Fan Art Friday: Love Wins: Korra x Asami

Is it any real surprise that I would include Korrasami in this series of LGBT-friendly Valentines Day-themed Fan Art Fridays? I guess it is, because too many fans still can’t believe that Korra and Asami are an item–as though the very last scene from the very last episode wasn’t evidence enough. Even the creators came out and admitted that, yes, the two are indeed a bisexual couple. What more proof do you want?

Oh well! For us Korra fans whose gaydar isn’t on the fritz, most of us can appreciate this bold move in children’s media. More than a decade ago, when Avatar was first released, even the slightest implication that any television character, in a children’s show no less, was less than straight would have been considered scandalous. Now, one decade later, not only do we have an openly bisexual couple, but gay marriage has finally been legalized. We still have a long way to go, but Korrasami reveals the progress we as a society have already made thus far.

#1: Korrasami by FromGoldMidas
Most fans who aren’t as dense as a brick wall could tell that the very last scene was supposed to end with a kiss. Fortunately, many fans have already filled in the blanks with fan art such as this.

#2: Mrs Sato by TomPreston
I guess most lesbian/bisexual couples give that response.

#3: Korrasami Don’t Give A Shit by YukiHyo
Asami gives the Korrasami haters/deniers the response they deserve.

#4: Suave  Korra by vbfrap
Korra and Asami as school girls. Because why not?

#5: Avatar in the school by Flick-the-Thief
More Korrasami school girl action.

#6: Shorty by Dakotaa
Not schoolgirl related, but there is an apple in here. So does that count?

#7: Care by DarkerEve
Here’s a cute picture of Asami tending to Korra and her battle wounds. And yes, I am including it because of the gratuitous panty shots. :D

I really liked the Wan pic I made almost 3 years ago, that I decided to make one of Korra. Loved how well her pic came out. I’ll post it on my society6 site soon! Enjoy! I’ll also post a small process too! Used Photoshop.

Also, I’m still open for commissions if anyone is interested. Just inbox me

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So I wanted to make some Undertale AU’s Sans with all crazy faces from Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend of Korra which I used here.

Sans Repear from Reaper Tale.

Sans Scientist from … I don’t know.

Gaster!Sans created by @borurou

Error!Sans created by @askerrorsans

Sans from Underfell

Swap!Sans from Swaptale

Sans from Undertale

Sans from Outertale

I’m not very sure of creators I should mention on this post, so feel free to send me a message to inform me, thank you !