avenger plates

I’m returning my Bonts (again) *frustrated sigh*

Oh don’t worry it’s not because they don’t fit right, don’t be silly I had them custom made!

*poker face*…

I’m returning them because they slightly don’t fit right and the guy I bought them off has offered to use his shoe machines to stretch them to fit. Dudes been doing it for 30+ years so I trust he knows what he’s doing. The problem I have is that my skates fit like slippers except for around my big toe. The skates fit so flush that my big toe presses gently against the end of the boot. This is fine until I skate. Everytime I push off my toe is pushed against the end of the boot which makes it pretty sore after 30 mins of skating. Toe stop walking is impossible, I can only go up on my toes for 1 sec max before I feel like something like glass is being shoved up my toe. So I’ll be skate-less again for a few weeks and then hopefully this Bont saga can end and I can skate like a boss.

On a side note, skating with the Sure Grip Avenger plate is DERBYTATSIC! It’s so responsive! I can c-turn on a dime! I was grinning my head off skating around c-turning like crazy the other night. I can’t wait to weave in and out of the paceline and see what the difference is.