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Uh, raise the mizzenmast, ship the topsails. That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn’t notice…but we did.

Chicken (Steve Rogers x reader)

I’m doing another one with combined requests!

Request:  Hello hello!! Haha I know you probably have a lot of request but can you maybe write one where Steve and the reader were fooling around, playing tag or something and Steve piggybacks the reader. And he was going to set her down but she holds on tightly so he’s squishing her between the couch and him. He tries to get up but the reader doesn’t let go bc it’s comfortable and just fluff haha thank you you lovely person😊 

Can I please have a fluff Steve and Bucky, they have that kind of cuddly and playful relationship (they’re best friends) but in the end one of the boys gets more personal with the reader it’s up to you whichever thank you me love :3

Steve’s fingers dug firmly into your legs as he held on to you, fighting to keep his balance as you thrashed around above him.    

“Hey!  No hair pulling!  That’s fighting dirty!”  Natasha pulled her head back and looked at you with a renewed sense of determination. “You are so going down!”

Bucky’s face turned dark and serious as he helped to steady her balance, “Come on!  Get in there, Romanoff!”  

Thor and Tony were watching from the sidelines, clearly amused that it had taken so long for a victor to emerge.  “Lady (Y/N) is putting up a valiant effort.  They appear to be equally matched in their skills.”  

Tony reached into his pocket, “No way, I’m putting my money on red.”

“This has got to be the most violent game of ‘chicken’ that I’ve ever seen.”  Steve mumbled as he moved forward, returning Bucky’s fierce expression with his own.  “You ready, (Y/N)?”

“Go, Cap!”  Your leg muscles tightened to hold onto Steve’s shoulders as his hands released you, lunging forward to make this a 4-way battle.       

Just as the action began to pick up, Tony’s phone began to ring.  “Oh, come on!  Not now!” He looked down to see who had the audacity to call him at a time like this, when a roar of laughter and a thundering splash came from the pool.

“Son of a bitch!  Who won?!”

A smirk crossed Thor’s lips as he swiftly pulled the fifty-dollar bill from Tony’s hand.

“I did.”


“Stark, thanks for buying the first round!”

“Pfft,”  Tony huffed, “I still don’t know who actually won. For all I know, Thor just stole the cash red-handed.”

Thor then picked up his hammer and gave it a quick swing.  “I should say not!”

“Yeah, he’s clearly still worthy,” Steve said.  “Stealing seems pretty unlikely.”  

As the gentlemen were enjoying their drinks, you and Natasha had been out on the dance floor, and were quickly the center of attention, though not always the good kind.  It only took two men to be taken down as examples to the others before you were free to enjoy yourselves without having to deal with drunken fools all over you.  The men of your team watched as each victim took a hard hit to the floor, knowing full well that you were far from needing their assistance.

“Alright, boys.  Time to show these ladies a good time.  Who’s with me?”  Bucky finished the final swallow of his drink, slamming the empty glass down on the table with resolve.  

Tony jumped up quickly at this, eager to make it a lively evening out.  Steve raised his hands in front of him, declining the offer.  “I’m gonna sit this one out, fellas.  But please, be my guest.”  Thor shook his head, clearly far more interested in his drink than with dancing.  “I do not understand this type of music.”  

You saw the two men approaching and gestured to Natasha to be ready.  Before she could react, Tony grabbed her by the waist and spun her across the floor.  You were pretty sure you heard an actual laugh from her as she was carried out of sight. Bucky was quick to follow, taking your arm and spinning you, then lifting you over his shoulder and flipping you back onto your feet.  He danced with a zealous pace, but you were easily able to keep up, laughing out loud as he took control.

“What’s troubling you, Steve?”  

“Ah, it’s nothin’.” He shrugged his shoulders, watching the ice move at the bottom of his glass as he swirled it in his hands.  “I don’t know…I guess…nah, it’s nothin.” Steve had been watching you intently as you danced with Bucky.  He said he didn’t want to dance, but in reality he wanted nothing more.  Watching you made him ache inside, and the liquor would never be able to quell it.

“If I may,” Thor began, “if you have feelings for (Y/N), you should speak of them to her.  It is clear, even to me, that there is something you are not saying.  Do not be afraid.”

Steve popped one of the ice cubes into his mouth, chewing on it as he contemplated what Thor had said. “Nah, we’re just friends.  I don’t want to ruin that if she doesn’t feel the same.”  He looked back at you and Bucky, still full of energy, now taking control of the floor with Tony and Natasha.  “I just gotta work thru it.”

Keeping his eyes on you, he set down his empty glass and made his way in your direction.  You didn’t see him until he was right next to you and tapped Bucky on the shoulder.  “Alright, kids.  My turn.”

“Aw, Stevie, I thought you’d never ask!”  Bucky grabbed Steve’s hands and pushed him around the floor.  “We might have a fight over who’s gonna lead though!”

Steve quickly broke free of Bucky’s grip and turned to grab you.  You were laughing at the pair, but as the Captain wrapped his arms around your waist, the urge to laugh was gone.  The urge to breathe was gone too.  He stood still, holding you for a moment, contemplating what he was going to do now that he was here.  His eyes brightened and a large grin appeared as he gave you a spin then dipped you backwards, his hands on the small of your back as yours were around his neck.

“You ready (Y/N)?”

“Go, Cap.”


The rest of the evening with Natasha and the boys became more blurred as the night went on; the walk back to the tower seemed so much longer than it was on the way there. Your feet were killing you after hours of dancing in those terrible shoes, and you fully regretted wearing them.  You had decided that you just might never wear them again.

“Steeeeve.  Carry meeee.”

“Wow,” Tony laughed as he walked crookedly behind you, “hold on to that dignity, (Y/N).”  

Steve obliged, kneeling down in front of you so you could hop onto his back.  Wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck, you marveled at his size and how muscular he really was.  Tilting to the side a little, you rested your head against his shoulder, dozing in and out with the rhythm of his footsteps.

“Thoooor.  Carry meeee.”

Thor followed Steve’s lead, allowing an inebriated Natasha to jump onto his back.  “Jesus, I can barely hold on!  Maybe skip arm day once in while, big fella.”

Tony grabbed his phone from his pocket, rapidly taking photos of the four of you as Bucky critiqued his aim.  “Oh, yes. This will be well documented.  This is how I’m gonna get my money back.”

The tower was dark as your group arrived home.  The others went to their respective rooms, but you and Steve had decided to watch a movie when you got back; the energy from dancing still had your adrenaline going and sleep was a few hours away.  He reached out to turn on a light, but once it was on you both groaned at the harshness of it, so it was turned off just as quickly.

“Alright, hop down.” He was standing in front of the couch so you could fall back onto it, releasing him from your seven-block free ride.


He laughed and began to shake from side to side, hoping you would give up, but you gripped him tighter. “You can’t stay there forever, (Y/N)! I’m gonna win this one!”

“But I like it here!”

Steve sat on the couch, leaning back against you just enough to be uncomfortable for you, but not enough to hurt you with the weight difference he held over you.  “Give up, or I push harder!”

“Ooph!  Not so comfortable anymore!”

“Give up?!”

Despite the pressure against your torso, you laughed with short breaths,  “Never, old man!”

Steve stood quickly and suddenly, reaching back to grab you as he pulled your legs away from his waist. He dropped you on your back on the couch, his eyes now dark and his breath quickened.  He laid himself over you, his legs holding yours in place as he held himself up to look at you.  “What did you just call me?”

“Old…old man…?”  You were stumbling over your words now, barely a whisper.  This had quickly turned into a more intimate, more serious moment in a matter of seconds. You could feel your heartbeat pounding in your chest and your body growing tense as his gaze studied you.

“Do I look like an old man?”

“No,” you whispered.

“No, what?”

“No, sir.”  This was a new side of Steve you hadn’t seen before, and it wasn’t bad.

“Do I feel like an old man?”

“No, sir.”

“How about now?”  he said as he lowered himself, his weight now holding you down.  His lips met yours slowly at first, then growing in intensity and desperation as you responded to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding him tighter against you.

Steve suddenly pulled back, his eyes shocked, as a hand firmly patted him on the back and you heard Thor laughing quietly.

“Well done, Captain! Well done.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I finished something. I actually finished something. There will be revels and much rejoicing. And a nap, because I’m sick.

Steve spent a lot of his life being sick, so he knows sometimes you need someone to take care of you, even if you’re Natasha and don’t really need taking care of.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

It’s not all fighting aliens and rescuing hostages from terrorist cells – working for Shield that is. There’s training and research and the dreaded paper work. It takes time to set up missions, it’s not like they can just send in a Strike team without intel or a plan. So Steve has a lot of downtime between missions.

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