Astro as Minor Avatar Characters

A/N: this is the second part in my three part avatar series. check out part one here if you haven’t seen it. (and yes some of them got genderbent)

JinJin - Jet

because they’ve both mastered the art of that smolder

MJ - Foaming Mouth Guy

i’m just going to leave this here

Eunwoo - Suki

bc he looks all sweet and pretty but is secretly a badass with many talents (aka dank memes)

Moonbin - Yue

get it? cause Yue turned into the moon? (ok i’m going to hell for my attempts at puns)

Rocky - The Boulder

AHAHAHAHA this pun i’m dying. (send help rocky is just too damn easy to meme)

Sanha - The Cabbage Guy

because he shrieks at the randomest times tbh (“MY CABBAGESSS”)

anonymous asked:

I don't know where people got these rumours from, but i really hope Azula isn't going to die in S&S pt. 3. She doesn't deserve an ending like this. She NEEDS a redemption! She needs a chance for a new life!

I am tired of hearing about it to be honest lmao

No one can convince me that this rumor is true UNTIL I read it MYSELF in the comics. Unless they have a legitimate source that says so, one I can read, I won’t buy it. 

I would like to read the comic blind than have a preset thought process. It ruins the experience. Like I said I will stick it out until the end to see what Bryke has in store for her, whichever way it goes. 

Azula needs love above all else. A Redemption Arc better be in her future. 


when there is nothing left to burn (you have to set yourself on fire) 

a mix for your princess azula, clever and beautiful

Monster NICKI MINAJ | The King’s Daughter I AM HARLEQUIN | Salute LITTLE MIX | Brooklyn Is Burning HEAD AUTOMATICA | Seven Devils FLORENCE + THE MACHINE | Flesh Without Blood GRIMES | What Am I Feeling MALLORY JANSEN | Bad Blood TAYLOR SWIFT | Yellow Flicker Beat LORDE | She’s Not There THE ZOMBIES | Who Will Love Me Now PJ HARVEY | Life in the Vivid Dream GRIMES | Everything You’ve Done Wrong SLOAN

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