I wonder who took advantage of the Fire Nation losing it’s source of bending during their Darkest Day. 

Actually, what if it was more along the lines of a domestic struggle with some noble launching a massive rebellion using a large nonbending contingent that could deliver the initial blow prior to the main assault?

Unless, of course, it was actually an international affair with at least one other nation involved–Earth Kingdom maybe? 

Autism Awareness Month is April, and that time sort of sucks for a lot of autistic people because Autism $peaks is terrible. So instead, I’ve decided to celebrate autism, and what better way to do that than with headcanons? Every day of this month – assuming I have the time – I’m going to draw one autistic headcanon!

Day 28: Prince Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zuko is incredibly autistic. He’s socially awkward and misses cues all the time. Expressing feelings is nearly impossible for him. He also shuts down somewhat in stressful situations, most notably the Agni Kai in “The Storm”. But I think he’s a hyperempathic autistic person - his huge amounts of empathy drive his entire character arc.

Actually - and I’m not a victim of abuse, so correct me if I say something wrong here - Zuko’s autistic traits somewhat make him a greater target for abuse. His sister Azula, while still a victim, was able to better fit in with her father’s ideas. Zuko couldn’t pass and fit in no matter how hard he tried.

i haven’t been on tumblr very often lately. i have been taking classes and generally powering up for the next level of this humble life. classes are almost finished for this semester, so i am preparing for SDCC now!

Avatar Legacy plans to host another panel dedicated to the love of the fans. We will also host another twitter/tumblr contest to celebrate our 7th year at SDCC. Expect updates soon…

anonymous asked:

people like to bash mai for leaving zuko 'in his time of need' when she was kind of in the right because zuko wasn't being open with her. Now what I'd like to know is this: if they had made zutara canon, and katara was in mai's place, what would she have done? Would she have stayed with him? and would that have made her better than mai? I think you have a good grasp on all of the characters so I thought I'd ask.

My thinking is this:

  • Katara is motherly (towards all characters) and she’d be worried for Zuko the same way Mai was but, even more so because she is motherly and affectionate and all that jazz (mom friend, duh). 
  • She’d be pissed off that Zuko was keeping information from her and going off for weeks on end without her knowing because, guess what? She’d be worried. On top of that, she’d probably resent being pushed off to the side (although she might try to reason with herself that everything is fine and this is totally ok and normal. But, eventually, she’d be like “Sorry, Zuko, I’ve had enough of this.”)
  • She would probably try to give at least one “I care about you” speech to Zuko. And, while these sorts of speeches worked with Aang (unless he was too busy angsting), they would not have worked with Zuko–especially if he weren’t in an emotionally vulnerable position like he was in “Sozin’s Comet” because Zuko, at this point in time, is still very much  stubborn and not easy to sway. 
  • Given how she made it clear that she wouldn’t simply stand and watch Aang hurt himself in “The Avatar State,” (which she knew would haoppen), and given how she made it very clear in the comics that she would leave Aang if he chose war, I doubt we’d see a very easy-going Zutara relationship at that point in time because tensions would be very high
  • I don’t know long she’d be willing to stay with Zuko but, I feel like eventually she would have been fed up and left just as Mai had.