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Can we just take a moment and just
HOW IS aNyONE allowed to be THIS AttRACtive?!
How can you break someone’s heart just by merely existing?!
just stop.
I’ll die

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Can u show us more of your favourite moments from AA?

nonny, trust me when I say I’ve been thinking about this ask every day since you’ve sent it (which is probably like, at least 2 weeks now?). I’ve literally got post-its all over my desk with half-finished lists of my favorite AA moments because it was so hard to choose something to talk about

with that said, after re-watching several of my favorite episodes, I want to talk a little bit about Tony’s relationship with praise. Specifically: the gradual change in the way Tony accepts praise from Steve over the course of the series

Or, alternatively named: “why The Age of Tony Stark continues to be the best AA episode that ever aired”

So: as we all know, Tony has a complicated relationship with his sense of self-worth. That’s just a multi-versal constant. While he may be handsome, selfless, and a literal genius, he’s always expecting more of himself. Telling himself to be better, pushing himself beyond his limits, putting himself at risk if it means saving the world or sparing others. If he ever fails, Tony is his own worst and harshest critic. As such, it comes as no surprise that he’d be uncomfortable accepting praise and encouragement from others…especially from someone who he sees as a role model; someone who he believes is inherently better than him.

Enter Steve Rogers. It’s no secret to us that AA!Steve thinks the world of Tony. If Steve believes in anything in this new-fangled 21st century world, it’s Tony Stark. Not only that, Steve has no shame in expressing these feelings in what we all lovingly refer to as his inspirational Speeches™. The first instances of one of these speeches is “In Deep,” where Steve tells Tony he’s more than just his armor. However, what I’d like to point out is Tony’s expression while Steve is, in essence, praising him:

It’s no mistake that the animators chose to show us Tony’s face at the tail end of Steve’s speech. It’s clear as day how uncomfortable he is: his head is ducked, eyes averted, eyebrows furrowed, and he’s biting his lip. It’s as if Tony is physically shying away from Steve’s genuineness. Instead of accepting the praise, what does he do?

He deflects. He tries to lessen the gravity of Steve’s words with humor and false arrogance, though it comes out relatively bare. Steve, of course, maybe sensing that he needs to pick his battles, quips back “can’t you just take a compliment,” which ironically hits the nail right on the head.

Cut to the end of season 1, in “The Final Showdown,” where Tony has expended all his armors and is left with nothing to fight against the Cabal. Once again, Steve reaffirms his utter confidence in Tony’s abilities:

And again, just like in “In Deep,” Tony deflects, berating himself:

To which Steve replies: 

“Billionaire genius philanthropist! You’ll think of something!”

As sweet as that is, what interests me again is Tony’s expression as Steve runs back into the fray:

Everything about his posture screams defensive. His arms are crossed, and he has a pensive, slight frown on his face. Unlike in “In Deep” however, where Tony had literally no where to hide after Steve gave his speech, Tony now has a chance to digest Steve’s words privately, as the latter had thrown himself back into battle right after saying them. It’s not for long, but Tony actually gives himself a second. Reflects.

Now comes “The Age of Tony Stark,” which in my opinion is when everything changes. Not only do Steve and Tony spend a significant amount of time together in this episode, but they also have to fight Red Skull with Tony at his most vulnerable. After all, not only has he regained the physical limitations of being a child, but he also has to re-confront many of the insecurities he had as a child due to a father who held the “perfection” of Captain America over his head. Many truths come out, but by the end of the episode, Tony finally breaks down:

In this moment, Tony finally expresses what he constantly keeps bottled inside as an adult. He’s scared: that he’s not good enough, that he’s not strong enough, that he won’t be able to save the world when it needs him most. Not only that, he confesses this to Steve, who he looks up to, who he feels the need to prove himself in front of. The person who he felt he couldn’t be weak in front of.

But of course, Steve never thought Tony was weak. Tony never had to prove himself, because Steve already believed that Tony could do anything:

In that moment, Tony finally let down his walls and let Steve in. In a way, I think this is when Tony truly starts trusting Steve, because he realized that even though Steve had seen him at both his highest and his lowest, his confidence in him never wavered. How do I know this? Well, after “The Age of Tony Stark,” the next Speech™ that Steve really gives is the one we all know and love from “The Ultron Outbreak”:

And how does Tony react?

He smiles. He glows. He lets Steve’s confidence in him reinforce his own, and then he goes to save the world.

MCU Headcannon!

Steve Rogers doesn’t pass the role as Captain America over to Bucky as expected.

-Instead he leaves Bucky with the task of tracking down a young protégée and training/mentoring them into becoming the new Captain America
-Bucky finds the protégée in Brooklyn; go figures!
-However the new ‘rookie in training’ turns out to be a 14 year old girl who struggles to even lift a carton of milk from the top shelf, nevermind take down flocks of hydra agents and hardly break a sweat
-And Bucky’s just like “wtf Steve?!”
-And despite Buckys rough exterior, she’s not afraid of him in the slightest
-The first thing she says to him is “Dude, cool arm! Can I see?” and then “wow you’re tall”
- “wow you’re short”
- “dont rub it in”
-she doesn’t shut up for two more hours
-there’s this whole mentor/ward bonding moment where the young girl begins to doubt herself as a hero and Bucky is there to console her and tell her that Steve didn’t always know what to do either
-“Do you reckon mr rogers would have liked me?”
-“of course”
-“How do you know?”
-“Because ‘I’ like you”
-Her giving him the biggest grin
- “you like me huh?”
- “don’t over do it”
- Bucky figuring out that the girl gets bullied
- Bucky watching her stick up for other kids when she sees them getting bullied too
-Bucky figuring out why Steve chose her
-Bucky also doubting himself as a mentor, and wondering whether he’s doing the right thing
-And tony stark is over in the corner like “welcome to my world” whilst peter Parker is slinging webs and breaking bones in the background
-Bucky freaking out everytime something bad happens to the kid
- Bucky nearly having heart attacks from all his worrying
-Bucky feeling much like his actual age rather than the young man he appears to be
- Bucky handing her the shield
- she nearly drops it
- she calls him “buckaroo” and “old man” and sometimes, much to his surprise; “James”
- Bucky calling her “Miss America”
- and it sticks
- “Ladies and gentlemen: the wonderful, the amazing, the incredibly short-”
- “hey!”
-“Miss America”

have you ever been new at something as big as the MCU and got scared about what others (old fans) would think/say?? bc I finally got interested but at the same time I’m scared bc I just decided to start this “new life” thanks to Tom Holland

and I know there are comic books as well, but I want to watch at least the Avengers’ movies (Thor, Hulk, Iron Man etc) before IW

Understanding Emo Bands

Fall Out Boy: you can’t

Neon Trees: not considered an emo band despite being loved by many emos

Black Veil Brides: Andy Biersack and friends

My Chemical Romance: we don’t talk about this.

Sleeping With Sirens: the lead singer is a male

Pierce The Veil: this lead singer is also a male

Bring Me The Horizon: you only ever hear about them from your one friend who likes them

Imagine Dragons: an emo band that emos don’t listen to

Evanescence: they have that song that everyone knows but people still get the name wrong

In This Moment: Maria Brink

Avenged Sevenfold: they have that song about zombie sex

The Pretty Reckless: Cindy Lou Who

Shinedown: you either know that one song or you know all the songs.

Seether: their name is everywhere but you rarely actually hear their music

KoRn: corn jokes

Nickelback: hated so much that many emos refuse to call them an emo band

Falling In Reverse: they’re the band with that album cover where the tongue looks like a gross pickle

Linkin Park: meme

Marilyn Manson: this is the emo’s Jesus

Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Three Days Grace: taken over by creepypasta

Hollywood Undead: also taken over by creepypasta

Bullet For My Valentine: you like them but don’t know the names of any of their songs

The Killers: that blue coloured album with the buildings and the sky has Mr Brightside on it

My favorite people are the ones who try to explain how Spiderman caught Bucky’s arm in CACW by saying that Bucky was taken by surprise or that Bucky realized that Spiderman was a kid and stopped. I’m here just like no, the reason Spidy caught Bucky’s arm is because the child is like freakishly strong, like really really freaking strong, he can out bench press cap, arm wrestle Thor (not win but still), dude could bench press an airplane. Bucky is weaker then a 15 year old and ya’ll just have to accept that as a part of your of life. 

a guy deadass just told me i can’t wear superhero shirts bc i’m a girl. look, kyle, if me having thor’s face resting comfortably on my right tiddy frightens u then take ur problems to someone who cares pls. also left boob captain america thinks u suck.