1. This isn’t the first time something political has come up. You just noticed?
  2. One political post without cutting commentary doesn’t negate the wonder of this blog, unless of course the statement is contrary to one’s own political bent and this is too much to bear. (And I can’t mourn losing those who support an anti-science, anti-societal-diversity, anti-laws-and-rules, anti-common-sense person sending my country to Hell in a handbasket.)
  3. The old saying is “those who do not remember history are destined to repeat it.” And this blog is all about history, afterall. Not all history is sunny, and in the future (heck, right now) history will not be kind to the current legacy.
  4. You aren’t sad to say goodbye, or you wouldn’t be saying it so dramatically. But you go your way and be true to yourself, and the average of twelve people per day that newly follow this blog will fill the tiny void you leave.

Okay, this qualifies as the most ridiculous thing I have read today. Guy has done more to set this country back to the 1970s years in 100 days than the previous three administrations. How is rebuffing the Paris Accord or attempting to repeal health care for everyone (not just the ACA but defunding Planned Parenthood) doing something positive? What part of Russia’s influence on the American electoral process doesn’t make your entire body itch? His people are looking at repealing Dodd-Frank, which was enacted because of the devestating financial crashes of 2008… huh?? Why is his agenda visibly to roll back everything good his predecessors (and not just Obama but especially Obama) have done in office? Nothing in the original post or my response to that message predate November 2016.

There was another brilliant comment below the one above, “Both titles went to Hussein back in 2009“, but since that’s pretty inane and (additionally) that writer’s avatar was Obama with a Hitler mustache in front of a swastika – and there were no posts on their page, not even rhetoric reblogs – it wasn’t worth giving a proper reponse to. But thank you for contributing!

You’re welcome to believe what you want but thusfar you have provided no meat to your bones. History will scoff at the willfull ignorance and fabrication that this administration’s adherants subscribe to, in the same vein as the Salem Witch Hunts of the 1600s were also a form of mass hysteria and alarming delusion. Get together with marerider, you’re more the voice he’s seeking to hear and he’s more the sort you should be following.

Peace out.