The Legend of Aang movie poster - by baelor

here finally is my mockup fanmade live action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie poster! it also doubles as the poster for my atla movie edit project, now titled The Legend of Aang, where i’m editing the first season of atla into an animated movie which is now officially coming in 2017!! i’ll also be doing lots more fan edits of both atla and lok including movie versions, alternate cuts of the show, etc

see the huge FULL SIZE poster HERE (recommended! but warning it’s about 50mb! dat quality)

i’ll post a progress video soon, because a LOT of work went into this, and i’m SO happy with how it turned out!


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avatarsymbolismsblogs  asked:

How do "The Southern Air Temple," "The Storm," "The Crossroads of Destiny," "The Southern Raiders," and "Sozin's Comet" go down in the Aang/Zuko role swap au?

I hate you and need to have a good long cry now. AKA, stop making me think so hard, you big meanie!

The Southern Air Temple:

Oh Man, Avatar Zuko has a complete meltdown when he sees Gyatso’s body.  Before that, he’s much less cheerfully in denial, but he’s pretty emphatic about there being Airbenders hiding somewhere, and angry and defensive when Sokka or Katara tries to get him to confront that this is not the case.  After he sees Gyatso and some of the other bodies, he sinks into a nasty case of despair that slowly turns into a determination to stop the Fire Nation.

Meanwhile, Prince Aang has been Iroh’s student in subtly pissing people off for three years now, and after Zhao makes it clear he will not help the aggravating Fire Prince with ship repairs, Aang needles him until it’s Zhao who challenges him to an Agni Kai.  Aang responds by telling him that unless he backtracks and repairs his ship, Aang will report this insult to the royal family to his father.  Zhao retaliates by saying that the Firelord doesn’t consider insults to Aang to be insults to the royal family, and oh it is on.

After Aang wins, he blackmails Zhao into repairing his ship and goes on his merry way.  Also it takes Zhao a little longer in this verse to find out that the Avatar has reappeared, and oh, that’s how the prince’s ship got trashed, and oh, this just makes it even more embarrassing.  He got completely outsmarted, misdirected, and outfought by a sixteen-year-old.

The Storm:

Interestingly enough, even though “The Storm” is all about parallels between Zuko and Aang, their differences mean this goes down very differently indeed.  Prince Aang is much better liked by his crew.  He is charming, and affable, and much like his famous uncle.  They don’t really respect his leadership, but they like him and feel bad for him being sent on this wild goose-monkey chase.  And you know, the fact that the goose-monkey actually showed up doesn’t really make them feel a whole lot differently about it.

The upshot is that Prince Aang is not about to almost get into a duel with Lieutenant Jee and provoke a mutiny that Iroh has to quash.  The story about Prince Aang’s honorable defense of Fire Nation soldiers and his banishment comes out a little differently, and involves Aang getting gloomy and depressed, and Jee wondering what this nice young man could have done to piss off his father badly enough to banish him.

In spite of their different personalities, Prince Aang has an extremely similar code of honor and ideas about right and wrong to canon Prince Zuko.

Meanwhile Avatar Zuko’s crisis of conscience in The Storm happens similarly to Avatar Aang’s.  He is deeply, deeply, affected by the idea that the world is the way it is, that his people are dead, that Sokka and Katara suffered, all because he ran away, and it’s all his fault.  Zuko has a tendency toward self-blame you see.  He failed.  He is a failure, and a coward, and…

And if he had stayed, he would have died with his people.  Other than being a lot more hostile toward Katara trying to comfort him, not much changes here.

The Crossroads of Destiny:

Ohhhh, okay, so what you got to understand is that Prince Aang is a charming asshole.  He’s all nice and polite and courteous, but he also is willing to sacrifice almost anything and anyone for his honor and moral code, and said moral code has a lot of flaws.  Katara has already had a run in with this particular side of the Fire Prince’s personality when he and a band of pirates captured her.  He brought her to his ship, sat down with her, made her tea, brought her some really delicious little pastries, and then did everything he could to bribe, trick, and coerce her friend’s location out of her.  And then when that didn’t work, he used her as bait.  He was thoroughly horrible to her, and so very nice about it.  And then he does it again!  They swap stories about their dead and missing mothers, and then he goes and sides with his sister, can you believe this asshole!

The Western Air Temple:

Okay so the thing that’s important here is not Katara and the Fire Prince, who have a similar enough history to canon that she is highly suspicious of him, and definitely threatens to kill him, and ignores his attempts to turn up the charm.  No, what I want to talk about is Avatar Zuko and his character arc.

When Zuko first wakes up, he’s got the pretty typical Air Nomad outlook on life.  He wasn’t the most outgoing and friendly type, but he still managed to have friends in the Fire Nation that he looks back on fondly.  But he’s a lot more black and white in the way he views other people, and his switch over at the Western Air Temple to dedicating himself to stopping the Fire Nation involved believing that right now, the Fire Nation is full of bad people.

Then, horrible things happened at the North Pole, and later they traveled through the Fire Nation, and he met lots of Fire Nation people who were for the war but otherwise perfectly nice, and he went to that horrible Fire Nation school, and he has started to realize that’s not really the way things work.  And this is when Fire Prince Aang shows up to join the Gaang, and he’s working really hard at this offering people a chance to do the right thing schtick, and Toph says he’s telling the truth, and okay, he can stay.

The Southern Raiders:

So Fire Prince Aang is a fairly chill person.  He’s always been able to get people to like him, and never really felt the burning need to seek approval that canon Zuko has, so he isn’t going to get all bent out of shape over Katara’s hostility.  But he’s totally going to help her out on an honor quest.  Honor is important, even if apparently the Avatar is a little boy who clearly doesn’t understand these things.

Zuko does understand these things.  He just also remembers how angry he was after he found Gyatso and how it ate at him, and how sick he felt at the North Pole when it was all over, and he knows Katara would feel the same after it’s all over.

After it is all over and Katara doesn’t kill Yon Rha, Aang needs to have a lie down, somewhere quiet and alone, where he can ask himself how he’s alive after pissing off Katara, because holy shit.  She is scary.

Also Aang and Zuko have a long talk about plans for Ozai.  They keep coming back to needing to kill him, and Zuko is very stressed.  Thank goodness for lion turtles.

Sozin’s Comet:

Katara’s scariness almost convinces Aang to take her to fight his sister, but he ends up deciding that Toph would work better and would probably like an out from the whole airship battle anyway.  This means when Azula hits him with lightning, he doesn’t get immediate healing. And after almost killing Azula, Toph has a near panic attack, and when Katara shows up, she’s like “I can’t leave you idiots alone for five whole seconds, seriously.” Aang has to spend a month on bedrest before his coronation. He suffers.

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as finals week approaches, zuko is the one who settles down with a zen playlist and a cup of tea and meticulously writes tiny notes in cramped handwriting on 3x5 notecards. he studies mostly in the mornings and afternoons and in quiet corners between classes. sometimes he likes to retreat to the library.

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anonymous asked:

So since the spirit portals are open... what about Koh? I mean can the spirits just freely enter our world when they please and what about the regulation of trying to keep that all in check? I know the whole comic is meant to be so quirky "spirit world turned into an amusement park" but that has got to be like one of them parks in a horror movie or ghost story. "Sure it was great at first until that day when everyone started losing their faces because most people aren't stoic bad-asses."

Yeah, exactly. The Spirit World is just portrayed so differently in The Legend of Korra, that it doesn’t even feel like the same universe. In ATLA, it was a separate dimension altogether that overlapped with the human world, but it wasn’t accessible to most people. There were no portals to let just anyone go in. It should have stayed that way. One of the main themes in ATLA was how humanity is still very destructive to nature and that affects the Spirit World.

Just opening up the portals and calling it a day is crazy. People like Zhao exist who have no problem destroying the Spirit Library, and spirits like Wan Shi Tong exist, who do not like humans and have no problem attacking them if they see fit. The amount of destruction that would happen would be devastating.

When you meddle with the Spirits, it can throw the entire world into chaos. Zhao almost destroyed the Moon by killing a fish, for crying out loud. Humanity is not ready to have free access to the Spirits. And the Koh issue is obviously something that is never addressed. You’re just gonna let him out and you think he’s just going to try to get along with humans? Mai and Longshot would be the only humans left.

People could occasionally be dragged into the Spirit Word, and it was very dangerous for them. Sokka came back, but Ummi never did. The Spirits are not to be trifled with. It just shows how Bryke kind of made their own continuity in TLoK. It has similarities to ATLA, but it’s almost like an AU. They did their own thing with the Spirit World, but it doesn’t really feel like the same concept.

The Lion Turtle is a big one. In ATLA, it was mysterious and ancient. We never got to learn much about it, but it definitely seemed like it did not have much to do with humans, and hardly anyone would have seen it in hundreds of years. In TLoK, people lived on top of the Lion Turtles and they gave people bending. 

What happened to the concept that people learned bending from the creatures? Yue said that waterbenders first learned to bend by observing how the Moon pushed and pulled the tides. The Dragons taught humans firebending, earthbending was learned from Badger Moles, and airbending from Sky Bison. It’s just different mythology altogether.

And I really dislike the concept of Raava and Vaatu. The Avatar is supposed to be about balance. This includes light and dark energies. That is one of the main themes in Eastern philosophy. Darkness is not negative or evil, but simply another force in the Universe, and part of the human condition. All people have darkness, and that is not a bad thing. If the Avatar Spirit does not include darkness, then it cannot represent humanity and be the bridge between the two worlds. And this is where Bryke take liberties with the philosophy aspect and just do their own thing. Like Korra losing her past lives, and it not really being important.

And my final complaint was the idea of dead people going to the Spirit World. I really did not like Iroh living there in TLoK. It felt like a cheap excuse for a cameo, honestly. And he’s just there having tea parties with cute spirits? I thought that was a lame fate for him. Bryke don’t do Iroh justice either, like in the comics. He loses all of his humanity and quirkiness, and he feels like he just exists to dispense generic “wise sage” advice. In ATLA he felt more like a real parent to Zuko. A human being. In the comics, he’s in Ba Sing Se and apparently doesn’t care what happens to Zuko in the Fire Nation. And Zhao also should not have been in the Spirit World, either. He drowned.


“You have indeed felt a great loss, but love is a form of energy, and it swirls around us.  The Air Nomads’ Aang’s love for you has not left this world.  It is still inside of your heart, and is reborn in the form of new love.”

The announcement of the upcoming graphic novel brought up all sorts of old feels, so in commemoration of the continuing story, I decided to break my own heart.  Enjoy.