Thanks for the support everyone!

Can I just say I am so glad people are enjoying the avatar post (and the blog in general). I was super afraid that post was going to be one of those things that was way funnier in my head and when I wrote it out I almost deleted it because I didn’t know if anyone would find it as amusing as I did. Clearly all of you did, and I’m glad I went ahead and posted it.

I’ve had a couple of people mention to me that they would draft things but then end up not posting them because they felt it was only funny to them. I say post it and see what happens. When I started this blog, my main blog only had 15 followers. Most of that was because it was mainly a reblog blog with some minor original content. I started this blog just to see what happened. I didn’t consider myself very funny, but many of you have mentioned how much you are enjoying the blog and that makes me so happy.

This blog is currently at 1,167 followers! That’s insane! I’m so glad all of you are getting enjoyment off the blog. I’m working on something as a celebratory thing so be on the look out for that.

Last words, if you were thinking of making a blog (be it HP related or not) but think you aren’t funny enough, don’t let that stop you. Those who wanted to make house related blogs like this, go for it! And be sure to let me know. I’d be happy to help spread your content around for people to see.

Thanks again everyone!

[JP] Avatar Board: Terra & Aqua (KH 2.8 Release)

January 12 - 23

Cost: 2500 jewels

Contents (per board):

  • NEW! Abipura (Ability Prize Up) & Attack Up XL x1
  • Lux & Attack Up L x1
  • Guard Up L x1
  • Magic Mirror x5
  • Mickey & Broom Servant x1
  • Broom Servant x1
  • Sword Stone x1
  • Huey & Dewey & Louie x3
  • Cid 5 x2
  • Avatar piece x3 (clothes, hand/arm accessory, hairstyle)

Avatar Luck

  • Terra Costume: Gloves & Wristband - Rare Enemy +4
  • Aqua Costume: Sleeves - Rare Enemy +4
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I’m taking pixel art commissions! You can use these for a variety of things like avatars, web/blog graphics, game icons (I can’t offer animation at the moment though, so only static icons), merchandise design (such as t-shirts, stickers, and more. Please tell me when and where you will be selling it though, so I know it’s not being bootlegged/stolen), and whatever else you can think of!

I can make pixel art up to 400 pixels width and height. Any larger and it won’t really look like pixel art anymore! The examples featured here are between 30 pixels and 300 pixels, so I recommend the sizes here for the best pixel look!

Please be sure to provide good references for me to work off of. I need to know what pose you want your character in, and I need a good high resolution image of what your character or object looks like! I also need to know what you want the lighting to be like.

I won’t do NSFW work, sorry! No porn, and nothing gory. The type of work shown here is what I’m willing to do.

During the process I’ll send you a screenshot of what it looks like with just the black outline and flat color, and if you’re satisfied with what it looks like at that point, I’ll send you the Paypal invoice (meaning I’ll need the email of your Paypal. Please don’t send payment as a gift! I don’t want my Paypal to be suspended). Once the invoice is paid I’ll send you the completed sprite!

If you would like to tip me, please mention in your emails the amount you’d like to tip me. I’ll add the amount of your tip to the amount I request in the invoice.

I’ll try to get commissions done within the span of 2 weeks, but if I have other things going on in my life (like particularly big changes regarding free time, if I’m sick, if I’m traveling, etc.) it might be a while before I get to them! But generally by the time you pay I know I have enough time to finish a commission. At the moment I can get to commissions pretty quickly, so this most likely won’t be a concern.

Please let me know if you’re okay with me possibly posting your commission on social media (Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart) or if you want me to keep it totally private.

If you’re interested in this, please email me at;


(Make sure you type both r’s at the end of that! theskywaker was taken on gmail.)

If you can’t buy or aren’t interested, it would still be nice if you reblogged this or told your friends about this! The more the word spreads, the more chance I have at finding an interested commissioner!

A:TLA Preference #1: Favourite Thing About You

Aang: Aang’s favourite thing about you is your smile. He loves being the reason you smile and he constantly tells you how infectious your smile is and how adorable it is.

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Katara: Katara loves your eyes, she says she always gets lost in them. You think that your eyes are just boring, but she says she can see all the stars and constellations in your eyes.

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Sokka:Sokka fell in love with your desire to learn. Whether it be cooking, bending, meditation, you name it and you are eager to learn it; and he loves that.

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Toph: Toph likes how you lovingly joke about her blindness but you still make sure she’s okay with everything she’s doing. You joke about her blindness as much as she does and she loves it. She doesn’t like when you constantly ask her if she’s okay, but she understands that you’re only asking because you care.

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Zuko: Zuko adores how happy you are to see him all  the time. It was hard for him to get used to it at first, but seeing you happy made him happy.

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ok so from this scene we can see that lance and keith do not have nipples, and i know that sometimes stylistically animated shows don’t have them, but we know from lok that the storyboarders/studio mir DO include them

so OBVIOUSLY the logical conclusion to make here is that since voltron is set in the future we have lost them to evolution