OMG you guys/gals! Guess who’s in this week’s Republic Lifestyle?? Sorry I don’t have a good scanner and my phone camera’s crappy, but here’s a transcript of the writeup:


Avatar Korra discusses integration plans for the Spirit World and the infrastructure of Republic City with Future Industries CEO Asami Sato. The relationship between the world spiritual leader and the scion of the late industrial tycoon Hiroshi Sato has resulted in a harmonious and productive partnership that has so far been advantageous in keeping Republic City and its neighboring states economically and politically stable. Some say it’s a relationship with strategic implications, but those close to the couple will attest that it’s one that’s founded on genuine kinship, love and trust. 

Ok, I clearly don’t live in this reality anymore! And LOL “love and trust” my ass, I’m not the best writer, sorry. Haha! Why are they talking business in a hangar? Because I say meeting rooms are boring and I want to draw airplanes and engines! Jokes aside, I added the full image without text in case anyone wants it. And a vertical crop if you wanna use it for your phone heh.