I’m not a Monster part 5

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Warnings: None

Word Count: 1090

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four

After you had made Wanda promise not to tell anyone what the two of you knew, and she made you promise that later that night the two of you would continue this, the two of you beckoned the rest of the team in.

As they walked in you got a strange look from Bucky, as if he wanted to greet you but didn’t know how. Tony however, wasn’t shy about anything.

“So what did you and Wanda talk about? We saw her magic hands, so she must have done something.” He said as he started rummaging through a cabinet above Steve’s seat.

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Life On Mars - Part Two - Bucky Barnes

Summary: There are three rules I’ve made up whilst enduring this zombie apocalypse and I now live by them. 1) Keep moving, if you stay in one place than the bastards will get you in no time. 2) Food and water are the key to survive, those and any weapons you can find. 3) Don’t grow attached to people, especially brown-haired men with metal arms. Bucky/OC - Zombie Apocalypse!Avengers AU

Word Count: 3,969

Part One

Have you ever heard the sound of a gunshot? You never get use to it. It’s amazing to think that something that was invented so late into humanity’s development has the ability to switch on the most primeval of instincts. I suppose it all has something to do with the loud sound.

I can quite easily remember the first time that I heard a gunshot. I’d lived a pretty privileged life up until that point, before the apocalypse came; and by privileged I mean a two story house where a meal was always put on the table at 6 O’clock every afternoon. I had a mum that worked as a car sales woman and a father that worked with television. Our neighbourhood was okay, we didn’t live in the slums or anything like that. We didn’t talk to our neighbours and they didn’t talk to us, excluding halloween when some of them would bring their kids to our house for the festive candy.

I wonder if they’re all okay. Perhaps they’re still out there, perhaps they’d been lucky enough to find a safety zone and were surviving there with their kids. Would the children even be aware of what was happening? Or are they completely oblivious, continuing with their childish behaviour, running about, screaming, being kids?



Peggy Carter is Tony Stark’s godmother AU

When she wasn’t telling her godson bedtime stories about Captain America, she was pulling him out of his depression when his parents were killed. Either way, Tony Stark is the son she never had and Peggy is the loving guardian that Tony always deserved.

(this is my headcanon and I’m sticking to it. Also, yes, that is baby RDJ)


AU memeAvengers ~ Star Trek AU  

“These are the voyages of the USS Avenger…”

Commanding Officer - Captain Steve Rogers 
First Officer and Chief Engineer - Commander Tony Stark
Chief Science Officer - Dr. Bruce Banner 
Pilot - Lt. Commander Clint Barton 
Communications Officer - 
Commander Thor Odinson
Chief of security -Lt. Natasha Romanoff  

BLACK WIDOW - Trailer #1

“One of the most valuable skills in espionage. You can gear up with the best swag out there– Put on camo, tech, weaponry… But it is the unteachable skill to belong anywhere. The other edge of what is the unfortunate truth: You must first belong nowhere.”

    Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff
    Natalie Dormer as Yelena Belova
    Nicole Beharie as Monica Rambeau/Photon
    Osric Chau as Amadeus Cho

the avengers |  west wing au

President Phillip Coulson is just trying to run a country.  His Chief of Staff, Steven Rogers, sets aside one day a year for normally unheard lobbyists to pitch their ideas, which Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Stark names “Crackpot Day.“  Tony’s assistant, Pepper Potts, is just trying to make sure he doesn’t go crazy on lack of sleep or starve.  Bruce Banner and Clint Barton run the Communications department but are terrible at communicating with Press Secretary Natasha Romanoff, much to her chagrin and Thor Odinson is just watching in amusement as Personal Aide to the President.

The Flaw Of Belief - (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Y/N and Bucky fight over who can be more spiteful, who hates who more. Neither really mean it, but Bucky might just win.

Word Count - 1033

Warnings - maybe mild swearing? questioning of self worth I guess


Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven.

Steve sighed once again, turning to Sam. 

“Can’t you, I don’t know, pick her up and carry her away?" 

Steve suggested wearily. 

Sam huffed. "That might be our only option at this point, I’m running out of ideas!”

“Should we-?”

“I guess we have to.” Sam resigned, pushing up out of his seat, a tired Cap following him towards the harsh voices that could be heard from the kitchen. 

“Pass me my fucking orange Bucky.”


Oh my god.” Sam muttered.

As they entered the kitchen, they came across you standing there with your hands on your hips, looking up at Bucky, who was currently holding an orange way above your head.

“Why, Bucky?” Steve frowned, wondering why the hell would he deprive you of a simple orange.

“Yeah, why Bucky?” You taunted. “Do you even know what an orange is for, old man?” You sneered.

He smiled, but not the nice kind of smile, he smiled a smile that felt like knife sliding beneath your flesh. “I know plenty of things. For example, I know you turned your comm off on the last mission.” He spoke smugly, eyes flickering to Steve.

“You did? You said you lost connection!” Steve spoke, disappointed.

Oh hell no. If you were going down, Bucky was going down with you. Right down to the 9th circle of hell.

“Bucky, tell me,” you said sweetly, which of course made him squint suspiciously, “have you ever read a mission report?”

“You don’t read my mission reports?!” Steve’s scandalised voice sounded from behind you, but you didn’t turn around, locked with Bucky’s steely blue eyes. 

Sam had to stifle a laugh at how offended Steve looked.

“And yet I still know what I’m doing out there!” Bucky protested. Steve shook his head, not wanting to hear any more, and walked out, Sam hiding a grin behind his hand following.

“Do you? Last I checked, I got shot because you couldn’t cover properly.” You reminded him, and he stepped closer. You took a step back as he spoke. 

“At least I have a use beside getting shot. Why is it my fault you couldn’t deflect it?” His eyes darkened with anger.

“I was busy extracting information, I didn’t realise hacking into databases required hand to hand combat. I could’ve deflected it if my cover did his job!" 

You took another step back but he only advanced further, until your spine hit the cold counter. He leaned in as you leaned back. "I did my job, I know what I’m doing out there!” He growled, his voice quaking with rage and his brow sinking deeper and deeper.

“What, and I don’t?!” You replied with an equal amount of rage. He leaned in, and his cold stare gave you shivers as his cerulean gaze pierced you.

“No, you don’t. I don’t know why you’re on missions, when we could take Wanda or Nat. Do you really think you can compare to them? Do you really think you fit in with them? Have you ever noticed in a group, people will only listen to them? It’s because people know their worth. It’s because they belong. And so do I. You’re the Avenger that doesn’t make sense.” He snarled.

You swallowed, looking anywhere but his eyes. They say eyes are the window to the soul and the last thing you wanted was Bucky Barnes to know you.

To know how much he hurt you.

To know how right he was.

“Let me go, James.” You spoke hoarsely, devoid of emotion. Your gaze remained fixed over his shoulder, seeming far away to him.

“Why Y/N? Can’t handle the truth?” He taunted. You pushed off the counter, barging his shoulder as you shoved past him and out of the room.

Walking down the hallway, you marked each footstep with a curse. And every single curse landed on the broad shoulders of James Barnes.

When he arrived at the compound, you really felt for him. He was so silent, so mistrusting, you knew what it felt like to put your trust in the wrong people, it was difficult to open up again. He never spoke, didn’t utter a word, for months. All you wanted was to make this man, this broken man, feel okay, to give him a sense of normalcy. People looked at him like he would snap their necks, and he probably could, but he wouldn’t. And you seemed to be one of the only ones that understood that.

He was misunderstood.

He was lost.

His first words out of his mouth were telling you to shut up.

It had blindsided you, if you were being honest with yourself. You had felt your throat go a little dry, wondering what you’d done.

You thought back to whenever you couldn’t sleep, you and Steve would sit until the dawn, watching crappy comedy shows and listening to Steve’s stories of the 40’s. You revelled in the way his eyes would glow like embers when he mentioned his best friend. You had grown to live, to love James Barnes vicariously - through Steve. The tales he told of the little boy who love to cause trouble, the gentleman who wooed every dame in Brooklyn with his boyish charms and slick dance moves, the best friend who stuck up for Steve and got dragged into every fight the tiny punk could cause made you feel lightheaded. 

Where was that James Barnes?

Because this one, the one who told you to shut up whenever you spoke, who rolled his eyes whenever he saw you, who insulted and belittled you, who made you cry and doubt your self worth, who confirmed all of your fears and insecurities, who let you get shot- 

You weren’t fond of him.

And that was a huge disappointment.

Because you’d waited so long, stayed up nights with Steve trying to find the wandering Winter Soldier, busted places with Sam, hoping this might finally be the place he’d settled. You’d waited so long to meet Bucky, and you felt like you didn’t get Bucky. You’d been cheated.

You’d made a mistake. You believed in James Barnes.

You’d expected to admire him, and all you’d gotten was an adversary.

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The Avengers as Parents
  • Steve:Look at you, when you grow up we'll go fishing and ride our bikes together and (lists of mid 20th century stereotypes of parenthood)
  • Tony:You're going to like science and we're going to build awesome stuff together--as soon as Jarvis loads every parenting book ever onto my phone.
  • Bruce:I--uh--the law of conservation of matter, and, uh (lists sciency things with tangential connections to parenting.)
  • Clint/Natasha:(Mostly normal parents until they see something that might be a threat to their kid. Then they pull out their weapons and get ready to avenge shit.)

When people say Sebastian Stan isn’t attractive

Pietro Maximoff Imagine #8-Requested

Anon: Hi! Sorry to bother you but I came across your blog and I fell in love instantly! I was wondering if you do a PietroxReader but the reader is extremely shy and he tries to break her out of her shell??? Thank you hun! xxoo


You had been with the Avengers since the whole team has started. You were recruited by Barton and Nat. The three of you had been working for SHIELD for the longest time and you were the best agents, Barton with the bow, Nat with her guns, and you with knives. The only times you really ‘socialized’ (if anyone would call it that) was when you were fighting with the Avengers. Any other time, you didn’t talk at all. It’s not that you disliked anyone or that you didn’t want anyone talking to you, it’s just that you were extremely shy. You didn’t really know how to start a conversation and you always jumbled up your words because you were so shy. Things only got worse when the slightly older Maximoff always attempted a conversation with you but you always left him with one word answers or just simple gestures. You had developed a small crush on the twin but had no intentions on telling anyone or doing anything about it.

You were currently sitting with Nat, Stark, and Thor as they were watching some show as you read silently on the couch. Tony, Stark and Nat were on one couch and you had recently joined and sat on the adjacent couch. The book was about to reveal something really important until you felt the spot on the couch next to you sink. You lifted your gaze from the mesmerizing words into just as mesmerizing-if not more-blue eyes. Pietro had taken a spot next to you and was currently smiling at you. He winked at you and you blushed deeply trying to turn your attention back to the book. You read on, trying to ignore the fact that Pietro put his arm around you and cleared his throat as he did so.

“What book are you reading?” He whispered in your ear, causing your face to heat up again. You gave him a side glance and cleared your throat.

“To Kill A Mockingbird.” You responded curtly, showing him the cover as you kept reading. You didn’t mean to ignore him but you didn’t know what else to say. You felt someone subtly kick your shin and you looked up. You saw Nat who had here eyebrows raised and gave you a warning as if she was telling you to talk to him.

“Do you like it?” Pietro continued, oblivious to Nat’s actions. You turned your head and almost lost your breath to the close proximity of his face. You nodded, getting lost in his eyes. He glanced down at your lips and looked back up at you, tilting his head slightly.

“What is it about?” He asked, not actually interested in the book, just interested in you. He was fascinated by how humble you were. He wanted to get to know you. He wanted you to let him in. He wanted to be the first person to show you what this world had to offer. He wanted you to let him love you with all his heart. But you were making it difficult. You were about to answer but his sister, Wanda came in asking for his help. Pietro reluctantly went with his sister, but not before planting a cheeky kiss on your cheek, leaving you in a blushing frenzy.

After the show had finished it was late. Nat grabbed your arm, not so gently (she wasn’t mad it’s just in her nature) and dragged you to her room. She sat you on the bed, closed the door and and looked at you as if you were crazy.

“What?” You asked confused.

“Pietro was trying to talk to you and you just brush him off!” She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“He was asking me simple questions! How else do you want me to answer yes or no questions? You know I’m shy Nat.” You explained quietly.

“I know that Y/N, but the poor boy is making an effort. He doesn’t ever ask me anything unless it’s about how to talk to you.” She admitted looking at you. You were surprised at the new information.

“I know you like him and I know that you’re really shy around people but please make an effort if not for his sake, then for your own.” Nat practically begged. You took a deep breath.

“What if he doesn’t like me after he gets to know me? What if he gets tired of the ‘shy loner girl’ that everyone knows?” You asked Nat.

“Then I will personally beat the shit out of him. But don’t assume that of him if you don’t even know him.” She said sitting down next to you, looking at him expectantly. You sighed again and nodded. Standing up and walking out the door.

“Make sure you remember your name!” Nat teased me as I rolled my eyes and walked towards the kitchen. It was getting pretty late and you missed the dinner that the Avengers had because you slept through it and Pietro told everyone to let you sleep (usually it was Nat that told them but surprisingly to you it was Pietro). You weren’t hungry until now and if you got food earlier you might of run into someone who would want to talk but you being you wouldn’t know how to reply. You just decided that now would be your best chances to avoid conversation.

You felt like eating Frosted Flakes, the best cereal ever created in your opinion. You opened the pantry and saw that it wasn’t in its usual shelf. You looked higher and saw it on the very top shelf. Damn you Thor. You  thought. The both of you enjoyed this cereal and he has placed it on the shelf that you can’t reach several times before where you have to constantly confront him nicely and ask for him to move it down. And when you did he would laugh and comment puny human and chuckle and tease you about your height while making sure that there were no knives around and that he was at a safe distant. Thor was someone that you just genuinely felt comfortable around, even if you were really shy. You didn’t want to bother Thor or Nat so you tried to reach for it. Your fingertips were almost there until you felt a presence behind you and saw a longer arm emerging from behind you as it grabbed the box the you almost had. You saw that their sleeve was grey. Shit. You thought. You turned around and saw Pietro standing there with a gentle smile.

“Hungry?” He asked as he held the box of cereal up. You blushed and tilted your head sideways slightly nodding your head. He smiled and reached over you again, his face coming close to yours, feeling his hot spearmint breath on your face.

“Do you want milk?” He whispered as he made no attempt to move back.

“Yes please.” You managed to get out. He smirked and walked over to the fridge, giving you a chance to collect yourself and think straight. He poured the milk in after pouring the cereal and put a spoon in the bowl. He walked back over to you and handed you the bowl. Leaning on the counter across from you, crossing his arms. You looked at his muscles that were perfectly accented by his shirt. You ate your cereal and just looked at the man standing in front of you. The natural pout of his lips, his hair that is tousled everywhere yet it somehow looked attractive on him. On anyone else it would look really bad but on him it just added to the pros list. You moved to meet his eyes and caught him looking at you. The both of you looked away and blushed.

“I’m sorry it’s just that I think you’re really pretty and I really like you and I think that uh you’re sweet and uh well I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable I just uh..” Pietro was rambling right now and blushing like crazy. Something you have never seen him do. You smiled at his flustered state and gained some confidence, setting the bowl of cereal down and walking up to him, planting a kiss on his cheek, causing him to stop rambling and look at you.

“I like you too.” You mumbled to him as he smiled and kissed the top of your head, hugging you.

“Good. Because I can take you out to eat something besides cereal.” He teased smiling down at you. You giggled and rested your head on his chest. You heard the kitchen door open and Tony walked in, looking at you guys, then covering his eyes, acting like he saw the most horrifying thing even though the two of you were only cuddling.

“Oh my god! C'mon guys we eat there! Ugh! Just gross I’ve lost my appetite!” He said as he walked right into a wall causing the both of you to laugh. He patted the wall, looking for the door. Once he found it, he left.

“God I still hate him sometimes.” Pietro mumbled before planting a kiss on your mouth.