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“The Annunciation of Ave Maria” Promo

The people of Ave Maria are gearing up for a historic day of celebrating on March 25, 2011.  Here’s the just-completed promo for the event … 

raquel-94  asked:

hey i saw your posts about ave maria, im considering going there next semester, i just had some questions about the school and i dont really know anyone there. how are the dorms? is it true students have a curfew? is religion a required class for every semester? let me know! thanks :)

Hey there!

The girls’ dorms are fantastic. The rooms are ideally divided into two sides, with two girls living on each side. (You can change this if you want - my roommates and I are all on one side and we put our desks and things on the other so if someone has to stay up late studying, it doesn’t keep anyone up.) They’re very spacious. There’s a sink on each side so no one has to fight over the mirror and the shower is in the room so you don’t have to worry about public bathrooms. 

There’s no curfew, just common hours for when men are allowed in women’s common spaces and vice versa. The lobbies are all 24 hours though and you can go anywhere else you wanna go, on campus or off, to hang out. 

We don’t have religion classes, but we have three theology classes that are a part of the core: Sacred Scripture, Sacred Doctrine, and Living in Christ: Moral Theology. You have to take them in that order, but you can take them whenever you want. I took Sacred Scripture the second semester of my freshman year, Sacred Doctrine the first semester of my sophomore year, and I’m taking Moral Theology this summer online. The theology classes are amazing though and so worth being a part of the core. A lot of people take more theology classes as electives later. I’m going to be trying to get a theology minor. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! I adore Ave and love talking about it. 

God bless!

My Disney Adventure

My name is Stephanie Mosbrucker and on August 16th 2012 I set off on a most excellent adventure; the Disney College Program.

“What is this Disney College Program?” you may ask. No, I was not Snow White as fitting as my 6’, black haired, albino bisque appearance may lead on. Instead, I got to join close to 8,000 other college students from around the globe in a Live, Earn and Learn experience in the busy and beautiful city of Orlando. We piled into the Orientation building, full of expectations and wonder. We were met with just the magic we had been seeking: the lights dimmed, a fog blower machine ruffled our hair and laser lights strobed above us as the two orientation leaders danced down the middle isles greeting us enthusiastically, pumping us up and sprinkling the metaphorical fairy dust for which we had all been waiting.

That was my first experience with the Disney Company. What followed was a semester of training and experience in which I got to sprinkle fairy dust and make magic for each guest which whom I came into contact.

My Disney Adventure began many months before I actually arrived in Orlando. Last March I decided to apply to the program after 2 years of ‘friendly encouragement’ from an adult friend. She had participated in the program years and years and… years ago and believed that it would be an excellent fit for my personality and social nature, benefiting any of my future endeavors as well. Unsure if I wanted to give up a semester of school, I applied with the attitude of ‘If I get it then I can decided whether or not to go, but this is too great of an opportunity to just pass up entirely.” The next day I received an email congratulating my application and advancement to an interview which I promptly set up and completed –over the phone- about a week later. “Wow, Disney moves fast! This was the easiest thing ever!” I thought to myself. Well, God heard me and the waiting game began. One week. Two weeks. A million years it felt like since I had been contacted by Disney World! During this waiting period I was praying for guidance on the subject; beginning with the “God, if it is your Will, I think this would be a really cool thing to do”, “God, Your Will be done, just help me to know whether you would like me to go or come back to Ave next semester”. And then finally “God pleeeeaaaaaaassssseeeee let me go to Disney World! I really WANT to go!” Inbox: Disney World: Congratulations! You have been accepted to the Disney College Program Fall 2012!

Sometimes I think God lets us know His will by changing our own.

Disney Castle photo by Andrej Blagojević


Ave Maria University fights HHS Mandate!

Highlight of my week?

When my favorite teacher told me she was proud of me. She told me that she was pleased with my preparedness and that I will really cover a lot of ground that way. I was about to dart out of my piano test because I was on an adrenaline rush and needed to ditch even though I think I did a good job, and she stopped me just to tell me that.

It made me so happy. I love her like crazy and to have her approval just made all of my hard work worth it. No matter what grade I get. Her realization that I’m trying is all that matters to me.

I’ve been gushing about it for two days now and I needed to gush some more.