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Beauty and the Beasts

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Summary: Fairy Tale AU. Reader is the child of Steven Rogers, the King of a poor land about to be attacked by a dragon. They call upon the Trickster, Loki, for protection. But is the price of his help too high for him to pay?

Pairing: Loki x reader

Warnings: None really, might be light swears, I don’t remember. 

A/N: Uh… so this might be a series if people like it… In the title Beasts is correct, it’s plural for a reason, but it’s not revealed in this chapter. So yeah… Oh and it is kinda supposed to be a Once Upon a Time ish story. 


It was a sound like thunder from the north. The outskirts of the kingdom were ablaze and the king had called council with his best knights and advisors. His daughter sat quietly on a throne next to her mother. The young girl glanced around at the knights.

There was the Sir Thor, known as the Knight of the Storm. He came from somewhere unknown. There was Lady Romanoff, she was strong and had a quick wit. She may have even been the very best of the guard. Romanoff was often seen with the archer, Clint Barton. He never missed a shot and had the sharpest eye of all the knights. Lastly there was Y/n’s betrothed, Anthony Stark.

Stark was cocky, but smart. He was was inventive and could work his way out of any problem. Of course he was handsome, but Y/n did not love him. Unfortunately Sir Stark seemed to fancy the idea of trying to win her affections with flirting and daring acts of foolish bravery. Neither of them had a say on the matter of marriage, King Steven had planned their betrothal the day his daughter was born.

“Your Highness, why do you not send forth your knights?” Anthony Stark asked irritably from his seat.

“You may be a great swordsman, Stark, but none of you are a match for the dragon.” The king replied.

“What will you have us do?” Asked Lady Romanoff. “Sit and watch as the innocent die?” The King sighed and one of the advisors cleared his throat.

“May I make a suggestion your Highness?” Bruce Banner was the foremost royal advisor, as well as the royal family’s doctor. The king nodded for Bruce to continue. “Sir Thor… Your adopted brother is a sorcerer, is he not?”

The council was in immediate uproar once the question left Banner’s lips. Thor did indeed have an adopted brother, but he was full of black magic and evil illusions.

“How dare you even think to ask The Dark One for assistance.” Said Sir Barton. “You know magic always comes with a price.”

“The Trickster cannot be trusted. He would take what he wanted and leave us to die.” Said Stark. While the Knights argued with Bruce, the King said nothing. Sir Thor took notice.

“Your Majesty, your mind seems to be elsewhere.” He said. Steve looked around the table of knights and advisors.

“I agree with Banner.” He said. They began to protest, but he silenced them. “He is the best option we have if we want to save our people.”

“Right you are King Rogers.” Declared a new voice. He stood in the doorway, Loki, The Dark One. The Beast, the Trickster. Tony rose to his feet and drew his sword, thrusting the tip toward Loki’s chest.

Before the blade could even reach him, Stark was surrounded in what appeared to be a blue cloud that froze him in place. With a roll of his icy eyes he stepped out from in front of Stark’s frozen form and snapped his fingers. Tony was set back into motion and the follow through of his sword only struck the air where Loki had once stood. Confused, he looked around only to find Loki’s smirking figure completely unscathed. There was a brief moment where he thought about striking again, but he lowered his blade instead, keeping a watchful eye on the sorcerer. Seeing that Tony had - mostly - given up, Loki turned toward the King.

“I’ve seen your kingdom’s distress, your Highness.” The way he said the word ‘highness’ was not out of respect, it was a mocking tone. “ And I am indeed willing to help you.” Thor stood from his spot at the table to stand between the King and his brother.

“What would you plan on doing to help us? How would you defeat the dragon?” Thor questioned. Loki gave a lopsided smirk in reply.

“Lovely to see you too, brother.” He said, Thor scowled. “I see there are no time for pleasantries.” Thor frowned sadly. Y/N frowned too, she knew how upsetting it was for Thor to see his brother so absorbed in black magic. “My plan is simple. Very few things can pierce the hide of a dragon, magic is one of these things. It just so happens, that in my collection, I have an arrow.” Loki moved his hand in an upward motion and a flick of his wrist, in a puff of blue smoke an arrow appeared in his hand. “I’ve been told Sir Barton never misses a shot, if he aims for the head with this arrow the dragon will die.”

There was a small amount of awe from the council, even the King was intrigued. Thor was still frowning at his brother, he knew there was more to this bargain than any of the others knew. Though he had said nothing when Banner suggested the idea of asking Loki for help, Thor did not agree with him, for he knew that it would not come to a bargain that any of them would like.

“You’re help always comes with a price,” Thor began. “So what is it you want? You know our kingdom is poor, what could we possibly have that you would offer us this safety so willingly?” King Steven spoke from behind Thor.

“We are poor, but we could come up with a way of paying you back in small amounts on a timed schedule.” Steven suggested. “Or-”

“I don’t want money. I can get enough of that on my own.” Loki said.

“Than what do you want?” Asked the King. Loki’s eyes darkened as his smirk widened into a malicious grin and he gave a deep chuckle.

“Her.” It was a single, vague word, but he pointed at the prize he demanded. His cold gaze landed on her, Y/N Rogers. She shivered when she met his gaze. King Steven rose to his feet and Tony had his blade raised again.

“No! This is nonsense!” Steven shouted. “What could you possibly want my daughter for, and watch your tongue when answering this question.” Steven said threateningly, placing his hand on the sword hung and sheathed on his hip. Loki shrugged, as though innocent.

“Well you see, I had to dispose of my last servant a few months ago.” He said. “Unfortunately, I don’t have time to clean my home myself.” He said striding closer into the grand hall. “It could use what you call, a woman’s touch.”

“You will not have her.” declared Stark. Loki chuckled again.

“Well then this,” he waved the arrow in front of Tony. “Will just have to go back to my collection and you can all burn in a fiery rage from Hell.” Chaos erupted in the council again, they shouted and argued about what to do. Despite the words of many, King Steven refused to give in to Loki’s offer. While all this happened, Loki watched as Y/N sat quietly, with a thoughtful expression.

“STOP IT!” She shouted as she rose to her feet. The council fell silent and Loki grinned.

“The Lady does speak.” He mocked. She delivered a strong glare before she turned to a look of seriousness.

“If I choose to go with you, you will make sure my kingdom and my family survives?” She questioned. Tony stepped forward.

“Lady Y/N, you cannot-”

“I can do as I decide Sir Stark.” She said coldly, cutting him off. Loki sent a smirk in Tony’s direction. “Can you promise me these things, Dark One?” She returned her gaze to Loki.

“As long as Sir Barton hits the beast, I can guarantee safety from the dragon.” He said. “So what is your decision, Princess?” She frowned and turned to her father with doleful eyes. The King appeared to be near the edge of tears. She turned back to Loki again.

“I will go with you.” She declared and Loki’s smirk grew larger still. He placed a hand on her waist and pulled her closer to him. Out of surprise Lady Y/N’s hands landed on his chest, her face only centimeters from his.

“Then let us seal the deal.” He leaned in toward her, but she did not move. His lips met hers with slight harshness, she made no move to return his kiss but did not resist. As he pulled away from her he tossed the arrow to Sir Barton and in a puff of smoke everything around them disappeared.

They were no longer in the Castle of King Rogers, but instead were in a much darker grand hall in a new castle. Once they were there Y/N pushed herself away from Loki angrily. He gave her a rather dull expression, as though now that the deal was made he didn’t care about anything that happened.

“You didn’t even let me say goodbye!” She exclaimed. Her eyes glimmered with tears, but she held them back, refusing to cry in front of him. He rolled his eyes and strolled over to the table in the middle of the room.

“Goodbyes are tedious, Small One.” Loki said picking up a tray with an empty teapot on it. “You can start your duties as a servant by going and making a fresh pot of tea. You’ll find the kitchen at the bottom of the second stairwell down the hall.” he handed her the tray and she scowled, but followed his instructions nonetheless.

Lady Y/N found the kitchens with ease, and learned that the layout of the Dark One’s Castle was not much different from her own, except this place was much darker and dustier. Once she reached the kitchens she set the water to boil and lit the stove. She stood watching the water bubble while she thought about what was happening. Surely, she thought, I must be dreaming. After delivering a quick pinch to her arm, she realized she was in fact awake and she finally let a tear slip down her cheek.

That was three months ago. 


Prince Steve visits the home of Little Merbuck 😊 (Do not worry about Steve, he can only drown in the deep and blue of Bucky’s eyes 😉)

El príncipe Steve visita el hogar de el pequeño Buckynito 😊 (No se preocupe por Steve, el solo puede ahogarse en lo profundo y azul de los ojos de Bucky😉)

A Girl Worth Fighting For- 1

Summary: When your brother is drafted into WWII, you do the unthinkable to save him and your family: you take his place, in secret. Bucky x Reader, based on Disney’s Mulan.

AN: I wrote this for @sincerelysaraahh ‘s July month of Fairy Tales. I want to call it a drabble series, but it’s probably too long to be considered drabbles. All well. Brace yourselves because you’re in for a long ride on this one.

Words: 647

Warnings: none yet

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The sun was a bright gold on the day your life ended. Hues of violet and orange spilled across the sky beyond your dirty window. You were sitting on your mattress, staring blankly at a patch of carpet that had been stained during a thunderstorm, something your older brother had meant to get fixed ages ago. But he never did, because it would cost too much and you couldn’t afford it. Your face was numb from crying and screaming, the fit you’d thrown nearly destroying your ability to feel anything.

But you could feel, that sharp stinging pain in your chest would never go away no matter how much you begged William to ignore the draft letter, to stay home because you needed him. Your family needed him.

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Top 10 Alternate Universe Wandas #3: Wanda Darling

Now onto something I really love. Much like with the Pinocchio story earlier in our list, I don’t care about Peter Pan, the source material for Avengers Fairy Tales #1. The book has some interesting things to say about the connection between innocence and cruelty, but beyond that, it doesn’t interest me.

This comic is adorable though. Look at the art!

Avengers Fairy Tales #1 by C. B. Cebulski & João Lemos

Look at it!

Avengers Fairy Tales #1 by C. B. Cebulski & João Lemos

Look at this cover! 

cover by Claire Wendling

This is pretty much what you would expect. Wanda is Wendy. Steve is Peter Pan. The Avengers are the lost boys. I don’t have anything deep to say about this. I just really, really love the art.

Lady and the Tramp (Disney AU)

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This is for A Month Of Fairy Tales by  @sincerelysaraahh

Title: Bei mir bist du shein (Lady and the Tramp Disney AU)
Pairing: Pre - Serum 1940! Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: You and your friend decided that you’re tired of the Upper East Side parties and try something different.
Word Count: 1.625
A/N: So guys, this is the first thing I’m publishing and I also haven’t written anything for two years and never before in english. Just FYI. The title is from a song by The Andrew Sisters which means something like: you are beautiful to me. Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Translation of the 1940′s Slang: 
cheesy - cheap
chicken - coward
fat - head - stupid person
drugstore cowboy - a man who waits around the corner to pick up girls
knocking it out - dance amazingly
clobbered - crushing on someone

“Come on, Steve. It’s goin’ to be fun. Promise! ” Bucky tried to persuade him with a grin.

Steve grumbled something to himself, while standing in front of the mirror. Buck always said that it’s going to be “fun”.

He let out a snort, shaking his head. Steve couldn’t understand why Bucky kept on setting him up with girls.

He had lost hope long ago. With his scrawny and small body he just looked pathetic next to his best friend.

“Come on, let’s not keep the ladies waitin’.” Bucky said while walking to the front door.

Steve took another deep breath, adjusted his tie one last time and went out of his apartment.

“Why can’t you just stop trying Buck?” he sighed as he followed Bucky down a staircase.


You were trying not to look too nervous, although you probably failed miserably at it. Smoothing out the skirt of your dress and shifting your weight from foot to foot.

That’s exactly how confident people looked like.

It was all your friends’ fault, if she wouldn’t have suggested trying something more “exciting”, as she put it.

Yes, you were tired of those Upper East Side parties where people dress up just to show off.

It’s more about who is seen with whom. It’s about showing how perfectly rich your family was.

So here you were: in front of a cheesy swing bar in Brooklyn with you friend. She said she knew some guys who would show you around.

If your parents or - God forbid - your brothers Jock and Trusty knew where you were…

Being grounded wouldn’t be the worst thing you would experience.

“Stop fidgeting, girl! No one is going to find out, ok?” scolded your friend, rolling her eyes.

You stopped playing with the hem of your skirt. How could she be so relaxed? And since when have you become such a chicken?

You wanted this, so why look nervous?

You would never have to see those men again, if they were total fat – heads.

“So, how do you even know those men?” you ask now, trying to take your mind off the intoxicating smell of alcohol and cigarettes. There was no champagne in Brooklyn and no cigars. It was more like cheap beer and liquor, more like cigarettes and the smell of sweat from dancing too much.

A crowd of people entered the bar and for a split second you could hear the loud music and the chatter of the people inside before it all became just a dull sound again.

You friend opened her mouth to answer, when you heard it.

“Good evening, ladies!”

You both turned to voice which was apparently coming from a handsome, young men dressed in his uniform. He looked like the drugstore cowboys your mother warned you about.

“I’m Bucky, and this here”, he grabbed his blonde, skinny friend by the shoulder, „is my good friend Steve.”

The grin on his face grew even wider.

Of course Bucky was handsome and you could already tell from the smile your friend was giving him, that he was definitely her type.

Your gaze wandered off to his friend Steve. He was smaller, skinnier, his shirt and jacket didn’t quite fit him. They looked at least two sizes too big for him.

His smile was crooked and he seemed as uncomfortable as you were.


When Steve saw you turning around he might, or might not, have let out an audible gasp.

You looked stunning, although you were obviously nervous.

Probably, because you were staring at Bucky, who was giving both you and your friend a kiss on the hand.

Here we go again; he thought when Bucky introduced him.

Steve knew how this would end: him sitting alone in a booth, while Bucky went off dancing with the two dames.

Who could blame him? He looked handsome and Steve would never get his chance to talk to a lady as fine as you seemed to be.

You and your friend didn’t come from Brooklyn, so much he could tell by looking at you.

The way you held yourselves told everyone from what a fine house you must be.

Way out of his league. Basically every woman was way out of his league.

Steve forced himself to smile, which looked more like a grimace he figured by your reaction.


His smile might have been crooked but you couldn’t help but smiling back.

He had those impossible blue eyes, a really boyish smile which seemed cute but also mischievous, and his hair looked incredibly soft.

Yes, he was not the typical man you would expect, but that didn’t mean that you wouldn’t give him a chance.

After you got a booth and Bucky went off dancing with your friend, you started talking to Steve.

At first there was a lot of silence between the both of you which was only filled by music, laughter and other conversations.

You were playing with your glass of water, not sure what you could ask him.

He seemed to be very unhappy to be at the bar. Maybe he didn’t like the smell, maybe he didn’t like loud music or maybe it was because of you.

Yeah, maybe he didn’t want to spend his precious free time with a snob like you.

You shook your head, trying to calm that mean voice in your head.

“So Steve, tell me what you do day in, day out?” you half yelled in his ear.

That’s was good. That sounded confident and it would get a conversation going.

“Well, I draw a lot.” He answered obviously hesitating.


Steve was watching Bucky dancing. He was just waiting for the end of this: him alone. You were probably still here because you didn’t want to be rude.

He didn’t need your pity; he was so done with everyone pitying him.

Then suddenly your warm breath hit his skin. You were talking to him.

Could it be that you were really interested in him rather than Buck?

Steve found that hard to believe.

When he turned his head he saw some kind of sparkle in your eyes, the smile of your lipstick red lips and your rosy cheeks.

“Well, I draw a lot” he answered.

He didn’t want to mention his failed attempts at enrolling. No, that wasn’t first date material, was it?

“You’re an artist? That is so nice. I can only…” you stopped babbling mid-sentence and looked back at the dancefloor where your friend motioned you to join them.

“I think they want us to join them!”

With that you stood up held your hand out for Steve, beaming.

What had he gotten himself into? Dancing. No way he was going to survive that without an asthma attack.

But you looked so happy, so eager. Should he just tell you no?

“Come on, Stevie! I love dancing.” You encouraged him.

Reluctantly he stood up, took your hand and walked you over to the dancefloor.

“I should warn you though, I can’t dance and I am likely to get an asthma attack.”


His smile was just adorable, you thought.

Somehow you both managed a half decent swing. You couldn’t help but the smile the whole time.

Steve was such a sweet guy, always asking if he should get you more water or trying to make you laugh in his awkward way.

Never have you thought to find a guy like him. A guy that wouldn’t care about your wealth, your pearls but more about your mind and your character.

“I think we’ve really been knockin’ it out, Steve.” You panted heavily after the last song.

It was far behind your curfew and you giggled at the thought of your furious parents.

Steve just laughed, leaning forward and propping his hands on his knees.

“How’s your asthma?”

“It’s fine.” For a lady like you I would ways take the risk of an asthma attack, he wanted to add but he just wasn’t that smooth.

All in all you had a blast. Who would’ve thought that a cheesy bar in Brooklyn, maybe a little bit too much of giggle water would get you all clobbered?

While you were talking with Steve outside your friends most likely started something frisky with Bucky. Who could blame her?

The air was still humid, warm and you felt kind of gross. Your lipstick was probably all over your face and you were sweating, yet Steve looked at you like you were some kind of gift.

“Thanks for, you know, not dumping me for him.” He motioned to Bucky who was making your friend giggle constantly.

At first you felt that tingling heat in your cheeks, then it was more of a confusion: “Why would anyone dump you?” you hiccupped.

Yes, definitely too much giggle water…

“Most of the gals are more…into Buck” he confessed, looking at his shoes.

“Well, I’m not most of the girls.”

“I know, you’re too nice of a girl to be in this place.”

“Am I now? Where do I belong then? You joked, raising your eyebrows.


This was his chance.

The taxi you and your friend ordered was arriving; she had already gotten into the car.

“Come on! We are already late!”

Now or never, Steve. Your Ma would be proud of you!

“There’s this breakfast place called Tony’s…” he was scratching his neck, looking up at you and waiting for an answer.

“Sunday, around ten then? Don’t keep me waitin’.” And with that you got into the car.

Steve didn’t want to turn around and face Bucky he would never hear the end of his teasing and how he finally succeeded and maybe he would have sore cheeks tomorrow from smiling too much.

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Once Upon a Time / by Aud Koch

[This piece is for sale on my Etsy

I made a list of Billy+Teddy story ideas to try to illustrate, and this watercolor painting was drawn from this fairy tale-ish/myth-ish story:

William is a prince, and his parents, the king & queen, inform him of a treaty they’ve just reached with a neighboring kingdom; the treaty involves his marriage to the princess of the kingdom.  William is horrified — he’s got romantic notions about ~marriage for love~ and he also, very quietly, has no interest in women — but he also loves his parents and doesn’t want to bring ill to the kingdom.  In a fit of pique, he sneaks out of the castle and goes to his favorite spot to think:  a nearby stream.  He collapses at its bank and has a good cry — until this absurdly handsome face pops up out of the water, asking him if he’s okay.  The stranger is Theodore, who is a demigod of some sort; like Hercules, he wanders the world and defeats whatever monster plagues his destination.  He came to William’s parents’ kingdom looking for some new purpose, and he’d been bathing in the stream when William came down.  The two end up talking for an absurdly long time, and in the process they fall a little bit in love with each other.  Theodore proposes a kidnapping — him making off with William —, and even though it was said half in jest, when it sinks in, it suddenly doesn’t seem like a joke.  And so that’s how Theodore & William end up going on crazy adventures with each other! (William figures if he abdicates & disappears, then the throne goes to his younger brother, who’s happy to marry the princess.)

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Something similar was happening with her brother. But while Wanda’s powers exhausted her… The problem with Pietro was that he couldn’t slow down. It was as if time stood still around him.

Avengers Fairy Tales Vol 1 #1, written by C.B. Cebulski, art by Joao Lemos

Where the Avengers star in a retelling of Peter Pan with Wanda as Wendy, Steve as Peter, Pietro as John (and the character list goes on) where everyone got to keep their powers. I found this series very charming.

Young Avengers (Appearances) Masterpost

I found wiki pages! so as reference for myself & anyone else who wants to see more of our lovely team, I’ll be leaving the list below with the comic titles & who appears in it. This will be updated every time I find or am told about a comic that includes any of the members :D

The List So Far:
• Fraction’s Hawkeye (Kate)
• All New Hawkeye (Kate; America makes appearances & so does Noh-Varr)
• The Astonishing Ant-Man (Cassie, Kate, Tommy, Billy, Teddy, & Elijah)
• New Avengers (Billy & Teddy)
• Ultimates (America)
• Secret Wars’ A-Force (America briefly & Loki)
• Vengeance (America first appearance)
• Battleworld Secret Wars Journal #1 (Kate)
• Battleworld Siege (Kate)
• Old Man Logan #2 & #3 (Kate)
• Original Sin (Teddy, David, & Noh-Varr)
• Marvel Premiere #47 (Cassie)
• Avengers World (Cassie resurrected)
• Avengers Fairy Tales #3 (Alice in Wonderland!AU of All)
• Avengers: The Initiative (Tommy, Cassie, Billy, & Teddy)
• The Last Avengers Story (AU versions of Tommy & Billy)
• Battle of the Atom (Sorcerer Supreme!Billy briefly)
• The Mighty Avengers (All except for America & David)
• Secret Wars’ House of M (Billy & Tommy; All cameo)
• Secret Wars’ Inferno (Billy no lines)
• Gwenpool Holiday Special (Noh-Varr briefly)
• Secret Wars’ Civil War (Cassie; All briefly)
• Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! (Kate & America)