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Avengers Assemble #13

Just a little hint that The Kiss from Avengers Assemble #5 wasn’t the only Clintasha moment in the series… though, admittedly, it was the best.  In the “Widow’s Ledger” arc, Natasha is called to Moscow; in the unspecified past, she distributed nine coins to nine people she’d badly, and unjustly, wronged.   One token has been cashed in, and Nat - with Clint and Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman, at the time dating Clint) in tow.  She didn’t want to bring them along - but as this sequence shows, it’s a good thing she did.

I won’t summarize the storyline… what I really enjoyed was Clint’s reaction to seeing Nat badly, and likely mortally, hurt.  He loses it.  It’s not his “berzerker button” - he just has every coherent thought blasted out of his head, and he’s at a complete loss.  His only thought seems to be, Gotta save Nat.  Gotta save Nat.  Don’t know HOW, just gotta do it.

And then there’s that lovely little foreshadowing… “We’re gonna get you out of here, Tash.  We got unfinished business, you and me.”  Hmmm.  Love is for children… I owe him a debt?

And sure enough, on the last page, Jess (who has, in recent issues, become close friends with Nat) wants to know how many more tokens are out there.  She guesses, probably correctly, that if Nat is going to be diving into trouble, Clint will be right there with her - and where Clint goes, Jess (who’s got a bit of a jealous streak) is darned well going, too.

What she doesn’t know is that Clint is one of the remaining tokens… Unfinished business.



favorite comic character meme ≻ [5 of 5] issues - markers. 
         ➥ [If you could take Hitler out, would you do it? Sure. Yes. Easy. Most of us would. But what about Oppenheimer? That’s when things get interesting. Could you follow orders to kill a man because the product of his genius would become a weapon of war? Could you pull that trigger? Yes. I can. I did. And that.. as much as anything is what makes me the Black Widow | I’ve got red in my ledger. Item 84: Peter Anokhin. I told myself that I was saving lives. That if he was allowed to continue his work with the reptilian DNA, Anokhin would succeed in weaponizing a generation of Russia’s youth. Hundreds would surely die. Maybe thousands. Maybe millions. Unless I made a choice. I chose wrong. I couldn’t admit it to myself for years. I fought my conscience like an enemy then. It was a long time ago. I’ve spent half my life since trying to balance the books of blood on my hands… Making up for the second act I denied Peter Anokhin with my own. They don’t put a name like the Black Widow on your tombstone if you spent your life doling out lollipops and fruit juice. Believe me… I earned this.] // AVENGERS ASSEMBLE (2012) #12 & 13

Can you still call them second chances if you’ve gotten so many you’ve lost count? I don’t know why I always seem to be pulled back from the brink. Luck, maybe? It isn’t wisdom, that much is certain. If I’d come alone, like I wanted, I’d be dead. Is that chance, divinity? Or just good taste in partners? […] It doesn’t matter why I’ve got another go at turning the wheel back in the right direction. I am damn sure not going to waste it.
—  Black Widow - AA#13

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you know any comic's about Hawkeye's relationship with Black Widow?

I’m going to go a bit Socratic here for a moment and answer your question with another question— which aspect of Hawkeye and Black Widow’s relationship are you looking for? Clint and Natasha have been in lots of comics together, and their relationship has evolved over time. There’s a lot to go through, but here’s a quick rundown of some significant issues/my favorites.

  • Tales of Suspense #s 57, 60, 64 - Hawkeye’s original appearance, and the entirety of his career as Black Widow’s lovestruck and mostly ineffectual lackey. This is the original Clint/Natasha romance, and though it was written many decades ago I think it still lays a pretty good foundation for what these two are to each other now. The end of that story gets told in Avengers #16, when Hawkeye joins the Avengers. There’s a modern retelling of the same story in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (the comics, not the tv series) that may be worth the read if you like this part of their relationship.
  • Avengers #29-76 - Clint becomes an Avenger, Natasha re-enters his life, and they’re both heroes, now. However, that only serves to further complicate their relationship. This chunk of issues isn’t solely about Clint and Natasha, but here you’ll find Natasha’s official side-switch and the turmoil that eventually leads to the two’s breakup in issue #76. (Clint cried, for the record.)
  • At this point, following the relationship becomes a bit piecemeal. Hawkeye jumps into Daredevil for an issue to loudly and destructively declare his jealousy over that relationship, Natasha pops back into the Avengers for different arcs and Clint isn’t really the big draw in those cases. I’m particularly fond of Natahsa’s appearance in Thunderbolts #43, but then I will never miss a chance to recommend that series because it’s one of my favorites for Clint as a whole. There’s also a few issues of Hawkeye volume 3 that focus on the two’s relationship.

If we step away from history and head into more modern comics, you’ll see Clint and Natasha working together a lot more. There’s a combination of factors that have led to that— Natasha’s become more heavily involved in Avengers stories, there are movies to correspond to, etc etc. 

  • Hawkeye & Mockingbird/Black Widow: Widowmaker is a series with a mouthful of a title. But it jumps off from Clint and Natasha’s books and gives them a pretty fun team up. Hawkeye’s more romantically involved with Mockingbird in this series, but it’s still a good read for him and Natasha.
  • Black Widow: the Name of the Rose is a great read for Natasha in general. Hawkeye only makes cameo appearances, but they do a good job of establishing how he feels about her in the modern day.
  • Avengers Assemble #12-13 is a quick arc focusing on Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Spider-woman. I like the depth and weight it gives to Clint and Natasha’s relationship.
  • Clint has also shown up in issues #6, 10, 12, and 13 of the current Black Widow series, with #10 being a spotlight issue.
  • And Natasha has had numerous appearances in the current Hawkeye book, with issues #8 and 9 being her most significant appearances.
  • You can also check out all three volumes of Secret Avengers for more of these two working together, though I’m not as keen on the characterization in those titles.

Hopefully there’s enough here to get you started. Enjoy!