So after some thinking….Here’s Aveline de Grandpre’s side of the story.

She recruits females from all races and backgrounds: Harlots and poor.

And she leads one of the largest Assassin branches to date.

She RESTORES the Colonial Branch of the Brotherhood.

She also tracks down Connor’s wife and kids to spend one last moment with him.

Later down the line she runs back into Gerald, and finds he has taken a more adventurous role in the Assassins, he has multiple scars, and various injuries. After a long day of patching wounds, Aveline and Gerald embrace passionately in the same warehouse they worked in Liberation. She is now a Grandmaster of the Colonial Branch, after Connor, respectively.

Her daughter is Anastasie de Grandpre, and she goes on to fight for all minorities and races (females guys, she sticks it to the males!)

There. Now all of you can die happy, so can i.

-R.C. Black
(Who will make alterations to the past story!)

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Imagine Explaining Zodiac Signs to a Modern Day Aveline

"No, No…" She said, pointing to her magazine article. "See, here? It says that a Gemini, that’s you, is highly compatible with an Aries.”

Aveline blinked and looked away from the excerpt to stare dumbly at her best friend. “I still don’t understand.”

Connor, is an Aries!” She informed, nudging Aveline in the ribs. “It’s fate!”

Raising her eyebrows, Aveline blushed and shook her head. “First of all, those zodiac pairings never turn out. And second, Connor doesn’t see me like that. We’re friends. “

Liar!” With a smirk, she pulled her phone from her back pocket and teased, “Let’s ask him.”

Aveline looked horrified and quickly made to grab for the phone. “Don’t you dare text him!”

Dodging out of reach, her thumbs all but punched the buttons before saying, “Too late!”


part 2 of this ♥

i don’t now what Tessa looks like and there was only 1 canon image of her… laying on her deathbed which wasn’t enough for me to go on… so i…