((I kind of swapped which side was input and which was output… So rather than mirror the whole diagram and figure out how to link it to the battery as well as figure out a way to move the wires from the input socket to the to the output I’m just gonna switch which side each gun goes on. (Which makes my blog avatar incorrect >_<) but it’s the easiest solution.. BRB WHILE I UPDATE THE REF PICS AGAIN))

avatar world with timezones

i imagine by korra’s time, with all the long-distance travel by ship and rail, that they would have come up with a similar timezone system to ours.

and yes they use a 12/24-hour clock

i put the prime meridian through republic city, because it’s probably where the system would have been invented, being the most technologically advanced place in the world. i included the URN border, walls of ba sing se, as well as

  • republic city (0)
  • northern water tribe capital (+1)
  • southern water tribe capital (0)
  • the fire nation capital (-5)
  • the capital of ba sing se (+5)
  • and the four original air temples (north: +2, south: -1, east: +7, west: -4) 

it’s likely that like in our world, the timezones would be altered to fit human settlements, so for example everything inside the outer walls of ba sing se would likely be +5, even though it spans+4 to +6

feel free to use this for reference or anything :)

quackattack222 asked:

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