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Green-backed Firecrown (Sepahnoides sephaniodes) by Arturo Nahum
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Zapallar, Valparaiso Region, Chile 20120210_IMG_8189


“I appeal to all of you to get into this great revolution that is sweeping the nation. Get in and stay the streets of every city, every village and hamlet of this nation until true freedom comes, until the revolution of 1776 is complete.” - John Lewis speech at the 1963 March on Washington

Conversations from the Lab
  • AV Blake, law student but otherwise normal person: I can't believe Professor Willow spent three hours yesterday explaining his theories about the big surge of water pokemon and somehow forgot to add 'so I flooded the basement to make a temporary holding pond for all the magikarp'.
  • Vera J, kind human and decent colleague but deranged in that special pokemon researcher way: Oh, I didn't think it needed saying. Didn't you sort of assume he would?
  • AVB, despite having worked with this man for nearly a year now: No. Despite having worked with that man for nearly a year, I somehow didn't see this coming.
  • VJ, a competent but worrying person: It was the reasonable thing to do. Any pokemon researcher would have done it.
  • AVB, unsurprised but still sort of horrified: Would they now.
  • VJ, who is saying this all completely conversationally: Sure, a friend of my mother's works with Professor Juniper. When I was an undergrad she told me all about the kind of things that can happen in a pokemon lab.
  • AVB, edging away slowly: Oh, really. Sounds fascinating.
  • VJ: Sure! One time Professor Juniper's lab turned into a prehistoric jungle while they were cloning a fossil specimen.
  • AVB: Uh.
  • VJ: Unfortunately, then it burned down. But what they learned about prehistoric pokemon behavior was amazing!
  • AVB, whose parents still haven't forgiven her for not going into pokemon research because apparently this is the kind of life they want her to lead, which is a major reason she doesn't come home for holidays: That's. Amazing all right.
  • VJ: Isn't this field the best?
Donald Glover

Childish Gambino’s music has been some of the most life changing music I think I have ever had. He sings about being insecure and lonely is okay and that no matter what, we can get through it. I’ve been dealing with life changing stuff this past year and his music has done nothing but make me feel. I’m glad his music exists.

yo fam

this is patrick when gabriel starts talking about harvey and donna:

(a.k.a how to politely look uninterested)

when he mentions darvey:

(want this on a t-shirt cause same fam

when gabriel starts turning that shit around:

when gabriel starts talking about who he ships:

(he’s kinda like “hoe don’t do it” but “omg this is it” at the same time???)

when gabriel says i’m not gonna go there /bc he already knows the answer anyway:

like do u need more proof????????????????????


its 2:30 am and there are 2 very loud very fast cars circling the aves where i live. like doing a circut, multiple times. this happens at least once a week, always around 1-3 in the morning. theres fuckin. street racing? in my shitty college town?? and i wasn’t told???


Nightwoods–with & without big tree

The Nightwoods is a collective name for the dense forests that occupy nearly the entirety of the five islands belonging to the Kingdom of Tenebris. You can see the islands on the map, right here.

Skarzis was born and raised on the one right here:

This island is called Candenne.

we gon’ hit the streets, take you on the ride of your life


Taemin não imaginava que o aluguel de uma motocicleta pudesse custar tanto naquela ilha e estava meio que lamentando ser quem pagava a taxa; todavia, como ele convidara Sunhee, parecia justo. E, estranhamente, parecia também não ter uma pessoa melhor pra se encaixar junto dele naquele atividade. Quando ele se imaginou abusando do limite de velocidade, o que poderia resultar em multas, Sunhee estava logo atrás, sentindo a mesma adrenalina e se divertindo tanto quanto ele. Talvez por causa de toda aquela vibração de perigo que exalava dela sempre o atrair. Quando finalmente largou a última cédula de won, foi diante de um olhar impaciente da garota. — O que? Eu sou desapegado de bens materiais. Exceto quando é dinheiro. — Deu os ombros pra disfarçar, mas estava ciente do próprio drama. Agradeceu ao locador e pegou a chave e capacetes.  — Safety first. — Sorriu e, propositalmente, aproveitou para bagunçar o cabelo de Sunhee ao colocar a proteção na cabeça dela. — É muito clichê eu estar vestindo jaqueta de couro pra essa ocasião? — Subiu na moto e passou desapercebido a mão na cabeça raspada, suspirando por esquecer que não tinha mais cabelo.  — C’mon. Pronta pra montar, Sunny?