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My three favorite couples, Korrasami, Amerikate and Bubbline.

I has been pretty uncomfortable with my art the last days, struggling with the comic pages, and that sucks. So, i decided give me a break, and back to my “happy zone”, and drawing my favorite things, to get back my confidence.

I must say, the excercise works pretty good.

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  • Yona: Alright, let's do a head count.
  • Yona: We have a unbeatable solider, who's a legend; the Thunderbeast.
  • Yona: A man with an immortal body.
  • Yona: A pirate who can basically fly.
  • Yona: A born fighter with a claw.
  • Yona: Another born fighter, with eyes that can see farther than any other eyes in the world!
  • Yona: A boy with phenomenal healing skills.
  • Yona: And the most fabulous squirrel ever.
  • Yona: And you, managed to piss of each and everyone of them.
  • SooWon: That was the plan.
  • Yona: Bad plan.
She Gets It From You

Summary: Becca and Bucky search for the perfect costume for her ballet class’s Prince and Princess Dance. What she finds is quite unexpected…

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, OFC Becca Barnes

Warnings: fluff overload

Word count: 1388

A/N: Requests and tags open! As always, thanks for reading :)


Bucky stared at the rows and rows of princess costumes in the costume store. There were so many choices, and so much glitter. Bucky shuddered involuntarily at the thought of having to clean up after the trails of glitter his daughter would certainly leave behind as she danced around the apartment. He was convinced glitter was the STD of craft supplies.

Becca stood in front of him, hands tucked under her tiny chin in fierce concentration as she decided on the perfect costume for Prince and Princess Day.

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RIP Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher and Tom Hiddleston photographed with Fisher’s french bulldog, Gary, on the White House Correspondents Dinner red carpet, May 2016

10 Amazing Queer Comic Creators

I wanted to get to the positive bits of queer stuff and totally avoid any negative today. So I present a list of 10 queer creators you should be checking out, This is by no means a top 10 creators or top 10 queer creators list. This is just 10 queer creators I really like that I managed to think of first. These aren’t in any order or anything so just enjoy seeing 10 awesome persons who can enrich your life with their amazing content.

Jen Bartel: Jen Bartel is an amazing illustrator currently doing covers for Jem and the Holograms and creating her own comic Crystal Fighters on the comic app Stela. I discovered her work Jem and the Holograms and am excited, despite my utter love for Sophie Campbell (and do expect to see her popping up again), for her to do some pages of Jem and the Holograms. She infuses a lot of life into characters, she has a nice style that feels like it has just enough punk rock influence to always be badass.

Marguerite Bennett:  Bennett is one of my favorite writers hands down. She manages to flawlessly creator amazing queer story after amazing queer story. Not only are they amazingly queer but amazingly written when some of the strongest uses of character voice in comics. Along with this she is really great at at humor and I very often find myself giggling across stories she writes. She is currently putting out DC Bombshells and Insexts with Animosity and Josie and the Pussycats coming up soon. I also highly recommend her work on Angela in particular Angela Queen of Hel  that is soon releasing in trade.

Brittany Williams:  Brittany is an amazing artist who’s currently working on Hellcat at Marvel. She is also the artist on Goldie Vance and the upcoming Legend of Korra graphic novels. Brittany’s work manages to have such a wonderful defined style that I can’t help but be impressed with every time. She has a very cute chibi style she also uses and it flows really well with her normal art. I am excited to see anything she draws and it’s always an amazing time visually. When I think amazing art Brittany is always near the top of the list.

Kieron Gillen: Kieron Gillen defined many of Marvel’s most iconic queer characters. While none of the characters he wrote as part of the Young Avengers roster were his own creation America Chavez in particular went from old man’s perverted teen fantasy to bad ass defined queer woman. His work on The Wicked + The Divine is amazing, thought provoking, and charming. Kieron Gillen in many ways is sort of artist personified infact coming out he wrote a whole long  essay because he is like  the writer incarnate. Seriously though he is an amazing talent who manages to really balance so much creatively. When it comes to a large ensemble cast I think there is no writer better to getting them each to feel totally their own and uniquely likeable (or unlikable).

Noelle Stevenson: Noelle has moved away from comics for a little bit but she is one of the most important writers for queer media. With Nimona her webcomic then print comic she helped further prove that webcomics moved to print can be a nice payday for the publisher and the creators (Side note she also did the art on that book, and it’s great). Then being one of the biggest creators on Lumberjanes she has set childrens queer media in comics on fire. I believe Noelle is very much one of the main reasons that so much queer content is getting published in smaller press. Lumberjanes is an amazing series and something that really brought life into the comics field. Right now you can go back and buy her older work including a Secret Wars run of the Runaways that is pretty underrated. You can also see her writing live in animation in the Disney XD show Wander Over Yonder.

Ted Brandt: Inking for Princeless Raven the Pirate Princess Ted is the best in the biz. Ted adds so much to the art and it’s one of the very few times where I can really tell the inkers influence on art. Ted is also just a super nice person in every interaction I have had with him so that is good. Ted is currently putting out Raven The Pirate Princess and you should really be checking it out. It’s super cheap on Comixology and the first two volumes are out in trade. It’s a great time to catch up before issue 9 releases.  

Sophie Campbell: Oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to talk about how great Sophie is. Sophie is a double threat being a talented writer and artist. Her art manages to always have lovely body types and I have had the experience of thinking for a moment, people look odd, then i was like “wait these people just look like people.” It’s so amazing, so lively, so fantastic.  I always watch what Sophie is doing be that art or writing.  Sophie is currently putting out reprints of Shadoweyes and Wetmoon some of her older projects. There is more Wetmoon coming in the future as well as a webcomic she is working on. You can also read the book I found Sophie in Jem and the Holograms as she goes to her last issue of drawing the series.

Kate Leth:  Kate’s work in comics transcends her writing and her art. Kate has put so much into She is a founder of The Valkyries making the industry much better for woman working at comic shops. Her writing is also so filled with energy, fun and queer characters. Kate recently had her creator owned project Power Up come out in print and it’s a great comic. Kate always manages to really bring this lovely lively feeling and Power Up displays that pretty well. She is also doing writing on Hellcat, Girl Over Paris, and Vampirella.

Shannon Watters:  I had to have an editor somewhere here and Shannon is the very best in the business. She edits pretty much if not all the Boombox books and is a leading force for queer representation in the comics industry. In fact she now shares writing duty for Lumberjanes after Noelle Stevenson left the book. She is a fantastic writer, fantastic editor, and a general talent. You can find her work on a lot of things since she is Head of KaBOOM! & BOOM! Box.

Magdalene Visaggio: I wanted to include Mags here despite not really being attached to her work yet. She is the writer of the upcoming Kim and Kim and it’s my most anticipated comic this year. Mags is a trans woman getting to write a trans woman and this is so insanely rare in print comics. Reading the preview and the earlier tease of it both filled me with so much joy. Kim and Kim is a book I have all my faith in and I really want it to be a success so please do check out Kim and Kim issue 1 that is coming out very soon.

What if I Miss?

Summary: Bucky catches you doing something Tony would definitely not approve of. That doesn’t stop you from roping him in to help recreate your favorite scene from the Princess Diaries.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, reader

Warnings: none, pure fluff!

Word count: 1200


“Tony is going to kill you,” Bucky said, staring at the living room incredulously.

You had pushed all of the furniture to one side of the room and hung a large, white tarp down the far wall. Plastic sheets covered the immediate furniture and spilled onto the floor. You were currently kneeling over the edge of the tarp filling a balloon with blue paint. A bucket next to your feet already was already filled with balloons of various colors. Your hair was tied in a messy bun on top of your head, and you wore a ratty pair of sweatpants. Specks of paint dotted your college t-shirt, and you gave Bucky a playful grin.

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  • Fandom at the begining : I hate that character so much, she has no personality, acts stupidly, adds nothing to the plot and more imortant she is going to destroy my otp, I expect she is going to die soon enough!
Princess (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I wanted to post this yesterday but I was too tired so, I’m so so sorry anon!! However, I still hoped that you had a great birthday!! I’m sorry but this had a little bit of a nerdy ending but I couldn’t help it haha😅and I wrote an apartment instead of a house instead, I hope you don’t mind. Anyways, enjoy!!!

Request: Would you do a bit a smutty one for my bday tomorrow where you’re moving in your first own little house with Bucky and after unpacking the whole day then end up in a paint fight while painting the bedroom, you have a shower together where things get heated ? ☺️☺️ Later that night you cuddle together and fall asleep in each other’s arms ? Also his POV if you like. That would be really really lovely ❤️

Warnings: smut

“Do I just put it here?” Bucky asked as he placed a box of your things beside you as you started unpacking some of the boxes.

“Yep, that’s fine.” You smiled as you arranged your books on a shelf that Bucky decided to build for you.

The two of you had been together for about two years and decided to find an apartment and moved in together as the tower wasn’t really a place that both of you could have privacy. Both of you from S.H.I.E.L.D., he was an Avenger and you were just an agent, it took a while but you had managed to coax Bucky into giving the relationship a try as he seemed so insecure, but you were glad it worked.

“I can’t believe we’re finally moving in together,” you commented, looking around the apartment. “A small little place just for us.”

Bucky smiled as he walked up and hugged you from behind, resting his chin on shoulder. “I like it though.”

“I like it too,” you replied, as Bucky placed a kiss on your neck before moving away to unpack the other boxes. “Don’t unpack the things for our bedroom yet, I want to repaint that room. I saw some of the paint chipping off and that color was just unsightly.”

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The Captive Dragon - Part 1

Part 1!!!!

So italics mean that you are talking Mind-to-Mind. It’s something that you can only do in dragon form.


There was an ancient legend, a story as old as time, of a brave prince who slayed the dragon to save the princess. This story is a little bit different than the one that you probably know. This story is one about a dragon enslaved by princess in order to save her family. Princess Leonora Draga, the only princess to ever capture one of your kind. You were brought out to entertain her and her guests, forced to raze villages in her name. You had no choice, you never did. You were forced to obey, all because of the dark magic the bends you to her will. Your only hope is that someone, someday will come and save you.


You let out a roar, your wings fluttering behind you. Your little sister, bound, chained, and surrounded by knights lets out a little whimper. Scrambling into your human form, you lunge forward.

“Please! Let her go!!”

Letting out a chuckle Princess Leonora and her knights step forward, “And why would I do that? I’ve just caught a dragon; no way am I giving it up”

You let out a sob, running your fingers through your hair, “She’s just a hatchling! Please!”

Your sister lets out another pitiful cry as she strains against the magic chains that keep her on the ground. “If I’m going to release her, I’ll need something in return. Do you have anything to trade for your sister’s life?”

“My freedom”

The princess raised her eyebrows, “And why is your life worth letting her free? One dragon is the same as any other”

You growl, “I-I can breathe fire. A hatchling can’t breathe fire; she doesn’t have a human form either; she won’t be of any use to you!”

“I suppose you have a point, dragon. I will release her … after you bind yourself to me” Stepping forward you bare your throat to the Princess. She reaches into her saddlebag and pulls out a jewel encrusted collar, “Now, once I place this on you, you will be bound to me. Your magic will be bound to my commands, and your life to mine. You will not be able to disobey me, and I will be the only one able to remove this collar”

With a shudder, you nod, a single tear slipping down your face when the collar locks into place. You can feel your magic lock down, the only thing that you still have control over is your fire and your dragon form, everything else is gone. You can’t feel your family ties, and you can’t feel the elemental magic that flows through every dragon.

“Will you let her go now?” The princess waves her hand and the chains release your sister. She lets out a mournful roar, “Go back to mom and dad. Tell them what happened. Remember that I love you all, but you need to go”

She lets out another cry, but backs away when the knights raise their swords and spears. Leonora laughs at your tears, attaching an enchanted chain to your collar and starts dragging you away. “Come along, my dragon. It is time to start your training.”

That was three years ago. Three years since you had been free, since you had felt your magic at its fullest.


Your large wings flutter and you raise your long neck, placing it on the platform that Leonora is standing on. Being kept in the dark, dank dungeon, the only way in is to fly. There are no stairs leading down to where you sleep, only a set of stairs leading from the castle to the platform, the same one that Leonora is currently standing on.

Yes, Princess?

“It is Queen Leonora now. Mother has suffered an … untimely … demise. Anyway, I have need of you. Guests are coming and wish to see my dragon”

Of course. How should I appear, human or dragon?

“You will kneel by my feet as a human, and once they arrive I will have you shift”

You close your eyes and suppress a shudder, the forced transformations are always the most painful, but according to Leonora the pain makes her appear more powerful.

As you wish. May I ask who I shall be entertaining?

“You may. King Nicholas Fury and his Knights, The Avengers”

Interesting choice of guests …

You let out a shriek as pain lances through you, Leonora using the magic that binds you to her to hurt you.

“You will not speak out of turn when my guests arrive. The Avengers and King Fury have not been to my kingdom in many years. You will not ruin my chance to marry one of the Knights with your insolence.”

Of course, Queen Leonora. I wouldn’t dream of embarrassing you

She sniffs, “I can hear the sarcasm in your voice. It would do you well to remember what happened the last time you embarrassed me in front of a guest.”

You duck your head, letting out a soft mournful whine, laying your head down once again. “I’ll be good. I promise

“Good. I expect you to be ready by tomorrow at sunrise.”

Nodding you wait until Leonora leaves before bringing your head back down to your nest. Hopefully tomorrow the Knights will be kind. Hopefully the Knights will be kind, and whatever they need from Leonora doesn’t upset her, you don’t know how much longer you can survive her wrath.

Kneeling beside the throne wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, but it was infinitely better than being chained up as a dragon.

“Your Majesty, the guests have just arrived at the gate”

Leonora grins, her eyes taking on a feral glint. She was on the hunt for a husband, and you had a feeling that she was going to try and trap them. Whoever the Queen sunk her claws into would soon end up just as much of a prisoner as you. You pity the poor soul.


Part 2

Code Geass Characters in a nutshell:

Lelouch: I kill to make Nunnally happy!

Cornelia: I’d kill to get Euphy back!

CC: I’d kill to die!

Kallen: I’ll kill to avenge my brother!

Suzaku: I’ll kill to make the relationship between Britannia and Area 11 more fair!

Nina: I’ll kill to avenge Princess Euphemia!

Tohdoh: I’ll kill to free my country!

Xingke: I’ll kill to protect my empress!

Lloyd: I’d kill to get my hands on the latest Knightmare Frame!

Rakshata: I’ll kill to build better Knightmares then Lloyd!

Orange: I’d kill for people to stop calling me Orange!

Rolo: I kill