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UGH, do you have anymore room for holding me????? I'm officially taking a break from this ship for a little :'( this is awful. I hope Bryke has something REALLLLLLL brilliant when they get back together. The whole "I love you Korra" "I love you too" from the book 1 finale is not gonna work this time :'/

omg right? like its not enough for me anymore. even if they get back together, they better say more than “i love you,” and “love u too” speech. They better do something unbelievably amazing that will prove to me that mako genuinely loves korra, because right not it seems like he is giving 0 fucks. like do u know how terrible it was for me to see him make out with a girl after a week with the breakup of the so called “love of his life”  like fuck that. he sure isnt showing it.