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Marvellous Women of Color // Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm)

People like to tell you everyone dies alone. I always thought that was a poetic way of saying mortality is inevitable. Or death is scary. But I’m calm now. I can’t feel anything but the cold. This is the end. And right at the moment…it’s not the dying that keeps me dragging myself through the snow. It’s the alone.

Top 11 Favorite Comics featuring Younger Superheroes (Teen/Young Adult)

10. Runaways

I might get a lot of flak for this, but while this series was great it was not my favorite. I can’t say why exactly but it just never wowed me as much as it should I guess. That said, the characters involved are great and they have good stroylines. However, there was a significant dip in quality near the end of the series. My favorite arc was probably the Whedon run. I would be happy to see them come back in their own book (Avengers Arena/Undercover not withstanding). Thankfully it is getting its own tv show which hopefully will bring the book back as well.

Favorite Young Adult/Teen Heroes (links)
1. Nova (Richard Rider and Sam Alexander)
2. Avengers Academy
3. Champions
4. New Warriors
5. Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes)
6. Super Sons (Jon Kent and Damian Wayne)
7. Titans (DC Rebirth)
8. Darkhawk
9. Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes)
10. Runaways
11. Wolverine and the X-men/Nightcrawler (X-Students)
12. Honorable Mention #1 - Machine Teen
13. Honorable Mention #2 - Spider-Man
14. Honorable Mention #3 - Firebreather

Darn it, Gwenpool did it again.

One of the things I like about Gwen Poole is the sheer absurdity of the fact that it works.  It shouldn’t work, by all reasonable means, but it does. 

But I worried that not even writer Christopher Hastings could make Arcade work in the wake of that poxed foulness of Avengers Arena/Avengers Undercover. 

But then he did. 

Arcade as demented Dungeonmaster (in a full D&D sense) works. 

But what won me over is that Gwen called him out IMMEDIATELY!

It subtly pointed out the meta nature of Arcade and used that to the story’s advantage. 

Kudos, Chris!

It’s a shame that Nico Minoru doesn’t use her codename all that often whenever she appears in comics. It’s quite appropriate; Sister Grimm. Writer Brian K. Vaughn created Nico Minoru during his run on the book Runaways, which ended up being quite the hit for Marvel Comics. Nico, and most of her fellow Runaways, were the children of a Supervillian crime ring known as The Pride. Her parents were dark wizards who, like the other members of The Pride, kept secret their child’s legacy. After discovering her parents true alliances, she and the Runaways choose to become vigilantes to redeem their family names. Nico in particularly learns about her magical heritage, and comes into her ability as a leader. The Japanese-American Nico has since become a vigilante, fighting crime on her own, sparsely with the Avengers, but mostly with the Runways. She’ll also be appearing in the upcoming A-Force, apart of the larger Secret Wars event from Marvel Comics.

Required Reading: Runaways, Avengers Arena, Avengers Undercover


Avenged Sevenfold: A Little Piece of Heaven live at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI


I’m just saying.

Quasar, Drax, Nova and Cammi from Annihilation: Nova #2

  • Dan Abnett
  • Andy Lanning
  • Rick Magyar
  • Brian Reber
  • Kev Walker

Secret Wars Inferno

Secret Wars’ Battleworld has already been announced as the home of several unique worlds, and now we know one more: Inferno.

Marvel will be revisiting the fondly-remember 1989 crossover “Inferno” in a Secret Wars tie-in series titled Inferno under the “Warzones!” branding. Written by Avengers Arena writer Dennis Hopeless and drawn by Javier Garron, Inferno takes place in a version of reality where the X-Men weren’t triumphant against the demon hordes and Manhattan succumbed to being a permanent “Hell on Earth” to quote Marvel. Taking place story-wise five years after the fall of Manhattan, Inferno pits Colossus and a small group of surviving mutants as they go to rescue his sister, Illyana Rasputin – but as “Inferno fans will recall, she’s not just a damsel in need of rescue.

“Colossus is a man obsessed. In his mind, nothing in the world is more important than rescuing his sister from the Inferno. This mission has consumed his entire life for years now. He’s failed four times and is going back in for another round,” Hopeless tells Newsarama. “On the flip side of that, Illyana has been living all these years as Darkchylde, the all-evil all-powerful badass ruler of the Inferno. That little girl lost routine was a lifetime ago and her brother’s noble quest is laughable.” In the classic Marvel comics universe, “Inferno” was a temporary
situation with Colossus, Illyana, the X-Men and Manhattan surviving to
fight another day, but Hopeless confirms this Inferno region of Battleworld is akin to a What If? reality gone wild.
“That’s it exactly. In this world, the X-Men lost and vacated the
possessed Manhattan five years back,” Hopeless says. “Colossus takes a
team in once a year to try and “rescue” his sister but has always
failed. This is the story of year five.”
The writer says “a lot of the fun stuff” from the original 1989 “Inferno” storyline will be brought back for this Secret Wars
tie-in series, from the Goblin Queen Madelyne Prior to N’astirch, S’ym,
and even former New Mutant Boom Boom and the brainwashed Alex Summers.
“Rereading those original Inferno arcs in preparation for the series, I
was reminded how weird and cool possessed Manhattan was,” Hopeless
says. “It’s just a great idea that even running across multiple series
seemed to come and go too fast. I couldn’t help but wonder what demonic
New York would look like if had been allowed to grow and thrive. This
story builds straight out of that curiosity. We’re exploring the world
of Inferno five years after the X-men failed to expunge the demon
Given this sees the onslaught of Limbo’s forces run unabated across the
Marvel U, Hopeless confirms that fans should be prepared for some
demonic version of Marvel characters show up in Inferno.
“Anything and anyone that stayed behind when the X-Men retreated has
spent the past five year in hell,” says the writer “The demonic
possession we saw back then was just the tip of a big scary iceberg.
It’s like a cancer that has been growing and growing all this time.
That’s right, a big cancerous iceberg of evil.”

A Little Appreciation Post

Let’s take a look back at that time when Hank Pym risked his life growing again, while knowing it could be extremely dangerous for him…

… or that time when he worked on helping a near stranger and new fellow Avenger who was slowly dying due to her strange mutation…

… or that time where he believed he had found Jan’s essence in underspace…  but held back from bringing her back because it would actually harm her… 

… or his typical way of dealing with supervillains…

… or how he always looked after the Avengers Academy kids, and want to protect them… (seriously, read Avengers Arena no13…  he’s the only one who did anything and everything he could to find his students)

… or how he opened shelters for women and children victims of abuse…

…  or how he risked his neck to save Matt Murdock’s life while he was contaminated with Doom nanobots…

…  or again when he helped Bruce Banner deal with fighting off the Terrigen Mist spreading around the planet…

…  yeah, looks so much like a jerk to me…  </sarcasm>


If there was?

Nova, Drax and Cammi from Annihilation: Nova #2
by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Kev Walker, Rick Magyar & Brian Reber