aveline and merrill are so precious

Notes: Making it romanced companions only, if the asker wants me to change this I don’t mind adding platonic options. Uncle Carver is cute. 


Sebastian Vael: He’d be shocked, and a bit hesitant. Not out of being asked, but because he could get the chance to be a father, to have a family of his own ever again. Because of his faith he had entirely shut down the idea, and now? It was possible. He could have a family again, this time with someone who would not send him away. Him, Hawke and their child. His child. His own, little perfect piece in the world. He’d be more than happy too readily accept, eyes a bit misty as he embraced Hawke. And he, of course, would dote on the kid, maybe even more than he dotes on Hawke. Maybe a tad over protective, too scared of loosing something so precious again. But now he had Hawke by his side, a strong and beautiful person, and he himself had grown over the years. He’d be able to protect his family this time, no matter what.

Anders: How he would feel? Scared. Very scared. He barely thought he was capable of being with Hawke, and now a child? It was impossible. It wasn’t going to work. He knew it wasn’t going to work. But when he would gaze at Hawkes face he knew he would be willing to do anything for this person, this wonderful being who was offering him something he thought he’d never have again. A family. And upon seeing the child? Well, he wouldn’t be able to refuse. He’d demand the child’s middle name be Sir Pouncelot, though, no ifs ands or buts.

Fenris: Fenris would refuse, at first. He was in no position to be raising a child, and as much as he loved Hawke, he would not put himself and the child in that position. He does not do this out of malice, but out of fear. How could he take care of a child? He could barely stand being with Hawke for even a night, emotions and thoughts too strong. Hawke was patient, loving and kind, and waited. But he could not expect the same from a child. A child needed constant care, love and a patient hand. He knows he wouldn’t be able to do that. But, after long thought, he would come back and say he’d want to try. Desperately. The lyrium in his skin robbed him of being able to have a child on his own, so this was a chance to reclaim something Danarias took from him. 

Merril: Her eyes would widen and her jaw would drop and she’d cry. Sob, even. She would be so happy, so touched that Hawke would want to have this with her. Why wouldn’t she be happy? She was already so blessed, kicked out of her clan only to find Hawke, a blood mage but accepted by (most) of her friends and comrades, a place to call home, and now a child? It would divide up her attention to her own research, but she would not mind at all. Sometimes, under her breath, she would whisper something about ‘Clan Hawke’ and a glow would fill her eyes, a small smile on her lips. She didn’t have to feel like she was abandoned, for she had found something better.

Isabela: She prided herself on being able to hide the way she truly felt, cover it up with jokes and a wink or the sway of her hips. It was all too easy, after all. But this? Well, this would be her undoing. Her shoulders would tense, her eyes going wide and the ‘No’ would be out of her lips faster than you could blink. She would avoid Hawke, like the plague. This? This was much more serious than just her not wanting to be in love. This was different. She would be scared. Almost to the point of attempting to run away again. Her, a mother? A laughable notion. And a terrifying one. Echoing memories of her own mother would be there, taunting her and painful. She would not be the person to do that a child, consciously or unconsciously. Children were fragile, their psyche even more so. She’d make it clear to Hawke that she would not be responsible for another life. But ultimately, she would not run away. She loved Hawke, after all. And eventually, if she ever got over her fear, she would be open to it. But for now? No.

Bonus: Adding Aveline for @mistermakefun because he’s a aveline loving hoe. This is Pre-Donnic btw.

Aveline: She would drop her sword and go into a coughing fit. A child? Hawke wanted a child? And they wanted to have it with her of all people? It was irresponsible, first and foremost. And stupid. Very stupid. With their lifestyle, raising a child would not be good for either of them. Too many things could go wrong, so many things could happen and Hawke was willing to risk it? Hawke already lost family, and so had she, and she would not put them both up to risk something so precious. She’d be against it, but when she saw the child she would melt. And she would fall in love all over again. She’s not crying, your crying. Punk.