is it?”

“We’re going to teach you about robots.” He grinned and gave her a stack of books.

“I thought I should finish studying that chemistry stuff?” She tilted her head.

“I’ve seen your records and you are not stupid, [Y/N]. Above average IQ? You could learn all these in no time.” He watched her flipped open the book in excitement. She has never been able to afford first-hand book, she thought to herself as she read the print on the textbook.

They spent a few hours before JARVIS pinged them to remind them of dinner. [Y/N] quickly scrambled to her feet and let out a small curse for forgetting to clean the living room.

“You should go eat, Tony. I’ll clean a bit.”

“You should join us.” Tony said when they arrived in the avengers quarter.

“Later.” She smiled and moved to grab some cloth from the cleaning trolley. She hummed to herself as she wiped the table surfaces. She noticed the mjolnir on the table and went to pick it up and move it to other table.

“What is that?” She looked up and saw the avengers staring at her in shock.

“What is what?” she asked back.

“You picked up Thor’s hammer.” Clint Barton said.

“I’m sorry, I was cleaning the table and it was in the way.” She picked it up again and brought it to Thor who was staring at her with open mouth.

“What? Am I not allowed to touch it?” She meekly asked.

“No one could pick it up, [Y/N].” Bruce Banner explained.

“But it’s not that heavy, though?” She took the hammer from Thor and showed them how easy it was to pick it up.

“It means you’re worthy. You could rule Asgard if you want.” Natasha said in a deadpan voice.

“That’s not fair! I want to rule Asgard!” Tony whined.

but dude. just imagine the avengers’ cereal cupboard. there would be SO MUCH cereal in there.

and an outsider would be like ‘oh yeah the avengers they’re a bunch of buff, fit superheroes i bet they’ve got nothing but wheaties and granola’

but then you open the cupboard and like 95% of it is horrible sugary stuff 

and just imagine the fights when somebody eats the last of someone else’s favorite cereal

or the day tony opens up the brand new box of lucky charms to find that someone has meticulously removed every single marshmallow and then turns around to see pietro sitting at the table with a shit-eating grin on his face and a bowl full of the missing marshmallows

or when they have to start buying jumbo packs of coco puffs so clint doesn’t murder everyone for eating them all