Tumblr Crushes:

[[ Tifa being first is just so routine at this point. ]]

“I still love her though~!”

[[ Yes, you havebeenloving her for like the past day and a half. I’m surprised you aren’t dehydrated. ]]

“…Water breaks.”

[[ Can Tifa walk? ]]

“Not at all.”

Come at me, Bro

Alright, anons, I have a challenge for you! Zack has a lot of crap happen to him over the years, through the games, but he always comes through it, even after dying. I never get any real anon messages, so here’s your chance!

1. Give Zack an even worse ending than the canon one. Anything goes. Canon, Fanon, whatever works.

2. Give Zack the happy ending YOU wanted him to have. Again, anything goes.

You can do both, or either; it’s your choice!