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Age of Ultron? (The movie)

1. That bit with Black Widow is gone. Obviously.

2. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are absent. I actually really liked Quicksilver in here - even more than the X-Men’s, actually - and Scarlet Witch in Civil War, and I’d want to bring them in later (you could actually still bring them in in Civil War; they leap out of the crowd to help in the fight with Crossbones but lead to the accident, and then most of the movie remains still the same, with them imprisoned in the Avengers base until Hawkeye frees them). But this movie is perilously overstuffed as-is, and what of most contributes to further overstuffing comes directly from them.

3. Vision is introduced much earlier.

4. Zero in on the Tony/Ultron/Vision dynamic. This tried to cover too much, and given Civil War ends up the Captain America Avengers Movie, it’s perfectly fine for this to be The Iron Man Avengers Movie.

5. CAP FUCKING SAYS AVENGERS ASSEMBLE AT THE END, GOD DAMN IT. I don’t even care about that phrase that much, but we have been waiting so many movies for that silly little line and Whedon had to go and be a complete piece of shit about it. I get it, Ultron was a grueling experience and he probably got some satisfaction out of that, but no.

You know, it is entirely possible that in this scene, Steve feels the hammer shift…and stops straining. Maybe he knows that yes, he is worthy of Mjolnir, but doesn’t pick it up…


Because he doesn’t want or need the power the hammer can give him. He doesn’t want to rule Asgard. Being Captain America is enough.

Or because he knows that if he picks the hammer up, his friends will never see him the same way again. Steve has always been Captain America, the protector of the weak, the voice for those who can’t speak and the leader who sees his soldiers as friends. If he could wield Mjolnir he would be known as more than that. So much more. He would be able to bring down all the wrath of Asgard if he picked it up. But more importantly, his friends would look on him in awe, rather than as besties. They could never make conversation with him in the same way. Thor has always had the hammer, always been godly and noble, but if Steve, and only Steve, could pick up the hammer then they might resent him, might think that he’s better than them, Thor most of all. It would have started the Civil War earlier.

At heart Steve has always wanted peace, which was why he enlisted in the war. He wants to be with people who trust him and support him, and at the end of the day all he really needs is some time to kick back and have a chat with his friends and relax after a long day of being Captain America.

Things he’ll never have if everyone knew he could hold Thor’s hammer.


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“You have license in front of the camera to do things, feel certain emotions that you don’t get to in real life. It can be addicting.“
- Sebastian Stan