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The Zodiac Signs as “Legend of Korra” Characters

Aries: Kuvira (Intense and Commanding)

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Taurus: Korra (Stubborn and Tough)

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Gemini: Mako (Moody and Indecisive)

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Cancer: Jinora (Compassionate and Spiritual)

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Leo: Varrick (Creative and Funny)

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Virgo: Lin Beifong (Impatient and Strong)

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Libra: Ikki (Childish and Social)

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Scorpio: Tarrlock (Manipulative and Sensitive)

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Sagittarius: Bolin (Goofy and Grounded) 

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Capricorn: Asami (Logical and Stable)

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Aquarius: Amon (Misunderstood and Rebellious)

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Pisces: Tenzin (Caring and Protective)

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This is my first time making an astrology post so I hope you enjoy! Someone please let me know if I should do another one or if you think this is accurate! 

My finalized Kyoshi Island travel poster, I may edit it a bit more to add more of a background to show it’s an island and some other stuff

I also threw in a watermark for the first time because there isnt a spot to put my signature stamp thing :P


WHOOOOOAH 350+ notes! Thanks everyone for spreading my art around, but if anyone is interested, there’s a revised and newly official finished piece for this poster that you can see here!

You know what I think is really cool? Mako’s bending in Legend of Korra.

Look at it! It’s less like the martial art form that is Firebending and more like boxing! Mako commonly uses jabs,hooks, and upper cuts to fling fire. He also holds his arms and stance like a boxer does with his fists guarding his face, and throwing the punch from the rear.

He didn’t have the luxury to learn bending from a master, he had to teach himself, which means he most likely learned it as a way of self defense on the streets and from the gangs he was running with.

Also, boxing was a popular sport in the 20s and 30s (the time Korra was based off of) so it’s even cooler that the Korra team would animate him that way.

I just love it.

“I was so worried…”

“I’m okay.”

“If something had happened to you - “

“I’m okay, it’s okay.”

“Idiot… I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

really quick late night sketch of how i imagine they would react to being reunited after the whole giant robot destroyed city thing

the song Peace from the ATLA soundtrack was playing while I was drawing this and I cried

Tomco Week

Day 4 - March 15 - Cosplay

The fact that i’m the first to do this saddens me XDD

Are these roles not perfect for them? XD

I loved ATLA  when i was a kid and it’s still an amazing show, so i had great pride in drawing this. XD

I had a few other ideas for them on this day but this one hadn’t been done before so….