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2,000+ icon mega pack

ok so yesterday was my birthday and I wanted to do something special but I was at comic con all day so I’m just gonna post it today haha, here is every icon I’ve made so far, all 2,000+ (even some I haven’t posted before bc I dind’t have enough for a full pack) obviously I’m putting them under the cut because it’s crazy long so I suggest not opening it on your dash (if you’re on mobile don’t open it it WILL crash your phone)  enjoy! (also please keep in mind they look a lot worse all stretched out like this but also some might be a little sloppy because even the first icons I ever made are on here so if you want one cleaned up just let me know!)

here’s a sample:

——————————————–3D Man———————————————-

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claire’s fic: they light up the sky for you

↳ “You and everything you stand for. Or hadn’t you noticed?”// Or, it’s the evening of Steve’s 96th birthday, and the 2014 Stark Expo is off to a fantastic start. Fireworks, hot dogs, the whole shebang. But Bucky promised he would be here. His memory has finally started to come back, and if he’s forgotten everything again … Steve won’t know where to turn. 

FIC: [aO3] [FFN]