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  • Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan
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anonymous asked:

2p's as the legend of korra or/and avatar the last airbender characters

oooh I’ve never watched either ;-; But I’ll do this ask as best I can.

2p Italy: Azula (kinda?)

2p Germany: Sokka

2p Japan: Kuvira

2p Romano: Mako

2p Prussia: Jinora

2p Spain: Mai

2p America: Korra

2p England: Aang

2p France: Ozai

2p Russia: Zuko

2p China: Toph Beifong

2p Canada: Zaheer

- Firebenders with burns on their hands and feet from their own flames

- Waterbenders shaking because they are surrounded by water, there is just so much of it.

- Earthbenders constantly covered in dust and not fully getting it when people comment on it, because its dirt, its clean to them.

- Airbenders wishing that their culture hadnt been lost for 100 years.

- Firebenders crying when they learn all the bad things that had been done for 100 years.

- Waterbenders who cant heal for rubbish, who move in jerky motions and get the same results as the other benders.

- Earthbenders getting horribly sick from most forms of travel because they cant feel the earth under their feet.

- Airbenders who spend so much time in the air they feel more natural in the air then on the ground


In a new era of hidden benders… Mark hones his newfound ability….
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