WELP. Think I’ll stop for the night, aka also rest up~♥ 2 WIP’s this time, one is redrawing my avedentia and witch character (its messy atm etc etc) and another was Pitcher Jim, sparked/fueled by the previous practice sketch of a pitching pose and with the help of Rinja it became an OBLIGATION to see this to fruitation of some sort and next thing you know I’ll have the whole fam in roles. Tentatively we have Pitcher Jim and catcher is Spock? and Bones is Jim’s pitching coach/etc. and yeaaaa but still baseball uniforms are fun to draw 8D Excuse bun bun photobombing..


Just random sketches I did from work, or more like whatever i can fit in DURING work xD; Random really. THOUGH the first 2 images I wanted to revamp my witch & Avedentia story/design, so I’m revisiting the witch and just messing around with thumbnails really, and they were fun. AND THERE’S MY FIRST….really dinosaurs…its prolly wrong on some parts but eh its learning right? And the random sketches, also with that one ponyta…and yeaaaaa. Sometimes i get lazy scanning these stuff in…