avengers cast edit


S: The first day of work on Avengers we worked together and we were both terrible.

M: It was bad.

S: And then you turned out to be really good and I realized that you were actually just trying to sabotage me, and I think this time you were trying to do it again. I know how you work Ruffalo.

M: But it totally back fired on me this time. I’m really bad in this one and you’re really great.

Do you have any funny Chris Evans stories?
Oh dude, I have the funniest one. I don’t know if I can say. When I think about it every time, I love it. The coda scene that happens at the end of “The Avengers,” we shot it at the premiere, when we were all together. A year had gone by, and Chris was in the middle of doing another movie, where he had a full beard and he couldn’t shave it off. They had to do all these prosthetics over his face. The poor guy, he was in a chair for like four hours just for this three-second scene. He looked awful. He looked like his face was melting. Imagine if you have to put prosthetics over a thick beard, he looked like he got stung by a bee. The names that [Robert] Downey Jr. and everybody came up with. He couldn’t even laugh. It was really quite frustrating, I’m sure.

- Jeremy Renner, [x].


INTERVIEWER: You guys had one of the best scenes, I thought, together
MARK: I loved that scene
INTERVIEWER: That was one of the best scenes. Did you guys really like that?



“I try not to do anything based on what other people think of me. I think most actors get into the industry because it’s fun and gives them joy. But along the way, your joy and hobby become your job. When it becomes your job, it gets infused with a sense of fear. Doing something to prove yourself is fear-based. I don’t think it’s a healthy way to work or to live your life.