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What are the odds that the lack of Katara statuary is due to her active opposition? She does not want them up, thus they do not go up while she is still breathing.

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🔥 fanart, of any fandom, or in general?

1. Anakin’s hair is dark blond, not brown, and not appreciably darker than Luke’s (at comparable ages/lighting).

2. Just say no to cinnabuns. Leia wears them all of once; there’s no reason child!Leia or AU!Leia should have them, and canon Leia almost always wears braids anyway.


(Obtrusively pointed, anyway.)

4. Korra is not thin and has blue-green eyes, not bright blue or dark blue. 

5. Jyn’s/Felicity Jones’ eyes are hazel-green, not clear green. Rey’s are hazel.

6. I’m weirded out by how very wrong Poe’s and Cassian’s skin tones are in so much fanart.

7. Who do I have to kill for Byzantine/proto-Renaissance Italian Dúnedain (AS INTENDED) and Greco-Roman Silm!Elves

More water bending us sans and ht sans. US sans is a normal waterbender HT sans is a blood bender (magic bender)

slight story under the keep reading link :) if you’re curious.

Horrortale Sans @ sour-apple-studios 

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